Kaoru Chapter 81: Center Plaza

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I wonder why I always release Mitsuha Manga first, but always has less view than Kaoru Novel which is released later.


Kaoru Chapter 81: Center Plaza


When I arrived at the central square, quite a few people had already gathered.
Four nominated people have yet…,

… Oh, the military group came running.
Oh, two carriages from the other side.
It’s the aristocrats.

Alright, it seems that all the actors are ready.
Well, should I start soon?
Well, somewhere higher to stand…

Yes, because I am short, people will not be able to see my figure if I stand like everyone else and they will not be able to hear it.
Oh, the voice, should I go with this?
Come out Potion, the container is like a shawl type loudspeaker!

Well, the place is the statue of the goddess…
Or rather, let’s ride on the pedestal part of the image of Ceres.
It’s good that the person in charge will not get angry.

Alright, military and aristocratic groups arrived!
It will be troublesome if they capture me before being asked for an explanation.
Let’s start!


『Everyone, you came.
From now, I will give you the medicine for the Epidemic disease』(Kaoru)


When I got up to the pedestal part, I said so with a loud voice with a loudspeaker.
Of course, the gathered crowd is quietly looking at me.
Was it too short for an explanation…


『Everyone, right now, there’s a vicious Epidemic spreading in the Capital. Do you know about it?』(Kaoru)


There are those who do not know it, those who had noticed it a little, and those who are new to the world.
Although many people are present, it seems that many people, who don’t know about this, have somehow come to this place following the others.
And uneasy, roaring noise is gradually spreading.


『Yes, the dead have begun to emerge, it’s a really dangerous disease!』(Kaoru)


The noise gets bigger and bigger.


『Stop it! What are you plotting?』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Colonel rushed to stop me, but he was stopped by Roland and Francette. Bell and Emil are also helping as well.
Yeah, it is natural that Mr. Lt. Col tries to stop me.
Despite knowing the information to a certain extent, there is a reason why the army and the upper division never officially announce it.
Yes, if someone pulls the trigger, it will cause panic and become a big mess. If they deal with it badly, it will be a riot.
And now I was that Agitator. However…


『From now, I will distribute that special bulk drug for free!
If you drink this, you will not suffer from diseases and those who are already suffering will soon be cured.
The amount is plentiful, it’s enough to spread to all the inhabitants of the Capital.
Because there are plenty, you don’t need to hurry, do not rush.
Line up properly, act slowly… otherwise…』(Kaoru)


And I created 【something like nitroglycerin】 in the air a few meters above the ground between me and the crowd.


Doon*! (SFX)

『 The country will face the goddess’s anger!』(Kaoru)


The plaza, where it was noisy, turned silent in a blink of an eye.
And when I had the attention of everyone on me, I cast a dubious spell.


『My friend, goddess Celestine, will protect us from this epidemic!
Come out, the Medicine of Miracle!!』(Kaoru)


And, a mini statue of about 60 cm in height suddenly appeared at the feet of the goddess statue.
On its right shoulder is the vase, supported by both hands, which is tilted.

There was a white liquid flowing out from there.
The liquid disappears when it about to touch the ground near the feet of the Mini statue.

Yes, it refluxed and returns to the pot again.
If such a suspicious liquid flowed into the drainage path without limitation.
I would not know what would happen.
It is a big deal if the rats living in the drainage path become 【super-mouse】(in EN)


The crowds gulp while staying silent.
Suddenly, the statue of the goddess appeared from nowhere.
A white liquid that continues to flow out without interruption from the goddess statue.
A mysterious girl.
The explosion of the punishment.
The crisis of the Kingdom.
Goddess’ s protection.




Suddenly, an explosive cheering raised up.
To control the crowd, I kept shouting at the loudspeaker.


