Kaoru Chapter 82: Angel-sama again 1

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Kaoru Chapter 82: Angel-sama again 1

(T.N: I want to avoid –sama with English word beside names, but 『Oh great Angel』,『lady Angel』both sound weird)

(Actually, I want to ask the readers a question. Are you fine with 『Angel-sama』or do you want a proper English word like『Heavenly Maiden』『Celesital Maiden』?)


Even with a huge number of people, the time taken for each person is short.
Some of them voluntarily lined up and bought out the medicine in cups. They guided the row and made it proceed from the side rather than from the front.


If it’s just one straight line, the first people must walk to the mini statue, stops there, scoops, drinks and leaves the place. It takes time.

But from the sideline like this, people just walk and take the cup of medicine, they will only stop in a moment.
It is a good work.

The principals, who are doing the volunteer, seem to be very happy and have their eyes shiny.
Well, because they are 【Helping the angel】, it’s just like they become the apostle of Goddess.
There seems to be no better pleasure.

It seems that there’s no problem even if I leave the rest to them.


A while later, they came.
Yes, of course.
Military soldiers.
Infantry is the majority, but there is also a number of cavalries.
…and a flock of aristocrats.


『Get out of the way, commoners!
The Miracle medicine is my…』(Noble)

Do~on! (Explosion SFX)



The aristocrat, who was closest to the statue of the goddess, came out of his carriage and shout to the row of citizens. I gave him 【Something like nitroglycerin】, a gently Present.

And, the roof of the carriage is blowing off while the two horses are sitting in frightened.
Horses are fairly cowardly animals, they will stop moving in frightened just by the shadows passing in front of their eyes.
And this time, they could not escape by pulling the carriage so they sat down on the spot.

The aristocrat, who was shouting just now, has been shrunk with both his hands holding his head to protect himself from the fragments of the roof that fell into him or just being frightened.


『Foolish Mortal!
How dare you do something against the will of the goddess.
In that case, shall I fulfill your wish of dying right away?
If so, you will not have to worry about epidemic anymore』(Kaoru)


A loud voice swept from a shawl-type speaker reverberated in the plaza.
The sound isn’t broken and it’s quite high performance. It’s not average (normal)?
I wished it that way, it’s an excellent piece of the 【Goddess’ workshop】

Alright, both aristocrats and troops stopped on the spot.
The one who leads the military is… Mr. Lt. Colonel.


『Behold, the miracle of the goddess!』(Kaoru)


And another one, one more Mini statue was created…
For there citizen, it’s not much difference now, even if I created one or two more.

For that reason, I prioritized the impact on aristocrats and military.


『 Soldiers. Form a line for this second statue of the goddess to take medicine.
And, the soldiers will move according to the instructions of the commander.
Cooperating with the security guards to maintain the security of the Capital.
Bring the drugs to sick people that can’t move to this place.
And please spread the information, as long as you can drink the miracle medicine from the goddess, you don’t have to afraid of this epidemic any longer.
If you are already sick, you will be healed and if you are still healthy, you will be immune with this epidemic disease.
As for the nobles… line up behind the soldiers and people in order』(Kaoru)

『Ooooohhhh』 (Soldiers)


The cheers from the soldiers are raising up and then they begin to make rows as instructed by their superiors.
That is truly an army.
With the order, the rows are formed rapidly.

Noisy voices are rising from the aristocrats…


『For the goddess, neither aristocrats nor the commoners are of her concern.
For her, it’s only people that respect and follow or go against her will.
If you don’t want to line up, you don’t have to drink it』(Kaoru)


As I said so, the nobles began to queue in silence.

Oh, some of the nobles don’t line up, they let their servant line up with containers to get the medicine for them.
Apparently, it seems to they have heard the explanation perfectly.

The servant will work properly and bring the medicine for the nobles.
Then why do they bother to come by themselves?

Well, maybe they wanted to see the miracle with their own eyes or did they think about getting the miracle medicine of the goddess in their hands…?


『Kaoru, no, Angel-sama…』(Lt. Col)


Oh, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel.
It seems that this time he came on a horse.


『Just Kaoru is okay. If you call me with Angel-sama, my spirit will be drained…』(Kaoru)

『Is that so… well, that’s right, you are that kind of person…』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Col seems to be convinced.
There are some people around that I don’t recognize.

Thinking from their attitude, they seem to be equal to Mr. Lt. Col
Are they the captains of the other nine battalions?
It doesn’t seem that all of them are captains though…


『So, Kaoru, what are you going to do after this?』(Lt. Col)


Yeah, that’s right. There’s nothing for me to do in this place anymore.
Well, I should properly clean up.


