Taru Chapter 14: Member of Clan 《Hundred Knights of the night》

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Taru Chapter 14: Member of Clan 《Hundred Knights of the night》



*Pip~kon* (Microwave SFX)


I heat up the dinner I just bought.
After I finished eating pasta salad, I logged in again to the Clan-Clan.
I plan to stroll around Michelangelo and gather materials to make more Potions, 《Emerald Tear》


『Jintaru, do you want to do a quest with us?  』(Kouya’s FC)


It was a friend-chat from Kouya.


『Well, are you okay with me?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『No problem. I would like to introduce our Mercenary Clan members as well』(Kouya’s FC)

『I see…』(Taru) Taru Icon


Yuuki and Kouya’s Mercenary Clan’s member?
… Calm down.


『What are you worrying about?
Grandmaster of 《Hundreds of Magicians of the Night》, 《Non-sleeping Magician》 Glenn is unusually logging out today.
Now we can play without worry』(Kouya’s FC)

『No, not that. I’m not worrying about Kouya’s hostile Clan』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Then, what is it? 』(Kouya’s FC)

『… No, nothing. If you want me to go with you, I will go, I guess』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Okay, then, It decided』(Kouya’s FC)


【Kou has invited you to his party】

【Accept or Reject】


I accepted without hesitation.

Then the members’ name in the PT and the HP bar float in the upper left.

From above

Yu Lv 8 HP 410. This is Yuuki.
Kou Lv 9 HP 230. This is Kouya.
Shizuku Lv 8 HP 150.
Yurachi Lv 9 HP 250.

Shizuku-san and Yurachi-san, are they the members of 《Hundreds of Knights of the Night》 that Kouya just talked about?


【Taru: How do you do (Hajimemashite)】(PT chat)


I say a greeting by PT chat.


【Shizuku: How do you do(Hajimemashite), please take care of me(yoroshiku~ne)】(PT chat)

【Kou: Oh, then let’s go】(PT chat)

【Yu: Taru, do you remember the 《Clock tower Celestial Ball》we met during the daytime? Meet us there 】(PT chat)


I can not see the PT members, apparently, they are all in Michelangelo.
By the way, PT chat is done not by voice but by text by exchange with the simple keyboard of the system.


【Taru: Roger that】(PT chat)


I was curious that Yurachi didn’t show any reaction, but for now, I headed for the《Clock tower Celestial Ball》


『Hey, Taru appears (Kitakita), over here, over here』(Yuuki)

『Oh, it’s really Taru. Over here』(Kouya)


Glasses Ikemen with cloth clothes and Knight Ikemen with gray armor wearing their hands to me.

It’s Yuuki and Kouya. Standing near them are two girls, a straight gray hair girl with a long cane and a medium short bob red hair girl who carried a short sword.

I remember they said that 《Hundred Knights of the night》 clan have five people in total. It seems that there is one more person that can’t come this time.
Because both of the members to be introduced are girls, I feel a bit nervous.


And then I start walking toward Kouya’s group.


『Sorry to keep you waiting.』(Taru) Taru Icon


As usual, I greet Kouya and Yuuki.


『We just came.』(Kouya)

『Taru, allow me to introduce. The gray hair girl is Shizuku and the red hair is Yurachi』(Yuuki)


The two girls that Yuuki introduced, somehow have been observing me.


『No way… Foreigner?』(Shizuku)

『Uwa, pretty…』(Yurachi)

『I wonder what kind of relationship you have with these two…?』(Shizuku)

『Well, I’m not interested』(Yurachi)

(T.N: I don’t know what the deal with Yurachi too. I can only think of her as a poor build of Full-Tsun and Non-Dere)


After saying her impression, a gray-haired girl squats down while reaching out her hands.


『I am (Watashi wa) Shizuku.
I’m a rearguard magician.
I often associate with Yu and Kou.
Please take care of me (Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu)』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-san smiled nicely, she was a very kind girl.
She is a cheerful girl who is about the same age as us.
I slowly hold on her hands.


