Kaoru Chapter 76: Stop doing such misleading things!

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Translator’s Note:

Sigh~! I kept replying ever since and why people kept bringing about Kaoru made a potion to grow up.

First, Kaoru’s body is already 15 years old, even at 22 years old (her past life) is only 2 cm different. A true LEGAL LOLI = the same as Mitsuha = the same as Mile. The only true beauty and adult body is Misato (Mile’s past life)

Second, Kaoru’s body will keep rejuvenating back to 15 years old NO MATTER WHAT.



from Kaoru chapter 133

By the way, Celestine’s breast is small because, in the aesthetic sense of their tribe, they are unnecessary fat masses hanging on the body, stuff that interferes with movement, it’s uneven irregularities. Because it’s inefficient, it’s not beautiful.

For tribes, who do not have the concept of body-related or breastfeeding, they need to be small, compactly packed efficient bodies are excellent bodies, that is their beauty.

Therefore, as a Celestine-like service, in the reconstruction of the body of Kaoru, her breasts are made a little smaller than the original body, she also TOOK MEASURES to prevent them from growing due to meals, exercise or any means.

…Celestine thought it was good.

She thought that the Kaoru would be glad…”

PS: I’m not angry, but I think put the answer here will have people’s attention than in the reply, which only directed to 1 reader.

Kaoru Chapter 76: Stop doing such misleading things!


Stop doing such misleading things!

…Well, I’m the one who got the wrong idea and thought of everything on my own head.
These people aren’t bad.

Besides, doing things such as jumping to a conclusion by just looks and conditions without confirming the personality just like an【around 30】woman,

…Or rather, I’m already 27 years old. So, both mental age or living age are already an【around 30】woman, damn it!

No, no, wait wait. I was proposed by that stalker prince. I still have a chance and I’m not that hungry for marriage like other 【around 30】woman.
No no no, that is 【no count】, I told you it’s 【no count】! (Tn: No count in EN)




I put my hand in the bag that was placed next to the chair, grabbed out the two medicines I made on the spot and placed it on the table.
I intended to keep my unpleasant feelings away, but I can’t suppress it to show a face like Buddha.
Mr. Vice Captain was a little uneasy.
Perhaps, he thinks that I felt unpleasant that his sons requested for medicine at the dinner table.
…Or so I thought so, but Mr. Vice Captain suddenly began to start smoking.
Damn, try to read the mood!!


And in the meantime, Riette-chan can’t wait anymore and already start to eat dishes at random.
No, since the dinner has begun long ago, the time for 【waiting】 is over.
No-one would mind if other people start eating without talking.
I also had compassion, and I began to eat steadily.

… Well. There are only aristocrats’ proper materials, proper cooking.



Riette-chan has a face like that.
Yeah, she seems to realize that it’s the same as what she always eats.

Yes, in fact, I’m quite confident in the food I made.
The ingredients which I purchased in large quantities whenever the market had cheap and good products, and it’s all put in my item box.

So, the quality and freshness are outstanding.
And also, I made a variety of seasonings that strikes the science of the earth with potion creation ability.

Furthermore, I had always made dinner for my family on behalf of my mother from junior high school.
So, from the foundation of cooking such as soup, dough and even a rather elaborate recipe, I had mastered it.

In other words, I know how to cook high-class dishes in this world, I can even cook dishes that surprise professional chefs!

Chemistry seasonings are cowardly?
…Well, I think so too.

Well, that’s why.


For the commoners, who aren’t wealthy, this is the first treat to eat after being born.
All the people of the Viscount mansion seemed to have thought that we would be deeply impressed with the taste of the dishes.
Were they thinking about seeing the feeling of satisfaction with their work by seeing the figure of the commoner girls surprised by the wonderfulness of cooking or something?
The Chef who brought his own meal from the kitchen that he cooked himself.

As he saw the face of slightly unsatisfied Riette-chan or my face eating like average(normal)
He fell to the floor in disappointment. (T.N: orz? maybe)

… No, I don’t know!


And after the casual chef, who was a little disappointed (presumed), returned to the kitchen, we had a chat while eating.

Apparently, it seems that the sons are still soldiers.

One of them is a Royal Guard, the other is in another battalion, different from Mr. Vice Captain.

If they are small captains, are they a First Lieutenant or a Second Lieutenant?

If it is the earth, they must equal to 【Enlisted as a graduated cadet, a few years after leaving the military academy】 or something like that…

However, in this world, education by a private tutor until the age of 15 (adult age) would be a substitute for 【university graduate】

In other words, only aristocrats or those who are rather wealthy can only join as a cadet candidate from the beginning.
In the earth too, it wasn’t uncommon in the country that only aristocrats could become officers in the past.

And this country seems to have ordinary officers rising up from soldiers. Perhaps, his sons are someone who up to challenge.


There are adverse effects such as amenity and parenthesis when they are in the same troops as their father. Even so, they went to other battalion and the Royal Guard.

Or perhaps there are other reasons…

A fisherman once said 【the father and son can’t get on the same boat】

If the ship is sunk, the house will cease.

