Kaoru Novel Chapter 85: Angel-sama again (4)

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Kaoru Novel Chapter 85: Angel-sama again (4)



The next morning, we left for the valley with the village hunter’s guidance.


『Mr. Lieutenant Colonel may already return to the capital, your role of the guide has ended…』(Kaoru)

『After going this far do you think I can return just like this?
His Majesty will get angry if I don’t properly see it to the end!』(Lt. Col)

『Oh, that’s true though…』(Kaoru)


That’s why we, Mr. Lt. Col and Mr. Guide Hunter went into the forest with a total of eight people.
Well, somehow, this path has been trampled (clear) steadily, maybe the villagers often use this way.

We still have some distance to the valley, but I will install it from around here.

Yeah, I thought about it last night, the glasses shaped target detector.

The lens on the left eye side is a PPI scope (Plan Position Indicator scope), and the lens on the right eye side shows the position of the target within the field of view with arrows or light spots.

Oh, no, I will correct it.

It is 【a potion container of a glasses-shaped target detector】

There is a potion in the part to be fixed to the face properly.
And even if I’m wearing this, I can still see the front side properly.
No, with all the information display, I can’t see the surrounding that well.

Because it is a thing to use for searching, I named it 【Searcher】

It can’t display the opponent’s combat strength, so I choose a different name (Scouter)

After what I have done yesterday, everyone will not be surprised anymore.
Even this hunter only saw this for the first watch. He wasn’t surprised either after seeing yesterday’s 【potion that comes out indefinitely from the bag】 and its effect.

And, of course, the goal of this detector is set to search for 【pathogen of this disease】


Even though there’s nothing show on the detection now, I don’t need to hurry.

After reaching the said valley, I can expand the range around it.
Right now, It’s enough if I don’t overlook important things when going through this forest.

… When I’m thinking so, something happens, what is this?


The PPI scope of the left eye shows a lot of light spots.
And because of the close range, I can see clearly that their light spots are moving.
It’s too fast for the movement speed of bacteria.
If they are flying with the wind, the direction of movement and the speed of movement are strange.
And, the light spots are large.

This is the infected animals!


This is bad.

If the infection spreads through animals, I don’t know when anyone, other than those in this village and the kingdom who took medicine, will be infected.
Then, based on the infected people, they spread again in some town…

Also, prey hunted by hunters of this village and neighboring villages are sold to merchants.
The merchant brought and sold not only to the Capital but also to the village, town here and there.

And people might eat without heating long just enough to kill the bacteria completely…

Anyway, let’s head to the valley.


After a while, I arrived in the valley.
A beautiful stream of water is flowing.
Perhaps, it’s the water field of animals around here.
Therefore, hunters are also hunting around here.

And because of the water field, the spotlight of the detector has increased considerably.
However, there is no such thing as an eye-catching animal… small animals like mice?
Okay, expanding the range …, What’s this!

In the proximity range, it seemed to be a movement with no regularity, but when the range was increased, the whole picture was clearly understood.

Small movements disappeared, overall movement, overall flow, clearly appearing on the PPI scope.
The density of the light spot which becomes thinner as one moves away from it.
The shape spreading radially.

What is this other than the source of the cause?
The Scouter Searcher is too convenient!


『I will go to places where seems to be the source.
I don’t know what it is, so everyone, be careful!
Roland keep an eye on Riette-chan, the others please tread with maximum caution!』(Kaoru)


Riette-chan and the Royalty are the ones I must protect.
Bell and Emil are already hunters, they will be able to protect themselves.
Because the hunter is also a pro, he will not do something careless to become the hunted.

Well, I guess there’s not much danger.

Until now, the people in the village have not seen any risks other than sick infection.
But we’d better be careful.
No-one can say for sure that the animal which is affected by the disease won’t become ferocious.


And when we are approaching the center of the light spot, the direction with the highest density…


『What is this?』(Kaoru)


Somehow, there was something that I couldn’t understand.

Three to four meters in diameter, something chubby… what is this?
Somehow, space, itself, is twisting and twisting like a sinuous…

And from that point, something disgusting leaks out, occasionally the appearance of small animals like rats appear.


『This is it!』(Kaoru)


I cried so, but I have no idea what this is.
I don’t think we can slash it with the sword, and I feel that it will be serious if we touch it.
Yes, this one, 【You must not touch it, absolutely】


『Kaoru, what is it? Something distorted…』(Francette)


Heard the words of Francette, I got the idea of the identity of this.

