Taru Chapter 16: Mercenary VS Mercenary (PVP)

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The beautiful silver hair girl in 2 picture is Arnice from Night of Azure

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Taru Chapter 16: Mercenary VS Mercenary (PVP)



The attack paused for a while…

As Kouya said, we could grasp the approximate position from the direction the arrow flew, however, if we run toward there, we will be aimed at.


『Should we get underwater?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I wonder if we can hide.


『Do not do it』(Yuuki)


Yuuki instantly rejects my measure.


『Even underwater, the other party seems to already know our position.
Water can reduce the power of the arrow, but if we keep getting hit by it, the damage will accumulate.
Also, if everyone except Kouya comes in contact with water, we won’t be able to move easily.
We can’t afford to keep dragging』(Yuuki)

『Besides, they might have blue magic skills like me.
Which means he can use the search skill to check if there is anything moving in the water.
And the worst case, he might have 《Ice magic skill》…
He can freeze the water and we will all be struck』(Shizuku)

『Besides, their arrow attack seems to lure us to the waterside. It’s a common tactic』(Yuuki)


Ice magic skill …
If I remember right, it’s in the luxury goods sold at George’s shop with 40,000 Eso.
Now that we are fighting PVP battle, there may be plenty of top players.


『Bu ha~*, easy talk, underwater’s defense has its limit and it’s dangerous』(Kouya)


Kouya stood up and everyone rushed to the land with the big tree we rested earlier.

At that time, the arrows were shot to us again, and one of the arrows hit Yuuki.
However, unlike Kouya, Yuuki doesn’t flinch, he continues to move as he is.
Is it because of his high defense power?


『Everyone, put your back against this big tree and hide behind my back』(Yuuki)


Everyone follows what Yuuki says while Yuuki is holding his shield out.


『Giant shield』(Yuuki)


When Yuuki activates his Ability, the shield in his hand had enlarged more than three times.
Whether the weight has increased, Yuuki can’t hold that shield any longer, that’s why he stabs it on the ground.

Meanwhile, everyone crouches and hides.
With this, we can prevent ourselves from arrows by a big tree from behind and a big shield from the front.


『Giant shield’s effect is up to 2 minutes.
However, it’s too heavy and it’s difficult to move.
Anyway, we have to decide what to do in the meantime』(Yuuki)

『Their arrow has paralyzing attributes…
…I took a while to get back up』(Kouya)



There is the sound of arrows hit the giant shield.


『But I was okay… is it a random occurrence?』(Yuuki)

『 The probability of occurrence depends on tolerance』(Kouya)


An arrow sticks to the ground just beside us.


『From what I could check with the last attack, four arrows were shot at the same time. That means there are at least four archers』(Yuuki)

『At the first and second times, the position, at which the arrow flew, is misaligned.
There is no doubt that they shot it while moving in order to avoid us from locating the sniping position』(Kouya)


With that short timeline, Yuuki and Kouya grasped the situation firmly.


『There’s no doubt that they are accustomed to mercenary vs mercenary (PVP)』(Yuuki)

『The problem is that we can’t see them from here, but this place is totally visible to the enemies』(Kouya)

『I guess there are members other than archers,
But as long as we can’t break their advantage,
They will keep their distance to give us a fatal injury with the long-range attack…』(Yuuki)

『In other words …
… If we can’t figure out the enemy’s position, it will be bad?』(Shizuku)

『That’s right…
however, we are unable to identify their location with Shizuku’s search magic.
They must have 《secret skill》 or 《hiding skill》 that we can’t see if they can keep a certain distance』(Kouya)


While listening to everyone’s analysis, I notice something.


『Hey … ….』(Taru) Taru Icon

『What’s wrong?』(Yuuki? Kouya?)

『From my appearance, I’m the minor player under 15 years old right?』(Taru) Taru Icon


My present appearance is a girl who is ten years old.


『Oh, but what about it?』(Yuuki? Kouya?)

