Kaoru Chapter 69: Return to the original

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T.N: This Chapter is kinda long and hard to translate.

Kaoru Chapter 69: Return to the original


As expected, Earl Oram never tried any foolish thing. Apparently, he already gave up.
And knowing that the Earl seems to be quietly withdrawing, the escorts have a relieved face.
Yeah, they feel nauseous.
I wonder if they can tell it from someone above their level.


『Damn it, I was naive to think you were just some average girl!
It’s completely “chess mate”
There’s no point to continue and ruining my name…』(Oram)


The Earl apparently seemed to know the timing.
It was much more important and more difficult to discern the closure than starting.
Everyone usually can’t bear to abandon the investment that they have invested so far, believe in the possibility of one reversal, not recognize their own failure, and expand the damage more and more.
However, the Earl seemed to have a proper sense in that respect.


『I will sell the store back.
It’s troublesome to hold such a property like a sales for lunch box, it’s a big deficit.
It will hurt me more if funny rumors spread…
If you could move here in one night, I wonder if you could come back overnight.
I don’t know how many people were hired, but …
I will not do any more trick, please return it quickly,…
About that, it would be better to avoid funny hoaxes and rumors…』(Oram)


Oh, for the full-surrender, forgive me, and white flag?


『I understand. …
…and, when you sell it back, it’s not going to be higher than when you bought it,
there is nothing like that, right?
Normally, at such a time, you must pull out a troublesome charge,
It’s something to sell quite cheaply, don’t you think?
You cause inconvenience for 3 sides because of your impossible selfish demand』(Kaoru)

『Well … of,… of course.
Naturally, it is …』(Oram)


The Earl seems to be a little irritated but he still tries to answers with a cool face.

Well, I do not think that he will demand a price there, but I have to reduce a little for the owner’s elder couple, or the real estate agent who suffered from anxiety.

Soon thereafter, Earl Oram withdrew.

For the time being, I made Emil return to the main office.
Even though Bell is determined, she must be worried,
It would be too cruel to leave her hanging.

And then I message the Real Estate Agent, asking to come to the branch in the afternoon.
Because the Earl said that he would go to the Real Estate Agency right after that, I need to talk to him as it is, in order to hear the result.

I can not relocate without confirmation and I want to know what kind of story it was.
It’s unlikely that the Earl will make funny moves during this period, but there’s a possibility that the Real Estate Agents would try to make use of that “delicious place” (T.N: it’s from the raw 美味しいところ = delicious place)

This time, the Real Estate Agent is also a victim who has been swayed around by the Earl.
The majority of the profit this time is only the elderly couple, who was the owner of the head office.

I should receive it. Not really.

And I do not have to take the trouble moving around.
Yes, the other side should come.


『I have caused you trouble this time …』(Oram)


Well, actually, the Real Estate Agent wasn’t bad, it wasn’t possible to refuse when it’s the request from a noble and an Earl at that.
Also, the offer price from the Earl was never bad.

If the elder couple consented and decided to sell it, there was no fault in the Real Estate Agent who was an intermediary.
I know that. I know that but…


『If it was okay, can you “follow” for a bit…?』(Kaoru @ Oram?) (T.N: Follow in EN)


Yeah, I think so.


Well, The REA should know that I would not take such a condition from the Earl.
However, if he refused the Earl back there, it would give me more time to prepare for the Earl’s next trick.

In the first place, he should give up the condition that I could not afford.

Well, after all, removing the other’s speculation,
【As a jab, he should decide to refuse the impossible condition from the beginning appropriately】
Frankly, he sucked, he wasn’t well-trained,
That must be he didn’t realize the hole in the contract with me.

Perhaps, if he was more competent, he could realize the last part of my contract, the insurance, he might have a more refined condition.

But that’s a result.
At that point, he could show a little attitude to protect customers, like informing me in advance or stalling the Earl.
But he didn’t try to prevent it, nor give me the time to think of a solution.

The Earl’s visit should be decided at a later date after giving our shop a warning earlier.
There were various ways etc.
Even when he didn’t do anything he could do or should do, he still didn’t think he is at fault.

And then, in that irritated Real Estate Shop, I confirmed what the Earl have done.


『So, what did the Earl saying?』 (Kaoru)


To my question, the Real Estate Agent answered without any troubles.


『Yes, I bought back this property.
At first, I thought the price was the same amount he bought.
And then he told to sell it cheaper to the owner and give me some tips as the nuisance fee.
However, the owner couple already prepared to go to the city where their son and grandchildren live with the money they got.
They didn’t want to buy it back now…
It was a pretty good price, the selling price.
So after I informed that to Earl, I decided to buy that property.
In other words, it’s not an intermediary property but a property owned by us …』(REA)


Oh, somehow, he looks strangely happy.


