Taru Chapter 17: Clan War

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Taru Chapter 17: Clan War



『Do you really have the main weapon of Yukio, the deputy head of the《Hundred Demons of the night》?』(Yurachi)


Yurachi-san, after losing her weapon and now knowing she has a chance to get it back, she grasps Kouya’s shoulder and asks so.

After fighting in the《The Sinking Prairie》
we decided to join Yurachi-san to say a good news to surprise her at once.


『It was Taru who got Yukio’s weapon dropped』(Kouya)


And when Kouya mentions me, Yurachi is stunned with 《Eh…》

As Yurachi quit the PT because of me, it would have been uncomfortable for her to know that I was holding the key to negotiation to get her weapon back.


『Is that so…』(Yurachi)


Yurachi-san is staring at me awkwardly.


『Oh, but it was good that Taru possessed it』(Kouya)

『Certainly, if any of us, the members of 《Hundred Knights of the night》 got the drop instead.
It will definitely not end well.
They will start hunting us to kill us as many times as possible until they get the drop back』(Yuuki)


Yuuki agree with Kouya’s opinion.


『And Taru is under the age of 15 mercenary (minor player)
So unless Taru attacks them first, they can never attack Taru』(Kouya)

『First of all, Glen of《Hundred Demons of the night》is head over heel for Taru』(Yuuki)

『It was nice that Taru-chan got it』(Shizuku)

『So, when we exchange Yurachi’s 《Giant Ring flame Sword》and Yukio’s 《Foster of ice and snow Cane》, we should also leave the exchange role to Taru, right?』(Kouya)


And as everyone is discussing things, Yurachi-san raises her voice 《WAIT》


『Hey, hold it for a second』(Yurachi)

『What is it, Yurachi?』(Kouya)

『What’s wrong?』(Yuuki)

『Yura-chan, what’s wrong?』(Shizuku)


Yurachi-san is somewhat disturbed.


『Hey, how could you naturally talk about trading like that?
It’s Taru-san who got Yukio’s weapon. It’s not fair for Taru-san to handle it freely, right?』(Yurachi)

『Actually, I do not mind』(Taru) Taru Icon


If I can use it for exchange, I’m happy to do it.




Then, Yurachi-san stares at me with a red face.
Her breath is slightly rough.


『 I was an obstacle, I behaved selfishly and quit the PT.
Rare equipment like 《Foster of ice and snow Cane》 can be sold at a high price in《Prize and Auction》 if the master’s authority expires.
Besides, toward you… I somehow… did…』(Yurachi)


Master’s authority is, in short, weapon’s ownership.

The weapon in Clan-clan is set with a “using degree”

The longer the time the previous owner was equipped with, the more the master’s authority remains as the former owner.

Weapons without master authority are called 《New items》, and weapons that have master authority remain will be called 《Secondhand》

By the way, the master right disappears with time,
Also, it is said that you can bring it to the facility to erase the master right with a fee.


『 Why, you ask…?』(Taru) Taru Icon


When I was pondering about how to answer, Yurachi-san was staring hard at me.
Any, I just hope that she won’t be sad about it anymore.


『Why?』(Yurachi) (Dōshitena no)


I can’t stand the glance of Yurachi-san, so I try to say it as casual as possible.


『 I just want to help a friend of my friends to get back what she cherished.
Isn’t this normal?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Kouya and Yuuki are my friends.

And if anyone, who they think as friends, is in trouble, isn’t it normal to help that person?

And besides, I have received a lot of help from Kouya and Yuuki, I have always wanted to help them back as much as possible.


『Well, that …?』(Yurachi)


Yurachi-san listened to my answer and she is somewhat confused.


『Well, It’s an Average remark by an Average person』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 Average person?』(Yurachi)


I plan to say it’s nothing special, and my old habit about 《Average》 comes out.

In middle school, I was called with the nickname “Average Person Jintaru” for being an ordinary person in everything.