『I’m Taru, Please take care of me today』(Taru) Taru Icon


I should greet the next girl, too. I turn my face to look at Yurachi-san.
Then, Yurachi turns her face in other direction without a word. The atmosphere is rather awkward.


『I am (Atashi wa) Yurachi』(Yurachi)


It’s rather awkward with her somewhat Muffled greeting,
But because she is also a clan member of Kouya and Yuuki,
I should greet her properly.


『I’m Taru, Please take care of me』(Taru) Taru Icon


As if to enter between Yurachi-san and me, Yuuki raised his hand and said “Yes, yes (hai hai)”


『We already finished introducing ourselves, it’s about time we go to do the quest』(Yuuki)

『That’s right.
By the way, Taru, are you still doing alchemy? 』(Kouya)


To Kouya’s question, I answer calmly.


『Um, that’s right』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I see, I see.
No, don’t worry.
It’s more effective to know what you can do with PT』(Kouya)

『Taru-san… you have the alchemy skill?』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-san heard about my skill and looked a little disappointed.


『Do you have any skills of the battle system?』(Shizuku)

『Nothing in particular…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I see… um, but it’s alright, isn’t that right? Yura-chan』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-san said on his face that he had asked him a bad question, but immediately withdrew it and talked to Yurachi-san who was listening to a series of interactions interestingly.


『Hm? What?』(Yurachi)

『Even if Taru-san doesn’t have the skill of the battle system.
But if we have Yurachi’s Dual Sword Skill, we will be alright, right?』(Shizuku)

『Eh? This child, she doesn’t have any combat skills?』(Yurachi)

『……Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


I nodded while enduring Yurachi’s gaze.


『Uu… I knew it, I quit』(Yurachi)

『Wait, Yura-chan?』(Shizuku)

『Hey, Yurachi… What do you mean by “you quit”?』(Kouya)


Kouya questions Yurachi-san.


『As I said, I will “pass”(EN) this time, she doesn’t even try to take a combat skill. To babysit a child without motivation, it’s a waste of time』(Yurachi)


Yurachi-san expresses her intention to withdraw from the PT.


『Yurachi, It’s not that Taru doesn’t have the motivation.
She is a beginner of MMO and she just wants to try out her favorite play style』(Yuuki)


Yuuki backs me up.


『But alchemy skills are not useful, that child is a leecher.
Join a PT?
Why doesn’t she consider taking battle skill to help out the PT members at least?
That’s why this quest, I will pass』(Yurachi)

『Yurachi, do not say such a thing. Taru is my friend』(Yuuki)

『Yu as well,
Don’t you just say to play with the favorite style?
Then, I will go through my favorite play style.
My Baka-Aniki (Idiot big brother) has unusually logged out today.
This is such a rare chance that won’t come again easily.
I want to farm in an efficient hunting place and raise my level』(Yurachi)


This is an online game.
But somehow she took it so seriously. (why so serious)

Also, I understand how cruel treatments toward alchemy skill are.
After all, it’s certain that you will become a burden unless you have primary battle skills, and there are cases we need to cooperate.


『Hey Yura-chan…』(Shizuku)


Yurachi-san didn’t listen to Shizuku-san’s call, she left the PT and started walking away.


『Taru… somehow it became like this, I’m sorry』(Yuuki)

『Taru-san… I’m sorry』(Shizuku)


There is an awkward air between us.


『Well, Yurachi, she is kind of going too far.
We thought we could enjoy the party together regardless of the effectiveness.
This time, it’s my blunder that I didn’t explain to Yurachi in advance.
I’m sorry to have made you feel uncomfortable, Taru』(Kouya)


This time Kouya, who invited me to the PT, apologizes to me again.


『Oh no. I actually don’t mind it.
Rather, I don’t want you all, who are close clan members with Yurachi-san, to feel awkward because of me.
You can still chase after Yurachi-san and play together today. I can go solo』(Taru) Taru Icon

『No, I can’t do that』(Yuuki)

『Same, I and Yu will play with Taru.
What about you, Shizuku?』(Kouya)

『I want to go as well, so let me go with you』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-san clasped the cane with both of her hands and smiled as she said that.


