Cathy Chapter 4-2: The Olfactory Sense of a Battle Mania

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Cathy Chapter 4-2: The Olfactory Sense of a Battle Mania



Martial arts Town Tobal.
That name’s origin,
It began when the founding hero Zahat opened a martial art dojo in that place.

The school that he has developed, is aiming for everyone, not martial arts directed to the expert, it also teaches the simple self-defense techniques that can be learned by common people and women with low physical strength.
For that purpose young women and merchants who wanted minimal defense techniques have gathered here.

And when many people come and go, it’s natural that the town became more developed.
The dojo, which has brought prosperity to the town, became the symbol of the town. And there are many other dojos formed to teach the abundant of visitors that the first dojo can’t handle.

A town with the main focus is Martial Art, Tobal.


『And, the history of the town is something like that』(Fina)

『Is that so?
It’s the same as the story I heard from my grandfather (Jii-sama)
The Major of that town has told him that “Immediately after resigning the Knight duty, you must come and visit me in the town hall of my town”
He was bitterly laughing at receiving such enthusiastic solicitation』(Cathy)


Set up in the martial arts and open a dojo in Tobal after retirement.
It is an elite course as a martial artist or soldier of this country, and it can be said that it is the ideal way.

Currently, about 80% of people, we talk on the way there, were saying such a thing.
We are moving on the highway.
The road to Tarbal is paved, so we are going through the village and village on the way.
From what we hear on the way, it seems that there is nothing unusual lately.

I wonder if we can arrive by today.


『That’s true.
I think that there are many people who wish to learn the Sword Saint’s teachings.
Well, I’m one of them too』(Neil)

『A Sword Saint’s dojo? I think it’s going to be full all the time』(Fina)

『The person himself also seemed to like teaching though』(Cathy)


When he was teaching sword skill to me, he was really having fun.

If he accepted that offer back then, he might run a place for Sword’s teaching, a Sword Saint Dojo.
However, in that case, I and the real Cathia might have been dead back then, it’s a complex feeling.


『When I was young, I was told that just by walking around the Tobal town, you might get a lot of challenge from many people』(Cathy)

『It was the town where people allow to fight if there is a mutual agreement between them.
So, I bet your grandfather can’t walk in town unless he disguises』(Fina)


Grandfather didn’t disguise his appearance for that.
It wasn’t because he didn’t care
But, because his boss at that time didn’t feel like hiding it…


『It seems that he was the escort for King Spike so he couldn’t hide it …』(Cathy)


It seems that he got a lot of gazes when he got out of town during an escort break.
I said that he was rather tired.


『Cathia-chan, please be careful』(Fina)


Tobal is such a town, where the fight can suddenly begin in the town.
But it doesn’t mean security is bad. Killing is prohibited and if you damage the surroundings, you will still get punishment and must pay for the repair cost.

Even if it says that you can fight in the town, it’s actually done using the town’s stadium and dojo.
Those who have a thirst of blood provoke opponents, and those who want to test their skills apply for a match against the opponent.

If they reach an agreement, they can have a fighting battle at the stadium.
So it is true that if a famous warrior is walking around the town, he will be challenged for a duel from many people.
However, in my case, I do not need to worry.


『I am not a celebrity, and will it take more time before Fina-san’s picture circulates』(Cathy)


In addition, I’m just a girl, I don’t have a strong appearance.


『Well, I do not know about that.
A strong man can sniff out another strong man, can’t he?』(Fina)

『Is there such a person with a keen sense of smell…?
Does Cathia-san know something about it?』(Neil)

『A master can somewhat sense other people Aura to a certain extent.
But they still need to observe the opponent closely. Kind of like that.
That’s why when they saw people on street, they won’t know it right away.』(Cathy)


They can’t observe everyone on the street carefully, they won’t be able to walk in the town like that.
If someone is able to do so, their sensing power and observation skill must be superior.
Or they must be really looking forward to a battle.


Tobal is a beautiful city more than I imagined.

The flower bed follows the cobbled stone pavement, and the flowers are blooming beautifully, though the type of flower is unknown.
Because the fight between the martial artists had nothing to do with it, it seems that people started to plant flowers in order to clear the battle air.
Actually, I don’t know about their purpose.

Well, as I am able to view the beautiful scenery, I have no complaints.
I feel like I get healed.


『Hey, you there』(Flag)


Oh, there are red flowers as well.
I hope I can understand its accent (accent in EN)


『It’s you, the one with red hair』(Flag)


Ooh, red… hair?
Who is the one that calls me?

As I look back, it’s a blonde beastman with a hairstyle like a mane.
He is nearly two meters tall and the muscular arms like steel are exposed.
He is huge…
I can not see his face without looking up.
In other words, he is a lionish man.
He has a scratch on his cheeks and he is like a samurai.
His age seems to be about thirty.


『Do you need something from me?』(Cathy)


No way, there shouldn’t be anyone like a battle mania that we said earlier.
And I may look like a swordsman, but I shouldn’t appear to be strong.
I do not recall spreading my Aura either.


