Kaoru Novel Chapter 84: Angel-sama again (3)

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T.N: I can’t promise a bonus chapter today.

Kaoru Novel Chapter 84: Angel-sama again (3)


In the evening of the same day, the villagers start cooking in the center of the village.

Even though they have been healed from the disease, there are still many villagers, who are still in weak physical condition, they can’t prepare meals by themselves and besides, they must eat easy to digest food.

Everyone was all hungry.
So, it’s necessary for everyone to make a meal together because it is inefficient to prepare meals for each family. And it only serves as a celebration for the village has overcome their crisis of extinction.

Anyway, If they don’t eat, they won’t recover their physical strength.
It’s also providing nutritious.

If the villagers are hungry and have no nutrition, they can’t recover.
It’s meaningless to cure them if they can’t recover.
Even just one bowl of rice-soup is fine, they must at least eat something.


I rejected the plan of Mr. Mayor to make it a festival.
If they do such a thing, some people might die for real.

No, some people are still staggering, some of them are still in dangerous situations,
Instead of waiting for preparation of a festival and forcing them to eat,
I want the village to have a group-meal which is easy to cook, I also secretly mix it with the weak condition recovery Potion, that its effect will be kept even after mixing in food.


They are still recovering if they do something like a festival, people will drink wine, get dressed, or dance and make noise .etc, they might die for real. It’s no joke.


And now, at first glance, everyone seems to be in good shape, but it’s just 【the mal-nutrition has been resolved】and they still didn’t return to their normal condition, their strength still didn’t come back yet.

A lot of people are already dead.
What would you do if the festival increases the number of dead, while it isn’t needed…

No, because they have escaped death, so what they need to do is mourning the death,
happy for able to survive.

I rejected the 【festival】 and I tell the villagers to digest some food as the will of God,
The【festival】will also be available at a later date,
I really want them to do it well to overcome their sadness.


『How much longer do you think they will arrive?』(Kaoru)

『Well, I can not guarantee, but they probably depart at tomorrow afternoon, they will arrive around late-night.
A soldier has been departed earlier, he will arrive in the capital before dawn and reports about this in the morning.
After that, the information will be examined at the morning meeting. After confirming everything, a horse-drawn carriage will be prepared for Kaoru.
The temple might also try to interrupt it, the departure would be delayed and it was probably the afternoon』(Lt. Col)



One of the soldiers, who were barricading the village, has headed for the Capital as soon as possible to report the situation.

Because they can’t enter the village and contact with the villagers, they can’t obtain well water nor food.
As a result, they can’t take care of the horse properly. That’s why they don’t have horses available and must take time to move on foot.

I was asked if I could lend them Ed, but of course, I refused.

Normally, you need to act fast when reporting the occurrence of an emergency situation,
There’s no need to rush if you just report a resolution.

In the first place, I want to earn time, how can I work together with them to shorten the time?

More important, I won’t leave Ed’s group to anyone for any reason.


『Then, at least, it’s until the evening of tomorrow …』(Kaoru’s muttering)


We want to depart from here already, but Mr. Lt. Col tries to stop us.

I tell him back “what will happen if we remain here?”
I will keep complaining about how much I hate it, in the end, he agrees with me.

If I were an ordinary girl, he definitely tried to bring me back to the Capital.

But it seems that the hurdle was truly high as 【to go against the will of the Holy angel】
…. Convenient, 【The Holy Angel】


That’s why I want to withdraw before the pickup from the Capital comes, but before that, I have something to do.
I asked him that question before to know how much time I have to use.

Well, it’s a whole day.
I wonder if I will be on time.

I have to clean up things.
Well, of course, it’s【Investigate the cause of the illness】

Unprecedented powerful epidemic suddenly occurred in any irreverent village?
By chance, did pathogenic bacteria mutate in this neighborhood?
Its possibility is also not zero, but it would be better to check it properly.
Although it’s an amateur thought. I’d better do it.

After eating a lot of meal and everyone became full, I asked the village chief to collect the information about this village.
Of course, we didn’t drink alcohol this time, so everyone is still awake.