『In other words, I will not be attacked.
I can go out and send you our opponent’s position with PT chat』(Taru) Taru Icon

『『!』』(Yuuki + Kouya)

『It’s true…
However, then the PT members of the under 15 years old player,
in other words, us, when we start attacking behavior,
Mercenary under 15 years old will also be eligible for attacks』(Yuuki)

『In other words, I will be safe until I or you attack them. Isn’t it perfect for me to do unscrupulous reconnaissance?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『But, Taru …』(Yuuki)

『Do you even have time to hesitate?
Your ability is about to expire』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Taru-chan …
Independent behavior is very dangerous, you can be killed immediately at the moment you are attackable …』(Shizuku)


I appreciate the concern of Shizuku-chan,
But I think that this is the only effective mean that can be thought at the present time.


『I will make a smoke screen with the《Kemuri Ball》, which I made earlier.
When I create that smoke screen and go away, Yu and others will go hide in the shadow of the big tree in that gap.
But if we approach the shooter, you will be visible to them as well, so don’t.
To break through one point, there’s no choice but to move at the interval between each shot of the opponents that I pinpoint』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It’s as Taru says, right now, there is only this way』(Kouya)


Kouya agreed with my opinion, Yuuki also slowly nodded.

Shizuku-chan also gives up after seeing those two agree. But she is still somewhat awkward.

Think of the situation of the three people.
Okay. Battle of PT.

Pull myself together. I have to play a role in a party.

Anyway, I am happy to think that I may be useful for Kouya, Yuuki, and Shizuku-chan as well.


『Yu, use this when it comes to hands』(Taru) Taru Icon


I say so and I give the 《Crystal Potion》 to Yuuki.


『Th-This is……』(Yuuki)


Yuuki seems to be surprised as he read the explanation column of the 《Crystal Potion》


『Well, I’ll go』(Taru) Taru Icon


I took out the《Kemuri Ball》 and I jumped out of Yuuki’s giant shield.

At my foot, an arrow sticks to the ground, but without stopping, I throwing the《Kemuri Ball》to the ground in that direction.

In contact, the smoke was scattered around in the grand scale, and the surroundings were blocked by the smoke screen in the blink of an eye.

And then I dashed to the direction that the arrow just flew.
I can travel as fast as possible in the land, but my progress is slow because of the waterside in the middle.
I anticipated more arrows will be flying at me as I moved out of the smoke screen, but there was none.

Anyway, as I went on more and more, I saw a group holding bow on the left front.

As expected by Yuuki,
There are 4 archers, they are positioned far from each other to avoid us locating their hiding place.
And there is a boy in a mage style standing alone in the center.

It seems that they have noticed me long ago, but ignoring me because they need to focus on the movement of Yuuki and others.
The smoke screen has been reducing a lot, but the remaining is still enough to block the view.
As expected of a value +3 from 《Kemuri Ball + 3》


『Tch, I can not see well』(enemy)


While watching the enemies, I let everyone know through PT chat.


『There are four people in the place where there is a tree on the left front of where we are』(Taru) Taru Icon


Yuuki’s group received the news started to act at once.

They advanced forward to this direction with Yuuki’s leading.


『Huh, that’s strange. They are heading towards here』(enemy)


The enemy wizard’s view is blurred, even though I can see.


『Ah~ I get it.
That girl told them about where we are…
…That girl is amazing, isn’t it?』(enemy)


As soon as the enemy’s wizard looks at me, he is bringing two archers and heading to me.
The two other archers goes left and right, it seems that they were deployed for a pinch attack.


『Nice to meet you, young lady, my name is Yukio』(Yukio)


The wizard boy greeted me.

Because he engaged, I can see the name and level of the opponent.

Yukio Lv 11.
Blurry Leader Lv 7.
Muscle Brother Lv 9.



The name and level of the 2 archers that went hiding to pinch attack Yuuki’s group can’t be seen.
And one of the archer player here has a very unique name.


『Hello, nice to meet you.』(Taru) Taru Icon


As expected, they seem to think of me as a minor player under 15 years old,
They don’t seem to be trying to attack.


