Mitsuha Manga Chapter 25: Yamano Cuisine

Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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Mitsuha Manga Chapter 23: To the Royal Castle

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Mitsuha Vol 3
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    • That is “LIGHT NOVEL” not “WEB NOVEL”. okay?
      Light novels are edited and sometimes, rewritten versions of Webnovels. Also, you can’t buy WEBnovels from the book store, while you can buy LIGHTnovels from a bookstore. Also, think of the differences like you would for a webtoon versus a manga.
      I didnt really pay attention about that for my first couple of fan TLed Japanese novels, so I understand.


  1. suggestion:
    page 3
    {thank}->{thanks for} the prime minister, the glasses sale is going well

    customers are happy, I’m {happy also}->{also happy} with it, it’s a win-win

    page 6
    however the second son was persistent no matter how {much}->{many times} the girl refuses

    he couldn’t cause any direct {disturb}->{disturbance} or harassment {them}->{to the dining hall} because that would hurt {the}->{their} reputation

    {his}->{he} offered the senior chef favorable conditions to lure him away

    page 18
    please be relieved as if you find a boat when {}->{you’re} about to {drowning}->{drown}.

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  2. the problem manga lack of viewer is because reader didn’t notice it, if you posted it beside novel there might be a extra traffic like what you do right now


  3. I do wonder what’s the public security like in their world, I mean if you can break an arm then why not kill them? Do they not investigate assaults but do when it’s a murder?

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