Taru Chapter 15: Assassin Group

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A Bonus Taru Chapter today (Actually I start translating from yesterday morning to today’s noon) 4400 words.

Taru Chapter 15: Assassin Group



In the little land around a large tree that wasn’t sunk in the lake,
We were taking a break at that grassland,
Suddenly, Kouya pointed at the water surface about 20 meters away.


『Hey, over there』(Kouya)


Yuuki quickly set up his sword and shield,
Shizuku-san also held her cane and turned her attention to that direction
Something causes the zigzag ripple on the surface of the water, and it’s slowly approaching our place.


『It’s the 《Water Serpent》(Yuuki)

(T.N: There are 2 words. Water Snake in Kanji and Water Snake in Katakana which I change to Water Serpent to have a little different)


Kouya also nods in the analysis of Yuuki.


『This the quest’s monster. Be careful, it’s a strong enemy』(Kouya)

『Taru-san, let’s work hard together』(Shizuku)


The serious atmosphere of PT also propagates to me.

I stare at the water surface in order to look at the appearance of the 《Water Serpent》.
Suddenly the water surface was raised like a column of water, and the head of the serpent appeared from the inside of the column.
It just happens in an instant and the serpent dives back to the underwater again.

However, I can still see its long torso until the tail submerges into the water.
I felt bad as I see a lot of snake’s scales are moving like a wave.
From the length, its body is estimated from 7 to 8 meters.


『Hey, Kou. Isn’t it too big for a snake?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Well, it’s big. Moreover, if you get bit, you will get a lot of damage + state abnormality《poison》(Kouya)

『Besides, it moves really fast underwater, we have no chance if we face it there』(Yuuki)

『 The only part that we can feel easy about is it doesn’t use magic』(Shizuku)


The three of them start to explain the features of the 《Water Serpent》.
However, the important strategies and instructions don’t come up.


『Well, then what should we do?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 Do not leave the ground. We have no choice but to lure and fight it here』(Yuuki)


As soon as he said that, Yuuki activated the Ability 《Appeal》 to gather《Hate》
Judging by the ripple on the water, we can see that it’s coming near us now.

Koya readied his gauntlet. Shizuku-san pointed her cane and started chanting.


《Resonate, let the origin flame burn from these hands》(Shizuku)


Yuuki and Kouya are watching over Shizuku-san’s chanting.
After a few seconds.


『No, I can’t solve this quiz…』(Shizuku)


Apparently, it seems that she couldn’t solve the quiz presented so she couldn’t activate the magic.


『We will not make it in time so we will fight just like this!』(Yuuki)


Shizuku-san and Kouya respond swiftly to Yuuki’s order.





I also pulled the Kodachi from the sheath and enter a battle situation.
However, to be honest, I think the serpent of that size is quite scary.
Clan-Clan is too realistic.

The scales that seemed flickering were shining brightly, giving discomfort to the viewer,
To the extent that I can feel hurt looking at the mass at a close distance.

I have never seen such a huge snake since I was born.


『Hey, what’s wrong Taru? Getting cold feet?』(Kouya)


Even in this situation, that the enemy is approaching,
Kouya is fixing the edge of his glasses and teases me.


『I… I’m not…』(Taru) Taru Icon


I try my best to stay brave…


『Just leave the scary role to the Masochist Yuuki, we just need to have fun』(Kouya)


Kouya claps both his Gauntlets into each other and grins at me.


『Hey Kou! It’s a terrible thing to say』(Yuuki)


When Yuuki starts complaining, from underwater, the water snake opens its mouth with a *pakkuri* sound (SFX)

And then the《Water Serpent》jumps at Yuuki with its large mouth wide open.


『Sha-hu』(Water Serpent)


Together with a short cry, it tries to bite Yuuki who is still holding a shield toward it.

With the way it moves, it must be trying to bite Yuuki’s body.
However, Yuuki intercepts with an attack on the face of the snake to change the trajectory to the shield instead.




It must be a heavy and powerful hit.
Even if Yuuki has blocked the snake’s fangs with his shield, he wouldn’t be able to endure the force.
But somehow, he managed to stay on the spot.