『I see, thank you』(Kouya)


Kouya says thank to Shizuku-san. But I still want to check again.


『Is it really okay to leave Yurachi-san alone?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Then, Shizuku-san bent down, adapted to my line of sight, and began to explain with a gentle tone that people normally tell a young child.


『Taru-san, even though Yura-chan behaves like that, she’s actually a nice girl.
So, she won’t take it to heart.
Even though she is rather short-temped and her words are rough, she is actually a very sweet girl』(Shizuku)

『Oh, is that so?』(Taru) Taru Icon


What should I do?

Somehow Shizuku-san heard my mutter and her eyes became shining 【Taru-chan is a good girl, isn’t she】


『It is as Shizuku said.
Yurachi is an important clan member for us,
At the same time, we are important clan members for Yurachi as well』(Yuuki)

『 Same story. It will be fine even if we sometimes disagree with each other.』(Kouya)


Kouya and Yuuki are smiling as they say that.

With how everyone backs her up, I feel like I can trust Yurachi-san a little.


『Well then, let’s do some quest with our party』(Yuuki)


The PT start moving at the command Yuuki and we leave the pioneering city, Michel Angelo.

I have to stay focus
Even though there is a difference in level and I only have the alchemist skill that isn’t very useful in battle terms.
What can be done and what can not be done.
Let’s do this quest done with all my strength to help the PT members.

Gain that much of trust from Yuuki and Kouya, I’m actually a little jealous of Yurachi-san.

For now, I should check the available items on hand.


おいしそうな練り餌_画像  《Extreme Candy Ball》 × 3

ハニーシロップ_画像 《Emerald’s Tear》 × 5
時守りの花-1_画像  《Forest’s Medicine》 × 3.
聖水_画像  《Crystal Potion》 × 2.
灼熱の溶鉱石_画像  《Fire Protection Dust》 × 2.
水の結晶_画像  《Crystal of frozen fire》 × 1.

To summarize the effect, the attack power auxiliary item.
HP • MP recovery item.
Flame resistant items.

What I can do is supporting role.


『Taru: What are you doing? Let’s go』(Yuuki)


In response to the call of Yuuki, I took the first step of adventure on Michel Angelo’s stone pavement.

PT with others for the first time.






《The Sinking Prairie》


From the pioneering city Michel Angelo, go straight to the east and there is a swamp-like area.
There are only a small number of trees.
The place can be said to be a grassland which gets sunk, like a shallow lake surface.
The terrain is irregular, and somehow the trees only grow where the water didn’t flood yet.


『The water is clear …』(Taru) Taru Icon


The transparency of the water is high, the green of the underwater flower can be seen clearly, and it makes a weaving beautiful scenery.


『Taru, avoid the deep places』(Kouya)

『O, Ou』(Taru) Taru Icon


Kouya warns me.

There are places where the depth obviously exceeds the height of my character depending on the place.

Even now, the water depth reaches my waist and the weight peculiar to the water makes my movement dull.
I dive in the water and observe underwater, the scene where the grass shimmers and the air bubbles float to the surface of the water is fantastic.

There are also some small fishes swimming back and forth. It’s interesting to see it easily.


蒸留水-1_画像《High quality water》 was obtained

There are collecting points in some places, and it’s a pleasing moment as an alchemist.

I start picking grass and flowers blooming at the bottom of the water.


seitakaton  《Aquatic Plant》 was obtained

緑色の花_動画  《Aquatic Flower》 was obtained


Clan-Clan really has a lot of plant materials.


『Ta~(ru-chan), (what are you doing under the) ~water?』(Shizuku)


Oops, someone is saying something.

Normally, PT has a function called PT chat, it’s possible to exchange information with all PT members in text form without exchanging voice.
Due to the trouble of taking out the keyboard, in the case where the party members are still near, people often try to communicate by voice.

I took my face out of the water and asked 【Yes?】


『Taru, collecting is fine, but be wary a little.』(Kouya)

『Yes, because there are also middle-size monsters here, please be careful』(Yuuki)

『Taru-san, because our feet are in the water here, it will be dangerous if you lag behind』(Shizuku)


Everyone gives me advice.