『I will be asking important questions from now on.
As it will be concerned with the future of the village, think and answer it carefully』(Kaoru)


Heard my words with a serious expression after they managed to get out of the crisis, everyone in the village nodded with a nervous face.
And I spread a piece of paper in front of everyone which have a drawing on it.

『Let’s say this is the whole picture of this village, please write the place of the house where there are dead people』(Kaoru)

『Yes…』(Village chief)

Everyone doesn’t seem to understand well, but they try to write it as I said.
However, even if I look at the writing status, there’s not much significant information.


『Well, is there anything in common with the dead villagers?』(Kaoru)


Heard my question, the village chief answered.


『Oh, well, old people, people who were weakly originally, and those who had already had sick…』(Village chief)


Oh, I’m an idiot! Naturally, it is!


『I’m sorry. I will change the question, please write the houses of 【villagers who got ill first】 this time』(Kaoru)


Then I took out new papers and hand it to them in the same way.
And the people in the village start to work again without complaining.


『Marc, Chiara, Joey, and Veit … first fell out of shape …』(Villager)

『Martha, and to Joshua…』(Villager)


Oh, no.


『Sorry, please divide the time into 10, please write with numbers from 1 to 10』(Kaoru)


They do not know the meaning of the work they are doing, so I have to tell them specific things to do.
Okay, okay, it’s going well…



『Do you understand something?』(Roland)


Roland, who had not spoken so much until now, looked at the paper and asked me from the side.


『Well, there are infected people early around here,
It may be because they live close to the initial patient…』(Kaoru)

『What’s the point, then it’s meaningless to investigate the concentration area』(Roland)


Sure it is, I wonder if there is something to be a hint…

It seems that this small concentration area is scattered in another place because someone was infected from the early patient and spread only around that person.
I thought I could figure out something if I got a figure, but I could not understand anything by an amateur or even an expert view.



『The Valley!』(Village chief)



Suddenly, the village chief cried out loud, I was surprised.


『The common point of the early disease is The Valley!
It’s around the valley side of the village, where the people who first got sicked are gathered, where the hunters are living.
And the hunters go hunting through the forest towards the valley.
Early patients in this place were Chiara, Martha, and Veit.
They sometimes going fishing, gathering in The Valley.
I thought the cause is in The Valley!!』(Village chief)


He fully understands the meaning that made this figure drawn, accurately analyzed and got reasonable conclusion using the knowledge about the villagers as the village chief!
Who is he!?
…Is he really a village mayor?


『As expected of Village Chief!
I heard that you were called a prodigy in your childhood…』(Villager?)

『Hmm, there were times when I was called like that』(Village chief)



The Village Chief said so with a Doya face.

Anyway, what he said must be true even I don’t know about the valleys and the villagers who often go there.
It is a matter indeed.


『You are amazing, Village Chief!
I will try to investigate the valley tomorrow, so may you arrange someone who is still healthy to be our guide?』(Kaoru)

『Well, you are our village’s benefactor.
Of course, we will cooperate with everything!
I will ask a hunter who is still healthy to guide you』(Village chief)


And then, we decided to stay in the village chief’s house.

In a small village where there’s no inn, it’s decided that the village head’s house is the only place that the guests can stay.
The village head’s house is bigger than the other villagers’ houses…
No, maybe he is a bit luxurious.

Well, there must be some reasons.


The soldiers?
They are on the side of the road, alternatively, take a nap on the blanket.
Well, due to the nature of the mission, it can’t be helped.

According to the story of the villagers, it seems that the same soldiers will remain there to keep watch.

The carriage with water and food will come whenever alternate personnel from the Capital come every few days.
It may be for preventing infections spread out in the country.

You were been through, soldiers…
Let’s give them some service later.


It was late in the morning that I left the Capital, and it began to get dark at the sunset.
We don’t need dinner because we eat the same cooking with the villagers.
I should go to the strategy meeting tomorrow with the Village Chief.
Whatever the outcome is, we will be leaving here in the evening tomorrow.

