Kaoru Novel Chapter 83: Angel-sama again (2)

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Kaoru Novel Chapter 83: Angel-sama again (2)


We arrived in the village of the East before evening.

When I saw a village-like ahead, I stored the carriage (Chariot) in the item box. And I changed to riding on Ed with Riette-chan.

And when I turned to the road, which leads towards the village, diverted from the highway, there were several soldiers ahead.




We were stopped by a soldier instantly on the spot.

I don’t know if the soldiers are able to see Mr. Lt. Col, the last one on our line, but it will be impossible for him to stand for me, the first one in line.

When I glanced at him, Mr. Lt. Col seems to be somewhat troubled.


『Traffic is forbidden here, return to the highway and head to the next village, which you may arrive by the time it gets dark.』(Soldier)


Yes, a good soldier who is faithful to his duties.

But I refuse! (Jojo’s meme)


『I’m a  drugstore’s owner.
I know about this epidemic.
As for the treatment, I have prepared a special magic medicine.
The spread of disease in the capital was stopped.
All I have to do is to completely cure the disease in this village』(Kaoru)

『What, really?』(Soldier)


What a nice soldier, we have here.
He also doesn’t want to block the village or kill the villagers.

As he listened to my words, his face started to show relief.
Then I took a glance at Mr. Lt. Col.
As Mr. Lt. Col nodded, the soldier had a full-smile.


『Please go through!
And please save the villagers!』(Soldier)


I do not know whether or not they are able to communicate, but the soldier let us proceed on the road to the village with a thumbs up.


Before entering the village, there are soldiers blocking the way again.
Well, they took a good care of it…

Double check for security is a natural measure.

As I got close enough to speak with a soldier.


『You, how did you come here?』(Soldier 2)


Yeah, because there are other soldiers blocking the way to come here, no one can come here.
On the contrary, this soldier is probably a guard to prevent villagers from leaving the village, maybe.

Well, if he asked how did I come, I just needed to answer.


『…On a Chariot!』(Kaoru)


The soldier had a blank face. (Not sure if Kaoru calls the Chariot out or not)


『…Chari?』(Soldier 2)


Profoundly Tsukkomi here.


『She is the drugstore’s owner, we brought the medicine for the epidemics. Let us pass!』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Colonel spoke to the shocked soldier from the behind. I could get through now.

Do it from the beginning!
Or rather, why are you at the end when you have the leading role?
You are not useful here…

Well, I could go to the village now, it’s okay.

There’s no figure of any soldier in the village.
That’s right, they do not want to get sick.

People in the village seem to be confined in their respective houses, and there are no figures of people at all.
Well, look like I must do it on my own.

With the shawl-mounted speaker hanging on the shoulder that I used at the Capital.


『Everyone in the village. I have brought the medicine!
If you drink it, you will be healed right away!
For those who can not move, please let your family members take in your stead and bring it back to you.
If you call out loud, I will come from here!』(Kaoru)


This is just a small village. I don’t have to do something unreasonable like the Capital.
Normally, I only need to hand over the bottle potion.

After a while, several doors were opened with rattles, and several villagers appeared.
Maybe they couldn’t get out of the house because of the sickness, or were they afraid of infection?

…Maybe, both.

Oh, perhaps they may be instructed to stay indoors.
For those who already suffer and whose symptoms have advanced considerably, there will be nothing to lose any longer.
Besides, there should be anyone, who are trying to fraud by coming to the sick nest which the soldiers are blocking the way.

There are several villagers somewhat afraid to approach.


Other house doors are opened slightly, and many eyes are peeping through the gap.
Of course. I only need a few people as Guinea pigs, ahem, … demonstration.
Everyone doesn’t have to try it all at once.
My voice amplified by the speaker seems to be loud enough to be heard from afar
Even the soldier on the side of the road also showed interest but he still stood there and stared at us.


Perhaps he cannot come here because of the order.

Well, If the soldier gets infected, he will become a source of infection and damage will spread when he returns to the Capital.
And before that, many military soldiers will suffer first.
So, he will never be able to break the order.
No matter how much he wants to help the villagers.

Not good, I didn’t notice.
I put my hand in and take out the potion from the bag.


