Kaoru Novel Chapter 88: Angel-sama again (7)

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This is the last chapter of this ARC.

From tomorrow, It will be Cathy’s turn (bonus chapter will be Taru)

After 10 days (Done with Cathy ARC), it will be Taru’s mainstream.

Kaoru Novel Chapter 88: Angel-sama again (7)



『Get away from the Goddess’ statue!
It should be managed by the Royal Palace!』(Royal Palace)

『What are you saying!
The goddess’s statue of miracle is supposed to be managed by the temple!
You are the one who must get away, Royal Palace’s people!』(Temple)

『Both of you are wrong! The Holy Angel has directly asked us to guard these two Goddess’ statues of Miracle. And that blessing must be equally granted to all people. She won’t allow the royal palace and the temple to carry the statue away without permission, keep it hidden and use it for political bargaining or money making!』(Volunteer Man)


Yes, there are 3 sides arguing with each other in front of the Goddess’ statue in the central plaza.
Civil servants who came from the royal palace and the Royal guards as the escort.
The priests who came from the temple.
And men who were asked to take care of these mini statues until the statues finished its role.

Neither of them seemed to intend to withdraw a step.

It is natural.
If either the royal palace side or the temple side gives up here, their position disappears.
And no-one would want to lose its position in the public.

Men, who have been asked for keeping the Goddess’ statues by Kaoru, also don’t want to abandon the mission given by the Holy Angel.
While many kingdom citizens were watching, the situation was continuing for some time, but the royal palace, who finally got impatient, forcefully touched one of the mini statues.
As they saw the Royal Palace is about to forcefully take one mini statue away, the temple also hurriedly tried to get the other mini statue.
Even though the volunteer men tried to stop them, but with just 5 men, they couldn’t stop it.

And the moment when the Imperial guards of the royal palace gently tried to lift the mini statue which is still giving the Miracle Medicine.


Purin (Crack SFX*)


The mini statue was broken… into many pieces.


『『『『『Ah……』』』』』(Royal Palace)


The royal palace stared at the broken 【Mini-goddess statue】 that fell to the ground as many pieces in agony.


『Have you seen it?
The goddess will not allow her Miracle statue to fall into the hands of unclean people.
The management of the Miracle is due to us, those who serve the goddess…』(Temple)


At the moment the high-ranked priests said so, the mini statue, that other priests were trying to lift, was broken as well. Shattering…

It wasn’t just a simple thing like 【it was crack and broken】
Obviously, how the mini statue got broken is impossible with any normal mean.
Indeed, the word 【crushing】 was more suitable.
Literally, 【crushing】 which there is nothing left at all, such as a part reminiscent of the original shape.
It was enough to show the anger of the goddess.




The central square was wrapped in silence.
And stinging gaze full of anger, disgust and despair from silent people stabbing to the royal palace and the temple.

The statue of the miracle miraculously, given by the goddess through the Holy Angel.
An infinite medicine relic which carried the Goddess’s image that saved the Capital citizens from the epidemic.
It was both lost because of the villains from the royal palace who tried to ignore the will of Goddess and make it theirs, and the rotten priest of the temple… Eternally.

The royal palace officials and the priests were covered in sweat from the eyes of the citizen.


『The Holy angel said to us 【Please take care of these two mini-goddess-statues until it finishes the job】
And now, the Goddess’ statue have finished their role, curing the epidemic for the citizen of the capital.
It won’t allow the person with the unclean heart to touch them, so that, it canceled its existence.
So our mission has also ended right now.
It was only two days and nights, but it was an honor to be able to follow the will of the Holy Angel to protect the citizen.
Well then, those who followed the duty from the Holy Angel, let’s take pride in your life for your great deed in the past two days.
Dismissed!』(Volunteer man)


Apparently, the man, who had taken care the two mini-statues, has some charisma.
Was he a nobleman or some great man that happened to be dressed like a commoner and wandering around the city?
He declared so in an incomprehensible tale and disappeared into the crowd quickly.
And one after another, 4 other followers, collaborators.

When the royal powers and priests noticed, it was only themselves surrounded by the crowds.

