Kaoru Chapter 79: Wholesale

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Kaoru Chapter 79: Wholesale



『What does this mean?』(Lt. Col)


Oh, Mr. Lt. Colonel


『What do you mean?』(Kaoru)

『 Don’t you already know!
Or …do you play the “fool man(Boke)” here?
what is this!?
And what about the medicine!?』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Colonel, you intensify.


『Oh, the drugstore has gone out of business, the reason is as the letter I asked the orphan delivering to you…』(Kaoru)

『 Don’t be silly!
Well, you only have to kill that association!
Should we crush that organization in your stead?
Should I crush the shop or do I have to kill the shopkeeper?』(Lt. Col)


… 【crush the shopkeeper】, I wonder if he meant physically, maybe…

But the union and the other guy who came to complain the other day,
I have driven them back with salt correspondence, it doesn’t matter anymore.
My place is already not a drugstore anymore.


『No, this isn’t a problem to get intervention from aristocrats and soldiers.
Because it is a very average problem between peers.
It doesn’t involve Mr. Lt. Col, so please don’t interfere…』(Kaoru)

『Involvement? It’s a large-scale involvement here! You idiot!』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Colonel is serious angry…, ah, this is bad!

I shook my palm in front of my chest as the signal…

I desperately appealed Francette and Roland because they stared at the entrance with their hands on the handle of the sword.
Otherwise, they might really be going to slash Lt. Col…


『What will become of our medicine!? especially the military disease medicine.
Your medicines are really effective.
Because of that, I have instructed to switch to the drugs of this store!』(Lt. Col)


Oh, so that’s the case!
Well, suddenly, a (wild) dubious 【union】 appeared and things happened!


『Hm? what’s with that eye…, ah!』(Lt. Col)


Shut up (Urusai), I have these eyes since i was born!

Hey… Mr. Lt. Colonel, why did you suddenly get upset?
Ah, did you notice that the cause might be he, himself?


『… ….』(Kaoru)

『…………』(Lt. Col)

『『………………』』(Kaoru + Lt. Col)

『Ah no. uhm…』(Lt. Col)




『…………』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Colonel is in trouble.
Well, does he feel bothered that much?


『Well, as for the medicine, even though we don’t sell it at our store, they will be wholesaled to 2 shops outside this union. 80% of the current price.
If the two shops take 20% profit and sell it to the army at the same price as before,
There is no problem, right?』(Kaoru)

『Oh, well, that’s fine, but …
Then, you will only have little profit.
It’s just like you surrender from harassment.
Meanwhile, we can solve it with a little pressure from the army.
Like: from now on, our battalion will not purchase medicine from all three stores of that union.
If this news spread to the military, other battalions might also do the same.
Unless they surrender and apologize to you, we will never consider dealing with them again…』(Lt. Col)


Well, it may be so, even the union must be afraid of such things.
However, I don’t want to return it with harassment.
If we are not careful, we might ruin their life

Besides, if I get the military and noble to back me up, I won’t be able to remain as average in front of civilians’ eyes.

It might affect my marriage chance…


『No, because our profits are enough with the lunchbox sales.

And our medicine sales will not inconvenience familiar customers…
Of course, I will make sure those 2 drug store will wholesale drugs other than military disease medicine for you』(Kaoru)

『It’s a great deal, there is no reason to refuse it…』(Lt. Col)


Yes, I think so too.


『The supplier demands to keep his information a secret.
I think it’s also the common sense of the merchant around here.
Please keep this incident confidential.
If it leaks, another funny thing will come.
If that happens …』(Kaoru)

『How about that?』(Lt. Col)


I smile on the question of Mr. Lt. Colonel.


『He will go hiding and you will not be able to buy any of his drugs from anywhere』(Kaoru)


Before listening to my words, he suddenly pulled his body back a bit.
How come? Eh?



***And a few days later, right after opening***



『『『Is there the shopkeeper!?』』』(3 men)


Sigh~… not only twice but three times already.

And this time, the number also grew to three people.

What I want to grow isn’t this kind, damn it! (T.N: Kaoru wants more customers not more trouble)


『『『Why did you wholesale the medicine to two other stores and didn’t wholesale to our shop!』』』(3 men)


No, even if you told me such a thing…


『Well, I told you that my drugstore was out of business, just like you asked for it.
Did those two stores say that they purchase medicine from us?』(Kaoru)

『No, no, that’s…
but that’s the medicine that you dealt with in your shop!』(M.A.M)

『I do not know.
In the first place, it’s unreasonable to forcibly ask suppliers of other stores, isn’t it?
When I go out of business, is it a problem if I hand over my suppliers to other shops at a reasonable price?
And why do you have problems, are you trying to force it from me?
Would you also provide the information from your business partner to the other two drugstores like it’s an obvious action for the merchant…?』(Kaoru)

『『『What……!?』』』(3 men)


Well, it will be a problem.
They wouldn’t dare to do such things, or they would not be able to gain truth from any merchants as the business partner.
Anyway, it will not be a welcome thing.


