Kaoru Chapter 75: However, I have no responsibility

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Kaoru Chapter 75: However, I have no responsibility



『How much will you use this treasure this time?』(Kaoru)

『Well, no, I do not plan to use it?』(V.Captain)



When I asked the details about it,
It seems his territory managed to overcome the bad crops by releasing stockpile food and the borrowing money of the territory.
However, It seems that he was in a little debt.


『As for the treasure of our family, it seems everyone has heard the rumors about it.
And with that, people believes【There are treasures for emergencies in the Larslick territory】
And when people ask for debt, we can reply【Oh. It is not yet a dire situation to use treasures】
【In the worst case, we can return our debt with the treasures】
And just like that, we could borrow loans without taking plain collateral』(V.Captain)


Indeed, even though it’s bad that he can’t use the treasure (gold) yet, but keeping it will have such a merit as well.


『As for our situation before, even though we could borrow the loans, we still must do something before the crops return to normal again.
Even though we could still hold out but if this kept up, our finance would be exhausted and we would fail to pay the loans.
In that case, we must accept the demand from the lord of a big territory that we borrowed money from.
Or I could return the territory to his majesty then it will be annexed to other territories.
In either case, our people will face different treatments with tax rate and various things, it will not benefit our people.
I don’t care whatever I do, as long as I can avoid it…
And for that reason, I asked you to find the treasure to pay the loans in the worst case.
And now we have found the treasure.』(V.Captain)


What is this? Mr. V. Captain is an amazingly nice guy!
Oh, then it’s safe to know that treasure is found?


『But, if it’s also known to the country, isn’t this bad?
Tax, get over the payment,…』(Kaoru)

『No, there’s no problem with that』(V.Captain)


Mr. V.Captain immediately denies my doubts.


『When our ancestor got the treasure, they have sent taxes to the country properly.
That’s also why no one doubts the existence of our treasure.
If it’s just a gossip story, there are no fools who would lend a lot of money without collateral.
Also, since people knew we are supposed to have treasure in the first place, even if it really exists, there’s nothing wrong with that』(V.Captain)


I see.
He was really serious and honest men, his ancestor.

Well, he is the ancestor of the vice commander of a Royal Army and a noble, so he has probably that kind of bloodline.
And I don’t dislike those people like that.

Should I give some advice here?
I don’t take any responsibility and irresponsible bleeding large service.
However, it is not mine to bleed.
It’s a demon job.


『… Would you like to use it, the treasure?』(Kaoru)



V. Captain was surprised.


『As I said, let’s use it, the treasure that your ancestors left behind!』(Kaoru)



Yeah, life and money on the balance here, so, let’s use a number of it.


『If there were bad harvest several times in the past, won’t there be many bad harvest times in the future, how many times it is until we run out of that treasure?』(Kaoru)



Well, it was already said that it has been used several times in the past.


『And if it is a bad work, what if it was a more intense fellow, the so-called 【bad harvest】?
What if it continues for several years?
There is no mystery even if it goes on for more than 2 years, unlike cold summer climate and pests.
And in that case, the price of food you buy from other towns will also rise.
No, no matter how high the price is, you still need to pay because your citizens are important.
However, you can’t sell it…』(Kaoru)



Somehow, he seems to have a scary idea, V.Captain has poor complexion.


『To solve this, what you need isn’t a 【symptomatic therapy】 that responds to temporary problems whenever something happens,
but a 【causal therapy】 that takes care of the root of the problem itself.
Otherwise, no matter how much money you plunge into it, it will be just a waste of money, you know』(Kaoru)

However, easy said than done. What should I do?
My territory is a poor place with little fertile land…』(V.Captain)


Yeah, I know.
Otherwise, you won’t face such a nationwide bad harvest so many times until it falls into a dilemma.
Although I can not say clearly without confirming the situation, but for the time being.


『The cause of the poor harvest still remains until, in addition, it’s not only your territory.
Please compare the situation in the same way of your place with another territory where it doesn’t have the poor harvest.
If it is caused by cold summer, try obtaining seeds that are strong against cold weather from the north, test cultivation.
If drought is the cause, you have to dig deep wells or draw waterways from the river.
Also, with risk diversification, you need to plant not only wheat and corn but also growing more potatoes…
Potato can grow even on the lean ground, it’s growing really fast and it’s rich in nutrition.
It’s also strong against cold weather and high resistance to drought.
Because it’s hard to be affected by the weather, it’s the best crop as a safety measure.
Although it may not have much appeal as a crop for cash,
However, life is more important than profit, isn’t it?』(Kaoru)

『Ah…, A…』(V.Captain)


V. Captain’s complexion was not very good.

Well, Captain Senior is not stupid, he should know about sweet potatoes.

However, in this country, potatoes and corn are food for livestock, the “image” (in EN) is strong.
But if all goes famine, everyone will eat anything,
They will start cultivating them as usual for human staple food, even the recognition was low.

As a crop for human beings, wheat, and vegetables etc will be the center, and the wheat is the main point that we pay as tax.
Farmers eat rye, oats, barley, etc. which grows relatively small even on land that is slightly rough and water shortage.

However, with this level of civilization, the barley harvesting efficiency was bad.
It’s not as bad as the early Middle Age in the Earth, like harvesting 300 kg per hectare, but it’s not comparable with the modern Earth which harvests 3-4 tons in the same area.

It was good if we could harvest 500 to 600 kg at most.
By the way, in the case of potatoes, the harvest volume per hectare is around 30 tons in the modern Earth.


