Kaoru Chapter 71: Escape

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Kaoru Chapter 71: Escape


I gently placed the bag on the desk of Mr. Lt. Colonel, taken out the medicine boxes from inside and arranged it on the desk.


『…there’s nothing happening just now…』(Kaoru)

『『『『『Like hell it is!!』』』』』(5 Captains)


…I know it.

And I will be questioned.


『What does this mean!?
Why can you read a cryptic code?
No, I don’t suspect you or anything, so don’t be frightened.
You are like a friend of us, there is no point bothering to read the ciphertext.
Unless you are a completely idiot.
And you are not stupid… I know that you are not that stupid』(Lt. Col)

『Why did you bother to repeat it?』(Kaoru)


Damn it.
But I can not argue about that point.
Even though it’s Celes’ fault for not inform me but it’s true that I took a big “Poca” (Blunder) this time.
I must somehow manage to escape this mess myself!


『Oh, that is… it’s a very simple cipher, just like fooling around. So anyone can understand it at a glance!』(Kaoru)

『…Our military expert team has already tried to decipher for three weeks』(Lt. Col)

『『『『…………』』』』(4 V. Captains)


As Mr. Lt. Col said so, there was an awkward silence in the room…
No way, I must do something!

When I saw it before without thinking, it just looked like a random character string which I knew the meaning, but when I looked it again calmly and properly, I could now read the composition of the sentences.
That’s right. Because the ability makes I be able to read and write. I can write it as well, not only I can read it.
In order to write, it’s useless if I don’t understand the law of character strings.


『Well, first read the sentences vertically, the first number you get is 4.
So, you need to convert all the letters to the last four letters.
And the second number hit in the longitudinal reading is 3, Skip three letters at a time to pick up letters and then line up… then …』(Kaoru)


In a hurry, middle captains take notes of my explanation.
And as my explanation ends.


Even with such a tremendously time-consuming substitution work,
Did you finish it within a moment?
Without taking notes, just in your head?』(Lt. Col)


Sure enough, Mr. Lt. Col joined in again.
But, I already thought of how to answer it.


『Eh? With just something this level, do you really have that much trouble?』(Kaoru)


I can’t believe I said that one line in my Dark History “Chuunibyou”

But I can not explain without saying something like this, it can not be helped!


『『『『『…………』』』』』(5 Captains)


… I already want to return home.


『Are you going to enter the military?
Now, you will be (陸軍少尉 OF-1) Second Lieutenant as an information officer, no I will I will appoint you as (陸軍中尉 OF-1) First Lieutenant』(Lt. Col)


Oh, First Lieutenant!
It’s Mr. Officer, Mr. Executive!
Suddenly cadres,
What a good treatment!
Not in civilian affairs
What Lt. Col tried to give is a class as a soldier,
Would it not be possible to quit?


『Who in the world would sign up for that!!』(Kaoru)







And, I surprised everyone didn’t detain me, I managed to come home.
Riette-chan was the air all the time, it seems that she did not understand our story, she looked bored.
No, sorry.

When I returned to the store, I took over the store watching from Bell and Emil, and the two departed for work as hunters.
Today, they went hunting beasts instead of harvesting materials.
Yeah yeah, they seem to be growing, more than anything.

And, as usual, I put Riette-chan on my knee and sat on the store counter.
The lunch boxes have already been sold out.


For a while, Selling abdominal pain medicine and military disease medicine drugs etc. to customers.

Military disease, of course, also spread among civilians, but the morbidity rate is not high enough like soldiers.
If anything, it was just a few people wearing leather shoes, covered with sweat all day.
Initially, sealed leather shoes are luxury goods.

Soldier disease medicines are not something that they can buy on their own if they don’t know a supply.

For abdominal pain, if the cause is a parasite, I will kill it in one shot with a stomachache medicine, kill the bacteria if they stuck, decompose toxins, visceral disorders feel, relief of pain and cure.
It can be cured if it’s transient, however, the parasite is disgusting and I don’t want to spread it, so it’s “total annihilation”!

Because ordinary diseases are all-cured by drinking my medicine. It’s rather troublesome when the rumors spread. I reap what I sow… damn it


And then my customer service is interrupted.


『I’m sorry, could you sell me all the wash-up medicines and beauty medicines you sold the other day?
And also the perfume you gave as a trial.
I need 5 sets in total』(Maid)


When the maid who came into the store, she walked up to the counter and said so.
I don’t recognize her face, but from the content being said, I immediately recognize her identity.

Um, the wife of that nobleman who tried to monopolize my medicines.
For 5 sets of hair wash and beauty medicine, 30 small coins.
Perfume is pretty much the same with 3 small gold coins and it will be 15 small gold coins with 5 bottles.
Total, 45 small gold coins!


『About that, the perfume is kinda expensive. In total, everything will cost 45 small gold coins, is it okay?』(Kaoru)


When I asked somehow hesitant, Maid answered happily.


『Yes, I have 10 gold coins from Madame, so…』(Maid)



Well, I thought that the price I offered before made the noble in the deficit,
Or the perfumes didn’t sell at all even I offered samples.
Aren’t I an Idiot thinking that price may be too expensive?

Anyway, I failed!

In this case, it was okay to raise it to 70 small gold coins, that is, about 7 gold coins… (The same as Mitsuha’s Gravure)

No, no, wait, wait. If I do such a thing, it becomes the price that the commoners can not buy!
I can raise luxury goods beauty medicine and perfume a little higher but I must make cheap shampoos.
I was reconsidering so while wrapping the product. And then I suddenly came up to ask the maid.