A while ago, I just decided that I should stay focus and prove myself.
However, when I spot the collecting point, I forget everything.


『Sorry, I will be careful』(Taru) Taru Icon


I should be careful from now.


『Well, this quest is something like a collection quest anyway』(Kouya)


Kouya lifts his glasses quickly and smiles.


『What does that mean?』(Taru) Taru Icon



《Quest sharing request has been received from Kou》
《Quest Contents》
《Difficulty: a party of 4 with level recommended 7》
《Water Serpent’s drops: 『Water Serpent’s Poison』× 0/1 Obtained》
《Reward: 200 Eso》


『Water Serpent?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, it’s quite a big snake』(Kouya)

『This snake is very troublesome because it’s moving so fast underwater』(Yuuki)

『 Getting bit also gives you the state abnormality 【Poison】…』(Shizuku)

『Ho~e… the reward is only 200 Eso』(Taru) Taru Icon


The rewards of the Party Quest done by four people level 7, is only about 7 pieces of Item Store’s potion.


『It’s pretty cheap reward, isn’t it?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Potion is expensive … is not it?』(Shizuku)

『Yeah. from the current monetary value,
There will be a few players who can buy pon-pon』(Yuuki) 

(T.N: Don’t know why Yuuki said Pon-Pon instead of Potion)


『With that being said, it’s the reason why recovery magic skills are useful』(Kouya)


When Kouya concludes so, Yuuki gives instructions to Shizuku.


『Shizuku, I will need your help again』(Yuuki)

『Ah, u~n. 【 Let me know if there is anything moving in the water】(Shizuku)


Shizuku-san said in a semantic dialogue, and after a while.
A ripple of light occurs from her grip.

Since we enter this 《Sinking Prairie》
Shizuku-san sometimes activates this magic.


『…There seems to be no abnormality』(Shizuku)

『I see, I will ask you again after your MP recover』(Yuuki)


In Clan-Clan, the MP recovers with the passage of time.




I would like to know what is that magic and what’s the effect.
I should ask her rather than worrying about it


『Uhm, Shizuku-san』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, what is it?』(Shizuku)

『Why is Shizuku Magic?
Even though it’s the same magic, but the timing is sometimes fast and late?』(Taru) Taru Icon


That’s right.
There is a lot of time lag from when Shizuku-san cast the same chant a few times ago until the magic invokes.

When she first used this magic, Shizuku’s wand shone out in less than two seconds after chanting. But this time it’s more than 5 seconds until the magic is activating.


『I see, I see, Taru-san has never used magic, right』(Shizuku)

『?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 In Clan-Clan, the way you cast magic is…
When you say the chant, a simple quiz appears only to the operator.
When you answer it correctly, the magic will be activated』(Shizuku)

『By answering the quiz?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Somehow, I didn’t remember hearing Shizuku-san respond to something.


『Well, yes, but I just need to think of the answer without saying it out』(Shizuku)

『Well … What kind of quizzes are you having?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『There are various fields. Just like the quiz before. How meter above the sea is Mountain Kilimanjaro?』(Shizuku)

『Even the height of a mountain. You must be really smart to answer it』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I do not know, I studied with a smartphone』(Shizuku)

『Eh …Oh, in the reality, right?』(Taru) Taru Icon


『What if you can not answer?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 In that case, I will waste the MP for nothing and need to cast it again.
And this time I will need to answer a different quiz, so I feel like challenging it again』(Shizuku)


It seems like in order to play the Wizard in Clan-Clan, you’d better use another terminal to search for things on the reality with smartphones or the Internet.
Therefore, when you are trying to find the answer for casting magic,
You must switch your consciousness on the reality, and your character in Clan-Clan will stop moving (T.N: just like you AFK Alt+Tab)

As for a pro wizard, he can move his character freely, and fiddling with the dictionary in reality,
It’s said that he is playing and doing research at the same time

It’s still a long story to me.
Or, I guess the magician is pretty hard to play.
It’s so troublesome.


