Cathy Chapter 4-1: Neil-san’s Challenge

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Cathy Chapter 4-1: Neil-san’s Challenge


About halfway to the next town after we left the mining city, Kise.
I was puzzled by the sudden request from Neil-san.


『Cathia-san, can you have a fight with me?』(Neil)



Why now? At this timing.


『May I ask the reason?』(Cathy)

『There’s no deep meaning. I just want to know how far my strength current is. Please』(Neil)

『Oh, is it a simulated fight? Of course, I will gladly accept it』(Cathy)


Somehow I was really surprised.
Since Neil-san had a serious face, I thought whether he is challenging me for a serious fight for life.
Somehow, it looked like Neil-san had been thinking a lot about this.
I wonder what happen?


『Somehow, I thought that I must have a fight with you. There is too much difference in power.』(Neil)


There’s no such thing.
Neil-san may underestimate himself too much.
Rather, I would like to ask him from here.


『I will agree on training anytime. So, why didn’t you ask me until now?』(Cathy)

『Well, was that so!? Well, that’s true…』(Neil)

『Neil, you face is loosening』(Fina)


We will improve better if we train with 2 people rather than alone.
And if my practice partner is someone as good as Neil-san, than I don’t have to hold back.


『Well, let’s do it!』(Neil)

『Yes, are you okay with one point (ippon) match?』(Cathy)

『(Ussu) yes!』(Neil)

『Do your best, both of you.
And please be moderate so that you don’t get any injury and hinder our traveling』(Fina)


It’s a good thing to have ambition.
I, myself, am still immature, so let’s show my spirit and try to fight someone else.
I pull out both swords and set them up.
Let’s fight with my special dual-wielding.


『Well then, here I go!』(Neil)


Neil-san calls forth a big aura and runs toward me.
Although his flow of the aura itself is rough, the aura amount is high. It feels just like a big demon is pressing.

He used the sword he just got, the Damascus sword, and slashed down on me.
It drew an orbit trail without hesitation.

And I accept it with my Main Gauche. Uu… heavy!
My arm was numb with a heavy blow, but I managed to parry it.

Neil’s body is full of opening.
Now, got you!




Neil shouts.




Without rebuilding his body stance after swinging down, Neil rolled to the left and avoid my attack.
His reaction is good.
If he was a little late, the match would have ended now.
Did he already plan that ahead?


『It’s too early to end this match. One more time』(Neil)


He is coming.
His aura amount and power is awkward.
And his next attack is… 【Headwind】!

It’s the so-called raising slash.
It’s a measure against parry.
Indeed, it’s difficult to take it with this position.
I quickly use my Main Gauche and black sword to receive his slash with both hands.

As expected, it’s really heavy!

I won’t be able to hold it anymore if I receive it many times.
Then, should I finish it sooner?

I jumped in the air without going against the momentum from Neil’s slash while letting go of the Main Gauche.
But from other people side, it may seem like I have been blown away with power.


『You are mine now (wide-open)!』(Neil) (T.N: on purpose)


Of course, this is an invitation.
I rotated the body in the air, rebuilt the position and landed, and I thrust the sword to the throat of Neil who is completely unguarded.
Neil-san’s sword is still over his head.


『Uwa, Cathia-chan like an acrobat…』(Fina)

『Neil-san is too simple』(Cathy)


I lower my black sword, pick up the dropped Main Gauche and put them back in their sheath.


『As I thought, it was useless ……』(Neil)


Neil-san is depressed.
I wonder if he had something in mind as well.
However, he was much more powerful than I thought.


『No, it was a very heavy slash, my arms are still numbered』(Cathy)

『Is that true? I see, so my Aura is strong enough to rival Cathia’s superior aura…』(Neil)


And then he turned around, it seems like he was somewhat cheering up…

I wonder if he was troubling with the way to fight.
Then would it be better to fight now, analyze it and teach him?


『I have noticed a few things when we fought, should I tell you that?』(Cathy)

『Please, I would like to ask you!』(Neil)


It seems like he wants to hear.
Would you like to exchange opinions?
Neil-san after talking to Van-san something in secret, his behavior somewhat becomes strange.