『Quiet! Do not panic, do not make noise!
Medicine will come out indefinitely without exhaustion. You don’t need to be impatient!
Give prioritize to children and senile who were already sick, and wait for your turn in neat order.
Do you want to show such a shallow appearance to your family and friends, or do you want to face the anger of the goddess?』(Kaoru)


If the crowds rush all at once, it will be a catastrophe.
To prevent it, we need the sense of security 【drugs are infinite without being exhausted】 and the fear of 【 The anger of the goddess】

Before this miracle, there shouldn’t be anyone who doubts the existence of goddess’ punishment.
Or, they just watched it a while ago.
Goddess’ punishment.


『Sir Lieutenant Colonel and Sir Squad Captain, please inform the Royal Palace and Military relations.
Don’t forget about Royal Guard and the City Guard.
The two Sir Noblemen, please inform all the aristocracy people.
If the commoner went to inform, they will not believe it.
And if there’s any stubborn noble, tell him that the friend of Goddess Celestine has appeared』(Kaoru)


I tried changing the way to talk a little more dignity.
Two aristocrats are dumbfounded with their mouth wide open.
But the soldiers are different indeed.

Indeed, if the soldier were frustrated by the unexpected situation, no matter how many lives there are, it won’t be enough to stay alive.
They bowed to me trying to rush out…


『Please wait!』(Kaoru)


I stopped the two and grabbed two potions from the air.
Looking at it, the two of them and the crowds are dumbfounded as well.


『Drink! It’s the same medicine with that one』(Kaoru)


The two of them do not hesitate and drink the potion right away.
In addition, I created 2 cloth bags in both hands from the air.


『Each of them has 12 potions. Let the Royal Family and the Ministers drink them.
As expected, we can’t let his Majesty and the Ministers line up in this line』(Kaoru)


Receiving the cloth bag in silent and lowering their head again, the two rushed to the royal palace.



『Why are not you going?』(Kaoru)


I asked two of the nobles who didn’t move so.


『No, no, we still don’t have medicines yet…』(Noble)


Oh, I see.




I give each of them a potion created from the air one by one and they drink it.


『… Why are you still waiting?』(Kaoru)

『No, don’t you give us the bag of medicine…?』(Noble)




『There is none. Normal, ordinary nobles who aren’t even ministers must wait in line』(Kaoru)

『『Whaaaaaaaat!?『』(2 Nobles)


They are still not going yet. But as soon as I glared at them, they went away.
Evil, fearsome!?
…Shut up!


『Well, everyone, as soon as you get a row. Do not panic or rush!
Drugs are just okay, just a small amount of drinking is okay.
For those who can’t here, put it in a container and take it to them!』(Kaoru)



Ah, do not think about strange things, some people, what’s with that reaction…


『Ah, even if you bring a lot home, it will not work on any other than this epidemic
You can drink for free here, and it will not have any effect after a day when you take it.
Also, what kind of face can you see your families and acquaintances if you are doing such things…?
Even if you say that it’s for your family members, you can cure 10 people with just a cup.
Actually, it may be fewer.
So, you should drink it quickly, do not stop!
It is enough to drink a scoop by hand!』(Kaoru)


Okay, I managed to get people back on track!
It is safe with this.
Riette-chan tightly holds my right hand.
She was worried…

I did it…
But I couldn’t help it.

When I heard from those two drugstore owners, the spread of diseases is abnormally quick.
Perhaps it’s comparable to plague, typhus, cholera etc on Earth.
If we are coping a bit slow, it will spread throughout the kingdom and the continent… in an instant.

And, for me, I can’t name the disease.
Naturally, what do you expect from the former average Office Lady?
I can not distinguish between plague and typhus,
I do not know anything about the cause or characteristic of the disease, how to cope,
I barely know what the diagnostic method of beriberi striking the knee.

And even if I sell medicine at a store, it makes no difference.
Only people, who can afford to live, will come to buy medicine.
Many people rely on free private therapy without buying medicine, even for orphans, vagrants, homeless people, and ordinary citizens.
No matter how cheap the medicine is, or even when I make it free, there are still many people who don’t come to the drug stores.
There’s no meaning in that case, on the contrary, if people in the kingdom rush into the store, there is no way they can handle it.