《Oh water, cutting apart my sworn enemy》(Shizuku)


At the moment when Shizuku-san chanted, the snake’s long body, which was underwater, appeared like a whip and hit her.
Although Kouya and I managed to dodge somehow, Shizuku-san was being blown from the land to the waterside.

When checking Shizuku-san’s HP bar on the PT screen, it decreased from 150 to 80.
…70 damage with a single blow?

My current remaining HP is 37.
If it hit me with its body even once, it’s definitely a death blow.




Now that Shizuku-san has been blown away somewhere underwater, Kouya had no choice but rushing to attack the snake rapidly.

If the《Water Serpent》aims at Shizuku-san who is now in the water, it will become a dire situation.
To prevent Shizuku-san from being targeted, Kouya attacks the water snake to gather hate toward himself while dodging the serpent’s torso.

『Sha』(Water Serpent)


And then, the《Water Serpent》 suddenly turns its eyes, toward Kouya.
At that moment, Kouya still has his feet on the Serpent’s body after his kick. The Serpent swung its tail to topple him down.




As for me, far from giving an attack, almost everything I can do is managing to avoid the Water Serpent’s body whip.


《Cross sword》!』(Yuuki) (in EN)


Immediately after Kouya jumped away, Yuuki activated his Ability.
With his one-handed sword, he draws a light cross to cut into the Water Serpent.
However, his ability can’t penetrate the hard scales of the Water Serpent.

It ended only off with a little damage to the scale.


『Shu-wo』(Water Serpent)


The Water Serpent responded to the attack of Yuuki and start to attack him.

Yuuki holds out the shield again to block. Sometimes, he attacks back with his sword to gather the hate.
While facing the Serpent with his sword and shield, Yuuki desperately avoids being bound by it.


《Six Flower’s Way (Rokka no Michi)》(Kouya)


In the midst of it, Kouya activates his Ability.
His Gauntlet emitted pink color and he struck the Serpent six times with an amazing speed. Each strike of his scatters the petal of light’s traces.

I also cut the Serpent with my Kodachi.
However, there’s no major response.


《Oh great sphere, burn my sworn enemy》(Shizuku)


Then, Shizuku-san, who finally rose up from the water, started chanting magic toward the Water Serpent.


『Not good, Yuuki, your HP is…』(Kouya)


At the moment when Kouya cried out in worry about Yuuki’s HP remaining,
The Serpent swung its tail like a whip, smashed in the abdomen of Kouya.




Kouya is also blown away into the water.
I confirmed that the HP of Yuuki, who is still under attack of the Serpent, has fallen down to 98.

I quickly take out the 《Emerald Tear》 from my item inventory and use it.


With a Parin sound (SFX), the《Emerald Tear》 disappeared.
And then a green light covered Yuuki’s body and restored his HP to 328.


『Taru, nice!』


In response to my healing from the side, the Water Serpent swung its tail toward me like it just did with Kouya,

But I dodge it easily by crouching.
A small body is the best.


《…Flame Sphere, dancing in the sky》 《Fire ball》!(Shizuku)


And Shizuku-san activated the magic, it seems like she could solve the quiz somehow.
Three fireballs span about 50 centimeters, are flying toward the big snake.


『Shaaaaa!』(Water Serpent)


Shizuku-san’s attack magic hit the Water Serpent, made it flick a lot, unlike our attacks until now.
With a *Gyorori* sound (SFX) the Serpent changed its target to Shizuku-san and tried approaching her.

And then, Yuuki activated another Ability.


《Bind sword》!(Yuuki)


If the Water Serpent gets underwater aiming for Shizuku now. Before the serpent, which is good at underwater battles, both Kouya and Shizuku-san will both get killed and we will lose.

Therefore, Yuuki pierced his sword grasped by both hands into the head of the serpent to the ground and bound the movements of the serpent.
Although from the visual, the Serpent’s head is penetrated, however, it doesn’t lose much HP or seems to be in pain. It wraps around Yuuki’s body with a *Gururu* sound (SFX) and started to tighten.


《Air Leap》!』(Kouya)


Kouya flies from the lake, draws an arc and heads for the Serpent.