『I will go to the East』(Kaoru)

『The East?』(Lt. Col)

『Yes, it is a village in the east, which seems to be the origin of this epidemic disease.
If I don’t cure the villagers and erase the disease there, the epidemic may spread beyond the kingdom and it will become serious…』(Kaoru)


Mr. Lieutenant Colonel listens to it with a slightly dark face.


『 That village is already held down, people are banned from entering and exiting until the epidemic fits』(Lt. Col)


… Well, are the villagers trapped in the village, waiting until all of them die?
Or, they will use fire, disinfect the whole village?
I will not let you do it!

I spoke to the people who are organizing the rows by volunteering.


『I have to go to a village suffering from this epidemic.
May I ask you to take care of the two mini statues until everyone in the capital healed?』(Kaoru)

『『『『『Ooooh, please leave it to us!!』』』』』(5 men)


The angel of the goddess gave a mission.
Such an honor, it would be unheard of.
Five men are shivering with their eyes shining.


『Then, when all the soldiers’ turn is over, please use it for everyone in the citizen and proceed in two rows, please』(Kaoru)


With that said, I jumped down from the base of the (big) statue.
The wave of people in front of me divided into left and right…


Well, I don’t think there are people who dare to block my way in this situation.
In any case, it’s a departure to help the villagers that are likely to die in the epidemic.


『…Allow me to lead the way』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Colonel suddenly said such a thing.

Well, I don’t know what to do…
Well, if I go that village, there should be many soldiers at that place, so there’s no point refusing Mr. Lt Colonel here. (T.N: cut the tail)

Besides, I don’t know the location of the village in question.
I have already gone and done it this far, there was no need to keep secret anymore.
And if I was stopped by the soldiers over there, it might be convenient that a great military captain was with me…

When I thought of various things, Mr. Colonel whispered in a low voice.


If you give us the leading role of the angel.
It will be a lot of benefit for us from now on…』(Lt. Col)


Oh, that sort of thing.

Then, I will direct it like that.
Because I was indebted to him in various ways, it’s a substitute service.

Uhm, Mr. Lt. Col’s name…,
Ugu, I don’t remember!
I have always called 【Lieutenant Colonel】 or 【Captain】…
It can not be helped.


『Kingdom Army’s 2nd battalion’s Captain. I place my trust and the safety of everyone else on you
Lead us to save the villagers!』(Kaoru)

『Yes, I’m thankful for such kind words!
As the third son of Earl Vonthas and the Kingdom Army 2nd battalion’s Captain, I, Nevas von Vonthas, will fulfill that duty even with the cost of this life!』(Nevas)


Yes, he is a great man… and me too.

No, it’s better to show off as great here. The citizen will obey the instructions of great people.
Besides, it will create a gap with me, the average Kaoru with average attitude and【 the angel who has a great attitude】in the story. People will be harder to find out my identity from now on.
I did it well for the time being.

Unlike me, Mr. Lt. Col firmly said that out loud to properly advertise his parents’ name with his full name.
After all, the person who tries to deceive is different…


Mr. Lieutenant Colonel’s voice is speaking quite loud, so it spreads far enough.
And even if Mr. Lieutenant Colonel’s voice didn’t spread to some people, my voice through the shoulder-type speaker will be sufficient for the advertising effect.
Well, are you going, Mister Helping-out (助さん), Mister Capable (格さん)…






We ended up splitting between the left and right, and we are led by Mr. Lt. Col.

Mr. Lt. Col is riding the horse and we are on foot.

Mr. Lieutenant told me that he will prepare a carriage, but I refused.
Well, doing such a thing, Ed who did not have a turn recently would get angry.
So, we went to the horse store, where I entrusted Ed and collected everyone.
I took Ed while holding Riette-chan and leaving as it is.

And a little away from the capital, where there is no-one nearby…


『Come out. Chariot (EN)』(Kaoru)


Suddenly a horse carriage with a sweet name appeared in a place where there was nothing, Mr. Lieutenant Colonel has his mouth wide open.
However, he seems to have regained calmness soon.
Yes, it’s late now.
After connecting Ed, I put Riette-chan on, and I get on as well.




Farewell, the Capital!
Perhaps after this time, I will not come back here anymore.
Although I may secretly return to the Kingdom of Balmoa for a quick visit.

…Yes, secretly, secretly!
Who would want to do something like【a visit by the Angel】?

Anyway, for now, I need to save the village in the east.


