Mitsuha Manga Chapter 23: To the Royal Castle

Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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Thank reader adminn for ruining my mood, my translation speed got slowed down.

It’s 1 am when I finished this.

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 23: To the Royal Castle

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Mitsuha Vol 3
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  1. NPC? “it’s Mitsuha the shop owner of a general store”

    even the king will give up with monologue dialog of “NPC?”


  2. Optometrist here: Presbyopia is very common unless the patient is naturally short-sighted. They will typically experience difficulties with near visual tasks such as reading around 40yrs depending on their prescription.

    About convex lenses, they are used in ready readers. I wouldn’t say concave lenses are more popular, it’s more on the lines that myopia (short-sightedness) is becoming more prevalent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 3 more.
      And please give respect to people’s hobby.
      Just thinking, a guest visit your room and demand to take down your idol poster, calling it diggusting, just because he can’t spare 1 second looking otherway


  3. Imouto-San! Is there any chance you pick up kaoru WN again? Oniisan cannot translate anymore, restless onee-San said she will continue but as far for 2 month already she only release 1 chapter… 😦


    • Well, I don’t mind.
      However, each Novel I translated had a number of fanbase.
      Whenever I took a series, other series’ fanbase may complain.
      For example, took Mitsuha again will make Mile Novel’s batch release 1-2 months late.


      • That is actually good as we will get a couple of episodes together, just days apart.
        I read many isekai novels/mangas and I often forget the plot that was 2months ago…


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