Cathy Chapter 4-4: Dojo and the Grand Master

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Cathy Chapter 4-4: Dojo and the Grand Master



Lior-san says…


『Let’s go to the training place.
Or rather, the place to stay and have meals』(Lior)


Just as he said, I decided to take on that offer.
At least, we have no longer worried about accommodation and meals during our stay in Tobal town.
Even so…


『There are so many dojo』(Cathy)


Lior-san nods with my impression.


『 The place we stayed from a while ago was the shopping street,
This place is the Dojo street.
At the end of this road are one big stadium and the residential area of Tobal』(Lior)


It seems that the town was divided into four blocks.
To have a section with the dojos as a mainstream is a feature that can’t be found elsewhere.


『At the center of the dojo section, it used to be a dojo that Zahat built. However, right now, it is a square with the statue of Zahat』(Lior)


The hero, who was the origin of this town, has gone and now had a statue of himself.
It makes us feel the flow of time.


『We arrived』(Lior)


It was a big dojo that Lior-san stopped at.
The scale of this dojo makes a difference from other dojos.
There are signs are on the gate of the dojo.

When I read the letters of the signboard


『National… Lior dojo…?』(Cathy)


What’s this?
Where should I put in a tsukkomi?


『Neil-san, did you know about this dojo?』(Cathy)

『No, because I have learned at the knight school.
I don’t know much about the dojo.
However, there seem to be some rumors about Lior’s Dojo』(Neil)

『Well, actually it’s not my Dojo』(Lior)

『What do you mean, Uncle?』(Fina)


Fina-san asks a question.
From the name of the Dojo, I can’t think anything else.


『Because I don’t teach anyone』(Lior)



It doesn’t explain any better.

He has not taught anyone himself, even with the name of this Dojo like this…?
Somehow, he must see us wondering, Lior-san scratches his head and continues.


『It is a reward of war.
The King directly asked me what I wanted,
And I said I wanted a fight with the strong men』(Lior)


He wanted to fight even more soon after the war has ended.
What kind of face did the king make at that time?

Just how much did you love martial art? This person is just…


『Yes… why?』(Fina)

『The king said that he couldn’t prepare it back then. So, he said he would build the best Dojo in the country instead.
And when I said to the king “I have no use for it”.
What do you think he answered?  』(Lior)

『… …?』(Fina)

『If you wait for ten years. Strong men will emerge from there too』(Lior)

『It’s a long story, is not it?』(Fina)

『And I said back with a face that I didn’t like it too much, the condition is troublesome.
I told that I wouldn’t teach anything.
The king somehow made a funny face』(Lior)


I often heard the story of the late king from my grandfather. But I don’t know well about the late king.
Listening to the story from a person, who knows the King in person, is somewhat nice.


『Well, for the country, maybe it has an important meaning or something like that?
That’s why it’s fine even if Lior-san didn’t teach anything』(Niel)


If a hero came to the dojo here, some soldiers would do it too.
Just by being here, Lior-san will increase the number of what I should call the potential soldiers.
King Spike must take such a roundabout measure with this in mind.

I bet he wished he could have Lior-san in the leadership if possible.


『I wonder about that.
Although my name probably was used well as a trigger to build a big dojo, it’s okay.
I’m really appreciated that there will be more strong people.
As a result, it became a strange thing that my name is included even though I don’t teach anything』(Lior)

『There is a lie in the signboard.
Is that a problem or not?』(Fina)

『I do not know well, but it seems that the students can train at a cheap cost by having the country support them.
It seems that it’s cheaper than any other dojo, so I’m fine to lend my name.
The place mostly ran by some other good masters, who gave guidance.
But I don’t think those masters are top notch, they can barely stand against me』(Lior)


The King wanted you to be an advertising tower, Lior-san.
There was no doubt that it would be easier to collect people than just a national dojo.

Summary, was this 【Dojo】built for the sake of 【Lior-san】, who lent his name for his wish, was actually for the sake of the【country】?

