Kaoru Chapter 70: Tiresome…

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Kaoru Chapter 70: Tiresome…


From that day, I began making 100 lunch boxes to ready for sale.

And on the morning of the fifth day, I get up early like usual.
I can’t afford to prepare it in the night because the tastes will go down as time passes.
And I completed all the lunch boxes.

The number is 100 pieces.
It’s 50 pieces for reservation and 50 pieces for general sales.
Reservations are limited to 50 pieces.
No, this is the limit of manufacturing capacity, honestly, it exceeds the limit.
It will be easy if I make it with potion creation ability, but I think it’s different.

I can sell medicine with ability, but I can’t do so with lunch boxes.
I’m in trouble if you ask me what is different though.
However, I will not retreat there,
I, Nagase Kaoru (in Kanji), no, I’m Kaoru (in Katakana) now.

If I don’t hold on my principle, with my ability I can make
【a little chemical in a barrel container filled with gold coins】
【a little chemical in his mouth or stomach, a good man container】
This is a blasphemy against God?
About that…
【What’s God?】
No,… those Earthlings believe in the immortal being, a conceptual real God.
This world is managed by a Goddess, and even I don’t fear this Goddess, it somehow becomes a terrible act.
It was scary.

So drop that topic, about the lunch boxes, even though I made 100 of it but there are variations.

It’s troublesome to make a variety of things, so I didn’t make a big difference, I only changed the type of side dishes a little, depending on the preference of those who worked on the production.

Yes, I made 8 kinds of side dishes, and I picked 5 kinds of them.
Besides me, Bell and Francette, and Riette-chan also picked one of them.
They didn’t participate in the creation of side dishes, they just decided the type of side dishes and packed it in the container.

As for the reservation, I didn’t separate it out from the beginning but after the general sales ended, 50 lunch boxes of 100 stocks sold.
The reservation customers will choose from among the remaining ones. If they want something, they should come sooner. “Early bird gets the worm”

Well, everyone has chosen soy sauce pickles, shiitake and so on.
No, I wanted to take it easy as possible with this!
Oh, the seasoning of soy sauce or sugar etc. are issued with potion making ability.
It’s within the acceptable range. Otherwise, I can’t do it. 【Well, this is this and that is that】

We arrange boxed lunches in the shop and have breakfast separately.
By the way, Francette got up early and helped out, but it seems that Roland is still sleeping in the inn.
Emil also sleeps on the second floor.
So, the meals are only for women who make lunch.
I thought about letting Riette-chan sleep but she noticed that I got up and got up together.
A child will need sleep to grow up properly, in other words, I need to let her sleep later…
I have to think of something…
But if I’m away from the “bed”, she will probably get angry.


And, it’s about time that the hunters departing in the morning and craftsmen at work site are starting to buy lunch boxes…
How come from the lunch boxes I made, 【Kaoru-ben】is the most remaining one!
It’s selling less than 【France-ben】 of Francette, 【Bell-ben】 of Bell, and 【Rie-ben】 of Riette-chan!
No, I’m confident that the balance of side dishes is the best!
In general, I’m the one who thought of all the side dishes and seasoning.
I can’t accept it!!
So, I asked the customers.


『Ah, the 【France-ben】
Because it is stuffed with strength, there is quantity,
And we are hungry.
It is exactly right for us』(Customer A)

『【Bell bento】 is healthy because it doesn’t contain fried food.
As for the hunted rabbit, because we can’t bring back the internal organs, we usually cook and eat it on site at hunting grounds.
It’s exactly right for us』(Customer B)

『【Rie-ben】 is cute. It feels like something my daughter does her best and made it for me…』(Customer C)

『But you,
Far away from her daughter and wife,
You do not even have a lover …』(Customer D)

『Shut up (Urusai)! That’s why!』(Customer C)

『……sorry』(Customer D)

『Ah, uhm,… what about the 【Kaoru-ben】?』(Kaoru)

『Ah,  【Kaoru-ben】,
【Kaoru bento】is
Well… if I must say…』(Customer)

『What do you say?』(Kaoru)




Dumbfounded, a “Salad oil set” (“Salad oil set” in EN, FUNA sensei’s favorite word)


『Oh no, it’s delicious, 【Kaoru-ben】 is also tasted just as good as the others, of course!』(Customer)


Seeing me kind of downhearted, the customer tried to cheer me in a panic.
Naturally, all of the side dishes have the same taste, because I am the one who made it!
*Gununununununu* (SFX like biting lip)






『Captain, the sisters of the drugstore have come!』(Soldier)

『Let them in!』(Lt. Col)


When the guided soldier knocked on the door of the captain’s room and declared it, I heard the voice of Lt. Colonel from inside.
Then the soldier opens the door and leads us into the room.




