Kaoru Novel Chapter 86: Angel-sama again (5)

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Kaoru Novel Chapter 86: Angel-sama again (5)



『『Aah, I thought I was going to die …』』(Bell and Emil)


Bell and Emil stood up saying that.
No, me too, I thought that I would die as well!
Hey, Francette and Celes… ah, there they are.


『So, why did not you wait until Kaoru-chan retreated?』(Francette)


Gyaaa! Why did Francette preach Celes?

Celes, even she is somewhat of an airhead.
She is rather short-tempered.
She doesn’t care that much about human being.
Only when a disaster occurs, that many people will die, she sometimes appears to help out.

Or unless she is interested in a human, just like me…

This is bad.




Ah, huh (あれare)?


『Kaoru-chan right now only has a human body, if you aren’t careful, her body will be destroyed!』(Francette)



Oh, somehow, with a miraculous balance, the talk is engaging well…


『Because you are her friend, you should think about the other party a little more…』(Francette)



Oh, so because it’s about me, that’s why Francetter is angry.


『In the first place, You aren’t the only goddess, Kaoru-sama is…』(Francette)




『Calm… down… Fran?!』(Kaoru)



I rushed to Francette with a dash and closed her mouth.
As expected, it looks bad. Celes’ mood.


『So, Celes, I’d like to ask about this 【distortion】…』(Kaoru)


Of course, it is true that I want to know about it.
But now, the main purpose is to distract Celes’ mind!


『Oh, yes, Kaoru, thank you! This time I was saved!』(Celes)


That is what Celes explained to me about it.

The distortion is very small at first, however, when it gets bigger to a certain extent, it expands all at once. I wonder if it was like water leaking from a small hole in a water dam and when the hole gets big enough the whole dam broke.

And whether she finds it, she must deal with it before the rapid expansion,
Or the【distortion】 will cause the magnitude of damage.

However, it seems really difficult to discover it when it’s still small.

For that purpose, Ceres divided her conscious body and dispatched them here and there (Kaoru, you should test it out as well, your copies won’t try to kill each other)
At the same time, she also seeks help from humans with the 【Crystal for reporting】

… There are many times that the humans just report a false alarm, but it’s better than doing nothing.


When the 【distortion】 expands, it spreads from several tens of kilometers to several hundreds of kilometers at once.

The dimensional wall, which separated the adjacent world, would split and both the worlds would coalesce.

With the difference in air pressure, the atmosphere flows with tremendous momentum.
It will cause heavy windstorm, living beings will be hard to survive the atmospheric pressure fluctuation and most of the creatures of both worlds will die.

Also the possibility that inflowing air is toxic to the counterpart world’s creatures.

Furthermore, it may cause Dimensional Tremor.
It seems that there are cases where it can lead to large-scale collapse involving surrounding dimension worlds as well, not just the adjacent world alone.

It’s the role of Celes to prevent them,
In the worse case, if she can stop it only by the destruction of one dimension world, she won’t hesitate to do it.

Even if she wipes out this world, it’s still acceptable!

Uwa… I’m scared!


『So we have always been trying to find out when the distortions are small and dealt with it before the damage expands.
In case, we overlooked it and the distortion enlarged, there would be hundreds of kilometers radius of creatures died.
I could say that this time is a great success』(Celes)

(T.N: Celes calls all her copies as “we” not only her as “I”)


『Well, then, what’s about the country Rueda?』(Kaoru)

『Yes, at that time the damage was restricted to a fairly narrow area, so I was able to restore it.
When it was dealt with, it was quite a good work as well.
And, this time there’s no damage.
There’s nothing better than to be able to deal with it before enlarging…』(Celes)


Celes seems to be very happy.
Oh, it seems there was no pressure difference, even though the atmosphere is also very bad a moment ago…

Yes, this is what I have been waiting for!


『Celes, the damage has already come out!
And it will continue to expand rapidly!』(Kaoru)



Yes, that 【Epidemic】
“The sickness that occurred here by chance, it was not brought from another world”
If there was anyone who thinks like that, I would doubt their sanity.


『The source of the disease has spread out from here.
I already stopped the spreading in the Capital and this village.
But it probably already spread to other towns and villages.
Because it is caused by 【distortion】,
Celes, isn’t it in your scope of responsibility?』(Kaoru)

『Well … well, if the disease is caused by 【distortion】, then… I guess… it’s true』(Celes)


Eh (あれ)? She doesn’t seem like to do it.


『That’s right!
Due to the【distortion】
There is an invasion of pathogens from different worlds and small animals of the host,
It’s Celes’ scope of restoration!
Because the physical damage was little this time, you should focus on restoring it』(Kaoru)

『Un, it looks troublesome …』(Celes)


It can not be helped. This is the last resort!


