Taru Chapter 13: The suspicious person at the convenience store

Taru 5
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Another Bonus Chapter today. And it goes for Taru.

Table of contents of all Taru chapters I planned to translate this turn:

Chapter 13: nothing happens yet (already released as a bonus chapter)

Chapter 14: Playing with the party. (waiting until Taru’s turn in about 15 days to 20 days later)

Chapter 15: Showing the greatness of Alchemy

Chapter 16: PVP

Chapter 17: War

Chapter 18: A Chuuni for a Chuuni. Human wave on the heretic who dares kill the Loli.

Chapter 19: A Loli dating another Loli, the whole server uproar.

Chapter 20: Meeting and saving another Loli under the moonlight

Chapter 21: First Loli Priestess conquered under the moonlight

Chapter 22: Loli’s father teaching: men who target younger girl are the dangerous Monsters called Rori-Gon

Taru Chapter 13: The suspicious person at the convenience store



Although the sun began to set, the temperature in the summer doesn’t feel like going down and it’s muggy.
As my hair gets longer, the heat is accumulating in my neck and it makes my skin a little sticky.


『Ah! this is…』(Taru)Taru Icon


The short stride length plus the sandals that are too large in size makes it very difficult to walk.
I want to go home early.
While kept walking with such feeling for a while, without having any encounter, especially with my school acquaintance, I arrived at the nearest convenience store safely.


『Pinponpanpan』(Automatic Door SFX)


As I go through the automatic door, the cold air from the convenience store wraps me and gives me a refreshing sensation.


『Irasshaimase(Welcome) ~degozaru』(Clerk)


Air-con Banzai (For the win)
I want to eat pasta and vegetables.
I casually advance to the side dish corner.


『Even so, I was surprised』(Kouya)


Hearing the voice suddenly, I squat on spot to hide my body.


『That’s right. Jintaru becomes a girl character and he is enjoying Clan-Clan』(Yuuki)


The sound source is Kouya and Yuuki.

It would be bad if we meet up like this, they already saw my girl character.
The two of them are having casual conversations while looking at the items in the Bento (lunch box) corner.


『 Well, but he didn’t reply me on LINE』(Kouya)

『Maybe because you are crazy about Clan-Clan』(Yuuki)

(Maybe Yuuki means like Kouya will keep blah-blah-blah)


If they see me in real life, I won’t be able to use the bug as an excuse anymore.

I hide in the sweets corner which can’t be seen from the two with the speed of a suspicious person.

Even so, the sweet corner is across the Bento corner, they could see me if they turned over here instead of going straight.

It’s dangerous.


『There is also the problem of the confession with Miyanouchi Akane-san…
Playing a game might be a good distraction.
Or if there is anything that he is passionate about, he may forget about it』(Kouya)

『Should we not to mention about Akane-san for a while?』(Yuuki)


Incidentally, I left my smartphone at home.

Kouya, I didn’t ignore your contact.


『Yes, we should only talk about something nice to distract Jintaru』(Kouya)

『Well, then we can just do it like usual』(Yuuki)


I’m listening to the conversation of the two of them while using a candy stick to hide my face.

The 10 yen candy stick.


『That’s right.
However, it is a pity that they don’t have Karaage Bento』(Kouya)

『Speaking of regret, Taru’s hobby is also disappointing』(Yuuki)


Did you mean like “loving Akane-san”?
Yuuki, was it a disappointing hobby from your viewpoint?



『Yeah yeah, I was so surprised about it』(Yuuki)


Ahh. They are talking about my character in the game.
I wonder if he is talking about my type of girl…
No, I am not Lolicon.


『Is that so? But I thought his girl character is really pretty. I like it』(Kouya)

『Certainly, it was an amazing beauty avatar.
Kouya has always been a lolic(on)…
…By the way, Kouya.
How did you notice that beautiful silver hair little girl was Jintaru so fast?
Is that a technique that only Lolicon can use?』(Yuuki)


That’s true, Yuuki. Kouya has noticed me rather fast.

But I thought that is a technique that only evil-glasses can use.


It was because I have seen Jintaru in the past when we are still children.
Somehow, the outline of her mouth and the way her eyes are similar to that』(Kouya)


Huh. By the way, I feel like he was saying something like that to me the first time we met in the school opening ceremony.

But I have no memory that I have met Kouya in my childhood.


『Eh, Kouya.
You have met Jintaru when you were a child?』(Yuuki)

『Well, I doubt that he still remembers me』(Kouya)


I wonder if he was in my childhood photos?