… We have to get away.
Even though they think so, they don’t think that they can go back empty hand easily.
Then how about gathering the small piece of the Mini statue and take it home as the 【Relic】
But can they show it to the public as a 【Relic】? Probably not…

In that case, they must explain why it’s crushed to such an extent that it can not hold the original shape at all.
It’s the sin that they have committed.
It will just clarify that their acts were rejected by the goddess

Using forces to cover all their wrongdoing?
It’s impossible. Those, who are collecting fragments with a crying face, are all thinking so.
The royal palace side, the temple side, everyone…

At that time, In the royal palace and temple where yesterday’s soldiers were informed about the events in the village of the east, The preparation of the big celebration was on the brink. The angel visits the Capital and the manifestation of miracles. In addition, the angel is resident here in the kingdom. There was no reason why royalty aristocrats and religious officials didn’t get excited.

To save the Kingdom from the plague, right now the Holy Angel has headed to the East to save the village which is thought to be the source of the plague. After having finished her purpose, she will return to the kingdom.
The messenger, who is the soldier stationed there, has already met her in the village.
It seems like she has already cured the villagers.
So, as soon as she left the village, she might head back to the Capital.
When the Holy Angel arrived in the Capital, we welcome her grandly, show appreciation, and then… we should be patient for now.

They dreamed of the future of rosy color, the political and business world, and influential people of the religious world.


As for the citizen of this country, who know that the Holy Angel doesn’t feel like returning to the Capital anymore.
The two aristocrats and the middle captain.
And 【Mr. Lt. Col】, who heard it directly from Kaoru, still hasn’t returned to the Capital yet.
The owner of the real estate agent who was informed of the lease agreement.
However, the real estate agent was late to go to the central square at that time.
The fact that the girl, who is canceling the lease agreement to leave the Capital, and the angel are the same person.
He still didn’t know yet.




『The Mini-Goddess’ statues, I wonder if they are still alive…』(Kaoru)


That Mini goddess-statues Potion Container is designed to be disassembled automatically after 5 days.
There won’t be anything left of the Goddess’ statue permanently.
Even if the effect is restricted to epidemic disease, this country can still claim
【 Our country has received the protection of the goddess!】
I don’t want to be the reason for another religious state.


Besides, even if the water has no other effect.
The statue is still 【 an item that drinking water comes out infinite】
There may be value in the military.

It is also 【water with goddess’ s protection.
My goddess is on our side!】
It’s useful for religious to create fanatics.

So, in order not to be used later, I tried to break it up into pieces so that people can’t recognize the original shape.

And, even though when five days still haven’t passed yet, if someone tries to move the statue, it will self-destroy at that time.
If the statue gets broken unnaturally while they are trying to move one, they will not try to take another statue.

And the statue was placed in such a conspicuous place, there was no way thieves and bandit can lay their hands on it.
Only the royal palace or the temple person may forcibly do it.
So, at least one of them should be able to remain until the 5-day time limit to provide medicine to the citizen.
Well, it was the method I thought of before getting Celes’ help.
Now that, Celes has come out to manage all pathogens, I don’t need to worry about it anymore.
The citizen will get cured.
Therefore, even if both are broken, there is no problem.

If it’s not a time limit, but someone breaks it when trying to take away, they may in a pretty dire position, but that has nothing to do with me.

It’s self-suicide.


『Kaoru-chan, we will soon cross the road to the north and south direction』(Francette)


Francette told me so.
It seems that she can see the direct viewing on a horse with a higher viewpoint than us who look forward through a horse-drawn windshield…
Or, if I think about it, the sight of Francette was strengthened with my potion before.
Perhaps, she can see far in the distance that an average people can’t see.
Apart from obstacles, topography, the fact that the earth (this world) is round, etc.

Anyway, for the time being, let head South.
To the sea, traveling along the outer edge of the continent while enjoying fish dishes.
Seeking a place to settle down and a companion for proliferation.
Regardless of Francette and Roland, I just want to avoid being ahead by Emil and Bell couple.
This is a journey for the proliferation of the Nagase clan, it’s never a journey for the lovey-dovey couples!

