Kaoru Manga Chapter 13-2: Invitation (2)

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Kaoru Manga Chapter 13-2: Invitation (2)


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  1. There is no Bolded title here or on main page.
    And the name shouldn’t be Invitation 13-1 but 13-2
    (I clicked POST COMMENT, but I see no post, so I write again. Please delete this if double)


    • Now it’s fixed. OK.

      It gives me great pleasure to read FUNA’s creations. Thank you for Your time and effort.

      Although it is true that Kaoru is too “fresh” (not as yount-unripe, but as rude-would_butchslap_her), but I see more of it in the novel than in mangas.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. hmmmm…. i guess mangadex readers are that stupid… This also happens in a lot of rpg games, people asking in the world chat about how do and where to find stuff when you can just read the quest details properly and not waste time typing on world chat for someone to help them… Sometimes i feel like they are just trolling people 😡
    Btw thanks for the chapter~

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WHOA WHOA, this is really too much.
    You alright with translating at this pace? does it not bother your daily life or maybe bored translating if you’re this fast?
    still, many thanks for these chapters.


    • yes, a bomb-potion always works wonders, quite literally in this case.
      but i wonder how she placed it in there, since we never saw her create something remote or behind a solid wall (or wood in this case) before. same goes for the item box retrieval.


      • Allow me to explain.
        You are not the Novel reader so you don’t know.

        Later, it will be explain that her item box can STORE and WITHDRAW anything IN HER SIGHT.

        Which means she can create the POTION with any effect she likes, in a CONTAINER however she thinks of. And STORE it in the Item Box without create it OUTSIDE for anyone to see.
        Using ITEM BOX, she can make the item in there APPEARS anywhere in her sight.

        Liked by 1 person

      • oh wasn’t it explained yet? it is in novel so i think i wont be spoiling with this… Kaoru intentionally asked for the cheats without specifications meaning its good to go for almost every concept… like “an item box that can store anything” and by anything means no restriction even humans… or “to create the container for potion anyhow she wants” which she mentioned as hidden cheat, heck maybe she can even create a human potion container… and as to your question, “to be able to create any potion of desired effect” – means she can create them whenever, wherever, however she wants >.>


        • You are right,

          and this cheat is categorized as average until the nitroglycerin potion is inserted in the human body which will make it more average than it was.


  4. ive seen a lot of people do that but if they think FUNA sensei is a bad writer.. they why 3 of her novels got manga and 1 got anime (announced) ???
    Stupid people can’t comprehend such simple yet beautiful writing (imo).


  5. Thank for the chapter ^^

    Un, this why I stop reading comments in that site and start reading the chapter here =_=;

    Sometimes their comment(not just Kaoru Manga) even made me wonder why they read the manga if they hate it so much =_=;


  6. good thing i dont read from that site :DDD

    do not they know that Funa-sensei is one of my salvation.
    you can hardly see stories with loli MC in this kind of plots >.>
    needless to say they are all interesting stories… they are just being elitist


  7. Thank you for the chapter(s)!

    I try to just post a thank you on the most recent chapter, but there are a lot of chapters released so I shall put one here as well.


  8. Damn… kaoru really seem so amazing when her figure is drawn :O

    Can’t really imagine her to be like that in the novel


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