At that time, I would ask the villagers 【Absolutely stay away from the Valley】

Because all the villagers have drunk medicine, they have complete tolerance to that disease. They will be okay in any case.
However, I would like to investigate the cause if possible.

Besides, there is a possibility that illness spreads beyond the Capital.

It might be not only the villagers, the soldiers here and the people at the Capital, but there might be also people who stopped by this village and didn’t head for the capital.

Besides, after illness spreads in the capital, there will be some people heading from the kingdom to other cities.
They may already carry the disease.
And it may be spreading from village to village, city to town…
Every city, all around the village, and I have only one body.

It’s impossible to completely stop the spreading alone.
…create a Potion to make other copies of myself?

No, it’s bad!
Besides, once my copies were made, it would be impossible to restore.

And then, everyone else will say 【I am the original】, and they will kill each other even me.

I am scared!

Oh, that’s 【Cogito, ergo sum】the manga-ation. (T.N Help, I don’t know this word. Anime => Animation, Manga => Mangation? Manga-ation?)

Hey, hey!


『Kaoru-onee-chan, what’s wrong? Your complexion is bad』(Riette)

『Kaoru, what’s wrong? You have poor looking face』(Roland)


Riette-chan called to me in worry.


『Oh, no, it’s nothing.
…And Roland.
So noisy, it’s unnecessary care!!』(Kaoru)

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    • I think it should be :”Kaoru, what’s wrong? You have poor looking eyes”(something like evil looking eyes). I recommend such a change XD


  1. Manga-mation might refer to cheap ONAs you see on YouTube usually voiced over still images with some motion like frame shaking or impact lines maybe character moving about but no hard animation like moving arms or legs like if you just selected an image in paint and dragged it across the screen. Recently I’ve seen some that are higher quality but mostly cause the standard of ONA (Original Net Animation) is getting higher. That just my opinion on what it might be not 100% on it tho

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  2. A smoll dose of cute loli, from Riette-chan. It makes the entire chapter better.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. suggestion:
    Even {if}->{though} they have been healed from the disease, there are still many villagers, who are still in weak

    So, it’s necessary for everyone to make a meal together, {that}->{because} it is inefficient to prepare meals for each family

    so what they need to do is mourning the death,
    {enjoying the surviving joy}->{happy for able to survive}.

    One of the soldiers, who were {closing}->{barricading} the village, has headed for the Capital

    『Oh, well, old people, people who were weakly originally, and those who had already had {an onset}->{sick}…』(Village chief)

    『The common point of the early {onset}->{disease} is The Valley!
    It’s around the valley side of the

    It is a {matter of deed}->{matter indeed}.

    『Kaoru, what’s wrong? {I}->{You} have poor looking {eyes}->{face}』(Roland)


  4. I know about the story of duplicate ownself.

    if both of them have the same memory and recognize themself as true original individual. they cannot be differentiate.

    you can’t say that the last survivor from the killing each other is the original one. the survivor just assume to him/herself that he/she is the original

    “I don’t know if I will be killed but I am glad that all of my duplicate already died” (original?/duplicate?)

    who knows?

    it is also same as Arnold Schwarzenegger film (6th days). who knows that “Arnold” is the cloning if there are no enemies try to recapture him


    • She could have set conditions on a duplicate potion like it wears off after a month or the clones have minimal memory prior to being made or loyalty to the original


  5. Thank for the chapter. Someone remember whose friend died from old age in her original wold and reinccarnate in the new one looking for her. I think it was mile o kaoru. But cant remembre


  6. Man, it’s good koaru has some sense of caution. If it were me I’d already have made the cloning potion the moment I thought if it. In not hostile to myself, so I’d feel perfectly comfortable making evil clones of myself to split the work.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  7. Dunno how the raw is but if youre looking for the published equivalent of anime, i think using the word comic is a better fit since animation is pretty much an english word… something like comication or comicize (which i dont believe are real words anyway.. lol)
    I think simply using “manga” as it is makes sense though (co.er.sum… the manga)..


  8. No need for extra chapter! One is awesome. Though more is also good, but don’t overwork yourself!
    Thanks for the chapter! I wonder when we will meet Kaoru’s friends that transmigrated here.


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