But I’m not the person in charge.
It’s not something we can do as human beings.
Then, what should I do?
Yes, I should call the person in charge.


『Potion in that crystal sphere container, come out!』(Kaoru)


And one crystal ball that appears in my palm.


『Please work, an emergency calling device!』(Kaoru)


The next moment, the quartz ball released dazzling light, and immediately after that, a light ball appeared above the sky.
The sphere of light gradually changed its shape and finally became a beautiful girl.
Yes, it is the descent of the goddess Celestine.


『Where is the distortion?』(Celes)


And, the same as 4 years ago, the speech of Celes.


『Eh (are), Kaoru-chan?
Geez, then it’s not distortion. What’s wrong?』(Celes)




Celes is blind.
Perhaps, Celes think that I just called her for something else.
Um, with the quartz crystal for the emergency.


『There. Over there, I think it is the 【distortion】 that Celes is monitoring…』(Kaoru)

『Eh? Eeeeh? EEEEEEEEEEHHHH! It’s true, distortion, it’s the distortion!』(Celes)


Celes raises astonishment scream.
And more surprised, everyone standing dumbfounded with their mouth open.
No, not for Francett and Rolando. Four years ago, they have witnessed it, Celes descended…


『Get away! Get further away from here!』(Celes)


Everyone does not respond at all to the scream of impatient Celes.


『Run away!
If you don’t want your body to fall apart and die, follow me!』(Kaoru)


Once is enough. I don’t want to die again with 【distortion】nor anyone to die like me.

I picked up Riette-chan and ran away in a hurry, finally, everyone also returned to their mind and ran away together.
In any case, the goddess and the angel are in a panic, I guess they have noticed that something wrong.

… However, Celes.
Do you have to do so in a hurry?
I think that it has been quite a long time since you deal with the【distortion】,
but wasn’t it okay to wait for only a couple of minutes?

Yes, until we are far enough…

No, it’s understandable even if I say it.
【Because it is Ceres】
Yes, 【Because it is Ceres】

Damn it!!


Roland, overtaking me and picking Riette-chan from my arms.

Truly a royal family, he reacts fast even when such chaos, he deserves respect.
… I left Riette-chan to Roland and I ran away quickly.

No, I don’t mind it!
Rather than the two of us get hurt or die together, it’s better if I can at least save Riette-chan.

Emil is pulling the hand of Bell,… they stay perfectly behind me.
Perhaps, they try to protect my body from danger by using their bodies as a shield.
They could easily go over me… For real, these big idiots are…

And the back of the two is protected by Francette.
Oh, enough already, idiot!

Mr. Lt. Col and the hunter?
They are far away!
Apparently, they don’t want to engage in the heavenly troubles.
Yes, that is normal!


Well, the lack of exercise, this is my limit…
Oh, my feet are tangled!
I fell down on the ground.

And then.


Two shocks on the back.
Did you fell on me, Bell and Emil?

No, it’s not!
In order to protect me, they covered me using their body as a shield!
This, this stupid couple!


『Here it comes!』(Francette)


It comes!
Together with the voice of the Francette, the shock comes again.

Yeah, Francette covered Bell and Emil.
…I knew.

And a violent shock hit us.

T.N: I finish it rather fast today (Half-done yesterday). I hope I have enough free time for a bonus chapter.

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  1. Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure… Though maybe let the civies evac first?

    Time to (in my best King Arthur voice) run away!!!

    Don’t worry about the mortals, tis just a scratch 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. suggestion:
    『Mr. Lieutenant Colonel {may already}->{,you may} return to the capital, your role {of}->{as} the guide has ended…』(Kaoru)

    somehow, this path has been trampled (clear) steadily, maybe the villagers often use this {way}->{path}.

    No, not for {Francett}->{Francette} and {Rolando}->{Roland}. Four years ago, they have witnessed it, Celes descended…

    【Because it is {Ceres}->{Celes}】
    Yes, 【Because it is {Ceres}->{Celes}】

    Roland, {overtaking}->{go over} me and picking Riette-chan from my arms.


  3. Celes is like a fire and the distortion is like a inflammable gas.

    so what happen when both meet?
    Megumin answer “Explosion!!!”

    Liked by 4 people

  4. The best way to end an epidemic. BY NUKE(or at least a big boom-like explosion, so Megumin can be happy). Celes does act fast, maybe too fast, but not slacking when called.
    This is a good chapter, thanks for the translation!
    Thinking about all of them running away 😀


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