Because he let us in, I thought that Mr. Lt. Colonel was alone but when I entered the room, there were five men sitting on the sofa for visitors surrounding the table.
Of course, one of them is the Lieutenant Colonel.

Oh, the other four people are slightly under the Lieutenant Colonel, from the lines and figures of things like the ranking?
That means…


『Oh, let me introduce you, my men’s middle captains of four squads.
This is the sister of “that” pharmacy, the wholesale medicine for us』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Col. introduced both sides.


『Ho, she is “that”…』(Mid. Cap 1)

『She is younger than I expected. To be the exclusive sales of that medicine,
I thought she must be quite a bit…』(Mid. Cap 2)


Just like Mr. Lt. Colonel, everyone is nice persons. There’s no one make fun or look down on me.
Well, are there any great men who intimidate the civilian girls who are as young as their own granddaughters?
Such idiots can’t be a middle captain.
However, in the presence of subordinates and enemies, I wonder if they will have another face?


『So, did you drive away that aristocrat who planned to get your shop?』(Lt. Col)


Yes, Mr. Lt. Col. asked.
Information is spreading fast.
Or… were you watching?


『…Well, it was as much as chasing away an “insect”, I guess?』(Kaoru) (T.N: 羽虫 insect)

『Fuhaha, tell me about it!』(Mid. Cap)


In my reply, one of the middle captains, not Mr. Lt. Col. laughed and said so.
His class is Captain(OF-2 大尉) or Major (OF-3 少佐)? (T.N: by the way, Lt. Col. OF-4 中佐)

Anyway, the string of the bag that digs into the shoulder is heavy and it hurts
As the documents are placed on the table in front of the sofa where the captains sit, and the medicines aren’t something to put it on the floor, so, I put it on the desk of Mr. Lt. Colonel.

Then took out the box of medicine from the bag and lined them up.
I thought about reducing the number this time, but in the end, I brought the same amount as before.


『You didn’t share the medicine with the Royal Guards and the City Guards…』(Kaoru)


As I said it with a little sarcastic, Mr. Lt. Col. responded with a blank face.


『Why do you mention about them?
What (on earth) in the world are you talking about?』(Lt. Col)


It seemed like he was really curious about my words from the bottom of his heart.
So, he really didn’t do anything bad, right?

Maybe he just thought they are the completely different organizations, so he didn’t even think about it.
That was it.

Actually, Mr. Lt. Col. was not bad.
Everything is due to my ignorance…
Let’s reflect on it.


And something like a document on the table suddenly caught my attention.




There, it was written.


『Advanced Military Disease Drug 2 Small Gold Coins.
Pepper 10g 3 small Gold Coins』(Document)


Is it cheaper than the selling price?
The medicine is two thirds of the price I sell.
Also considering pepper, from the market price, roughly about it?
I heard that the military disease treatment for the soldiers is free because medical expenses are owned by the country.
But what is this amount?


『You took advance of my medicine!
Moreover, you put in front of me without hiding it!
Are you playing around? 』(Kaoru)


With my sudden outburst, Mr. Lt. Col is surprised and other middle captains are dumbfounded.
However, I didn’t like to be taken advance of or looked down.
Didn’t they get that when I dealt with that noble?

Anyway, I start putting the medicine for this time on the desk of Mr. Lt. Colonel back into the bag and carried it on the shoulder.


『We will stop the deal…』(Kaoru)

『… wait … Wait wait!
What on earth are you talking about?
What are you getting angry with?』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lieutenant Colonel stands up in a panick, saying so, but what are you saying without trying to hide the documents on the table…


『What is that document?
Advanced Military Disease Drug 2 Small Gold Coins.
Pepper 10g 3 small Gold Coins
The military treatment cost is free!
What’s with that amount of money?
Are you stealing money from the country and soldiers?』(Kaoru)

『『『『『Huh…?』』』』』(5 captains)


When listening to my cry of anger, Mr. Lt. Col had the look of astonishment like a blank face.


『You,… you can read this!?』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Colonel thought that even though I could talk, I couldn’t read or write.
Who did he think writing the instructions of the medicine and the letter that the child of the orphanage had given to him?


『About the language of this country, I can read and write!』(Kaoru)

『Well, no, I know it.
I heard that it is a contact point of a moment that flows across military supplies.
It means that you can read the document written in this cipher code』(Lt. Col)


『『『『『… …』』』』』(5 captains)


『『『『『…………』』』』』(5 captains)



【The Ability to read, write, conversation in all languages in this world】
Is encryption included in 【language】?



『『『『『Gy?』』』』』(5 captains)


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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!
    I know she had all language comprehension, but was she unaware of what language she was comprehending? All languages and writings look and sound the same to her? Can anyone, using completely different languages, understand her when she speaks to them, at the same time?