Well, it is.


『Wait, doesn’t that mean we need permission to have Neil-san training here? And you are fine with other people to listen to your teaching to Neil-san in the process?』(Cathy)

『Oh, no problem, I do not mind small things, you know. Come in』(Lior)


I wonder if we need to get permission properly.
It’s now Neil-san’s training.
I hope that it will work.


『The Grand Master has returned!』(Disciple 1)

『Master, please give guidance!』(Disciple 2)

『It would be nice if I could see a real fight』(Disciple 3)

『 Grand Master, please give me advice on footage…』(Disciple 4)

『I’d love to see him in real life』(Disciple 5)

『Grand Master, please look at our fight and give advice』(Disciple 6)

『It’s useless』(Disciple 7)


After arriving, Lior-san was talking to one of the teachers of the Dojo and was surrounded by all people in the dojo.

The age group ranged from teenagers to twenties, and the ratio between men and women was surprisingly about half.

Well, because in this world, people rely a lot on the Aura
But men have higher basic physical abilities in that respect.
Lior-san seems to be the highest peak as a warrior and there are many people who want to receive his guidance.

He is called the Grand Master.

However, it seems like he didn’t teach anyone from the previous statement.
Is it okay if he gives guidance to Neil-san…?


『Uhm, are you Grand Master’s guests?』(Black Hair Girl)


A girl with a relaxed (nonbiri) tone of black hair is calling out to us.
Black hair… Somehow it reminds me of Japan.

It’s rare in this country, you can not find one easily.
Her age is about 15 years old, she has a kind-looking face.
She seems to be a human.


『Well, something like that』(Cathy)

『I am Mizuho, a disciple. I will do my best to take care of you』(Mizuho)

『Okay, thank you.』(Cathy)


Even her name is Japanese style, it feels intimate.
Well, but now I have a figure that is far from the Japanese style.

She handed over the tea and I received it.
Unfortunately, it was not Japanese green tea although I expected a little.
It’s the Herb tea.


『Such a beautiful woman (Bijin-san),
The very beautiful red hair and eyes.
It’s very unusual』(Mizuho)

『Haha, thanks.』(Cathy)


Because it’s red like this.
It is a unilateral affinity.
Although both of us are the rare appearances in this country.


『Black hair… This person is rather cheerful, isn’t she…?』(Fina)


『Ah, no. It’s nothing. By the way…』(Fina)

『Yes? What is it? The beautiful Elf lady (erufu-san)』(Mizuho)

I’m just a half-elf (Haafu Erufu) though.
Say, if everyone is so eager to see that uncle fight for real, why doesn’t anyone fight with him?
Isn’t there anyone dare to fight him?』(Fina)

『Ahh, about that…
…just about time, a challenger already appears so you can understand if you look at it』(Mizuho)

『Okay, thank you!』(Fina)


It is a young beastkin who seems like a bear came out.
I can see that his legs are trembling even from the distance.


『I’ll pick up your bones…』(Disciple 8)

『Uwa, For real? Are you going?』(Disciple 9)

『Do, do your best!』(Disciple 10)


The reaction of the students, who know what will happen, is like that.
No way, will he really go for it?
It doesn’t seem like he can fight in that condition though.

And the elderly man, who seems to be a Master, declares the start of the game.




The young man was blown away by Lior-san the instant the elderly man shouted so.


『To that extent!』(Fina)



To think that the game started and ended at the same time.
Although it is not a tragedy as expected, this is…


『And, just like this, even Grand Master has never held back his power, but with that much difference, we have never seen he fights for real』(Mizuho)


No holding back?

Oh, but the young man, who was blown away, seems not to be injured.
Although it was said that he didn’t hold back.
It seems that only the【speed】though.