《Ground Crush》!』(Kouya)


Using the momentum of the jump, he swung down his fist to the snake’s body at the same time he was landing.
The sound of that attack hitting the scales starts to echo.
And then, Kouya starts throwing multi-fists against the Serpent.




Glasses Ikemen shouts out loud as he beats the enemy.

I am a little scared. I’m scared of the glasses Ikemen having a bloody fist fight.

It doesn’t seem to care about Kouya’s fierce attacks, the Serpent still doesn’t release Yuuki yet.
It seems that the Serpent’s primary target is the one confining its movement.

I also release a slash at the Serpent, but there’s no response.

Our last hope is the Magical Attack of Shizuku-san.


《Oh great sphere, burn my sworn enemy》(Shizuku)


While listening to her chanting from behind, we still keep attacking.
The Serpent still keep tightening Yuuki, his HP decreases rapidly.


『Not good, I couldn’t solve this!』(Shizuku)


It seems that Shizuku-san can’t solve the quiz presented when activating magic.


『One more time!』(Kouya)


Without hiding his frustration, Kouya gives out the instructions again.


『But there is no MP left』(Shizuku)


Apparently, Shizuku-san seems to have run out of MP.
If we wait for MP recovery with natural healing, Yuuki will die before that.


『Damn it, we are lacking firepower (DPS) here』(Kouya)


As Kouya keeps throwing his fist attacks into the Water Serpent many times, he mutters so…


『It is still too early to give up!』(Taru) Taru Icon


As I said so, I took out another 《Emerald Tear》 and used it to heal Yuuki’s HP again.

I confirmed his HP has recovered from 164 to 384 and I jump into the water.


『Hey Taru! It’s dangerous if you enter the water!』(Kouya)


*Jabu~jabu* (SFX) I move at a speed not so quickly, towards Shizuku-san.
There is still a way.


It’s the 《Forest’s Medicine》 which I synthesized and produced with three materials 《Flower crystal》 + 《Clean grass》 + 《Fairy Powder》

Unlike 《Emerald Tear》, it’s an item that I can’t use to promptly recover the target, I need to go to Shizuku-san and give it to her.


『Taru-san, why did you jump into the water…』(Shizuku)


I pulled out the 《Forest’s Medicine》 and give it to the confused Shizuku-san.


時守りの花-1_画像  《Forest’s Medicine》

【When used, a drop of honey drips from the petal.
When ingesting it, your MP will recover 40.
The usage limit is three times】


『Shizuku-san, drink a drop from that Flower!』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Eh? It’s for Shizuku…?』(Shizuku calls herself as 3rd person POV)


Shizuku-san is dumbfounded with a blank face.





Shizuku-san was overwhelmed by my cluttered feelings, she brought the Flower Nectar closer to her face and drank a drop from it.


『Haaa, MP recovery item!?』(Shizuku)

『Yes! You can drink twice more. If you are still lacking MP, please drink it again!』(Taru) Taru Icon



Shizuku-san drank the second drop and smiled nicely with her cane on hands.


『Thanks, Taru-chan…』(Shizuku)

(T.N: Shizuku changes from -san to -chan)


And then she glared at the Serpent.


《Oh great sphere, burn my sworn enemy》(Shizuku)


A few seconds later.


《…Flame Sphere, dancing in the sky》 《Fire ball》!(Shizuku)


Apparently, it seemed that she was able to answer the question without problems.
Three fireballs she shot hit the Water Serpent.

The Serpent’s long body, that tied Yuuki up until now, loses its strength and starts falling to the ground.
The Serpent started to disappear with the game characteristic light emitted when the monster disappeared.


《Water Serpent’s poison》 x 1 dropped


『『Hooray!』』(Taru) Taru Icon  (+Shizuku)


I and Shizuku-san raise our voice of delight after the difficult battle.
We keep laughing happily together.

Shizuku-san held her right hand forward, so I also did the same and exchanged a high-five.


『Somehow, we managed to win』(Kouya)


Kouya has a deep breath of relief.