I wonder what kind of story did they talk about?


『Well, first of all, you have a high aura amount, do you get it?』(Cathy)


『However, since your control over it is rather weak making it kind of useless, so, you should take better care of your control』(Cathy)

『I see, I’m certainly not good at control the aura』(Neil)


Because he is lack of control, so I can receive that slash, I can’t imagine what will happen if he can control it.

I wonder if I can even catch it with my full strength.
But then again, there is a workaround for that.


『Besides, your speed is also lacking, it’s easier to avoid unless it’s a bit faster』(Cathy)

『Huh? But didn’t Cathia-chan parry Neil’s sword instead of avoiding?』(Fina)

『Because I heard that Neil-san wanted to confirm something, so, I took the attack to analyze it』(Cathy)

『Did you mean?』(Neil)

『I could avoid it easily if I wanted to do it』(Cathy)

『…Huh? Well… that’s right, I still have a long way ahead』(Neil)


Ahead? What is Neil-san aiming for?
However, his stepping speed is also due to the roughness of his aura control.
It should be improved if he can control his aura and his feet better.


『But I was able to realize my goal!
A full power blow from a quick-step, that is what I aim for!』(Neil)

『Neil, is it okay to say that?』(Fina)

『There’s no problem, Fina-nee. I wished to make an unavoidable attack even if my opponent saw it coming!』(Neil)


Oh, brain muscle thought.
But isn’t it reasonable in a sense?

In my past life, it’s like a visual flow.
It might be suited to Neil-san who is easy to make a gap whenever he attacks.
Needless to say about his amount of aura. There is no enemy that can receive it head-on when he can control it.

He doesn’t need a second attack to end the fight.


『Thank you, Cathia-san!』(Neil)

『No, I’m sorry that I can only point out that much』(Cathy)

『No such thing! Alright! Let keep training harder after this!』(Neil)


He is motivated.

I don’t know what he was troubled about or why he searched for a new battle style. But he is probably okay now.


『To what extent will you train?』(Fina)


Fina-san is clueless about swords, so she can only ask so.


『I think that rough problems will be solved if you train aura control』(Cathy)

『Aura control… Does Cathia-san know of an effective training method?』(Neil)

『Oh, I don’t know much about it.
In my case, it’s the simulated fight with my grandpa and hunting demon opponent in actual battle』(Cathy)


The method of how to train the aura isn’t established.
Although there are many methods themselves, there are orientations unfit for people.
It’s because everything is different in sense.

One thing that is common is that we can only gain experience by ourselves.
By the way, the order of training is sword skill first and aura skill right after.

Otherwise, the Sword Aura skill which depends on both won’t grow well.
Perhaps, it’s the reason for the unstable Aura of Neil-san.
Because it already became this bad, he probably didn’t train much on the aura control skill and only concentrated on the sword skill until now.


『 The only thing I can tell you is that it’s meaningless unless you train in a way that suits  you, Neil-san』(Cathy)

『Is that so? Well… I will postpone it until I look it up in the library of the Capital…』(Neil)

『Why don’t you just ask someone know about it?』(Fina)


You know something…?
I wonder if Fina-san knows about it.


『Do you have any idea? Fina-san』(Cathy)

『No, I don’t know about Aura. But if we shift the course of the next destination a bit…』(Fina)


Fina-san uses her finger tracing over the map.
Oh, I’m convinced.


『Martial arts Town Tobal. Indeed, we might find a clue over there』(Cathy)


There is also Dojo over there (T.N: Dojo is a Martial art training hall)

And there are also people who can analyze people skill and teach them in an appropriate way.
Martial arts Town is a popular name. Although it’s not an official name, however, everyone calls it so.


『Won’t this change our schedule because we change our destination?』(Neil)

『There will not be much difference in the number of days before reaching the Capital.
So, there’s no problem.
And if Neil-san can get stronger than now, it will be very encouraging』(Cathy)

『Yes, Cathia-san…! I will do my best!』(Neil)

『 Isn’t this great?… well, then our next destination is Tobal』(Fina)


Fina-san declared the destination and closed that map.
I hope Neil-san can strengthen his Aura skill and complete his goal.


Cathia 4
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