Kaoru Novel Chapter 87: Angel-sama again (6)

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Kaoru Novel Chapter 87: Angel-sama again (6)



『Well, we have done my business here. Mr. Lt. Col, thank you for all your help.』(Kaoru)

『Wait! Wait Wait Wait Wait!』(Lt. Col) (Lt. Col .exe is just restarting, all 5 previous commands start at once)


To my farewell greetings, Mr. Lt. Col is desperately trying to stop me.


『I will be in trouble if you don’t get back to the Capital!
And what about the shop?』(Lt. Col)


Oh, well, he doesn’t want to let me go, after all, I’m the【friend】of the goddess, that can even talk to her equally.

Besides, people in this country would not think of me as an【Average Girl】anymore.
I can hardly guess what happens if I return to the kingdom.


『I have canceled the contract of the shop already.
And there’s no reason to return to the Capital, but there are many reasons for not returning…』(Kaoru)


Mr. Colonel deflected his eyes.

Well, if I return to the kingdom from now on, I can guess what will happen.

First of all, an invitation came from the royal palace, an invitation came from the temple, an invitation came from an influential aristocrat, an invitation came from a big business…

And the handsome young men around the corner are waiting, surely.

… It’s quite nice!

It’s NOT!


『Caged birds, they were chosen by the breeder, it’s a pity to be bred by the top breeder’s hand!
No, I want to get married and give birth but I don’t want people who just aim for my ability.
I want to marry a person who likes me as an average girl!』(Kaoru)

『…Can I ask one question?』(Lt. Col)


Mr. Lt. Colonel asked with a serious face.


『Where is that 【Average girl】?』(Lt. Col)

『『『『Bfft…………』』』』(Fran, Roland, Emil, and Bell)


What’s so funny? They desperately tried to hold their laughter, Fran, Roland, Emil, and Bell.


『Anyway, Mr. Lt. Lieutenant isn’t authorized to bind my actions.
I am not a person of this country, just a traveler.
And I’m not a criminal nor an intelligent of another country.
Besides, the two of them are noblemen of another country… if you are trying to catch them with force …』(Kaoru)

『 The nobility of another country aside, is there a fool who dare to pick a fight goddess Celestine’s friend?』(Lt. Col)


Oh, is that so?


『But what will happen to the military disease medicine?
There are people who have not yet recovered』(Lt. Col)

『Eh, but even after they get healed. Would it relapse soon or later anyway?』(Kaoru)

『… ….』(Lt. Col)


About that, Mr. Lt. Col should also know it…
He tried to make me feel guilty somehow to bring me back to the Capital.

But, they were pleased to be cured of military illness, now, they must feel disappointed.
I guess I did bad things to the military of this country.

There are many ceremonial works (require standing together for a long time)
Not even the Royal Guard can avoid that, I wish I could do something for them.
A remedy that makes them not to get contagious anymore, or something

… Ah ah!


『…Mr. Lt. Col…』(Kaoru)

『Yes, what’s wrong?』(Lt. Col)

『You don’t have to worry about military illness anymore, it seems to have been dealt with…』(Kaoru)

『Huh?』(Lt. Col)


Yes, I didn’t notice it.
At that time, what did I think when creating the mini statue?


【 The potion that can cure the epidemic, which prevails in the capital at the moment, simply by drinking a small amount and also can acquire antibodies for it.
If the potion won’t get drunk in 24 hours after taking out, it will lose its effectiveness.
The potion container is a small goddess statue with infinite generation and circulation system, come out!】


【Epidemic, which prevails in the capital at the moment】

【Epidemic, which prevails in the capital at the moment】 …


Doesn’t military disease also firmly meet that condition?
So won’t the people in the Capital who drank that medicine will never again suffer from the military disease again?
I explain to Mr. Lt. Col so


『Huh……』(Lt. Col)


It is a pity that he lost a trump card for another battalion, but he also is glad that the soldiers of his country would never suffer from that irritable disease again.
Mr. Lt. Col. has a complex expression.


『Oh, I’m not sure yet, please check it again.
And, if it was as I thought, you can claim it.
【Because I was told that I can receive a reward from the Holy Angel.
I have asked to clean up military diseases from our country.
Not just for myself, but for everyone】or something.
Surely the fame of Mr. Lieutenant Colonel from the soldiers will sky-rocket』(Kaoru)


Mr. Lieutenant Colonel is having a bitter smile.


『Okay, we will be going soon…
Ah, it’s no use to pursue us, you can’t catch up with our horses because I can give them as many recovery medicines as I want.
Besides, even if you catch up with us, you can’t keep us.
If you overdo it, Celes might be angry and give out 【goddess’ punishment】…』(Kaoru)

『I understood. I will tell his Majesty so. He will understand it.
People in this country also knew the story goddess Celestine has destroyed a country which angered her before』(Lt. Col)


Alright, it seems that I can leave for good this time.


