Kaoru Chapter 74: Treasure Hunt 3

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Kaoru Chapter 74: Treasure Hunt 3



I and Mr. Vice Captain both have dull eyes.
Apparently, there are no gold bullions or gold coins in this house…
Wait a moment!
A little while ago, how did I set up the detector after I first detected the gold coins in the purse?


Yes, surely it’s 【Target is more than 300 grams of gold】!
Although the price of one gold coin on the earth is rather high, it is equivalent to 25000 yen. (T.N: FUNA-sensei, this is Kaoru series, don’t mistake with Mitsuha series, Kaoru never knew about this price)


And the weight of one gold coin is about 10 grams.
It seems to be slightly heavier than a 500 yen coin, probably 8 to 9 grams.
About as much as a quarter ounce gold coin of the earth?
In other words, it may be increased with other metals to increase the hardness, so if it is about 20 pieces, the weight of gold is around 150 grams?
If so, the detector should not respond.

I hurriedly picked up the detectors and lifted designation outside the scope of the safe.
Then set the detection target to 【500 grams or more】
…The needle pointed to the safe, again.

Mr. Vice Captain follows me in a hurry as I jump out of the room.
And, the place I headed was, of course, a neighboring room on the other side of the wall where the safe was placed.

Apparently, this room isn’t locked. It seems to the work office of 【The Viscount】.
Well, speaking of which, is there anyone who makes the child’s room next to the vault?
I guess I’ve done a very rude and insane thing.

Well, okay, I have the mayor of the company’s consent.

And when I look at the needle of the detector from the inside of the room.
… Yeah, it points to the next room, the safe room.


『Let’s peel off the wall!』(Kaoru)

『Haa…, yes!』(V.Captain)


And Mr. V.Captain called his servants, they carefully started to peel off the wall from the study side.
The reason we didn’t do from the safe room side is that it’s hard to move the safe.
And gradually the walls were scraped until we saw the metal part of the safe!!

Yeah, it’s the back of the safe that fits perfectly on the wall of the next room, of course…
Apparently, the safe seemed to penetrate the wall.
And in the wall, there was nothing other than the original wall composition.


『Well, for a small gold coin, it’s about this much…』(Kaoru?)

『Wait! Wait a moment~~!!』(V.Captain?)


Mr. V.Captain grabbed the collar of my clothes.
If he gets too excited, he doesn’t know how to hold back.
Or so…


『My neck! My neck is tight~~!』(Kaoru?)


Well, isn’t that obvious?

『What did you mean……』(V.Captain)


As expected, The V.Captain is in bad mood.
The servants already left the room.

Well, it’s understandable, broke the wall of the mansion and get nothing.
It can not be helped, when it comes to this, I will use my best shot!


『Jewelry detector!』(Kaoru)


I put my hand into the bag again and gets it out. This is a potion container of a jewelry detector type.


『Detection target, corundum, diamond, pearl, search range, radius 80 meters, set, ready!』(Kaoru)


If it covers corundum, diamonds, and pearls to which ruby and sapphire belong, it will definitely hit if it is a treasure other than money.
And this time, I go with the PPI scope (Plan Position Indicator scope) instead of the direction designation method so that I can have the detail location.

Um, the sticks turn around on the plane, which is commonly used on the modern Earth, and when the target is detected, the place glows shimmer.

Yes, I am a girl who can learn from her mistake.
Okay, detection start, switch on!


No detection response.
… Yeah, I knew.


In the first place, the 【treasure】 might not a specific gemstone, and it’s hard to think that there are a few gold products.

So, what does this mean?


1. Anti-detection field.
2. Treasures are not gold or jewels.
3. It isn’t here.
4. It’s nowhere.
5. It’s only in the head of Mr. V.Captain


And then the answers…


A. Originally, there was not such a thing.
B. The ancestor’s 【one piece of bread】 strategy.
C. It existed but it was already exhausted.


Multiple answers possible.