『You have an excellent body at this and that.
You might misunderstand, but do not worry!
I’m not a suspicious person, so,
How about you and me (having a fight)…』(Flag) (T.N: This might sound strange in EN because his sentence isn’t finished yet)

『What’s a brute!?
Think of the way you approach and your physical fitness, you are the lowest!
Please start over in a hundred years after apologizing to Cathia-chan!』(Fina)

『No, on the contrary, he is too direct and manly, it’s amazing!』(Neil)


Fina-san hit the head of Neil-san.
Good sound.
But isn’t it a battle offer?


『No, that’s a misunderstanding, what I’d like to say is…』

『What’s misunderstanding!? Didn’t you just say about Cathia’s this and that!』(Fina)

『Well, Fina-san』


Do not point at my chest and butt…

Fina-san’s voice caught the attention of passersby loudly.
So embarrassed.


『Hmm, which way did you think when I said this and that?』(Flag)


The place where the beastman’s finger pointed is… the waist?


『You… you are such a maniac, but Cathia is off-limit!』(Fina)

『Okay! What I mean is she has a low center of gravity and footage…
Which means she is a master of fighting.
So let’s fight!
I want to fight, you and me!』(Flag)


What, so in the end, he really asked for a fight?
But why me? There are many Martial Artists here.

When I try to ask that question, one of the passers-by tells me.


『It’s useless, He is Master Lior.
There’s no one in this town who can fight against him anymore』(Stranger)

『Silent, this one is different from the weakling from this town!
Even I can’t see it with my eyes, I know from my instinct! (The force is strong with this one)』(Lior)


Where have I heard of it before…?


『Ah! Lior, the Iron Fist Lior!? The S rank warrior!』(Neil)


So Neil shouted.
Oh, I see, Grandfather has talked about him before.
I remembered now.


(This is the past)

A few years ago, in an old tale that grandfather, after drinking alcohol and in a good mood, was talking about.
Before living in a mountain hut, it seems that there was a time when he was appointed an education clerk of a certain person two years before he retired.
That person’s name is Lior.


『Originally he was the royal family of the Beastman’s country』(Grandfather)


The girl with red face shakes the cup looking comfortably.
She can’t drink alcohol, but she enjoys listening to her grandfather’s tale.


『Why is he in this country?』(Small Cathy)

『It seems he left his country.
With a reason such as his country is rather boring.
So, he asks Spike if there is any inconvenient for him to permanent stay here or so…』(Grandfather)


The grandfather speaks while picking dried meat.


『I can only understand that he was a strange person.
From the royal family to the commoner, there’s no such thing as immigration and behavioral people』(Small Cathy)


As for me, it’s water.
The clear water of the mountain, you can see how tasty water is, compared to the previous life’s water.
I am drinking all kind of water now like this.
It is delicious even if I make some tea with this fresh water.


『Well, there’s another way to call him, a battle mania.
He challenged me like every day…
It was tough because I was already aged back then』(Grandfather)

『That was a problem, wasn’t it?』(Small Cathy)


I guess it was the reason why didn’t grandfather beat him up with all the victory?
Because that would be fueling the opponent’s fighting spirit instead?


『After thinking about everything I have experienced. If Cathia has ever met him, just give up and agree to the fight. He won’t let you go』(Grandfather)

『I have no plans to go somewhere, I am satisfied with my life here』(Small Cathy)


When I go to bed on a wood deck, I can see a full of star sky.
It is bad manners (not sleeping on your bed), but no one is looking at it.
I’m getting sleepy.


『Mu… I see』(Grandfather)

『Grandfather?』(Small Cathy)

『No, nothing』(Grandfather)


(Back to the present)

There was such a conversation.

Battle mania, the youngest brother of Beastman country’s royal family.

According to Neil’s story, he seems to have a nickname, the 『Iron Fist』in S rank warrior.
In this country, it’s often recognized that weapons are called in front of their name and called top by that weapon.

Until my grandfather received the title of the Sword Saint (Sword), he was called Tim.

So, Lior-san is the top skill among the Fist fighters of this country.
As expected, I might need to have a battle according to the words of my grandfather.

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  1. suggestion:
    We are moving on the highway.
    The road to Tarbal is {solid}->{paved}, so we are going through the village and village on the way.

    Those who have {a lot}->{thirst} of blood provoke opponents,

    『What’s a {beastman}(racist)->{beast/brute/barbar}!?
    Think of the way you approach and your physical fitness, you are the

    when he was appointed {}(tell someone)->{as}(make himself) an education clerk of a certain person two years before he retired.

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  2. what is Lior the strongest sword doing here in this novel? call Emilia to take him back to the “world teacher” novel back, he already have Sirius to beat back there.

    ups wrong one in here. he is a beastman not a human and he use fist instead two handed sword.

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  3. thank you thank you! Now, all we need now is the new chapter of Cathy…
    I’m back to waiting now. 😥


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