『Bell, give it to the soldiers and say that it’s a medicine that will cure him and prevent him to get sick.』(Kaoru)

『I understood!』(Bell)


Yeah, even if I cured all the villagers, however, if the soldiers become sources of infection.
And then when they move to other cities and villages in this country or even other countries, many cities and villages will be infected, it’s a bad move.

… And, after the soldiers received the potion from the Bell, he put it in his pockets.
Well surely, it’s rather suspicious.
There’s also a possibility that the villagers will be “purged” along with the watchman by the king’s order, it’s not zero.
Even Mr. Lt. Col is here with us, the young soldiers at the bottom would not remember all the face of the superior officers of other troops, military uniforms or anything else.

It’s reasonable to say that when you are in an important mission, you will not listen to instructions or orders from anyone other than your direct supervisor.
Well, as it is, he only has to decide after seeing the results of the villagers, there is no problem.


It really cures this disease』(Villager)


One of the villagers, who finally came up to me, said that and gazed at me.
Well, from the people here, it seems like an underage child.

For now, I put my hand into the bag and take out the potion.




Although he still has a little power to walk, the man seems to be weakened considerably.

And then after he opens the lid of the bottle, he drinks the contents in one gulp.


『Uwoo…』(Villager 1)

『『『What’s wrong with you!!』』』(Several Villagers)

『Delicious…』(Villager 1)


Other villagers are dumbfounded and drop their shoulders.
And the man, who drank the potion.


『I feel refresh… somehow, my head seems clearer…』(Villager 1)


Perhaps it’s because the fever has subsided.
Reversing the eradication of pathogens and physical disorders,
His body temperature has returned to the original because (I decided) it will have that effect.

Because he still doesn’t recover his weakened physical strength, it seems that he is still a little staggering.

If the potion doesn’t recover the state abnormality,
Even if the pathogen is killed, the patient might still die before he recovers. It will leave a bad aftertaste so I put a slowly but surely abnormality recover in the effect of the potion.
However, if the patient suddenly became healthy right after drinking, it’s too unnatural and unpleasant.

He will have an appetite if he gets back to physical condition so it will not be a problem.


His complexion is still bad, but when compared to a moment ago, his complexion is clearly improved.

As the villagers saw a man became better after drinking a potion, they stick out their hands toward me all at once.


『Give me a medicine too!』(Villager 2)

『Yes, yes. There are enough potions, so do not panic, please slowly drink it!』(Kaoru)


As I said so, I pulled out other potions from my bag and hand over the potion I created to the villagers. They immediately open the lid and drink it.


『…I got better.』(Villager 2)

『 My heart isn’t painful anymore…』(Villager 3)

『The Abdominal pain disappeared …』(Villager 4)


Abdominal pain and chest pains?
What sort of disease is this?
While I was wondering about such a thing.


『Please give me my wife and son’s portion!』(Villager)

『Please give me both parents and sister!』(Villager)


I gave out the potions to the five villagers one after another again.
I repeat putting my hand in the bag and bring the potion I created.

And when I noticed, people started coming out from the houses of the village.
It seems that they don’t have power left to run, they all seem to be desperate.
Apparently, it seems like I don’t have to act like【The Holy Angel】again.

No, I never wanted to do it.

Well, I don’t deny that it was a little fun when I did it, it can’t be helped, right? But it was when there are only a few people!

However, the number of inhabitants at this place is at most 200 to 300 villagers, what will happen if I act like【The Holy Angel】 when it isn’t needed?

If I don’t have to do it, there’s nothing better.
Mainly, for my mental health reasons.

However, I think that it won’t be long before the villagers notice.
…That an impossible amount of potion, which can’t be stored in my bag, has been taken out.

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  1. Aaaaaand … thank you again for the translation .
    It’s 3:16 in the morning that I am reading this (in Belgium) so I think I will read this and go to sleep xD .
    Anyway thanks for the great work L o M


  2. suggestion:
    {Nice soldiers}->{what a Nice soldier}, we have here.
    He also doesn’t want to block the village or kill the villagers.

    please let your family members take in your {instead}->{stead} and bring it back to you.

    However, I think that it won’t be long before {they village}->{the villagers} notice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As I said so, I pulled out other potions from my [bad]->{bag} and hand over the potion I created to the villagers. They immediately open the lid and drink it.


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