『Many people are suffering, I ask of you, Ed!』(Kaoru)

『Leave it to me, Young Miss!』(Ed)


Then, with Ed pulling the Chariot went ahead, four horses followed after.
Behind us is Mr. Lt. Colonel’s horse.
Well, after all, Ed’s group are not average…

Mr. Lt. Colonel’s horse has a nervous face as he tries to keep up with us.
…Okay, I will give you a potion later.
Of course, it’s not for Mr. Lt. Col but for the horse.

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  1. suggestion:
    『Please. If you give us the leading role of {for}->{} the angel.
    It will be a lot of benefit for us from now on…』(Lt. Col)

    Then, I will direct it like that.
    Because {it}->{I} was indebted to him in various ways, it’s a substitute service.

    Well, are you going, Mister Helping-out (助さん), Mister {Capacity}->{Capable}(格さん)…

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    • Wow, CJ, you came here too. I like your desumachi fan art that you posted on sousetsuka.
      Just question, why reverse your name?


  2. And later on we will have the Holy City, the Holy Statues or something? Is she gonna get those 2 statues back or leave it be?


  3. If you need a proper alternative to “angel-sama” etc just look up any english version of religious books that have angels and check how they address them to show great respect and admiration etc.
    That’s always a great way to find fitting words when you’re not native english. You can use non-religous books too as long as those are properly edited.


    • That’s the problem, there is NO people addressing angels, the historical descriptions are all casual summaries and not formal.


      • In that case there’s always the great angel or some such. So long as it displays respect and/or greatness towards those who are addressed with -sama in japanese.


        • You missed the point. There is NO respectful form for Angels, in Western theology, they’re messenger boys, servants. You don’t give titles to servants. Yes, you bow to the person the message originated from but the understanding is that angels are not ‘Great Beings’, they’re just servants.


        • I’m not talking about theologies and whatnot, I’ve been merely giving suggewtions as to what the translator should use since he doesn’t like going with angel-sama and such.
          But fine, I’m done suggesting things.


        • Your suggestion is useless, what you asked him to look for in religious text does not exist. Don’t believe me? Go check. You won’t find any titles for angels, they simply do NOT do what you think they do. You’re asking him to look up something that does not exist.


  4. Thank for the chapter ^^

    I think Angel-sama is better ^^
    After reading Japanese novels for a while, I actually feel wield when there’s no honorific when they call each other ^^;

    Poor Ed, I totally forget about him XD

    Liked by 4 people

    • Same. Like, when I read the official English TLed version from the library since im poor, it feels weird when, for example, in slime tensei, when they call Rimuru, Rimuru instead Rimuru sama. Or when they replace san or sama with Mr.

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  5. Thankyou
    If kaoru want her average life to continue, she need to imitate mile’s goddess mode, so people can’t recognize her.

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  6. “(Actually, I want to ask the readers a question. Are you fine with 『Angel-sama』or do you want a proper English word like『Heavenly Maiden』『Celesital Maiden』?)”

    I’m fine either way but I prefer proper english more as long as it keeps the essence of the original.

    Thanks for the hard work!


  7. Dats not an english novel for a “proper english word” tho.
    Also non english speackers like me might find “proper english” more desturbing dan sticking with jp stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Dats pretty much a reason i read jp novels rather dan english ones?
        I can understand “proper english” translations but it kills da feeling im reading jp stuff like watching anime or so.
        Call me weeb to ur heart contest but i dont think dat killing an original language/culture gimmics is “proper”.


  8. In this case, Archangel might be appropriate? As a “ranked up” angel?

    I’m fine with either way, regardless. Or another appropriate title. Unless other “angels” start showing up, it’s pretty obvious who they mean and that they’re using respect when addressing her.


  9. im quite fine with Angel-sama… actually Esteemed Mother instead of Okaa-sama is quite bothering me too… were already in quite a long run here… lets accept the fact that we are reading japanese novel and keep things like one. actually i prefer Tenshi-sama but we’ve used Angel before so for uniformity i suggest to keep Angel-sama.
    also i quite like japanese suffixes. i know lot of us do… i’ll be bothered if i read things like Sister Kaoru or Big Sis Kaoru instead of Kaoru-nee-chan… there goes all the cutesy stuff hahaha
    well it would be odd too if it goes like… “her Onii-chan went somewhere”… at this part it is better to be “her brother went somewhere”. hmm lets just say when its first person then use japanese and when narrating use english.
    Her older sister is the Hunter of the Wind.

    “Onee-chan is the Hunter of the Wind”


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