『Moreover, we got the drops 《Water Serpent’s Poison》 at once』(Yuuki)


Yuuki sweeps the sweat that he shed after that battle.


『If Taru-chan’s recovery items did not make it in time. We might have lost, thank you, Taru-chan』


I was worried that Shizuku-san changed my name from Taru-san to Taru-chan, but I don’t want to ruin the atmosphere.
It seems to be her intimate expression.


『Shizuku-san’s magic is also wonderful』(Taru) Taru Icon


Fighting together through the tough battle, deepening our friendship.


『Just Shizuku is okay』(Shizuku)


While saying so, Shizuku-san starts hugging me.
Oh, a nice hug… NOT


『No, but…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It’s Shizuku』(Shizuku)


While putting her face closer to mine, Shizuku-san reminds me.


『…Uhm, Shizuku-chan then』(Taru) Taru Icon


Too much embarrassment, I want to hide but I can’t because she still doesn’t let go of me yet.


『U~fu~fu~ Taru-chan』(Shizuku)


Kouya and Yuuki came closer to where we are.


『Hooo, besides Kotone chan, this is the first time I saw it again』(Kouya)

『Taru is embarrassed』(Yuuki)


Inquiring about my childhood friend, the two of them gave their impression about Shizuku-chan’s hug.


『…This isn’t related to Koto-chan, isn’t it?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I glare at them with *Jiro* sound (SFX).


『Is that so? But it isn’t really “not related”, right?』(Kouya)

『That’s right, isn’t it?』(Yuuki)


The two of them start laughing and then look at me again while grinning.


『What’s with you guys?
How is Koto-chan related?』(Taru) Taru Icon


About Koto-chan,
She is a girl, who lived in the house next to me until elementary school age. (Childhood friend)

When I went to junior high school, because of the circumstances of her house,
She moved to a different place and went to another junior high school.

She is still visiting me sometimes,
She is a cheerful and honest girl.


『Well, why, you ask?』(Kouya)


To my question, Kouya fixes his glasses again.


『 Didn’t Kotone-chan tell Taru that she is going to play Clan-Clan?』(Yuuki)


Yuuki answers it in a teasing tone.


『Eh? Does that mean…?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 Like what was said earlier, Kotone-chan will also start playing Clan-Clan』(Kouya)

『You guys…』(Taru) Taru Icon


Koto-chan, from the old days, what can I say about it?
She imitated me and often followed me.

Because she is a friendly and bright girl, I often find myself thinking that I should be doing things differently, so that she won’t imitate something weird.


『Haa…』(Taru) Taru Icon


Listening to my sigh, Yuuki tries to change topics obviously.


It’s unheard of MP recovery item’s existence until now』(Yuuki)

『Oh, I was surprised there too. Is it an item that Taru made with alchemy?』(Kouya)



I didn’t hear that to reply.

So, Koto-chan also starts playing Clan-Clan…
Somehow, it seems that I can’t have a free mercenary life now…

(T.N: Taru is afraid other players will also give her harsh treatment if Kotone imitates her OR something like that)


『They also don’t sell MP recovery item in the tool store』(Yuuki)


Now that I think about it,
She became rather persistent, she often appeared before me after we got separated in junior high school.


『 Wasn’t it an item with a slightly different specification from the normal potion system?』(Shizuku)


When I was in middle school, she often had been waiting for my return at the gate.
Although we went to different schools, she still often came to my school riding a luxury car.
I told her to stop because people’s gaze is hurt.


『Normal Potion will heal over time, but Taru-chan’s potion is instant heal.
Also, the《Forest’s Medicine》I got from Taru-chan is a drinking type, not a using type. It won’t have any effect unless I drink a drop from it』(Shizuku)


Outside of my melancholy, the three people are beginning to get excited with item talks.


『Even so, it’s really nice to have MP recovery item in Clan-Clan』(Yuuki? or Kouya?)


Piku~ (SFX when you surprised)


『Yeah yeah, it’s also possible to use it three times』(Shizuku)

『Perhaps Alchemy…』(Yuuki? or Kouya?)