『You are as expected, there’s no mistake that you are the silver hair angel who our grandmaster told us about』(Yukio)

『Grandmaster?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh, sorry for the late introduction.
I’m Yukio, the deputy head of Mercenary Clan《Hundred Demons of the night》(Yukio)

『Oh,』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 Yes, and Glen is our Grandmaster』(Yukio)


For now, I think that it’s not possible to attack, Yukio talks to me normally.
Although he is casually talking, other archers release arrows at Yuuki’s group.


『It is in vain to struggle.
Even if they have full of information to prevent the arrows from the front,
Since there are 2 archers shooting from the side in pinch-attack as well.
By the time they get here, their HP will be less than half,
Afterward, I will deal with them with my magic』(Yukio)


Yukio-san smiles like the victory are already his.


『You apparently do not seem to belong to the《Hundred Knights of the night》, right?』(Yukio)

『……Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon

『For us,
I do not intend to challenge the beginner of Lv 3 like you.
Why do not you join our clan after this battle?』(Yukio)


Solicit during a fight without fail.


『If you join us, we will help you with leveling and you can quickly get stronger, how about that?』(Yukio)

『…………』(Taru) Taru Icon


It is a delicious offer, however, I refuse. I don’t want to do anything with a clan that is hostile against Kouya and Yuuki.


『Well, troubling is also a virtue.
If you look at the strength of our company and use it as a reference,
Is it almost time?』(Yukio)


Kouya, Yuuki, and Shizuku-chan, who are suffering from arrow attacks finally arrived before Yukio-kun.


『Even so, you are really beautiful just as grandmaster said. As beautiful as this 《Foster of ice and snow Cane 》 No, more beautiful than that』(Yukio)


As he says that, Yukio-san shows me his own cane.
The tip of the white cane is decorated with flowers created with ice, which is certainly beautiful.


『What is your important thing?』(Yukio)


Make sure to check the HP bar of members in the PT.

Yuuki HP 216/410.
Kouya HP 88/230.
Shizuku HP 15/140.


『 It’s my comrades, isn’t that right…?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Ahaha, then we will be robbing you of your important thing』(Yukio)


With a smug face, Yukio looks down on me.


『But at the moment when your friends attack us, before that, I guess your own life might be lost first』(Yukio)

『 It’s okay, I’m already dead』(Taru) Taru Icon


I smile back to Yukio.

Yukio saw me preparing to die,
break out in proudful laughter, (T.N: I guess it’s “ha ha ha” or “ho ho ho”)
Turned back to Yuuki’s group and entered a chanting posture.


『Frozen and consolidated wedge… ugh, (Sonna bakana) it’s impossible』(Yukio)


I pierce Yukio who is chanting magic with my Kodachi from behind.

But there’s no way he can die.

《Kodachi: Impure Evening》‘s blade penetrates Yukio’s thin chest.

And Yuuki’s group look at Yukio who is pierced with my Kodachi.




Yukio surprised and stopped casting.
The low fire power of Lv 3, he seems to not expect that I would choose an option to abandon my own safety margin and attack first.
Because he is accustomed to PvP, and he seems to believe so.


『I’m sorry, this is for my colleagues. Yu(uki), use it now!』(Taru) Taru Icon (T.N: in case you forget, in game, Yuuki’s name is only Yu)


Yukio-san tried to point his cane again Yuuki’s group, I urge Yuuki to use the 《Crystal Potion》

When he crushes the《Crystal Potion》, Yuuki, Kouya and Shizuku-chan’s HP and MP recovered with a big number.


『Everyone is recovering at the same time!? and instantly!?』(Yukio)


Kouya didn’t miss Yukio-san’s dismay and invoked his 《Air Leap》ability to approach Yukio-san.

Two archer players who go with him shoot arrows to stop Kouya.




Kouya received two arrows, he lost his balance in the air and fell in front of Yukio-san while rolling over as he landed on the ground.
Thanks to the use of 《Crystal Potion》 before the arrows hit, the total loss of HP of Kouya was somehow recovered to endure them.