『 Isn’t that a lot of trouble solving the quiz while playing?』(Taru) Taru Icon

Indeed, although the magic specifications in Clan-Clan are unpopular among players,
Isn’t it somewhat fun?
Sometimes, the quiz of school test range will come out.
As I’m trying to answer it, I will also gain knowledge that I don’t know yet』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-san is taking a small gut pose.
She is a serious girl.


『I do not think I can do it, it seems to be troublesome』(Taru) Taru Icon

『At the beginning of the beta test, players were flooded with dissatisfaction, too』(Yuuki)


When I’m talking with Shizuku-san about magic, with the look like they have experienced it, Yuuki and Kouya join the conversation.


『 Same story, as for wizard, they are the rear guard with long-range privilege, they must work hard for it』(Kouya)

『Apparently, the management seems to be unwilling to change this specification』(Yuuki)

『As for vanguard, short-range like us.
In PVP, we must approach the wizard as fast as possible before they attack, for our ally, we must protect them at all cost (main AOE or DPS)』(Kouya)

『It’s okay to have the wizard in our party because the tanker like me will manage the hate』(Yuuki)

『Magic will also fail, the wizard will also waste MP.
However, it’s interesting to think that the PT’s fate is relying on the uncertain factor, isn’t it?』(Shizuku)

『However, when you succeeded, you would feel relieved』(Yuuki)

『That’s right, Taru-san.
Wizard players who aren’t good enough to control their avatar when searching the answer, they won’t be able to deal with Vanguards that came close to them.
And they will be killed for sure』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-san speaks to me like that with a smile while holding her cane.
She looks an adult who tries to scare a little kid.


************A moment later****************


『Shizuku! Taru! (Fluffy Rabbit) Mofu-usa!』(Yuuki)


A few moments after interacting, Yuuki suddenly issues a warning in the front row.
Just as Yuuki said, there are the red-eye rabbits with long ears approaching us fast.
Counting from their heads, the number is 4 animals.

Apparently, in the 《Misora Forest》there are only two animals appearing at the same time.

While in the 《Sinking Prairie》 we will encounter more than that.


『Taru and Shizuku, lie down in the water!』(Kouya)


Kouya advises us as the four Mofu-usas start their magical cry.


『『『『Pyon Pyon Pyon!』』』』(Mofu-usa)


We do as Kouya says and lie down in the water in a hurry.
The fireballs, which Mofu-usa casting, are flying toward us, and when it hit the water, its power is weakened.
However, I couldn’t move well in the water, one shot hits my right foot.

My HP has decreased from 50 to 33.

In order to grasp the situation of the battle, I get out of the water.




Yuuki hits his shield on the left hand with his sword and activated the ability to attract the attention of the Mofu-usa to himself.




At the moment the Mofu-usa changes its “Target” (in EN) to Yuuki, Kouya screams…


《Air Leap》(Kouya)


Kouya activates his ability and makes a big leap, then he punched and killed 1 Mufu-usa.

I also wanted to go like Kouya, I aimed at one Mofu-usa, took out my Kodachi and tried to jump.

However, my foot which kicked in the bottom of the water wasn’t so powerful to leap my body out of the water’s side. It only makes some waves on the water surface.

In conclusion,
Although I got out of the water surface up to my knees,
However, after that, I fell into the lake according to gravity


『Bubera~』(Taru) Taru Icon


Besides me who splashes the water meaninglessly,
Shizuku-san is standing steadily and pointing the cane over my head


《Water, become my fist and break down my enemy》(Shizuku)


A few seconds after she finished casting.
Her magic isn’t activated yet.
Is she solving the problem?


『『Pyon Pyon Pyon!』』(2 Mofu-usa)


Two Mofu-usa starts firing fireballs again and Yuuki guards us with his shield.
His shield blocks the two fireballs, however, Yuuki’s HP has decreased from 410 to 386.


『Pyon Pyon Pyon!』(Mofu-usa)


Another Mofu-usa cast a fireball toward Yuuki.
Yuuki somehow accepts it again with his shield and stands firm.


《Water splash!》(Shizuku)


At last, the magic of Shizuku-san was activated.
The water transformed into a human-fist-like shape, its size is 1 meter.
The fist of the water flies and hitting the two Mofu-usas. And the 2 Mofu-usas disappeared into the particle of light.