『If this is the god of the earth, I wonder what would he do.
And when you two speak about the 【distortion】 this time, I wonder how would the think about Celes’ consideration for humanity …』(Kaoru)

Protecting humans from the damage caused by the【Distortion】
Of course, it is my work!』(Celes)


…Piece of cake.


『Well then. It’s impossible to return the pest’s host… because it might cause another 【Distortion】
Then, since both the vermin and the pathogen has already invaded this world, please handle it completely.
Although it may be an innocent small animal other than a host of pathogenic bacteria,
The probability of becoming a ridiculous irregular when it goes out of this world’s ecosystem isn’t zero.
Since it may spread over a wide area, please do not miss it』(Kaoru)

『I understand…』(Celes)


It may be a big trouble for me, but if it’s Celes. With her ability, it will be easy…


『It is really troublesome for refine work!
How much effort do you think it takes to dispose of all small animals and bacteria that have spread all over the country?
There will be a lot of fine detail work!
It might be easier to shatter this planet and rebuild a new copy one!』(Celes)


Ary~a. Have you read the thought from my expression?
No way, you didn’t really read my mind, right?


『Well, do your best.
Besides, if you struggle, you will be praised by the Earth god in return…
…he might say 【You are really working hard this time】, he might also pat your head…』(Kaoru)

『I can’t waste time here anymore!
Alright, I will do my best and purify!
Well, Kaoru-san, see you later.
Thank you so much for this time.
I am glad that I have a good friend like you!』(Celes)


Saying that Celes disappeared in a sweep.


『…………』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Col stands still like petrified.

Before I knew it, he already heads back, the hunter who is the guide member…
Ah, maybe he is afraid, so he tries to get as far as possible and watching from there.


Other members?
They are accustomed to the advent of Celes of the last time, they are also accustomed to the behavior of 【Goddess, me】 on a daily basis, and they don’t hold any doubt that 【Goddess is like that】



『Just… now…』(Lt. Col)

『Yes, It’s Celes. Ah, in here, people are calling her 【Goddess Celestine】』(Kaoru)

『…』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lieutenant Colonel (.exe) doesn’t restart …

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  1. So did Fran nearly destroy Kaoru’s friendship with Celes? Or would the goddess not care that people have taken to calling Kaoru a goddess? Either way I don’t know if manipulating a friend like that is the best sloution, but works none the less.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I believe that in the beginning of the novel, Kaoru specifically asked Celes what does she think about people impersonating gods. Celes said that she doesn’t care about it, cause she herself isn’t really a god either.
      It would be different issue if you’ll try impersonating Celes herself though.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I think celes wants kaoru to be a goddess like her. Like it wasn’t initially her plan to let her but then she thought “Eh well sure ok it’ll be nice and fun!” While Kaoru just doesn’t want anyone finding out she isn’t actually a goddess.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. This chapter made this LN go from 15~20 on my list of best to number 8 at least. This is what I was hoping for… more manipulation of goddess, more (person).exe crashing, etc.

    Also, if it’s so hard to eliminate all of the pathogen, why not just create an inhaled vaccine and fill the air with it? Surely that can’t be harder for her, right?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, and later some dumbass will create theory that vaccine in the air is for controling people and we will have union of chemitrails and antivaccine conspiracy theories.


  3. Lt Colonel should install the patch “ignorance is a bliss”, that might fix the crashing issues.
    Fran getting really pissed, even Celes listens. Then Kaoru used the earth god(senpai) card, and Celes is back in action(also quite controllable).
    Thanks for the chapter, this was a good laugh!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. suggestion:
    would split and both the worlds would {coalesce}->{collapse}.

    『It is really troublesome for {fine}->{refine} work!
    How much effort do you think it takes to dispose of all small

    Before I knew it, he already {heard}->{head} back, the hunter who is the guide member…


  5. If I lost lt. Colonel , I would just desinstall and reinstall , but that always take way to much time with my computer .
    Anyway , thanks for the chapter buddy ^^


  6. Suggestions:
    It’s the role of Ceres to prevent them, => It’s the role of Celes to prevent them,

    Protect humans from the damage caused by the【Distortion】=> Protecting humans from the damage caused by the【Distortion】

    …Pieces of cake =>…Piece of cake

    『Well then. It’s impossible to return the host’s pest… because it might cause another 【Distortion】
    Then, since both the vermin and the pathogen already invaded this world, please handle it completely. => 『Well then. It’s impossible to return the pest’s host… because it might cause another 【Distortion】
    Then, since both the vermin and the pathogen has already invaded this world, please handle it completely.

    There will be a lot of detail fine work! => There will be a lot of fine detail work!

    And, noooo! Its the dreaded “Sample”ed pictures!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Brain.exe has stopped working


    Error… Err… Err…

    “Oh god please no…”



  8. Am I the only one who thinks Fran’s obsession with Kaoru is scary but, impressive? I mean she literally starts scolding the creator goddess of her world over almost harming Kaoru. Clearly there is no one above *her* Kaoru-sama and never will be.


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