『And from the last time as well.
Although it was an unreasonable demand, I wasn’t able to say that because it was a 【request from the same company】
but this time, it is 【 an obligation, an intimidation against a girl of another industry that is not related at all】
Would you like me to report it the officer…?』(Kaoru)


If merchants get harassed and stop doing business, the tax revenue will decrease.
And merchants pay much more tax than regular workers.
In addition, this’s the capital city, and its tax revenue is paid directly to his majesty.
…In other words, officials and police here will do their work.


『『『『『『…………』』』』』』(Many Customers)


And there are many eyes, eyes, eyes… gazed at the 3 drugstore owners silently. (T.N: raw repeats eyes 3 times and …)

Right after the opening of the store.

In other words, it was the time zone where customers who come to buy lunch boxes are the most frequent.
Hunters, travelers, soldiers, non-commissioned officers, various others.
The customers 【Atelier Riette, the lunch box, and groceries store】are a lot.

And they were staring at the three people with a scary eye.
The 3 shop owners’ face became pale and they had no alternative except to escape in a hurry.


『I’m sorry, I kept you waiting.
For apologies, for those who are here right now, lunch boxes and other are 20% off sale discount!』(Kaoru)

『Oh, Kaoru, you are fat/generous (pronoun the same)!』(Customer) (T.N: I think EN has the same joke, you are such a big man)

『How rude! I’m not fat, I’m smart!』(Kaoru)

『Smart, right? But chest… No, it’s nothing!』(Customer)


Just as expected, that word is are too cruel.
Maybe he also thought the same, he tried to distract in a panic.


『Please don’t tell it to me in the end like a joke!
If you feel sympathy for such strange things, it makes me more miserable!』(Kaoru)

『That’s not it….』(Customer)


And the inside of the shop was wrapped in laughter.



***Five days later***

I wake up.
In order not to wake up Riette-chan who is still sleeping,
I gently changed clothes and descended to the first floor,
Opening the curtain and the wooden window…




Outside, there is a long line.

No, until now, we sometimes still have a long line of customers formed.

However, this time it looks a bit strange. There’s no reason for them to gather here this soon.
The discount sale only happened yesterday…
I can’t think of a reason.


Although they are quietly lined up without making noise, everyone’s face has frustration in their eyes, it’s bloodshot eyes.


『Wha, what’s this…?』(Kaoru)


When I was still wondering, the door was knocked *con~con~ (SFX)*

And it was from a separate entrance from those who line up.

I hurry to remove the bartack.
And when I open the door, two men jumped into the shop.


『Kaoru, do you have any good medicines?
We can’t deal with this problem with any kind of medicines!』(Good drug store owner 1)

『It’s an emergency, I beg you!』(Good drug store owner 2)


It was the owner of the remaining two drugstores who didn’t participate in the 【union】 among the five drugstores in this city, the capital.
Yes, the stores I’m contracting and wholesaling medicine.


『What in the world…』(Kaoru)

『It’s an illness.
Apparently, it seems to be an epidemic and it’s prevalent.
The patient’s symptoms seem to be pretty intense. The patient has increased rapidly, and…
There are already a lot of deaths』(Good drug store owner 1)



This is bad.

I was running a drugstore but I don’t have any knowledge of medicine or medical science on my own. The potion cheat from Celes allows me to create any kind of medicines with any effect.

However, I can’t name a disease or teach a cure.

At most, I know how to diagnose beriberi.
Um, knocking the kneecap with a mallet.
…It has no point in anything.

This is worrisome, what should I do…?

T.N: Next chapter will be “Goddess again” ARC.

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  1. Playing with drugs, then a real epidemic comes, because why not 😀
    More people(bad ones) got fooled by Kaoru appearance, and got wrecked.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. suggestion:
    『Well, as for the medicine, even {}->{if} we don’t sell it at our store, they will be wholesaled to 2 shops

    『He will go hiding and you will {}->{not} be able to buy {anything}->{any of his drugs} from anywhere』(Kaoru)


  3. epidemic outbreak after a few weeks? i don’t know if this is just a coincidence or it is a covert operation from the military

    after all there is still dubious encrypted millitary reports from before.

    there is a chance they do this to let the drug supplier of Kaoru to show his face.

    good drugs meaning also an increase in millitary prowess also.


  4. so for any other commenter :
    continue to Kaoru “goddess again arc” or not?

    i am vote to continue Mile,Mira,Kathy,Arge,Asley or Taru first

    let the cliffhanger become our starvation to wait for the next Kaoru in another few months (the more you hunger the more you satisfied with the story)

    just my thought

    Liked by 1 person

    • As far as I know Loli-san is always translating an entire arc before continuing the other series


  5. ‘A potion in a bottle with the recipe using ingredients of this world printed on it’
    I mean dragon blood or the blessing of Celes might appear on the ingredient list, but still, you’re going somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This might be like the one scenario where the problems to drive Kaoru into a corner are not at all of her own making. …Unless it turns out her lunch boxes spread this. Storing different foods in the same container in real life is not sanitary practice, maybe she got salmonella in all her item box lettuce?


  7. Since kaoru came
    Goddess have descended many times, right? Don’t you think it’s too eye catching? What if there is a kind of powerful group in the shadows marking kaoru?


  8. and when you thought you can settle down… like a bug suddenly appearing in the system you published yesterday.

    FUNA-sensei seem to love Beri beri :DDDDD
    im looking forward to seeing it in Mitsuha then


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