『…Becoming my blade…』(Yukio’s middle chant)


Towards Yukio-san, who is trying to chant in a hurry, Kouya activates his ability.



《Twin Cheery Blossom Petal》!』(Kouya)


Kouya threw out 2 pairs of fists, beat Yukio’s cheek and stomach violently.

Yukio, who was attacked in the middle of casting, was blown away like a cherry blossom petal.

The two pinch-attack archers released their arrows at Shizuku-san, who is trying to cast magic. However, Yuuki protects Shizuku-chan from the left and right arrows.


《Six Flower’s Way (Rokka no Michi)》(Kouya)


Kouya released six-shot fist attack again to Yukio.




Yukio, whose HP still remains slightly, falls slowly backward after receiving Kouya’s 《Twin Cheery Blossom Petal》and 《Six Flower’s Way》
That’s right, back at me, who holds the Kodachi.


『Ei』(Taru) Taru Icon


Pushed the Kodachi forward, I pierced Yukio’s chest from behind.
Yukio Lv 11 confirmed killed
Yukio dropped 《Foster of ice and snow Cane》
I got the equipment that he was proudly about.


『Ahaha, looks like I robbed his important thing』(Taru) Taru Icon


Smile sorry for Yukio-san, whose character disappears.


Damn it, don’t get on the line, and be careful of the knight!』(Enemy)


One of the archers, who aimed at Kouya again, even after receiving Shizuku’s water splash.

The HP of Kouya had decreased to 121 after receiving the previous shots.
In addition to receiving another shot in the arm, it decreases to 62.

And I immediately use 《Emerald’s Tear》 to heal Kouya.
His HP is healed to the safe zone so he can be at ease.


『Hey, where is the healer wizard?』(Archer 1)

『She just used the magic to attack us from a little while ago. Isn’t it still too early to chant!?』(Archer 2)


Seeing how Kouya got healed instantly, the remaining archers dismayed.

Because I was somewhat dissatisfied that they didn’t think of the answer that recovery was brought by my potion.
I purposely took out another 《Emerald’s Tear》, and shake it in front of their eyes.


『What!? Have you used such luxury goods in this battle?』(Archer 1)

『Hey, can you afford to look away in a battle?』(Kouya)


As Kouya says so, he quickly approaches and punches the archer.
At close range, the archer withdraws his knife and start fighting.
However, an archer with a knife can’t be the opponent of a vanguard, definitely.


『This is the end…』(Kouya) (The only picture with such line I can find is Arnice’s picture, top page)


He can fight well even with glasses.

Although I was also impressed that he is strong at fighting in the middle school era.
But his movements in the game is another level.

Even though he is in a one-vs-two situation, Kouya easily kills one of them.


《Blurry Leader Lv 7 confirmed killed》


The other left is the Muscle Brother Lv 9, and other two people who constantly snipes at Yuuki and Shizuku-chan from a distance.


『Gu~ This muscle of mine is the force!
Muscle is the God…!』(Muscle Brother)


Muscle Brother Lv 9 was shocked by the fireball magic Shizuku-chan prepared in the gap he was battling with Kouya.


《Muscles Brother Lv 9 confirmed killed》




『Taru, you do it!』(Yuuki)


When we annihilated the nearby enemies, the three of them are coming near.
As if to protect me, members of 《Hundred Knights of the night》 keep their weapons.


『Everyone as well, as expected of the pro players』(Taru) Taru Icon


Tension and excitement by PvP’s first experience.
My cheeks are loosed.
Somewhat, I can feel the happy atmosphere with everyone, it makes me smile.

And there is something I want to say out of my mind.


『… This is fun, is not it?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Describe my honest impressions.



『 Aren’t you afraid of being hurt?』(Shizuku)

『She cooperated with everyone, isn’t that fine?』(Kouya)


Everyone replied to my impressions.


『Even so, Taru’s potion is amazing』(Yuuki)

『Thank you, Taru』(Shizuku)

『If we have items made by Taru aren’t we possibly unbeatable?』(Kouya)

『Fu~ fu~ fu~. This is average as an alchemist』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh, average people?』(Shizuku)


Well … well, the old habit.