Kouya, Just as you say, I can not remember at all.


『I see.
However, no matter how I see, his avatar is really like a foreigner.
You did well to notice』(Yuuki)



Kouya, are you an Esper or something?


『Even so,
It was such a wonderful appearance,
It was so well-made』(Yuuki)

『Ah… To be honest, I can’t think of it only as a bug, but a real module…』(Kouya)

『That is not it. Jintaru is a boy, an average human, you know』(Yuuki)

『that’s true.
That’s what we know best』(Kouya)


Talking about my nickname, my friends laugh like having fun.

Is it impossible for me to become a beautiful girl so much?


『However, he may have fun with that one』(Yuuki)

『Avatar alone, I hope there’s nothing wrong with that…』(Kouya)


Even so, aren’t they somehow talking on a bigger volume than usual, even though they are at a convenience store?

Usually, I don’t want to cause trouble for other people in the public. Aren’t they also thinking like that?


『I am a bit worried about that, but with Clan-Clan, Jintaru should have a good change of pace』(Yuuki)

『Ah… Do you want to visit Jintaru’s home』(Kouya)

『”Storm” the door?』(Yuuki) (T.N: Mean like sudden visit)


That is… Please just stop it.


『Ah, but I have to finish my summer vacation homework』(Kouya)

As expected of a four-eyes, you are diligent.
Well then, should we visit Jintaru’s house at a later day?』(Yuuki)


That was a relief. I avoided a crisis.

And their voices come closer.


『 Yuuki, did you do homework as well?』(Kouya)

『 Don’t worry. I’m not Jintaru』(Yuuki)

『That’s for sure (lol)』(Kouya) (T.N: Lol in raw, to show that Kouya is laughing)



While murmuring the complaints with inner feeling, I hide in a cup-shaped corner and see the situation of the two.


They are chatting with each other and registering at the checkout.
As I observed carefully, I realized a ridiculous thing.

The fact that both Kouya and Yuuki are having earphones.
That earphone unmistakably is an earphone for a Clan-Clan.

They were wearing contacts… Are they coming to a convenience store while logged into the Clan-Clan?


『For real…
Can they act without problems even in the real world while playing the game?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I still have not gotten used to it at all, so such a tricky thing is impossible.
But it may be possible for those two because they are the Beta Testers.
Then when I thought that they were talking in a louder voice than usual… was it because of the earphone?

While thinking about our different sense of incongruity,
I was watching Yuuki and Kouya leaving the store for a while.


『…I have to shop and I am hungry』(Taru)Taru Icon


From the magazine section,
I make sure that they are not around the convenience store anymore,
then I choose dinner and bring it to the cash register.


『Allow me to take care of you ~Degozaru』(Clerk) (T.N: ~Degozaru is samurai-like suffix)



While thinking about the rather strange-tone clerk, I put items on the cash register.

My supper is decided with grilled pasta salad.

Also adds Japanese style sachet dressing. (you can find it on Amazon)

Originally pasta plus dressing is fine with me, but I like the strong taste.

This combo is 330 yen including tax.

Putting the item before checkout, I put the pasta as the last item. I’m good to go after the clerk check pasta.


『Ten(shi-dono)』(Samurai’s tone Man)


Somehow, the clerk doesn’t pick up the item to check, I look at him.
He looks like an ordinary young man, maybe about twenty years old or a little older.
The hairstyle is short and pruned, his brow is thick.
It’s a man that you can see anywhere.

While being somewhat fluttered, he was watching me.


『Tenshi…dono?』(Samurai’s tone Man)

『Yes?』(Taru)Taru Icon


As expected, this person is strange.
Somehow I didn’t know this man worked at this convenience store.
I wonder if he is a new worker.


『Ah… no… uhm.
This one is called 【Hideyoshi】
Toyotomi Hideyoshi.』(Hideyoshi)


A person used the name from Japanese history, Toyotomi Hideyoshi?
I looked at the name tag on the chest of a clerk who started introducing himself suddenly.
The name tag is Takahashi.


『Ha, haa…』(Taru)Taru Icon


I do not really understand, I wonder if he is a bad guy.


『As you can see, I’m a samurai』(Hideyoshi)


The young man wearing a uniform with a blue and white line of a convenience store strikes his own chest and saying so.

No, he is a convenience store clerk, isn’t he?




This guy is a bad guy.
It is a ridiculous person.
Anyhow, it is best not to get involved with these guys.


『Oh, pasta …』(Taru)Taru Icon


I point to the pasta falling down from the counter.