Magic is amazing…

One remains.


《Shield Boomerang》!』(Yuuki)


Now that there is only one monster, Yuuki can join the fight instead of guarding the rearguard, he activated his ability and threw the shield towards the Mofu-usa.
The shield turns like drawing an arc and hits the Mofu-usa.

Kouya, who stood nearby, approaching the shock Mofu-usa and struck it down.


kaenishi  《Red Eye Stone》 x 2 dropped



『You did it』(Yuuki)

『 No problem, I’m glad I could solve it』(Shizuku)

『… ….』(Taru) Taru Icon


I have not done anything.
I was just playing in the water.

Because I was also solo fighting Mofu-usa in 《Misora’s Forest》, I had some confidence…

However, when the field is different, it is said that the difficulty level of battle will change as well.


『Taru seems safe』(Kouya)

『Let’s get out of the water, there is the ground over there with a space that four people can sit』(Yuuki)


There was a slightly bigger tree growing in the direction pointed out by Yuuki.
The surrounding ground was not buried in water, and there are thick grass grew in that place.

I follow the three people to that tree.

I didn’t help with anything in the previous battle, only get drop items.
It was just as Yurachi-san said, I’m a leecher.

After we all arrived on the ground, Kouya suddenly pats my shoulder.


『Hmm?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hey, what are you doing?
Besides, that thing, can you collect it?』(Kouya)


A place where Akira pointed out, besides where Shizuku-san is sitting, an unusual plant grew.


『Oh』(Taru) Taru Icon


I pick it up in a hurry.
The plant was a grass with white fluff instead of flowers.


vaimugi  《 Mokumoku Grass》 was Obtained


As it has a distinctive appearance, I immediately read the explanation column of 《Mokumoku Grass》


《 Mokumoku Grass》
《Favorite food of Mofu-usa. The fluff on the tip sometimes generates smoke》



Is 《 Mokumoku Grass》 the food of that Mofu-usa?
Is that why there are many Mofu-usa in a place where 《 Mokumoku Grass》 is growing?


『Sunsun』(SFX of Taru tries to smell it)


Besides, it’s a mint system plants.
My mind is also refreshing, I completely forget my thoughts on my chest just now.




Suddenly Shizuku-san smiles as she watches me.
Kouya and Yuuki also have a grin on their face.


『Uwa』(Taru) Taru Icon


I was lost in thought and I was late for noticing my posture that I was standing all by four,  looking at the 《 Mokumoku Grass》


『This is more interesting, isn’t it?』(Kouya)

『Taru is really simple, isn’t she?』(Yuuki)


I was depressed until a while ago, and as I see the material I am getting excited.
It surely turned out funny.


『As Yu and Kou said, Taru really enjoys Clan-Clan from the bottom of her heart, and I worried if she will be fine after that fight』(Shizuku)

『Guuu』(Taru) Taru Icon


I can not reply anything, I sit down on the spot.
For a while, there is laughter in the sinking forest.

Taru 1
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    • that’s why mage need inteligence or wisdom in any rpg. in this one the more you intelectual the more better mage you are. it is for people who love to know everything and love quiz challenge


  5. About this kind of novel regarding trash build, like OSO and this Clan Clan…I feel like all the players who said that “that build is trash”is the true noob. Like seriously? The developer of online mmorpg always make everything balance or at least close to it, and every build has its uses. These characters who said” that kind of build is trash” is the true noob who chose the mainstream, easy to raise and developped/understood build. I think Yun or Taru is the pro ones, because they knew how to enjoy the game, by doing whatever they like. It’s vexing that these side characters made the main character seems inept or dumb because what they chose. Moreover, if it’s truly trash build and the fault lie with the system, what the hell did the beta tester do? Of course, I knew that in the novel’s setting both OSO and Clan Clan is a new game, so not many people understood the benefits of each thing, but still, branding it as “useless/trash build or skill”? What a total noob, pro always tried to look for “what’s so good about this build/skill” by doing some in-depth research, either by solo or party, fighting mobs or boss, and that’s how pro having fun, looking for thrill so that they could play the game much longer before boredom strikes home…………..sorry for the rant, it made me an mmorpg where most of the build became useless in newer contents (mobs, bosses with higher xp and rarer drops), and the useful builds were only 3 out of 10, and I was one of the useless ones…despite reaching max lvl and godly gears….thus, I quit playing any mmorpg