Piku~ (SFX when you surprised)


『…Isn’t as weak as we are told?』


Piku~Piku~ (SFX when you surprised)


『Is it actually amazing instead?』



Fu~ fu~ fu~ fu~ fu~ fu~


『Hey, if Taru-chan is okay with it, can you show me some alchemy craft?』(Shizuku)

『Hm?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I’m totally okay with it.


『Shizuku, doing alchemy in a place like this is kinda…』(Yuuki)

『If something happens, we will be late for coping…』(Kouya)

『 Isn’t it fine? The Water Serpent’s encounter ratio is really low.
And if it’s Mofu-usa, the two of you can handle it easily, right?』(Shizuku)


It seems so.
Shizuku-chan is eager to see the wonderful alchemy by all means.


『That’s true… but…』(Yuuki?)

『Besides, don’t you want to see Taru-chan’s alchemy?』(Shizuku)


Isn’t that right? Let’s step into the unknown area.


『Well… If you say that you don’t mind, you will be lying』(Kouya)

『Well, as Shizuku says, we don’t need to worry about Water Serpent spam anytime soon…
Well then, Taru, please show us some Alchemy』(Yuuki)


I could finally spread the splendor of alchemy!


『If everyone says so…』(Taru) Taru Icon


This is the attraction of alchemy.
Although I’m taking an attitude like I doesn’t care. My inner self is very happy that I can start dancing. I’m thankful to Shizuku-chan who did a bewildering request.


『Well then, why don’t we use the 《Mokumoku Grass》 that I acquired earlier?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Grass that is the favorite of Mofu-usa.


『Oh, the fluffy plant you were gathering a while ago when we rest beside the tree』(Kouya)


As expected of Kouya, he remembered well.


『Yes Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


I take out the Copper Synthesis Pot and throw the 《Mokumoku grass》in.

Right now, I only have two of 《Mokumoku Grass》

I don’t want to fail as much as possible before the three people who get interested in alchemy.
However, if I make the existing items, it’s not appetizing.
Then, I would like to show off alchemy, using fresh materials I just got.

While concentrating, I will test the second material candidate one by one in front of the kettle.


『Let’s see. I will need the one that kept the starry sky…
《Stone》,《Red Eye Stone》various systems etc …
And《Fairy Powder》just in case』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Somehow Taru-chan… really looks like an alchemist』(Shizuku)


Fu~ fu~ fu~

After thinking for a while, I decided to put in the 《Stone》
I want to avoid mixing the existed ore system this time.
But the image isn’t good so I have no choice.

As I put the《Stone》in, normally, I should change the fire to high here.

But considering the plant 《Mokumoku grass》, I will boil it with medium heat.

The inside of the Pot is… cloudy gray?


『 Did the inside of the Pot change when you mix the material in?』(Shizuku)

『That’s right』(Taru) Taru Icon


Fu~ fu~ fu~

But that’s not all.

I confirmed that the heat is sufficient in the Pot. I took out the alchemy kit, 《Beaker》 and invoked the Ability 《Eternal Pursuing Completion》

I take out the 《Red Eye Stone》, drop it in the 《Beaker》 to change it to liquid form.
A blended liquid of black and red is filled in the beaker.


『Eh, just now… did the red stone become liquid in a moment?』(Yuuki)

『This is alchemy, Yu-kun』(Taru) Taru Icon


I told the confused Yuuki with a doya (smug) face.


And then I added the liquid 《Red Eye Stone》 into the Pot.

So why I used the second material 《Red Eye Stone》 instead of another 《Stone》in?

The reason is…  《Red Eye Stone》 originally seemed to have heat property.
If I input the third material 《Stone》 in, I would need to raise the firepower to melt it.

In that case, it would have a bad influence on the plant-type 《Mokumoku grass》

《Red Eye Stone》seems to have heat property from the beginning, and I can mix it well without raising the temperature of the Pot to melt it.

And then the color of the Pot turned from muddy gray to light pink color.


『 This smell is…』(Shizuku?)


It smells like the gunpowder.
The weight of the stirring rod is neither dull nor light.
I stir it slowly and take out the 《Flask》
Casting 《Eternal Pursuing Completion》 again and make the liquefied golden 《Fairy Powder》


『Uwa… beautiful…』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan looks at the sparkling golden liquid in the Flask and muttering so.