『Uhm, how is the state of your Madame?
Was she bragging to other nobles, such as the condition of her hair and her skin?』(Kaoru)


Yeah, it’s a marketing research on publicity.
Our 【Atelier of Riette】 is a leading company that incorporates the latest method!


『Ah, yes. She already did that… her hair is smooth, her skin also slippery
And she somehow in high tension…
【It looks like I got back when I was a young girl!】
It’s been a big deal…』(Maid)




It certainly has an effect better than that of the earth, but it shouldn’t be that dramatic…
Or, maybe the effects of shampoo and rinse are clearly visible and are more effective than actual?
Umm, a 【Placebo】 effect!
Next time I meet her, I may thank her in Russian… is it【Spasibo】?

(T.N: 【Placebo】and 【Spasibo】 pronoun similar in Katakana JP)


『So, what’s about boasting to other noble ladies?』(Kaoru)

『Yes, that’s it!
And then, toward the ladies who envy and want to know her secret.
She gave them a full laugh 【Ho ho ho】
That is somewhat evil… She looks like having fun.』(Maid)


That’s right, that’s good…


『You say the other noble ladies wanted to know her secret…
What is about the propaganda of our store?
The place where she bought all that…』(Kaoru)

『What are you talking about?
Does a noble lady bother to teach other noble ladies the secret of her own secret superiority beauty?
Is your head alright?』(Maid)


Ga~~n! (*Shocking SFX*)


No matter how long I wait, the advertising effect will not appear…
Expecting the propaganda effect from that noble wife was a mistake. She didn’t propagate basic cosmetics to others!
It’s too troublesome for us to advertise.
Well, that is…

Damn, if this is the case, I’ll show it to the eyes of the public!


『…a bit, come over here』(Kaoru)

『Eh, what…』(Maid)


I pulled the hand of the maid who is obstinate and brought her to the back.
And, with a signal by my chin, Riette-chan lowers the 【Temporary break】 tag to the entrance door and locks the door.


『What exactly are you…』(Maid)


****And after 2 hours****


A girl with fluffy hair, glossy skin, and perfectly made make-up clothes that had a nice smell came out of the 【Atelier Riette】

She was somewhat excited.
The girl seemed a bit wobbly, but she seemed to be very happy, she went back with the shopping baggage.


『Okay, this is the second advertisement plan. Completed!
If it’s just a commoner, she can’t refuse to talk if aristocrats or powerful people ask her about it!』(Kaoru)


However, even after that, there was no appearance of selling basic cosmetics.

…It is natural.

The noble wife, who received the items, kept the maid on the spot.

And the maid, who had perfect makeup, was never come in front of other noble ladies until her makeup effect ceased and returned to the original.

In addition, the wife studied carefully, looking at the make-up and practiced repeatedly as a reference for reproducing it with hand cosmetics, and further evolution was achieved… (T.N: Just like Amateur used Cosmetics after witnessing a Salon used Cosmetics will improve her makeup skill)

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  1. This noble lady did experiments on godly medicine and made it better? And Kaori is really intelligent yet doesn’t think of spreading rumors? I want to die from cringe at the end of this chapter!!!


  2. LOL, the noble men might get fooled by Kaoru, but not the women. Two times so far she ended up just helping the noble wife, and not getting any publicity.
    And Riette-chan is cute as always.
    Thanks for the chapter, and the manga releases!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. From title I thought after criptocode fail she would escape city while Lt.Col. would frantically search for her to recruit her, similar to that prince incident…


      • You mean like, modern stuff + anything potion cheat? Add gravure and they will destroy the country’s economy


        • You know, that made me think- it’s not an impossible idea.
          I mean all of Funa-sensei’s works have a common motif of parallel worlds all being managed by a powerful being who is not an actual god but so powerful it can be called one. In Mitsuha’s case she is part god because she absorbed some of his power, so if she reaches a stage where she can travel to random worlds…..

          Liked by 1 person

  4. suggestion:
    there is no point bothering to read the {ciphertext}->{cipher text}.

    Even {}->{though} it’s Celes’ fault for not inform me but it’s true that I took a big “Poca” (Blunder) this time.

    When I saw it before without thinking, it just looked like a {meaningful}->{meaningless} character string,

    Sure enough, Mr. Lt. Col joined in again.
    But, I already thought {of a return}->{how to answer it/talk back}.

    Yeah yeah,{it}->{they} seems to be growing, more than anything. (Not sure what Kaoru implies) (meaning they have progressing in their job as hunters)

    Does a noble lady bother to teach other noble ladies the secret of her {}->{own secret} superiority beauty?

    looking at the make-up and practiced repeatedly as a {laboratory base}->{reference} to reproduce it with hand cosmetics,

    Liked by 1 person

    • it’s prolly a report from other military entity or higher up nobles which are trying to take advantage of kaoru’s medicine.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. No Kaoru remember no Russian.

    So someone is reselling military supplies within their ranks.
    I dunno what’s the deal with reselling pepper though…

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  6. Thank you for the chapter.
    “Does a noble lady bother to teach other noble ladies the secret of her superiority beauty?
    Is your head alright?” – Epic marketing failure.

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  7. Just tell the maid that she wishes to sell to more than one customer, and that she won’t sell until 5 other noble ladies buy her products. Or ask/pay the maid to deliver a sample to some of the other noble ladies for her before allowing the maid to buy. Need some proactive not passive measures here.


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