『Normally, you somewhat look at the movement of the opponent,
Fight with them and then realizing out how to improve… don’t you …?』(Neil)

『Well, the brother with flowers in both hands. (T.N: Mizuho thinks Neil = harem MC)
Normally, we will consider the power difference.
But if you aren’t willing to take the game with all your might, how can you aim to get stronger or to be a Master?』(Mizuho)

『No, this is my sister, Cathia-san isn’t…
Anyway, that person, he really doesn’t feel like teaching people』(Neil)

『Probably not.
But if we stand in front of the overwhelming strong man, it will become a good experience for us』(Mizuho)

『I’m getting worried… I will be okay, right?』(Neil)


No, in regard to Neil-san, the word 【teach】 is said and it’s all right.
We can have matches as many times as we need to improve!
Or wasn’t that obvious things?

Another subordinate drags the fallen young man away and the nursing comes to take care of him.
…Is he alright?


『Because the bout of the game as you can see is short, most of the undergraduate students have experienced the game with the teacher.
Although Professor Osamu does not seem so often, I will come back after doing it.』(Mizuho)

『By the way, what about the outcome of other matches?』(Neil)

『Well, it’s still as short as you can see,
So, most of the students with enough guts have experienced it with the Grand Master.
Grand Master doesn’t do so often, but… whenever he comes back, he often does it』(Mizuho)

『Oh, I see. He certainly will challenge strong men every day…』(Cathy)

『It’s hard!』(Fina)



If you are a dojo novice student, you will need to practice every day…
Even if you know that it’s not in vain, you will not be curious about your growth every time.
It’s not worth the effort if you don’t know whether you are progressing.

The wall that is too high will deprive other motivated people than ignite the fighting spirit of some special persons.
Was this why he wanted to give advice with the matches?
Apparently, people seem to get mentally damage rather than physically.


『I don’t know how people really think, but the people here are reputed to be sturborn』(Mizuho)

『That’s a good thing… right?』(Neil)

『It’s complicate』(Fina)

『Sounds subtle』(Cathy)


I’m afraid that people here might have their heart broken before learning or becoming a Master.
But it seems that the heart of the students here will not be distorted that easily.


『Hey, what were you talking about?』(Lior)


Lior-san came back.


『I was telling the customers how difficult the match with Grand Master is』(Mizuho)

『I see. Don’t get yourself injured』(Lior)

『I don’t think so. It’s too soon to say that to me』(Cathy)

『Oh, yes. Isn’t it the best to fight without holding back?』(Lior)

What the stupid thing are you saying, Lior-san?
Is that his natural? …


『You really don’t feel like teaching』(Cathy)

『That’s why I say, I will lend my name to the dojo but I won’t teach anyone.
However, if they apply for a match, I will accept it at any time.
If they want, they have to steal my technique during the fight』(Lior)

『Is there such a strong person?』(Cathy)

『Recently, Mizuho’s older sister was somewhat strong』(Lior)


Eh? Is that so?


『Yeah, I’m proud of my big sister』(Mizuho)


What’s a surprise.
However, this fluffy (fuwafuwa) girl’s big sister is strong…?
It is hard to imagine.
It is almost like I can’t predict how a girl like this is fighting.


『Uhm… I wonder what kind of person she is』(Cathy)

『You might meet her if you go to the capital.
Anyway, I usually don’t teach anyone, but this time is special. Neil.
Please put your bags in the room and come back here quickly.
You don’t have time to waste, do you?』(Lior)


Oh, apparently, he only teaches us this time.
That’s good, Neil-san.


『Seriously? I appreciate it!
Thanks, Cathia-san!』(Neil)


But there are people who can not stay silent.


『Grand Master Private teaching guidance?』(Disciple)

『Why? He has never taught us no matter how we asked!』(Disciple)

『Discrimination! Tyranny!』(Disciple)


The reaction of the students is natural.
Voice of complaints got out from here and there.


『So noisy. Shut up you all!
HEY Mizuho, guide the guests to the room quickly!』(Lior)

『Ye-s, I’m home (Tadaima). Please go this way』(Mizuho)


We were guided by Mizuho-san, leaving the noisy dojo behind.

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