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    • Well, as you can see, alchemy can already make instant-Potion easily with lvl 2.
      Taru is a little special to reach the Fairy Forest that’s why she can even make group-heal, MP recover item (multi-use)
      Laer, Taru can even make more over-power items.
      Lastest chapter, she even gets RAID BOSS, who can 1HKO any player, as her servant with Alchemy.

      Meanwhile, the whole server really need Healer (still need to answer the right question to heal like magic) to instant heal.
      Or they must recover with potion over time (2HP per sec)
      The whole server still doesn’t have any MP recover item yet (not even MP recover over time item).

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    • you call it sticking to meta. They ain’t playing the game but the game is making them play instead.
      what a boring way of playing indeed… this is why i love exotic characters in every mmorpgs im playing… like making Priests or Healers battle type… or the likes.

      i don’t know if i can compare but this is actually quite similar to Maple.,,
      Players branded Full Builds as trash at first since it is too imbalance and there they get rekt by a full VIT shielder that takes no damage at all and kills them with AOE status effects, poisons, or constant damages lol
      the novel is “Itai no wa Iya nano de…..???” i dont know haha… in english its “I hate pain so i went full build”


      • **warning, itai no wa iya spoiler**

        and she still break the common sense of player at that game, flying with turtle, become a guardian angel, and also become a savage demon, she control it like shingeki no kyoujin. after finish battle she tear the demon from inside.

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    • And I want to complain that Taru is way too OVER POWER in lastest chater.

      Taru is still really really weak. Other people can still 1HKO Taru. but even the whole server combine, they still can’t have that 1HKO.
      They will be 1HKO first.

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  6. For those who don’t like picture. Go install plugin remove image on your browser. Stop blame other fault, if you don’t like try solve it or go copy paste the word into notepad then read it.

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  7. suggestion:
    『That’s right.
    By the way, Taru, are {not}->{you} still doing alchemy? 』(Kouya)

    Gain that much of trust from Yuuki and Kouya, I actually a little jealous of {Yurashi}->{Yurachi}-san.

    『Shizuku, I will {ask you}->{need your help} again』(Yuuki)

    The shield turns like drawing an {art}->{arc} and hits the Mofu-usa.

    《 Mokumoku Grass》
    《Favorite food of {Mof-usa}->{Mofu-usa}. The fluff on the tip sometimes generates smoke》

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  8. I have jusy discovered this site and story. Thanks for the chapter and I like the pictures. Also, this story reminds me of an old ds atelier game… I failed a test while spending 6 months in game trying to find a critical ingredient. I failed urk… Later on my device broke down aw…


    • and we actually have people who bought atelier games and ranted on reviews labeling it trash because “you cannot enjoy the game because of the stressful time limit on every quests”, which is its charm… soo sad


  9. Answer a million quiz with unrelated questions in a battle to fire a firebolt? Is this a school learning programm or a game to have fun? What crappy magic design is this? Who has time for this in a death battle.

    In alchemy everything you need to know and be able to do is at least directly related to the skill but the questions for the wizard aren’t even related to the gameworld. What has mount fuji’s hight to do with a fire bolt? At least make it mathematically deriveably questions with a mathematically magic system if you want to make magic more skillbased. Or better make a leylines pattern system the magician has to use or something. The magic system really was only thought out by the author on the side it seems since it was not important for the mc.


  10. What a crappy mechanic for casting magic. Metagaming much. Also Sea level changes all the time so the quiz is impossible to be accurate


  11. Wait wait now that i think about it, didn’t she got an really op necklace? Why isn’t her mp count through the roof? It adds mp didn’t it? And magic resistance?, i hate it when authors throw op equipment and proceeds to forfet about the stats, and only remember the special effects


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