    • I think all languages got “translate” to Japanese in her head, and then it “translate” back to whoever listen to it. But it only translate to person she having communication with. Like in some previous chapter, she talk with horse, so only horse can understand her, not human. In this case, she talk in “this” country language to Lt. Col, but since she talk with him in “this” country language, other people can also understand, but if other people from other country listen, then they won’t understand. Sorry for bad English.

      Liked by 1 person

    • A cipher would probably use the same alphabet or characters, and since she automatically understands the words without needing to learn the language she wouldn’t be able to notice if it’s not normal text.

      Liked by 1 person

      Uhm… just like when you read an auto-translated page in google chrome.
      You wouldn’t know if it was Chinese / Japanese / Korean in raw.

      Unlike Mitsuha’s ability which copies all language from the person she talks to, Kaoru’s ability only translates it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I would have to say that this is indeed a broken interpretation of the ability and it the writers fault and not the original questioner, also everyone that is trying to defend the writer with her auto translate ability is wrong too. The gift she got was comprehension, (or by definition : the action or capability of understanding something) this would allow her to be able to translate it IN HER HEAD, and not SEE it as something else. Just like if you learned that two and zwei are the same you would possible hear them as 2 but you would read them as “2” with seeing them as two and zwei. quite obvious as to the fact they where written differently. so I can back the whole not knowing the language she is speaking, but reading….. that is sloppy writing.


        • Looks, I read far in Kaoru Chapter Japanese raw and I know what that language ability does.

          She talks, reads, writes, conservation are all in JAPANESE and it will AUTO-TRANSLATE to the person (even animal) she has conservation with.

          Any LANGUAGE she saw will become JAPANESE in her eyes.
          Any LANGUAGE she heard will become JAPANESE in her ears
          She reads and has conservation in JAPANESE and the person she talks to will hear it as their paticular LANGUAGE (Animal language include)
          She will even accept Animal’s quest later.
          She writes in JAPANESE and the letters will change to the paticular LANGUAGE she intends to.

          Spoiler: Kaoru went to the sea town because she wanted to eat “Sashimi” later.
          When she talk “Sashimi” to the inn keeper, the inn keeper doesn’t know it.
          Kaoru wonders “Eh? My language can’t translate it properly?”
          And she must change it to “raw fish dish” instead.

          Spoiler 2: Kaoru said to Francette “It’s okay, it has the self-destruction function”
          Francette didn’t understand and Kaoru must change it to “it will disappear by itself”

          Spoiler 3: Detective chapters
          Kaoru reads another Cipher “My children, in emergency please use our treasure…”
          Kaoru throws the Cipher to the ground
          “Are you kidding me?”
          And when she calms down.

          [ Because I am different from God! Because my language skills are excellent, I can only read the context,
          I can not read the residual thoughts of those who wrote it!
          Just like If you are told “Would you like to eat ochazuke?”
          Although you can hear it, you can not understand it as “you can go home quickly and just stay there!” ]

          What’s the hell is that skill?
          It makes no sense?

          Answer: It’s broken and it’s not perfect like Mitsuha’s language ability.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Now imagine how her talking to animals look from the side.. Considering most animals converse not through noise but rather through facial and body movements and smells…

          Liked by 1 person

  2. just a little suggestion:
    even {}->{though} I made 100 of it but there are variations.

    let’s {reflection}->{reflect/reflected} on it

    Liked by 1 person

  3. what a blunder, her “average” literature skill get openly exposed. later, any letter encripted that get from enemy spies will be given to her to crack.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So, after isekai morse code, now ciphered document? I think that language ability is another bugged cheat along with container ability

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Even the most versatile ability have a flaw.
    Kaoru should understand this ability when she can read the soldier sign back then.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. When a basic ability dooms you. Should have expected, but I did not. BTW the title is “Tiresome”, though I first read it “Threesome”. Well, with 5 or more soldiers there, and a possible spy loli, you can imagine much more than a three-way.
    Four types of bento, and of course Riette-chan will be the most popular, who doesn’t want to buy from a cute miniloli.
    Thanks for the chapter and the laughs!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. the one that Kaoru can immitate about the lunch box is Bell-ben. stop adding meat then tada, it’s the same as Bell-ben.

    France-ben: need power to pack the rice tightly, no can’t do

    Riette-ben: it’s buyer preference or complex, can’t immitate at all.

    if try to immitate Riette-ben :
    ” what kind of lunchbox is this? it is a little unorganize. what kind of woman can be sloppy like this” in other world “please act as your age/grow up will you?”

    Liked by 1 person

  8. lol Celes must have given the abilities without explaining properly what they do.
    Thanks for the chapter.


    • I mean, if it’s comprehension of all languages then of course it would have to include ciphers. There’s not much separating a cipher from a normal written language other than the number of people that understand it.

      Liked by 2 people

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