I put the shiny liquid in as the fourth material in the Pot.

The changes took place soon, and the blue smoke rose up from the Pot.

vaimugi  +  オールドストーン_画像  +  kaenishi 

→.png  漆黒の星の石-1_画像

《 Mokumoku Grass》+ 《Stone》 + 《Red Eye Stone》→ 《Smoke Bomb》

《Smoke Bomb + 3》 was created.

Record to the synthetic recipe:



With how I saw in the log, it seems I didn’t need 《Fairy Powder》

However, the + value of the item that was able to be generated was 3, and the best possible thing was made up to now.


『Oh, it seems like you have made the items』(Kouya)


Kouya points out while staring at the bead-like thing in my hand.

There’s some smoke coming out of the ball while I lightly hold it with one hand.
I put it back in the Pot and stir a couple of times…

 《Smoke Bomb》 has been completed



《Smoke Bomb》
《When used, it will generate white smoke in the area.
The amount of smoke varies with + value.
Effective for temporary block the vision》


《Smoke Bomb》 … It’s a new item again』(Yuuki)


As Yuuki looks at the 《Smoke Bomb》, he says that it is an unknown item.


『It seems to be an item to block vision…
This is also the first time I create this item, so, I don’t know the detail unless I use it』(Taru) Taru Icon

『However, alchemy is rather mysterious』(Kouya)

『Alchemy is rather interesting as well』(Shizuku)


After putting 《Smoke Bomb》 away, I turn my face toward everyone.


『It’s interesting, isn’t it?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I tried to act superior even though I was really happy when Kouya and Shizuku-san took an interest in Alchemy.


『Oh, it is quite different from the image of the alchemy skill that I heard from player』(Kouya)


Kouya is wondering after he saw my Alchemy.


『Okay then! We have seen Taru’s alchemy. We should return soon for the quest report』(Yuuki)


I was satisfied that everyone had a positive image in alchemy’s image.


『『Oh』』(Shizuku) + (Taru) Taru Icon


I and Shizuku-chan agree with the proposal of Yuuki.


『Please wait.
Shizuku, please search the enemy from the surrounding』(Kouya)


And then Kouya asked Shizuku-chan for the search magic.


『Ah, I see』(Shizuku)


Acknowledged. Shizuku-san immediately begins to chant.


『 《Let me know if there is something moving in the water》(Shizuku)


Oh, it’s the magic that Shizuku has been activating several times since entering 《Sinking Prairie》to search for the enemy.

Shizuku-chan closes her eyes and points the tip of the cane over her head.
The cane glowed, and her appearance was truly visible as a wizard, it was a little cool.

When I was thinking so vaguely, Shizuku-chan suddenly had a bad face.


『Everyone! It’s the mercenaries (players)!』(Shizuku)


The tense voice of Shizuku echoes.


『Shizuku, where are they?』(Yuuki)


While holding a shield with a calm response, Yuuki asked.


『I do not know their position.
Perhaps they are players, who are acquiring concealment skills or secret skills』(Shizuku)

『Just like I think』(Kouya)


Kouya doesn’t hide his irritation.
Why were the three of them so worked up then there were players nearby?


『Taru will be fine, you look like under 15 years old (minor),
I wonder who will be the target of the first shot』(Yuuki)


As he kept watching left and right, Yuuki said so.

Indeed, in the system of Clan-Clan’s PvP game,
For the players under 15 years old, people can’t attack them and they won’t take any HP damage from AOE ability or stray bullets. Unless the said minor player starts the attack on other players first.

PvP game? So it’s Mercenary versus Mercenary now?


『Are we targeted by someone?』(Taru) Taru Icon


To my doubt, Yuuki replied.


『Perhaps, because they purposely make sure that we can’t grasp their location from here…』(Yuuki)

『Same talk, I mean there are mercenaries trying to attack us』(Kouya)


Kouya relaxed his Gauntlet while saying so.