As Shizuku-chan is pondering about my nickname, Kouya and Yuuki shrug their shoulders to make fun of me.
It is annoying. So, I retort to them (retort to the inner thought)


『Shut up (Urusai), stop calling me average』(Taru) Taru Icon

『We have not said anything, and in the first place, isn’t Taru-kun the one who calls yourself as the average person?』(Kouya) (T.N: this time they add the suffix -kun)

『That’s right, average human Taru-kun?』(Yuuki)

『As I said… geez… I get it, I get it… I’m the absolutely average person』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Anyway, because Taru is such a person, you do not have to worry about it, Yurachi』(Kouya)

『Kou and Yuu, you should be a little concern』(Taru) Taru Icon


I kept glaring at Kouya and Yuuki
Jii~ Jii~ Jii~ (Stare SFX)

Taru Pout.jpg

Then, unlike usual, the two of them start showing unknown reactions


Yuuki feels somewhat uncomfortable and fidgets.
Kouya doesn’t fix his eyeglasses like usual and tries to adjust his line of sight.

Even I’m still in doubt, I still ask


『So what’s now, you two?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh, no, that…』(Yuuki)

『… …. Ah, ah』(Kouya)


Somehow, both of them are awkward, they don’t look at me in the eyes.


『what is it?
Say it clearly』(Taru) Taru Icon

『…Even it’s still Taru. But when she stares at me with that appearance…』(Yuuki)

『… It’s a foul play to stare at us with that silver-haired girl’s appearance…』(Kouya)


The two of them have an unexpected reaction, and I think of a mischief…


『Ku~ fu~ fu~ fu~ these two onii-chan are such meanies』(Taru) Taru Icon


I jumped at the two of them.


『Uwa, stop, …wait …Taru』(Yuuki)

『Taru… Okay, we got it, it’s our bad』(Kouya)


I didn’t listen to them, I keep hitting them with *pokapoka* (Pokapoka means like hitting with no power)

Taru PokaPoka.gif

Take this (Lol) (T.N: Lol in raw, mean laugh)


『A ha ha ha ha』(Yurachi)


Yurachi-san, who was staring at the state of ours, smiled laughing abruptly.


『A haha, what’s with that?』(Yurachi)


Oh, this girl.
When she is laughing, she is pretty cute.

I don’t know what entertained her, but then she laughed to her heart content for a while.

By the time she calmed down, Yurachi-san used her finger to wipe off her tears and then gave out her hand, asked for a handshake.


『Well then, allow me to introduce myself again, I am Yurachi.
I’m sorry for how I behaved before. Please take care of me from now on』(Yurachi)

『Ah, yes, Yurachi-san, please take care of me too』(Taru) Taru Icon


We grasp each other’s hands.


『Just like Shizu, I will also call you Taru-chan』(Yurachi)


She smiled brightly, just like the sun.




A while later




And then with Yuuki’s instruction, Yurachi was negotiated with Glen-san, the grand master of the 《Hundred Demons of the night》 with the friend message.

It seems that Yurachi-san and Glen-san have friends registered because they are real brother and sister, even though Yurachi-san doesn’t seem to get along with her brother.


『He agrees with this offer,
And there was no particular condition except that Taru brought the《Foster of ice and snow Cane》
And we, of course, must accompany her, too』(Yuuki)

『With this, we can get Yura-chan’s weapon back without the solicitation demand』(Shizuku)

『Taru, it seems like Glen is head over heel for you』(Kouya)


Kouya grins.


『Taru-chan. Glen is my pervert big brother (hentai aniki), you should better not get involved with him』(Yurachi)


Yurachi shrugs her shoulders and advises me.


『Where is the place for trading?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Pioneering city Michel Angelo’s square in front of the bar 《Time is money》(Yurachi)

『Well, that is … …』(Shizuku)


When listening to the place, Shizuku strangely has an uneasy face.

I wondered what’s wrong, I look at them with the meaning to ask for explanations from Yuuki and Kouya.


『 About what she just said, the security around that bar is bad』(Kouya)

『The tavern 《Time is money》 is at a position far from the main street, that is, the patrol line of the Divine soldiers (Deus) in control of PvP
It’s equivalent to the free PVP area』(Yuuki)

『And besides, since the players can freely do almost everything to other players there,
It’s really crowded around the bar area…』(Shizuku)


Yurachi crossed her arms pondering.