Takahashi-san, the convenience store clerk, saw that and dreadfully rushed up to bring out new pasta from the display shelf and read the barcode with *beep* sound.


『Th-This is such a shameful display as a soldier. Please forgive me. It’s 330 yen in total』(Hideyoshi)


Takahashi-san is somewhat impatient and he tries to put a smile on his face.

I try not to adjust my line of sight as much as possible (look at him) and pay money quickly.


『Is the meal’s fork attached?』(Taru)Taru Icon


Shaking his head silently, Takahashi-san put the pasta in the plastic bag.
As soon as I grasped the bag, I got out of the convenience store as soon as possible to run away


『I must be careful…』(Taru)Taru Icon


There’s no-one here, I murmuring alone while watching the sunset sky.
Because I’m now a helpless girl who might not be able to respond if someone attacks me.







<Clan · Clan>

【Official Site Mercenaries Banquet Message Board】

(Genre life system)

Thread name 【Bishojo】 NPC and Player 【Character】


1: NPC of Clan-Clan has a high beauty rate

2: That’s for sure

3: That’s why you guys. Each of you, paste the SS of your favorite character

4: Boku-chin is by far the most pretty. Snow-white (shirayuki) covered in Blue-white (in EN)

5: You like that yandere? As for me, I like the tool store witch girl Kiki-chan


After this, there is a controversy about which pretty girl NPC character is No. 1.


326: Hey! It seems that my friend took the SS of a silver hair loli Tenshi-chan.

327: Oooooooh

328: Fufufufufu. It seems like you finally notice

329: Is it true ~gowasu? (~gowasu is also another suffix)

330: Are they for real?

331: Right now! Up… ru…


There was a figure that a beautiful girl with silver hair was stirring hard with a stick, a big kettle that covers half of her body. It seems to be somewhere in the shop, a black-and-white permanent make-up clerk smiled at the counter with *Nico~Nico~*


332: a dedicated posture that seriously drives something. Oh, the beautiful princess must be a strong flower that never breaks on rainy days and windy days…

333: What is this?

334: It seems to be alchemy…

335: Seriously!? That trash skill!?

336: Well. she will go on a steep path when she is still young

337: If she is in trouble, I’d like to contribute.

338: Wait wait everyone. The clerk, who smiles behind her, is… Don’t tell me it’s the 『Iron Blood George』?

339: Seriously, that one

340: Mm, he certainly has a hilarious appearance like the rumor

341: Is he kind of a strongman ~gowasu?

342: He is subject to fear among male mercenaries

343: I guess he is playing Clan-Clan searching for a man that is right for him.

344: He asked male mercenaries, who are strong, fight in PvP without a care.
It seems that his strength is real.

345: It is unreasonable. I hated that Okama. It’s disgusting

346: It’s really serious.

347: If it’s a lovely flower, there’s no use for weeds anyway.

348: Is he strong?

349: He is quite strong.
However, he is a pro about decoration skill.
He opens a shining sword (Arts) shop,
It seems that he knows the ability of skills used by all mercenaries.

350: And in PvP, it’s possible for him to crush the opponent with a move ahead of his opponent’s skill-ability…

351: I will break that strong owl, I want to meet her, I want to meet Tenshi-chan.

352: It’s impossible, that guy is bad news.

353: No matter how hard and stubborn player there is,
It seems that everyone, who is attacked by him, comes home crying

354: A man shedding tears of iron, George ……

355: I would rather be killed like a man than that…

356: Not only the《The Wind Hunter》 but also the 《Iron Blood George》…meeting Tenshi-chan is a mission impossible.

357: Just who is Tenshi-chan anyway?

358: Truly my Princess. It doesn’t seem to be easy

359: Yes, to some extent that my hand can’t reach anymore ~Degozaru

360: No, it certainly may be true

361: It is still too early to give up ~Gowasu

362: After all, I have finally seen Tenshi-dono with my own eyes today.

363: What’s with you? ~Degozaru like a samurai

364: Degozaru-dono is Tenshi-chan’s fan number Zero

365: Hey Degozaru samurai. Are you serious about meeting Tenshi-chan today?

366: Degozaru Samurai, what’s wrong?

367: I’ve committed a shameful display (mistake) ~degozaru.

368: Mistake …?

369: Sorry, did you do something to Tenshi-chan?

370: What did you do to my Tenshi-chan?

371: Eh, really? Are you serious?

372: You are stupid. Before making such noise, you should listen to the story first.

373: That’s right. So, what’s wrong, Degozaru samurai?