『That’s……』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Ah, I guess those are the members of Clan 《Hundred Demons of the night》that we currently are at 《War》』(Kouya)

『And I thought we can play in peace when Yurachi said Glen, the Non-sleeping magician, has unusually logged out today』(Yuuki)

『…Why did Yurachi know the login situation of the Non-sleeping Magician?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yurachi and Glen are real siblings』(Yuuki)

『Really?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Taru, listen.
Try not to be alarmed strangely.
Let Yu, who is the tanker role of PT, watch the surrounding.
We will behave as usual.
Otherwise, the enemy will realize that we have noticed their presence and become more cautious.
First of all, it’s our role to figure out the enemy’s position of the first shot』(Kouya)


Kouya finished explaining with a small voice and had a relaxed stance.

Looking at Kouya, who instantly switched to thinking of that human-human fight,
At the moment I admired the fact that my friend is wise,
It came flying.

*Buzzy* sounds are made, and it is sucked into the water in a row.
That is the arrows.




One of the arrows pierced through the shoulder of Kouya and he fell down on the lake due to the momentum hit.

The HP of Kouya is reduced from 180 → 137.
I hold the Kodachi and look at the direction the arrows are flying.
However, I can’t see the other party.

Are they lurking in the shadows of trees?


『As expected, they are the enemy…』(Yuuki)


Hearing that word of Yuuki, the PT’s mood becomes tense.
I also feel that my heart rate is getting faster.

*Gokuri* (swallowing saliva SFX)
Even my swallowing saliva sound is strangely big.

Mercenary VS Mercenary.

It is the beginning of PvP.

Taru 1
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  1.  ∧__∧
    ( ´・ω・`)  (○) Thanks….
    ,( ヽ∩∩ノ),、ヽ|〃,,, Nepu……..
    “““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““““ ““


  2. The fallout is going to be interesting.
    Thanks for the chapter. You did a lot, so take a break and have a sunny day.


  3. See? Having fun in a game is much more important than being too competitive to the point when you lose you break the keyboard, monitor, and the like. I say, in this WN setting, the beta testers are bunch of noobs who couldn’t find the wonderfulness of alchemy. I really feel sorry for Taru or Yun in OSO, but fortunately these two are my-pace kind of person, they don’t let what other said get to them, truly a pro at enjoying game. It seems I haven’t forget my grudge for not being invited to a party because my build is obsolete for new contents despite being max level and godly equipped……..Thanks for translating!

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  4. Chappy o arigatai~.

    I know that it’s due to the title that the skill is fast to level up, but she got to be on her own phase, Taru is, when playing in this game, which is one of the charm of this novel.

    And are you alright? Quite a fast pase of update you did here, so don’t forget to take some rest for your body.

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  5. suggestion:
    『Well, as Shizuku says, we don’t need to worry about Water Serpent spam anytime soon…
    Well then, Taru, please {some}->{show} us some Alchemy』(Yuuki)

    『Ah, I guess those are the members of Clan 《Hundred Demons of the night》that we {current}->{currently} are at 《War》』(Kouya)


  6. Thank you for the update ~
    Ohohohoho~ I really like to see what will happen if they saw Taru in real life


  7. So hopelessly outnumbered, or out flanked / element of suprise, right as soon as a smoke screen item is created that blocks LOS, EIther incompetence will occure and the party makes it out with no problems, or that smoke bomb is going off. Something else of note I think the first spell was casted by the wrong person, It says Kyoya, but Shizuku is the spell caster.

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    • Wrong.
      You can’t fake gender, you can’t change your skeleton too much.

      Kouya and Yuuki also lose their scene time laterly.
      The main Loli heroine will appear soon.
      She follows Taru like 160 chapter / 200 next chapters (40 chapters are about real-life and she isn’t there)

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  8. I wish for the pace to be faster just to see taru friends reaction when they saw her in school or something, I feel like it will be so interesting that I can’t wait for it to happen.

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  9. the assassin group is Taru’s fan club, because they see Kouya talking with Taru, he get shoot first

    “how dare he getting cozy with our silver angel!!, shoot him first”

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  10. for some reason. it felt like taru will be killed here and the whole game players will be out for witch hunting. lol


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