『Well, it can’t help when you are told suddenly, of course. But please think about it carefully』(Kaoru)


There can’t be a lord who suddenly talks, seeks advice from an amateur girl, who knows nothing about the management of the territory or agriculture.
If there is such a lord, I shouldn’t be involved with him as much as possible.
It’s likely he will hold me responsible for the failure.

I will not help with the domestic cheat.
For me, the risk is too much and the benefit is too little.
Besides, it will be a story for several years.
Yes, because it’s a ship that I went on, I don’t have the responsibility even if I give simple advice.

The work for one small gold coin has ended long ago.


『Well, I think we are done with this …』(Kaoru)


Riette-chan didn’t have a turn and was bored.
The nobleman’s mansion seems uncomfortable.
I have to take her out soon.
And it’s about the time for lunch.
Thinking so, I planned to return…


『No, I owe you big one this time, I can’t simply let you return just like this!
I have prepared lunch, please join us by all means』(V.Captain)

『『Yes!』』(Kaoru + Riette)


I was hooked with Riette-chan.


Yes, an opportunity to accompany the meal of a noble’s family, it’s really rare.
Well, if it’s Roland or Francette, I may become 【the honor guest of the noble’s meal time】
That’s a bit different.
And for Riette-chan, it can’t happen to her even if she is born 10 times again.
It’s a miracle event like that.
Even though she doesn’t understand manners, but if she is a little older, she might be scared or nervous.
But for the 6-year-old loli, Riette-chan【I can eat delicious foods】
This was all.

… No, I’m like that as well, I don’t have the right to tell other people anything.


『Today I have been taken care of. The Larslick family, no, on behalf of my citizens  as their lord, thank you.』(V.Captain)


In the cafeteria, the V.Captain said his gratitude again. In front of us, the dishes arranged in the table.
Riette-chan is seating with me.

His family, the wife of the V.Captain, two daughters about 20 years old, and two sons about 16 years old and 18 years old.
Even though they are only a Viscount’s family, they are truly nobles, everyone is beautiful.

Do the men draw blood of their ancestor or something, they all have gentle eyes.

The sons are going to be astonished men who look like Vice Captain when they get older. I can expect it from them.

…But why “All-Star cast” (in EN)?

The sons’ clothes. Is that the military uniform?
It may be so, although the two have quite different uniforms…
Maybe because today isn’t a rest day, is it?


And although we should have a chat while having a meal slowly,
For some reason, they don’t have knives and forks,
The brothers with their cheeks blushed looking at me with a feverish eye.

Don’t tell me, they have the hots for me?

No, is this also a chance?

In marriage to a small poverty altar family,
We worked on flood control and agricultural reform and rebuilt our finances,
My children would be taken care of by my father and mother in law.
A rich and happy life with rich people…

There is nothing to be troubled with life, and I can do whatever I like freely.

It seems that there is not much to worry about human relationships and hierarchical relationships, and the Vice Captain’s family seems to be nice people who take care of their citizen.

Well, it may be nice.
If I can apply for a relationship…

When I thought so, the elder brother talked to me with a blushed face.


『Kaoru-san, actually I have a favor to ask…』(E.Brother)


Kita~!! (It appears / It’s here)


『No, wait. My brother, I want to ask Kaoru-san too!』(Y.Brother)


Uu, wow, here comes the young brother, he suddenly interrupted!
Is this my popular era? Kita~~!! (It appears / It’s here)


『No, I am the first one who ask her!』(E.Brother)

『No, it’s me!』(Y.Brother)


And in the end, they cried all together to me.


『『Please give us medicines for military disease』』(2 Brothers)


Right, ~?
… Yeah, I knew.

Ah! Give me a break.

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  2. The “wanna hide in a hole” joke is just a wise-crack about how she was embarrassed to get her hopes up about them asking her out (ie. she’s been husband-hunting for a while now…) when they just want to buy her medicine like everyone else, no?


  3. Well, hide in a hole means bury your self down and hide your face when you feel shameful or embarrassed or someshort i guess? Its a chinese-ish saying and we vietnamese use it too

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    • I’ve seen it in several other japanese LN/WN/etc, and I hear it decently often where I live (in the USA, as much as I’d like to move due to our current political climate)

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  4. suggestion:
    we must accept {a position of the affinity}->{the demand from} the lord of a big territory that we borrowed money from.

    I asked you to find the treasure to pay the loans in the worst case.
    And now we have {fought}->{found} the treasure.』(V.Captain)

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    • I also found the “{fought} treasure”, so I will just add another one:
      “I have to take {she} out soon.” {her}
      Hope it does get some more attention 😀

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  9. “She needs to realize she could just make a potion that ages her.”
    She already thought about that. However, her youthfulness is caused by the goddess’s power. Therefore she cannot overcome it with her potions. She also doesn’t age. IE she’ll still look the same in 20+ years. That’s going to put a kink in her “find a husband” plan that she hasn’t really addressed.

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  13. >potato harvsts
    >it’s not comparable with the modern Earth which harvests 3-4 tons in the same area. (kaoru)

    From https://wikifarmer.com/potato-harvest-yield-storage/
    During your first year of cultivating potatoes, a good yield would be 25 tons per hectare or 10 tons per acre (22.000 lbs. per acre). Experienced farmers after years of practice can achieve yields from 40 to 70 tons per hectare, or from 16 to 28 tons per acre. Keep in mind that 1 ton = 1000 kg = 2.200 lbs. and 1 hectare = 2,47 acres = 10.000 square meters.


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