Kaoru Manga Chapter 14-2: Showdown! Royal Palace versus Temple (2)

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Kaoru Manga Chapter 14-2: Showdown! Royal Palace versus Temple (2)



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Kaoru Manga Chapter 8 Page 19 a
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  1. They are indeed ungrateful. I read all but the last three updates there and I understood everything. It was baffling that anyone didn’t understand and blamed it on anyone but themselves.


  2. Thank you for the chapter(s)!

    On page 13 the dialogue “That Celes’ statue, why did the breast area became abundant so much?” doesn’t make sense, I think it would be more like this:
    “That Celes’ statue, why did the breast area become so much more abundant?”
    if the wording is weird in the raw, I believe the tense of “became” should at least be changed to “become” since she is asking about it in present tense rather than past tense?

    I think there may be more ways to word it but I’m not the best for grammar, dialogue or explanations anyway…
    Someone else may want to do a proper check anyway.

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  3. Ohh…
    Someone just said Kaoru changes her goal on a whim… what is Kaoru’s goal anyway? He seem to not even know it xD
    Go to ch. 1 and you’ll know, even at the latest chapter of novel she is still trying to get that goal that is totally impossible xD
    Yes… a goal that we can never allow.

    so i declare his comment un-based…
    Also the series is titled ”shall survive using potions” … whatever her goal is possible… the important part is her means which is ‘potions’. Learn at least that much before judging things.

    “And i hate the guts of those people who don’t have anything better to say when they are just reading stuff at a free site, doing nothing to support the author, being just a total toxic and parasite… well they are. Toxic and parasite gotta be harmful or they will lost their raison de’etre, hope they got more meaning in life tho


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