『So, how much did you buy?』(Kaoru)



The Real Estate Agent is surprised.
Doesn’t he know?

That Earl thought the 【Atelier Riette】 is a good “chess” to make connections. He must spend a lot of money on it.
Well, the Earl should not be in need of money due to being poor, he was well dressed and had escorts properly.
He also looked fine when he left our shop, so probably, he wasn’t in trouble with money.

And, in this case, even his plan ended in failure, he was most worried about strange rumors spreading and tainted his name rather the money.

… That’s why the payment should be good.
And most of all, the Real Estate Agent, who went through a lot of trouble yesterday, was in a good mood now. It must be because he gets a lot of profits.


『…the rental fee, will you lower it down?』(Kaoru)


『The rental will be lowered down, won’t it?』(Kaoru)

『Well, no, that …』(REA)

『T-H-E   R-E-N-T-A-L   F-E-E!! Y-O-U   W-I-L-L   L-O-W-E-R   I-T   D-O-W-N,   R-I-G-H-T?』(Kaoru) (You might think it’s hard to read, but I did it like the Raw: や、ち、ん! さ、が、り、ま、す、よ、ね!!)

『………………, Yes』(REA)


Alright, I won!


And then I confirmed to rent only the head office, the lease contract of the second shop was canceled at the end today, and the talk was made that there is no rent (for the 2nd shop) etc.
No, in the contract, it was supposed to be free for a week anyway.

When the Real Estate Agent came home, we immediately closed the door and closed the curtain.
After that, I stored all the items in the item box together with the shelf.
Chairs, desks, etc. are also stored.
Originally, this is only a temporary temporary store, so I don’t bring much baggage.
Still, I thought that it might take from 3 to 4 days, depending on circumstances, but it ended unexpectedly early.

Finally, put the billboard on the door.

【The temporary store has withdrawn.
Sales of medicines will return to the head office】 (Bill Board)


Yeah, it was only one day, but some customers went to the head office and listened to the relocation destination and came over here.
I told them it will be temporary, but I still needed a notice card.
And then, with Emil, Francette, Roland as escorts, we returned to the head office.

I will not come to this branch, no, former branch anymore.
Unless another funny aristocrat appears.


『We are home』(Kaoru)


Because it was time to shut down the branch, of course, the head office should also have passed the closing time.
The door and the wooden window are closed but aren’t locked.
Bell couldn’t lock the door when we were still outside.
And Bell, who should be waiting for our return on the bench…, wasn’t there.


『Oh, Kaoru-sa~… -chan, you are late!
Please come and help me soon!』(Bell)


As she heard my voice, Bell came out from the back.
Somehow, she wore an apron.
She must be in a hurry that she forgot the recently setting 【Kaoru-chan】with her habit 【Kaoru-sama】


『Wha… what are you so impatient about?』(Kaoru)


Bell cried out to me, I could not grasp the situation at all, so I asked back


『It’s the lunch boxes!
If we do not prepare tomorrow’s lunch boxes, we will not make it in time to start in the morning of tomorrow!』(Bell)


No, well, certainly we sold lunch boxes today,
Boiled soup or soaked in soup stock last night,
I was doing various things, but…


『Oh, I already deal with the Earl.
We already return the branch store to the REA and I will start selling medicine here normally from tomorrow.
So, that’s okay』(Kaoru)


I tried to rest assured the bell, but Bell swung her head.


『No, that’s no good.
The people, who were late to buy lunch boxes today because they came in the evening, have pre-ordered for tomorrow…
Even the customers who bought lunch-boxes also booked for tomorrow as well.
We will need an addition of 50 lunch boxes or more.
In total, at least 80 lunch boxes will need to be made…』(Bell)



30 lunch boxes were made for sale today.
It was already hard to keep up with it early this morning. And now, we need to make 80 pieces?


『Today’s sales are …』(Kaoru)

『Of course, it’s sold out.
And it must be because we didn’t advertise.
At first, it was late to sell, but at the moment when the lunch-boxes sales became known, it was sold like hotcakes (metaphor, this world doesn’t have hotcakes yet)
I think we can even sell 100 pieces tomorrow…』(Bell)



The food store is painful to manage.
Purchasing, preparation, cooking, hospitality.
Anyway, the restraint time is long, standing work, a lot of works.

And if you mistake the forecast of sales, you will get a large amount of waste food.
…Well, in my case, thanks to the item box, there are no losses due to disposal.
Anyway, I have no intention to do a food shop all the time!


『Well, why did you start the lunchbox sales?』(Roland)


Roland heard I raised my voice and wondered about it.