374: That is. I happened to meet Tenshi-dono… I was so happy that I briefly introduced myself

375: Hoo Hoo

376: Are you serious? Then what next?

377: She looked frightened, immediately picked up the products and ran away

378: What’s product, ~gowasu?

379: Tenshi-chan sometimes appears alone at the《Prize and Auction》 bar. Memo~memo (take note)

380: Oh, I see.

381: Anyway, if we introduce ourselves to Tenshi-chan, she will get frightened and escape.

382: This is truly an important matter. You are truly a samurai. GJ d(・v・)d

383: Thanks to you, we got some useful information

384: You’ve got a good result

385: I made Tenshi-dono show such frightened face,
There is no fixing any more …

386: Degozaru Samurai, my condolences

387: Well, are you okay?

388: Speaking of regrettable, don’t you feel disappointed that Clan-clan has no Katana ~gowasu?

389: Obvious topic distraction (lol)

390: 389 >>> Do not say anything extra, young builders

391: Degozaru Samurai is really in his role far?
But that’s just his tone, I have an image of him using Katana as the main weapon

392: Because Clan-Clan doesn’t have a weapon called Katana…
Although I’m somewhat unwilling to say, I am using a one-handed sword as the main weapon

393: Hmm. What about the Kodachi?

394: Kodachi?

395: Was that a weapon that required more than 10 mental intelligence on equipment requirements?

396: Seriously. Its reach is short and the attack power is low.
Besides, it’s a weapon that【require intelligence to get bonus】

397: Actually… There was also a time when I equipped it.
I also frequently raise my intelligence.
Of course, as the 396 says, I have no choice but to set it aside and move to one-handed sword earlier

398: Degozaru Samurai, it’s the correct answer

399: Even though he is a samurai, he uses the Western sword…

400: Although he wears a kimono, he puts a straight sword on his back…

401: Degorazu-dono, It’s spicy ~gowasu.

402; Degozaru Samurai, It’s spicy

403: There is no meaning in playing Clan-Clan anymore… I have no right to admire Tenshi-dono.

404: Oh, the story returned.

405: Degozaru-kun. You have no right to admire flowers anymore. Was your passion that shallow?

406: But I have caused some fear in Tenshi-dono…

407: Beautiful and noble flowers sprout and bloom no matter how bad the environment is

408: You have no right to admire that flower… You are somewhat premature.

409: Degozaru Samurai, are you a herbivorous man, so hesitant.

410: Isn’t that fine, man is mostly herbivorous

411: Mm?

412: The beautiful girl is a flower. Isn’t that enough?

413: I heard a somewhat nice word

414: wwwww

415: Grass is easy w w

416: Herbivorous system, just for it.
Look, aren’t they eating grass and flowers? (´・ω・`)

417: After all, the Herbivorous system is another name of Carnivorous system w

418: Anyway, Gozaru-kun. Do you know why I ‘m trying to make the red magic skills?

419: Who are you in the first place?

420: You seriously don’t know.

421: Well well calm down, young people. How about listening to Lord Fairy Tale here

422: Lord Fairy Tale (lol)

423: Who is Lord Fairy Tale? Some kind of grass eating like me

424: I can tell how often I eat flowers. It’s a perfect name.

425: Why does Lord Fairy Tale work hard on training red magic skills?

426: …It’s light, earth, and water to grow flowers.
But it’s the fire that breaks the flowers

427: Hey hey, Lord Fairy Tale, you dare to burn our Tenshi-chan?

428: If you stand at the top of the red attribute.
Even flames that burn flowers can be freely manipulated and be used to protect the flower.
Light, earth, and water are for raising.
I want to be a light that illuminates the flower’s tomorrow, the warmth that protects the princess warmly.

429: Lord Fairy Tale, you are more “Fairy Tale” than I thought

430: Gozaru-kun. You may have made a mistake. You should compensate for that sin by protecting her.

431: That’s right.

432: Seriously, the belief of Sir Francis is both serious and unknown.

433: Gozaru Samurai, you don’t have to worry too much ~gowasu.

434: There must be a chance to recover

434: Well then, you should watch over the growth of Tenshi-chan with us

435: Don’t say that you will stop. Don’t you feel lonely not seeing her?

436: My Bro(ther)s…
If I want to see Tenshi-dono again, is it good or not …?

437: There’s nothing wrong with loving flowers.

438: Lord fairy tale, you are really strange.

439: He is strange indeed.

440: You! (the rude way, 貴様 Kisama)


Thus, Tenshi-chan fan club(?) ‘s friendship of the people here was deepening.

Taru 2
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