When I told Mr. V. Captain about it, he used both fists and pressed on my head.
It is a so-called 【Umeboshi’s punishment】
It works in plain form.
And, it was scary that Mr. V.Captain was completely expressionless.
It was very, very scary…

I have to do something.
I can feel a sense of crisis from Mr. Vice Captain who seems to have no time to spare.
I don’t want to float on the river tomorrow morning!

Think about it, I think!
Ununu, Gununununu, Funununununu!




I took out the first detector, which detects gold, from the bag.

Switch on!
Then, the detector points to the wall again, it passes through the hole we just opened in the wall, right at the safe behind the hole…


I left the room without saying anything.
And, in the hurry, Mr. V.Captain follows.
I confirmed the direction at the corridor.
Go over from the vault and check the direction again.

… Well, there is no doubt!

I return to the safe room with the door opens.

Keep it close is unnecessary!

Well, is there anyone who dares to steal from aristocrat in the daytime?
Initially, there’s no such thing as the mansion becomes completely unmanned.
Because there are always servants available.


And, I and Mr. V.Captain stand in front of the safe.
Mr. V.Captain seems to try to figure out something from the way I act.


『It’s no problem if the safe gets scratched, right? Can you give me something hard?』(Kaoru)

『Well, yes!』(V.Captain)


Mr. V.Captain took out a silver coin from his drawstring bag.
Well, it’s not pure silver, it’s harder than that.

So, I received a silver coin and scratched it dreadfully…the black-painted safe.


Gari (SFX)

Gari~ Gari (SFX)

Gari~ Gari~ Gari~ Gari~ Gari~ Gari (SFX)


And the paint that was painted over was scraped off, the surface of the safe appeared from underneath.
It has golden skin…




Mr. Vice Captain is on his knees, he seems to be so moved.


Father, ancestor, and god!
The people of our Larslick territory will overcome this crisis and will steadily progress towards the future…』(V.Captain)

『…But it’s not a one-time crisis but a constant one,
If you don’t solve it, this treasure will also exhaust.
And someday you will be ruined again…』(Kaoru)

『Uuu, shut up !!』(V.Captain)


Because I poured water on the moving scene, he was seriously angry.

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    • Just in case anyone is curious, I found the episode. Lupin the 3rd Part 2 season 1 ep: “I’ll Teach You How to Transport Gold Bars”


  1. “T.N: FUNA-sensei, this is Kaoru series, don’t mistake with Mitsuha series, Kaoru never knew about this price”

    well. by the time kaoru was sent to the other world, she’s older than mitsuha. also, kaoru is a proper working force. like a proper adult, one would consider making investment. gold is one of the popular methods of investment. so kaoru knowing the gold price is nothing weird.

    thanks for the chapter 😉

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        • Well. I don’t see the relevance in wether or not they’re in the same world. Both world have gold. And both mitsuha and kaoru is from Japan, earth. So both of them are using their home land as a point of reference.

          But for the sake of answering the question. I’d say they’re both in different world. Or at the very least they would have to be in a very different time line.

          My reasoning is in kaoru series, any supernatural occurrence would be considered godly by the people. While in mitsuha series, there are a few supernatural occurrence happen around and people are not making it out as godly or mythical.


    • Eh? Really I thought Mitsuha was older, or they were about the same age. IIRC Mistuha was like 22, how old was Kaoru?
      Mitsuha WAS going to look for a job since she couldn’t get into Univeristy, but then got she shoved off a cliff.


  2. That reminds me of an episode of Detective Conan(or side story, idk) where they found gold bars dirtied and used as step stones. Well, if the wall’s bricks were gold bars, that would also be interesting.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Thanks for the chapter. Kaoru’s straight ball sures hit Captain V well. Money and treasures exhaust eventually if He dont do anything about in his financial situation he became Captain Vankrupt.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. nothing to correct, great job

    he still can use this “golden safe” seperately break the handle replace with iron or steel and sold the golden handle first and then next crisis break other parts and so on

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