『Okay then, farewell!』(Kaoru)

『…………』(Lt. Col)


Eh (are)?
Why is Mr. Lt. Col looking at me with a strange face?


『What’s wrong?』(Kaoru)

『Where are you going from here?
There is only one guidance and we need him to show us back to the village.
Besides that, your horses are still in the village, too.
Are you planning to go through the mountain without the guide, without horses and aim for the highway?』(Lt. Col)



Mr. Lt. Col. is watching me with a troubled face.
And Roland’s group as well…

Everyone, sometimes, people will make mistakes, won’t they?






And, after collecting Ed’s group in the village, we started departing in the opposite direction of the Capital, the East.

And we will head to the inland direction as it is.
I don’t bother to tell it to Mr. Lieutenant Colonel, but as usual, he understands.

By the way, the west is also the direction of the Brancott Kingdom where that prince is.
North is Doriszat, where we came from,
The south is a dead end after traveling for a few days.

Mr. Lt. Colonel is supposed to welcome people from the capital, who will arrive tomorrow, at the village.
Unlike us, Mr. Lt. Col doesn’t have a chemical light, advancing through the night road is dangerous.
We don’t want to meet the people coming from the Capital so we will do a march at night.

After getting far enough that the village isn’t visible anymore, I pull out the Chariot from the item box.

Francette and Roland seem to be uneasy.


『Oh, about that, Kaoru-chan…』(Francette)



When I tried to start, Francette spoke to me with an anxious face.


『Well, the 2 small statues in the Capital, is it okay to let them continue to take medicine as it is…?』(Francette)


Oh, that?


『It’s okay, that suicide bomber …, no, because it has a self-destructive function』(Kaoru)

『Self… destruction… function…, what is it?』(Francette) (Error 404. Goddess’ translation isn’t working with this word)

『Well… when it gets stolen or when it’s done with its duty, it will get broken, so there’s no problem!
Okay then, let’s go!』(Kaoru)


And we head east.
To the inland parts of the continent.

Ah, in the inland area, we can’t eat fish dishes there, can we??
Is it better to stop heading to inland and go round the coastal part of the continent?
Because I don’t care where I will go, I can travel anywhere I want.
Alright, schedule change!

When we reach the road heading south, first, we will go south to the sea and then head east!
I can eat sashimi after a long time!
What a wonderful thing that we don’t have to worry about pathogens, toxins, and parasites!
And I can also freely create 【edible dishwashing agents that taste like wasabi】 or 【wasabi like soy sauce】!
Alright, let’s go, a journey around the villages of the beach!


『Hiyo, Silver!』(Kaoru) (T.N: Poor Ed, Kaoru kept toying with his name)

Picture: Kaoru chapter 33 hell second stage

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  1. suggestion:
    Well, if I return to the kingdom from now on, I {don’t know}->{can guess} what will happen.

    Mr. {Col. Lady}->{Lt. Col.} is watching me with an {amnesty face}->{troubled}.
    And Roland’s group as well…

    Ah, in the inland area, {can’t we eat fish dishes there?}->we can’t eat fish dishes there, can we?
    Is it better to stop {}->{heading to} inland and go round the coastal part of the continent?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just to make sure I understand. Kaoru didn’t mean that they’ll be crossing the sea but heading towards it then east, right?
    I’m really curious when she finally reunites with her friends that reincarnated into that world.


  3. Where is the average girl?
    it’s in the neighbor universe

    Awkward moment, when you said goodbye, but still need to go together for a few moment…lol

    Liked by 3 people

  4. If Mr. Lt. Col (what his name again?) claim like that, he will get chewed alive by the royal & nobel
    You get a wish from the goddess & you use it to cure smelly foots?
    yep, no way he gonna say that

    Liked by 2 people

    • Even if he succeded in convincing them, he’ll later get trampled by the mass because the fountain last usage before crumbling to pieces was curing someone’s foot.


      • They can use the normal method: “wash your damn feet”. It works, actually most people did that and did not get “special” feet, only a part(quite a large part) of the army.


  5. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Did kaoru ever told the people about the specifics about the mini-fountain? How come she’s telling Lt.col about the preset condition of the mini-fountain?


    • She didn’t tell him. It was either her inner monoloue, or Kaoru already left Lt.Col at the village and was on her way to the east.


  6. A forced restart causing repeating words, an awkward timed goodbye, a brilliant question(where is the average girl), a sudden realization that the fountains have more uses, and a run for the coastline, to get them fishes. Sadly quite a lack of Riette-chan. Overall superb chapter
    Thanks for the translation!


  7. There going to the sea side countries… could this be the flag for Kaoru to meet her friends?


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