So, with this, a free distribution in a wide place, it has a strong deterrent effect not to panic or compete in such a way that everyone is flooded, it prevents aristocrats and the royal palace from monopolizing…
And it can already be solved only by the goddess or the angel.
Yes, that means 【Chestmate】

I do not even know the name of the disease.
And if I created the medicine that can cure any sickness in the public,
All over the world, people will start a witch hunt, no an【Angel hunt】
Because I’m not masochistic, both the witch hunting and angel hunting are dismissed.

That’s why I used a roundabout and convenient way, the Goddess approved 【Potion Studio】 (named by me).
And this is how it’s done.

【 The potion that can acquire antibodies, cure the epidemic prevalent in the kingdom just by drinking a small amount.
If you don’t drink the potion in 24 hours after picking it out from the statue, it will lose effectiveness.
The container is a small goddess image statue with infinite generation and circulation system.
Come out!】

Foul play?
It’s okay, I decide the rules here.

Kaoru Vol 2
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  1. “I wonder why I always release Mitsuha Manga first, but always has less view than Kaoru Novel which is released later.”

    Because when you release the Kaoru novel just right after Mitsuha Manga, it will bump down the Manga which mean people need to scroll down to see it. People tend to click what they see first. I suggest you allot at least 3 hours between each release.

    Thanks for the hard work


        • Novel updates links each chapter individually to the chapter itself. Bakaupdates has an site-local listing of the translator/group that it takes you to when you click on a work. Sometimes not even having a website or IRC address for that group. This link issue has directly led to manga readers preferring aggregate sites for their reading needs instead of translator sites because they don’t have an easy link to the content like we novel readers do.


        • Its this for me too. I know Mitsuha manga is here but I’m lazy to check all the time so once in a while I’ll just look through latest post on the site and see whats up.


  2. And once again this prove that the container is more of a cheat that the potion itself. Unlimited generation of cure-all medicine? What the hell?


  3. Foul play? Who cares about rules when you are this OP?
    I wonder when the other 2 “angels of the goddess” will appear
    Triple the OPness


  4. “I wonder why I always release Mitsuha Manga first, but always has less view than Kaoru Novel which is released later.”


    whereas mitsuha are normal world traveller and (slightly not) normal store manager

    and the WN and Manga format may causing it too, (maybe) many ppl like me prefer WN than Manga, even tho i read both, just WN is the Priority between them


  5. Just like NU for new novel chapter, most peoples use mangadex for new manga chapter. Mitsuha ch25 already has 4,530 views on there


  6. suggestion:
    『Well, everyone, as soon as you get {a row}->{into the line}. Do not panic or rush!
    Drugs are just okay, just a small amount of drinking is okay.
    For those who can’t {}->{come/be} here, put it in a container and take it to them!』(Kaoru)

    if {}->{all of the} people in the kingdom rush into the store, there is no way {they}->{I} can handle it.

    And it can already be solved only by the goddess or the angel.
    Yes, that means 【{Chestmate}->{Checkmate}】


  7. “Foul play? It’s okay, I decide the rules here.” : This pretty much sums up the novel, and this is why I love it 🤣. Problems with rules, traditions and prohibitions? Some higher-ups don’t agree? Who cares. Less worrying, more acting, that’s my favorite.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  8. Thank for the chapter ^^

    Normally I will check new chapter of Manga I read while my daily visit Manga site(and read it there) ^^;


  9. …She forgot to put an expiration date for the statue. It’s going to keep pumping out a cure for [the currently largest epidemic], forever, and people will hail it as a panacea and fight wars over it.
    …At least it will be able to cure the common cold, once it gets common enough.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Thanks for the chapter!

    In response to your wondering why this has more hits before mitsuha: I agree with the comments about Novel Updates, but would like to add that novel readers will go to your site while manga readers are content to only hit aggregate sites that bot your work.


  11. Thanks for the chapter.
    Kaoru should just reprogram the universe thus bending it to her will. Those potions can do a lot more than just cure diseases.


  12. Just to point out, Kaoru or Celes do not have chests to mate with. lol.

    It’s checkmate, not chestmate. Not the first time, might want to check older chapters for the same mistake.


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