『Drugs, ceramics, other things that are likely to become money so the noble might be interested in it.
So I chose something the noble will not want and still be able to sell and make customers happy.
And the conclusion is only dishes…
I thought that it was only a few days anyway.
It would be okay if it’s only about 30 pieces a day…
But why do you take a reservation? (Last line to Bell)』(Kaoru)


Bell looks sorry, it’s just like I have an “outburst of anger” (八つ当たり: Yattsu atari)

As early as the morning, she did not think that I would solve the problem in 1 day.

If the customer willingly will buy it, Bell will of course willingly sell and accept the reservation.
She thought that I would be delighted.
Certainly, it is much nice to sell out than have left over.

In a sense, it wasn’t about profit, but the lunch box that I made my best was not going to waste and the customer was pleased.

And that must be the same for Bell because we made it together.




Bell apologized to me obediently.


『So, please do your best…』(Francette)


I caught the shoulder of Francette who was about to get out.


『You think I will let you escape?』(Kaoru)


Yes, young lady, you must give me a hand.

No, there are not many people who want to eat lunch made by men.
Besides, it doesn’t seem to me that Emil and Roland are useful for making lunch.


『Well, let’s do our best! Shall we?』(Kaoru)


With that saying, I dragged Francette and headed to the back to the kitchen.

Oh, before that, I have to put out drug cabinets from the item box.
And let the men arrange them…

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  1. Thanks for the chapter…

    Do you have some stomach meds i need some i accidentally eat a food with ingredients that doesnt go along with me…

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  2. suggestion:
    It’s completely “{chess mate}->{checkmate}”
    There’s no point to continue and

    and more difficult to {discern the closure}->{know when to stop} than starting.

    I will not do any more trick, please return {it}->{} quickly,…

    Normally, at such a time, you must {pull out a troublesome charge}->{pay for the nuisance fee},

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  5. “That’s why the payment should be good.
    And most of all, the Real Estate Agent, who went through a lot of trouble yesterday, was in a good mood now. It must be because he gets a lot of profits.”

    I can’t fathom why the REA would be in any way pleased about this unless something is missing.
    Noble pays large sum for shop, money goes to elderly couple, agent gets commission.
    Noble sells shop back for same large sum, orders agent to take a loss selling it back to couple, maybe commission and fee from noble covers that?I
    Couple refuse to buy so agent holds on to the store. Agent now owns store he bought at some level above market rate.

    The first implication is that the noble didn’t tell the agent to sell it back at the same amount, but rather say that he was selling it for the lower amount instead of the same amount. The second implication, the only one I can think of to make it so that the deal wasn’t a massive loss for the agent, is that the noble sold him the store for a token amount just to get it off his hands, essentially letting the agent own the store for comparatively little cost.
    It doesn’t really say that clearly though, if that is the case. Mamoritai, I know your translations can be a little off but this is a bit where it needs to be clear what’s going on and how things are worded by the characters.

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    • Uhm… I’m sure I did translate “a nuisanse fee” for the REA (payment).
      And sell the store back cheap for the owner also as “a nuisanse fee”.
      Now the REA bought the store back by himself.
      He got 2 times the “nuisanse fee”

      I don’t know how much it is but he is in a good mood. => he got a lot of profits.

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      • Let me give an example with made up numbers to show what I mean.

        Noble buys the shop for 1000 gold. When he sells it back, the REA gets it cheaper at 800 gold.
        Since the original price was good, the value of the shop is less than 1000 gold, but for the REA to profit on this bit the shop has to be worth more than 800 gold. For the REA to profit greatly, even after considering the fees he got, the noble has to have sold the shop back quite a bit below market value.


        • Yes.
          This is how Kaoru thinking with made up number.

          The noble bought the shop with (1000 gold coins) higher than market value (I guess about 800 gold coins) => the couple owner happilly sold it.
          As the medium, the REA will get a % of fee (like 10% = 100 gold coins or something)

          And then the noble sold it back to the REA with even lower than market value (maybe about 600 gold coins)

          Which means in total, the REA only bought with 600 gold coins – 100 gold coins = 500 gold coins for a store with market value 800 gold coins.
          His profit is 300 gold coins.

          And when he let people rent that store,
          it’s his store so he get 100% rental fee,
          not a % of fee when being a medium.


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  7. I too got confused in the buying and selling…. Where I am from Real Estate Agents (REA?) do not buy/sell the properties themselves they just help with the paperwork, find/locate the properties and take a commission (payment) either a flat fee or a percentage so they always make a profit even if the sale is at a loss. REA do NOT act/work as a rental manager. There are some Rental property management companies but I have never dealt with them, I have only done rental agreement directly with a property owner which advertised the property in local media themselves………………..
    “delicious place” > Tempting piece of property?? or.. Potentially profitable piece of property (meaning the building).??
    “That Earl thought the 【Atelier Riette】 is a good “chess” to make connections.” > A good investment / opportunity that would allow him to make connections to other nobility and people of higher standing.


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