Kaoru Chapter 80: Fuji is the number one mountain of Japan

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T.N: I don’t know what the title is about as well. I just know that “it’s an obvious fact”

Maybe it means like “who is the biggest one here?”. Answer: Kaoru.

Kaoru Chapter 80: Fuji is the number one mountain of Japan


Anyway, I must deal with the queue.


『Everyone, there is no medicine for the moment!
First of all, I will check the situation, and then I will consider how I can manage it. So please return for today!』(Kaoru)


Were they convinced that I could deal with it even though the medicine business was shut down days ago?
As expected, the line collapsed and everyone began to return.
But, for everyone to come to my place, it must be a serious disease.

However, more than dozens of people haven’t yet returned and they keep lined up.


『Oh, the medicine has yet…』(Kaoru)

『We came to buy lunch box』(Customer)


Oh really…

The lunch box sale was dealt quickly to the lined people.

And then, I close the door, lower the wooden window, the curtain again and put out the tag 【Temporary close for today】

And we all had a meeting.
Members: I, the 2 shopkeepers of drugstores, Riette-chan who came down from the second floor to notice a fuss about the truth, Emil, Bell.
The two of them just cancelled their work at the guild today and stay at home.
Roland and Francette appeared unnoticed.

It’s 【All Star Cast】 (In EN)

Ah, we are still lacking Ed’s group.


『Tell me the outline of the emergency』(Kaoru)


To my request, the shop owner explained the details.

According to him, the disease occurred in the village to the east of the capital.
Because of its strong infectious nature, the kingdom immediately shut down the village, prohibited people from entering and exiting.

But a few days later, the number of patients increased and the disease expanded rapidly in the capital.


『At first, to avoid confusion, it seems that the information was suppressed. Both the illness and the closure of the village.
Or rather, there’s no official announcement.
However, because they stop the information from leaking.
Therefore, the kingdom can’t carry out any countermeasure in the public.
And we, the drug store owners, have to find a way to deal with this epidemic without cooperation from others』(Good Drugstore owner)


What is the country doing…
Even though the initial movement is really important for such things.


『It’s a pity, is the royal family of this country that incompetent?』(Roland)


Roland’s words are also bitter.

Perhaps, because he is already royalty, he can’t tolerate it.

If the country does something wrong, there will be a lot of death (Mass killing)

However, if everyone drinks the panacea made by me, they won’t be affected by the disease.
Waiting until the violent epidemic is gone or simply moving to another country.

Our store was just renting rather than buying, I have enough funds to be able to move at any time.
Put all the interior items purchased in the item box.
Then I will be able to open a store soon in the next town.


…But (on 1 side) abandoning our regulars and everyone?

(another side) Identity and status are revealed? Superiority?
If that happens, I can run away again!

I decided that day.
I will live as I like in this world.
I do hold back, but I will not endure it.
I reflect on my mistake, but I will not regret!


『Sorry, everyone, we are going to take a trip again』(Kaoru)

『… Finally, the current setting was a little bit hard…』(Francette)


Roland bitterly smiles to the words of Francette.

Was it so?
Is that so?
Sorry, Francette.


『『We will always do as your will』』(Emil + Bell)


Ah, Oh well, it’s Emil and Bell after all…?


『There is no problem, I will follow you anywhere!』(Riette)


Yes, Riette-chan, I will definitely protect you!

Well, let’s do it


『With that being said. Just leave everything to me. I will deal with it properly』(Kaoru)


As I said that to the shopkeepers, the 2 drugstore owners can’t process the situation and are dumbfounded.

Well. It’s show time! (In EN)

Here I go~!


Leaving the 2 shopkeepers dumbfounded, I opened the door and went outside the store.
And then taking out a small whistle, as big as a thumb from my pocket.
Put it in my mouth…


Pikopikoppi ~! Pikopikoppi ~! Pikopikoppi ~! (SFX)
Pikopikoppi ~! Pikopikoppi ~! Pikopikoppi ~! (SFX)
Pikopikoppi ~! Pikopikoppi ~! Pikopikoppi ~! (SFX)


I spent all of my vital capacity and blew at full power.

And, after a while, a number of children ran at full power, appeared from both sides of the road facing the store.


I am the first one. The work this time is mine!』(Orphan 1)

『Idiot, the explanation of the signal, have you forgotten?
This time isn’t a normal job.
Isn’t that right, Kaoru-sama?』(Orphan 2)


I nodded to the boy who arrived second.
Thank him repeat the explanation, everyone got it together.

And the children are gathering one after another. Children in orphanages and the vagrants living in the vicinity.
No, it’s children who settled in abandoned houses and so on.
They are not actually 【vagrants】
They seem to be homeless rather than vagrants, but that’s fine.


These kids are children I am asking for errands and chores from time to time with coins and food as a reward.

Usually, I ordered the child on sight properly, but when there’s no one nearby, I will call them by blowing this whistle.

If I blow once, 1 person, if I blow twice, two persons, if I blow 3 times, 3 persons.
It’s an early first come, first served.
And if I keep on blowing to the whistle… It’s an emergency call signal.
At that time, it’s the work for everyone who heard the whistle sound.