And the horse of Roland and the Francette!
Would you please stop targeting the daughter of Ed couple?
Everyone, why are you always…

T.N: Well, but you have Riette-chan, Kaoru.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Mental image from statue sceen:
    Court official:”We shall obtain the statue to show others we have surpassed an epidemic (and for political gain).”
    Picks up the statue, *Crack*, statue now in pieces.
    Temple official:”Ha, that is the Goddess’ way of showing the darkness in your heart. We shall display this statue to renew people’s faith in our religion (and for our pocket money).”
    Picks up the statue, *Poof*, the statue turns to dust and is scattered by a wat-ward wind.
    Me:”Ta-daaaa~, the temple official has made the holy statue disappear. Time to watch the choas unfold.”

    Liked by 2 people

  2. suggestion:
    She won’t allow the royal palace and the temple {carry}->{to carry the statue} away without permission, {conceal it behind it}->{keep it hidden} and use it for political bargaining or money making!

    Civil servants who came from the royal palace {, and}->{with his} guards of the escort.
    The priests who came from the temple.

    Obviously, how the mini statue got broken is impossible with {a}->{any} normal mean.

    and despair from silent people stabbing {in}->{to} the royal palace and the temple.

    It’s impossible. Those, who are collecting {strips}->{fragments} with a crying face, are all thinking so.

    The preparation of the big celebration was on the brink. {Your visit to us}->{the angel visit the kingdon} , and the manifestation of miracles.

    There was no reason why royalty aristocrats and religious officials did not {soar}->{excited}.

    {}->{to} Save the Kingdom from the plague, right now the Holy Angel has headed

    They dreamed of the future of {rose}->{rosy} color, the

    breaks it when trying to take away, they may in a pretty {masculine}->{dire} position, but that has nothing to do with me.

    Seeking a place {of indwelling}->{to settle down} and a companion {for breeding}->{for procreation/for profelation/to live together}.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Was the term ‘self-suicide’ intended? Or am I missing something? Its kinda redundant..

    Thanks for the wonderful TL 🙂


  4. Not enough Reitte-chan (not enough cute loli) in this. Funny how those in power messed up hard with the statues, even more than what Kaoru estimated (both parties, not just one).
    And again, Kaoru is in the middle of couples, anguishing at their flirting. Even the horses get more action than out evil-eyed eternal loli protagonist.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. I just realized the planet is just a big potion bottle. The potion is magma, the bottle is earth’s crust with a size of 200 million miles squared.


  6. Something just occurred to me, Kaoru is on a journey for the sake of the proliferation of the Nagase clan, can she even have children? If the state of her body is fixed such that she can’t modify it with a potion, then how can she be sure that it can change to support being pregnant? I mean, it’s Celes after all, I’m sure she didn’t think about that sort of thing when giving Kaoru her body. Then again, finding out would be pointless unless she actually meets someone she wants to have a kid with, and I doubt that will ever happen. She’ll probably just keep collecting and raising fellow lolis until the end of time.


  7. that she can have a son or daughter is not important and has already been told that she can! but I’m more interested and in what kind of power a son or daughter of hers can have!!


    • Most likely none.
      Her powers are not engraved in her genetics but rather in her soul.
      She asked to be able to have kids for the sake of proliferating the genes of the Nagase clan, so her reproductive genetic code probably remained untouched.
      Imagine growing up with a mother who is an eternal loli and is famous as being the goddess’s friend…… well they will probably hear about said goddess antics and one-sided crush first from Kaori though.
      I am pretty sure that at some point in time Kaoru is gonna qualify as a “lolibaba” and a “sage” character.
      If a Japanese isekai hero is ever gonna be summoned into that world he is gonna be so confused when meeting her.


        • Well, all my novel translation is from web novel.
          And web novel is different from light novel.

          Only the Author has the right to stop me translating the web novel.
          Both the JP and EN publisher only have the right on the LN and Manga.

          But you must wait rather long for the next ARC of Kaoru.
          Let’s see.
          in mid Feb, I will translate Mile (about 50 chapters daily)
          In April, I will translate Arge (about 30 chapters daily)
          You must wait until May or June, I will translate Kaoru (about 30-40 chapters daily)


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