『Oh well.
Thanks to Taru, this time I wouldn’t bring the state of the past.
Shall I tease you later then?』(Kouya)

『…So you are really teasing me after all?』(Taru) Taru Icon


The three of them shrugged their shoulders when I protested.


『What’s left is two people!
What do you want to do? Continue the battle, but I wonder if you can get any Battle points?』(Yuuki)


And then Yuuki calls out to the enemy loudly as if to provoke the opponent.


『Damn』(Archer 3)

『I will overlook this time』(Archer 4)


Clearly the line of the losers. After saying that, the two of them ran away.


『Hey hey, that’s our line!』(Kouya)


Kouya says another provoke word.


『Acting high and mighty all you want.
But it’s not only you guys received a raid』(Archer 3)


The enemy gave another sinister word before running away.


『What does that mean?』(Kouya)


The enemies have run away far enough and they ignored Kouya’s question.
Apparently, the enemies have withdrawn.


『Right now, the online clan members are us and…』(Kouya)

『There’s only Yurachi…』(Yuuki)


She said she didn’t want to PT with me so she went to raise the level alone, Yurachi-san…


『Kou, I will check the battle points』(Yuuki)

『And, I will contact Yura-chan with friend-message right away』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan tried to communicate with Yurachi-san in a hurry.
Shizuku-chan shows her gesture speaking something with mouth piece while nodding for a while.
So, friend message is like this when you observe from the outside.


『We get +6 battle points and they get +1』(Yuuki)

『Then that means, Yurachi has been killed』(Kouya)


Listening to the exchange between Yuuki and Kouya, I try asking questions.


『What is the battle point?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Ah, I did not explain to Taru about 《war》 yet』(Yuuki)

『Simple talk, the one with the higher battle points will win the Clan 《War》』(Kouya)

『Eh?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Kou, that explanation is too short』(Yuuki)


『《War》 can be declared by 1 clan to the others, but the other clan can select the rules.
There are two rules, 《defeated soldier》, and 《annihilation game》
We are choosing 《annihilation warfare》 this time』(Yuuki)


Oh, something like the nominating battle.


『The victory condition in 《annihilation warfare》is the first clan to get 100 battle points will win』(Yuuki)

『Hmm, what is the condition for obtaining that battle point?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Kill the enemies and you will get battle points』(Kouya)

『 The feature of this《annihilation warfare》is…
The side with fewer players will get more battle points for each kill then the side with many players.』(Yuuki)

『 Same talk, if they are trying to push with numbers, it will be inefficient』(Kouya)

『Although, it doesn’t change the fact we are at disadvantage with the fewer number of people.
But we can prevent things like being pushed down from the 《defeated soldier》 rule, that is if all of their members attack us at once』(Yuuki)

『So, this time, we fought against them with 4 vs 5 people.
In the disadvantageous situation with 1 member different and we killed three people, so we got 2 points per person.
Meanwhile, they kill one of us and only get 1 point』(Kouya)


However, it’s only the difference in the number of people.
Will the level difference be included?


『Even if the opponent tried to gank on us, they will win for sure but the battle point from killing isn’t tasty』(Yuuki)

『There are other good things about the rule of 《annihilation warfare》,
It decreases the equipment drop rate at the time of killing to 1%,
So, even if we get killed, we will be not easily lost our equipment.
That’s why it’s easy to load your experience』(Kouya)


I see.
The number of times to kill or be killed. There are many opportunities for battle, the 《annihilation warfare》 is really looking better.


『This rule tends to be a long-term battle』(Yuuki)

『So, which one is winning now?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『We, the 《Hundred Knights of the night》, have 28 points. When they, the 《Hundred Demons of the night》, have 52 points』(Yuuki)

『Oouu …』(Taru) Taru Icon

『There were times when we were surrounded by ten or more people, and they were intensively firing at us…』(Yuuki)

『Uwa』(Taru) Taru Icon


Even though the superiority of the number of people is somewhat restricted, that’s rather unfriendly.