Yes, it’s an emergency.


The orphans gathered were in line in the order they came.
They know that I will never forgive misbehavior such as missing order, so, they do it properly.

And then I explained the contents of the request to them.


『Right now, a dangerous epidemic is spreading in the capital, no… this Kingdom.
Do you know what we are going to do?』(Kaoru)


Several orphans gulp.


『We will erase it, we will save the capital and this country』(Kaoru)

『『『『『Ooooooooooo! Amazinggggggg』』』』』(Many Orphans)


Until now, I have paid the reward properly.

And more than that.
For the orphans and vagrants around here, who refused my request or doubted my words, I didn’t heal them.

After witnessing my miracle, they all kind of worship me now.


For now, I pay the children, they get a bottle of potion and a silver coin one after the other which I pick up from the bag hanging on my shoulder.

And the number of potions is impossible to put in that bag, but no one cares about it.
Of course, including Francette’s group.

And with my instructions, everyone drank the potion.
Alright, there is no worry that children will get infected with the disease.


『First of all, the four of you, go to the place taught by this person.
And say that the manager of 【Atelier Riette】wants them to come to the statue of the central plaza by the 2nd bell of the morning.
After that, please do the same duties as other children that I will explain soon』(Kaoru)


I nominated four children and pointing towards Roland.


『Roland, tell these kids about the Lieutenant Colonel, the Middle Captain, and the house of the two aristocrats that came to my shop before.
You already gathered information about them, right? The aristocrats who bothered me before…』(Kaoru)


Roland is scratching his head, apparently, it’s really so…


『You, go to Saletbart Real Estate and say 【Atelier Riette will stop doing business, please terminate the contract today, we already paid enough payment for this month】
Then continue to do the same with the others』(Kaoru)


Because the message content is longer than the other, I asked the oldest child.


『This is the same work for everyone.
Notifying around the streets, the content is
【Epidemic disease medicine will be provided and anyone can get it for free.
From the 2nd bell of today morning, in front of the statue of the central plaza】
Do you get it?
Do you remember?
Alright, sortie!』(Kaoru)


Everyone ran like flying with their eyes shining.


『Why did Kaoru do such a thing?』(Francette)


Francette complains but that matter is decided!


『Because they are the people in the city that once took care of me, I can’t let them die』(Kaoru)


When I say so, Francette is…


『No, I think that it’s natural for Kaoru to do so.
But I don’t understand why you have to call even the aristocrats that brought you all the trouble before』(Francette)


Ah, you mean that!


『No matter if they are good or bad, they are 【acquaintance】 for the time being.
When I call them, they will think that I want to sell something or have a request. They will consider there might be profit or benefit for them.
If I excluded them out, there might be a chance that the aristocrats will not know anything at all.
For this time, I also want the military and aristocrats to get involved from the beginning, I want to spread information all at once.
In other words, because they are just messengers, it doesn’t matter whether they are good persons or bad persons, it’s only the person close to the route where the information is flowing as soon as possible to the aristocracy and the royal palace』(Kaoru)

『Ah, I see!』(Francette)


Francette is finally convinced.
Roland seemed to know that from the beginning, there’s no chance in his expression.
As expected, rather than the King’s brother he is better suited to be the king,…his spec is probably higher than his Majesty the King.

Well, before we head to Central Plaza, should I store all of the items in the store in the item box?
Let’s take the signboard as well.
I will be able to use it next time.

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  1. That’s what I like, fast decisive and quick action. I like this side of the novel. An army of kids on the loose, not caring about the royals. This is going to be good. Need some popcorn for the next chapters.
    Thanks for the translation!


        • i think its a metaphor? if i am using the right word…
          its like “stating the obvious”

          like… what she’s gotta do is as obvious as the fuji being the number 1 mountain in japan.
          “there is no other way around it” or “no questions asked” kind of thing


  2. Eh… What was the title of this chapter all about, then? Kaoru mentioned nothing about Mt. Fuji…

    Anyway, these homeless children remind me of those kids at baker Street 😀


  3. The concept of the whistle , like they are dogs is a little disturbing ^^’
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    • It’s a “culture gap”

      I’m also disturb that your comment implies “whistle is for dogs”

      Because even right now, unlike Westerner, us Easterners’ military captain vs soldiers, police officer vs citizen, P.E teacher vs students still using whistle.

      Which means your comment can be mistaken as an insult to us.

      Liked by 1 person

      • yeah. true. the schools over here, unless stated, any whistle means needs to gathered up. so when i read it, it felt really cute when kaoru use whistles to gathered up the kids.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Do you think lip whistling to call taxi like in one of the old western movies similar to calling a dog?
      Or how about traffic police whistling to control traffic?
      You need yo update your “whistling” concept

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  5. Isn’t MT Fuji a symbol of hope? So she is saying that she is that symbol and you just have to look for it? Man author thes titles need work. I understand if it’s geared at a Japanese audience but what about us westerners who read this and have no idea what your talking about. Thanks for the chapter.

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  7. the title aint literal… there is hidden meaning to it like “thats how it should be” or “no questions asked’ QED


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