Kaoru Chapter 73: Treasure Hunt 2

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Kaoru Chapter 73: Treasure Hunt 2



Haa~ haa~ haa~ …
I smashed the parchment on the floor, I got a rough breath, and Mr. Middle Captain stared at me.
Well, I have to say something!


『Of course, I knew such obvious thing』(Kaoru)


Wrong! That’s not it!


『Well, I don’t understand it… No, I just feel bad!』(Kaoru)


Unintentionally I made a business smile while mocking myself.
Mr. V.Captain doesn’t understand it and his eyes open wide.


『We don’t have any clue even with encryption! How can we find it with this?』(Kaoru)

『Uhm…? Can you read the intention of those who wrote it from the sentence…?』(V.Captain)


Mr. V.Captain seems to have recovered from surprised and tried to suggest. But what is with that anyway?


『Because I am different from God!
To put it simply, my language ability is excellent but I can only read 【the context】
I can not read the residual thought of the person who wrote it!
That’s why even if I was told 【How about an Ochazuke?】
I could only hear 【Do you want some Ochazuke?】
I couldn’t understand the hidden meaning 【You can go home quickly and just stay there】』(Kaoru)


It seems like he doesn’t know what is the Ochazuke, but he understands what I mean somehow.


『…Uhm… is that so …?』(V. Captain)


Oh, He shrugged his shoulders. He feels sorry or something…
Is this useless? I already got the business service fee…


『Uhm…, I can not read what was written in the parchment, so I can’t help it.
However, we only need to know the secret place of the goods, right?』(Kaoru)

『Oh, that’s right…
However, it’s dangerous to keep it in our territory’s estate near the border.
And when we need goods, want to buy food or political funds, the payment will usually deal in the Capital.
There was no doubt that it was carried into this mansion at the Capital.
My grandfather, father, and of course my brother had always stayed at this place. I also searched this mansion, but I did not have any clues.
So, I asked you…』(V.Captain)


I took down the bag that hung on my shoulder and put my hand into it.


(Ultra-high-performance and ultra-small gold detector type container with recovery potion inside, come out!) (Kaoru’s inner order)


And then, I grab the machine from the bag.



『A gold detector, that is, a tool that detects nearby gold and points to that place』(Kaoru)



Mr. V.Captain is surprised and raised his voice …

Well, after hearing that explanation, people might grow an ambition!


『Ah, it will not react to anything besides refined high purity gold.
So I can’t use it for searching for gold vein etc.
The detectable distance is also very short and the usage is limited.
The repair costs are also very expensive, so we can’t get any profit…』(Kaoru)


Somehow, I tried to say the detectors as 【you can’t use it easily】  but seeing something like this was still enough to make him dumbfounded.
Okay, let’s process with the request quickly.


『Well, press this button…』(Kaoru)


When operating the machine, the arrow-like pointer floating in the transparent glass bulb turns around the *kuru~kuru*, then stops and pointing in one direction.


『It’s here!』(Kaoru)


I just looked at the detector when using it and when I raised my head to look at the pointer’s direction.
The pointer was pointing to was the bosom of Mr. V.Captain.




Yes, indeed, his pocket has refined gold coins.
My drawstring bag?
It’s inside the item box, so it’s out of detection.


『Wait a moment…』(Kaoru)


I looked away from the V.Captain who stared at me with a suspicious eye and operated the detector again.
As it’s the item that I just thought of, naturally, even I could decide the performance and operation method.
There is no way I can master it right away.


『Well, the purse string bag of Mr. V.Captain is not included, the target is 300 grams or more of gold,…』(Kaoru)


When we talk about treasure, there will be more money than that.
There may be jewelry, pearls, etc., but maybe there is also gold.
As an ingot or many gold coins.
As treasures sometimes include money!
Well, if not, this time it will only be the 【jewelry detector】


Alright, it’s partitioning.
The needle points to the wall of the room. Of course, we don’t break the wall, we go out of the room and go to the next room.

No, if the pointer still pointed to this side wall in the next room, at that time I will destroy the wall.
And, when we come out to the corridor, the needle doesn’t point to the next room, it points to a room in a further distance.
As we keep following it, the tip of the needle points to a certain room.




Somehow, Mr. V.Captain stayed silent, thinking for a moment.
Then he nodded and picked something out of his pocket.

It wasn’t the drawstring bag but a key bundle.
Even I say a bunch, but only a few keys are attached to a chain that is connected to the inside or somewhere in his clothes.

And Mr. V.Captain used one of them to open the door of that room.
Apparently, unlike other rooms, this is an important room.

I enter the room after Mr. V.Captain…




There was a storeroom …, no, a treasure room, a safe room, anyway, it seemed like a room keeping the property of the family.
There is no window,
Until the Mr. V.Captain turned on the light of the lamp,
The only light in the room is from the opened door, it was a dim room.

And what was illuminated by the light of the lit lamp…




It was displayed in the room…
Various ornaments and something, goods that I don’t know well

No, no, thinking from the situation, they should be expensive.
I also thought about 【Safe room】 earlier!
I wonder what he will tell me about it…


Things that are likely to be sold at high prices have been sold in advance.
The remaining things are those that are not likely to be sold with very good value and very important meaning for our family.
Even though they can be sold for some money as well. But rather than the monetary value, it’s no doubt the treasure to our house』(V. Captain)

『…I’m sorry』(Kaoru)


As expected, it was a little insensitive.
I have no choice but to apologize here.
And what the pointer of the detector points to is…


『A large safe placed on the wall』(Kaoru)


…Thank you very much.


『『…………』』(Kaoru + V. Captain)


Mr. V.Captain doesn’t say anything.
Perhaps, I also have a similar face.
There are gold coins in the safe!
Naturally, treasure!!


『『…………』』(Kaoru + V. Captain)

『『………………』』(Kaoru + V. Captain)

『Well, let me open it…』(Kaoru + V. Captain)


A few seconds that I felt like a long time has passed, and Mr. V.Captain started moving again.
Apparently, his face doesn’t seem like someone has found hope.


And safe that can be opened with the key bundle taken out from the pocket again.
Among them …
About 20 pieces of gold coins.

In the sense of this world, equivalent to 2 million yen, a reasonable amount of money.
However, it’s a weak small figure, as a content of the aristocratic big box, it’s too little.


『Wait a moment, please!』(Kaoru)


Operate the detector again and set this safe out of scope.
And when I check the guidelines again.

Yes, within the detection area, there’s no target, thank you very much!

And, from my expression and movement of the detector needle,
Mr. V.Captain seems to realize everything


『Ha ha ha……』(V. Captain)

『Haha … ….』(Kaoru)

『『Ahahahahahahaha…ha』』(Kaoru + V. Captain)


(がっくし) Score.

Kaoru Vol 2
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  1. suggestion:
    That’s why even if I was told 【How about an {Ochadzuke}->{Ochazuke}?】

    It seems like he doesn’t know what is the {Ochadzuke}->{Ochazuke}


  2. Inb4 the note was written by some old guy who learned magic to see the future, and he saw that that gold detector would be made and so was like “that’s worth more than anything else! That’s the goods!”

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