Well, since the Royal Guard sounds like an elite, there’s a possibility that he only gives priority to that.
Besides, because he is a Royal, he might be able to stay in the Capital all the time.


Hmm, so, the treatment medicines are still not available to the Royal Guard Army and the other battalion which the son belongs to.

Well, the Royal Guard Army leader still bought the wholesale of medicines from me once and the King Army has 10 battalions in total.

And the son who is in the king’s army might be said something like 【You can ask it from your father!】
In other words, he was being postponed…

But, other battalion’s leader, please do not confuse public and private in such places.


So, why are they both at home wearing military uniforms even though it’s a weekday?
And the older sisters, from their age and clothes, have they already became brides?

Ah, inviting me today was decided a couple of days ago, then everyone got a vacation and got back to their parents’ house.
…For what? (T.N: Medicine?)


It’s true that the requested matter was a serious matter for the family,
But what if it didn’t succeed?
Were they planning to get some 【merit】? (T.N: Merit in EN)

Regardless of Mr. Vice Captain who is the battalion Vice Captain together with other three Vice Captains …
No, this is a personal matter, so he is the Larslick Viscount instead…

Even though the wife is still fine because she is always here in this mansion. But I don’t think there’s a need for having the sons to take the vacation day in military service to join in or calling the married daughters from other families.

If that is what he intended, he would have explained to his sons in advance. And in that case, there would be no 【Please give us the medicine for military disease】 at the very beginning.

Damn, I was treated like a child!


No no, wait, wait.

If you think carefully, this is a country with a status system.

Although the Viscount is a rather low-rank aristocrat, there’s no way to marry the elder son and the second son, who is the reserve, to an unidentified minor (visible) girl who has flowed from another country.

No matter how much the worth she has.

At best, they only allow me to become friends with family members, or make me fall in love with their sons unilaterally. And then they can use me…
That’s the situation right now!

Dammit…, no, no, my wording has been rough recently.

Even though I was just thinking in my brain, but if I kept on doing that, my inner thought may leak out someday.

And, in the first place, my heart… (T.N: has gone black?)


Calm down, myself!
Hifu~ Hifu~ Hifu~… (*Breath in breath out*)
Oh, that’s right!


『…… I am also an adult,
It is about time that I want a 【good man】…』(Kaoru)


I caught on the topic of the married daughters and I tried to tell about myself a little.


『『『『『『Buffofo!! (Surprised blow SFX*)』』』』』』(6 members of Viscount’s family)


… Why do you blow out, everyone?


『No, so I am an adult, a manager of a drug store, I am a guardian of this child, Riette-chan!
I’m not the child manager!』(Kaoru)


Well, for now, I will spread the fact that I am the age of marriage and gradually advance the marriage.

It’s not a like even though I don’t clearly say my age.
It can’t be helped.

In any case, since the date of my reincarnation is set as the birthday of 15 years old, right now this body age should be 19 years and a half.

There is no need to bother to speed up because of the【deadline】 myself.

On the other hand, it’s somewhat uncomfortable to say a lie that I’m 15 to 16 years old. And it seems that Roland and Francette look at me with “Jito” (give up/ tired) eyes…

(The kind of eyes when you sighed)

Besides, returning to the Balmoa Kingdom with a husband would get rid of the rumors about me.

As expected, No one will marry me with age spoofing.
So, my age is blurred.
And no woman would want to tell others about their age.


『『『『『『You have a little girl appearance!』』』』』』(6 members of Viscount’s family)

『No, you’re all wrong! I’m just a guardian, I’m not her mother!』(Kaoru)


If such a rumor flows, it will be a great damage to my marriage!

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    • Don’t worry chef, I think a Meatbun can fix that! /me catch and delivery nearby meatbun to dinner table

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  2. I’m thinking: She can make any potion she wants right? Can’t she make one that makes her instantly grow into a teenager or adult?


    • I’m thinking: Either you are trying to piss off the translator, or you didn’t read the translator note at the very top. Probably the latter.


      • Wow, wouldnt know why you would want to do that since the translator casually posted a huge spoiler (that i didnt read)

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        The only thing stopping the MC from becoming more adult like is the arthur because the mc has the power to do so.


  3. suggestion:
    Mr. Vice Captain was a little {impatient}->{uneasy}.
    Perhaps, he thinks that I felt unpleasant that his sons requested for

    Well, the Royal {Giard}->{Guard} Army leader still bought the wholesale of medicines

    So, why are they both at home {as}->{wearing} military uniforms even though it’s a weekday?

    I caught on the topic of the married daughters and I tried {a little appealing}->{to tell about myself a little}.

    『{It is}->{No, you’re all} wrong! I’m just a guardian, I’m not her mother!』(Kaoru)

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    • I will.
      I will use 1 month time worth to translate Mira.
      But I must say first.
      Mira is harder and longer to translate than Kaoru or Mile.
      At best speed, I can only release 1 chapter per 3 days.
      So at that 1 month I can only release about 8-10 Mira chapters.

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