『Three of us were killed at that time, but the opponent only got 1 battle point at that time』(Yuuki)


Even though they got a few points, but if they repeat it over and over, surely they will win. It seems that the number of players also decided everything in the end.


『This time the opponent has acquired 1 point, so, it may be a one-on-one battle that one point per kill』(Yuuki)

『By the way, what happens if you win or lose a《war》?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Everyone… Yura-chan got in a big trouble』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan, who finished the friend message with Yurachi-san, join our conversation.


『Has she been killed?』(Yuuki)

『Not only that, her main weapon seems to have dropped.
And if she wanted to get back that weapon, they demanded her to join the 《Hundred Demons of the night》…』(Shizuku)


Are they serious?
It’s pretty forceful.


『Hey hey…
Did the opponent get the probability of 1%?』(Kouya)

『The main weapon of Yurachi, it’s the best of the rare two-handed sword 《Giant Ring flame Sword》(Yuuki)

『Ou~ha~, I feel sorry for her』(Kouya)


Aren’t they worried about Yurachi joining their opponent’s mercenary group, too?


『What is the possibility that Yurachi-san will enlist in 《Hundred Demons of the night》?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 Absolutely zero』(Yuuki)


It was an immediate answer.


『The early talk, Yurachi hates her big brother, Glen』(Kouya)


Oh, Yurachi-san and Glen-san, the grandmaster of 《Hundred Demons of the night》 are real siblings.


『However, she will not join his group no matter how she wants to get back her weapon』(Yuuki)

『I heard that there is more than one time…』(Kouya)

『Yura-chan is really treasuring her 《Giant Ring flame Sword》…』(Shizuku)


Although Yurachi-san gave me some bad feeling,
But she is an important clan member of Kouya and Yuuki,
If I can manage to do something, I want to do it.


『Yurachi is really attached to her《Giant Ring flame Sword》, I can’t imagine how she can part with it』(Yuuki)


Attachment to weapons?
Certainly Yukio, the deputy head of the enemy, also seemed to be strongly attached to his weapon.



『Can you use this for negotiation bargain?』(Taru) Taru Icon


As a matter of fact, I took out the 《Foster of ice and snow Cane》which dropped from Yukio.


『『『Why do you have such rare weapon!?』』』(Kouya, Yuuki, Shizuku)


《Hundred Knights of the night》 three members’ loud noise echoed in the forest.

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  1. Chappy o arigatai~.

    Nice one, Taru. But, I can’t think of smooth trade for both weapons if considering those 2(guilds) are like water and oil.

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    • suggestion:
      However, unlike Kouya, Yuuki doesn’t {flick}->{flinch}, he continues to move as he is.

      With that short {defense}->{timeline}, Yuuki and Kouya grasped the situation firmly.

      『The problem is that we can’t see them from here, but this place {to}->{is} totally visible to the enemies』(Kouya)

      『Do you do not have time to get {lost}->{hesitate}?
      Your ability is about to expire』(Taru)

      move at the interval between each shot of the opponents that I {indetified}->{pinpoint}』(Taru)

      Pull myself together. I have to play a role in {cooperation}->{party}.

      『But at the moment when your friends attacked us before that, I guess your own life might be {robbing}->{lost} first』(Yukio)

      Kouya released six-shot fist attack again {}->{to} Yukio.

      『She just used the magic to attack us {from0}->{from} a little while ago. Isn’t it still too early to chant!?』(Archer 2)

      speaking something with mouth-{plug}->{piece} while nodding for a while.

      『Kou {is too summary}->{the explanation is too short}』(Yuuki)

      that {all}->{is if all of} their members attack us at once』(Yuuki)

      So, even if we get killed, we will be not easily {damaged}->{loss our equipment}.

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    • sorri put suggestion in here
      i don’t think Glen, Yurachi’s brother will stay silent about this, even if their relationship is not good they are still siblings.

      siblings should help each other even if the relationship is bad, or they can only be called as stranger not siblings anymore

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