『I wonder if this time will end with only trading equipment』(Yurachi)

『Anyway, because we will show our face before them during the Clan’s 《war》
So, let’s prepare everything carefully just in case』(Yuuki)

『Sorry to get you involved, Taru-chan』(Shizuku)

『Well, don’t worry, I really have fun』(Taru) Taru Icon

『For Taru, this much is normal, so you don’t have to worry about it』(Kouya)

『Kou, you should worry a little』(Taru) Taru Icon


When Kouya talks as if it’s nothing, I put in a《Tsukkomi》


『 Glen-kun… hmm…』(Yuuki)


Yuuki ignored my remark, and heaved a big sign,
He muttered the name of the enemy clan’s leader.


『Yu…Yurachi’s older brother, Glen, what kind of mercenary (player) is he?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『As I said earlier, just a perverted elder brother (hentai aniki)』(Yurachi)

『 Don’t you remember? Taru has met him once at the 《clock tower》 of the pioneering city Michel Angelo, right?』(Yuuki)

『Ah no, I don’t mean about his personality…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh, battle style?』(Yuuki)

『Yes Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Typical magician type』(Yuuki)

『Certainly, he had a cane, but …』(Taru) Taru Icon


Well, anyone, who wore a robe, would mainly use magic anyway. (T.N: Typical Mages uses robes, rogues use leather armors, knight uses metal armors)


『He is a magician who is good at red magic skills』(Yuuki)

『Does red mean magic that deals with fire?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, even when he tried to show up against us in front of Taru at the clock tower,
didn’t he brag about burning us in flame?』(Kouya)

『There’s a rumor that Glen-kun has titles that earn a bonus to red magic』(Yuuki)

『Hoo, the title, is it?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Just like me, other mercenaries, they must have a title that demonstrates some effect as well, right?


I think that you can understand when you watched Shizuku and Kouya invoke magic,
Sometimes magic will fail, right?』(Yuuki)

『Yup』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It is said that he has never failed to activate magic only with respect to the red attribute』(Yuuki)

『 In fact, we never saw Glen failing flame magic』(Kouya)


Flame magic, is it?


『 My brother (aniki) doesn’t tell me, his sister, about his title, he is a stingy guy』(Yurachi)


Maybe there is some circumstance that he can’t tell others the condition of getting the title, just like Misora asks me in the gem-producing forest 《Crystalier》


『Besides, Glen-san’s magical power is very strong,
His magical effect range is also wider than other red attribute magic users』(Shizuku)


Anyway, it’s still flame, right?
It may have been finally the time that my 《Frozen Flame Crystal》 is useful.


『In short, Glen-san is a player that good at flame magic, right?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『That’s right.』(Yuuki)

『To be honest, not only his magic doesn’t fail, but it’s also too powerful,
He is someone, you don’t want to challenge from the front.』(Kouya)


I will need more of 《Crimson stone》  for a battle against fire.
So I will need a handful of  《Red Eye Stone》 for 《Upper Conversion》

But there are only six on the materials I just got.


『Well, I’d like to prepare as much as I can …』(Taru) Taru Icon


As he heard that, Kouya got interested and asked a question.


『Is there a secret plan, something, young lady alchemist?』(Kouya)


I have a mischief smile.


『Everyone, if you don’t mind, will not you give me the materials you gathered in the hunt this time?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Of course』(Yuuki)


『If you like it』(Shizuku)

『Oh, I give it to Taru-chan too』(Yurachi)


It was pleasant that everyone listened to my request.

The materials that I want from everyone, 《Red Eye Stone》 x 26 pieces received.
As much as possible, let’s create items with alchemy.




A While later




The meeting place, 《Time is money》 was a big wooden two stories tavern.

The meeting place was a square in front of the bar, but we arrived a little earlier than the appointed time to check the surroundings of the store.


『The problem is… we can’t spot anything yet』(Yuuki)


There is no particular disturbing air, ambush mercenary either.


『Hi~ Yuu, it’s a rare face』(???)

《Hundred Knights of the night》 men huh? How is it with that Glen guy?』(???)


Yuuki and Kouya, I wonder if they are well-known, somehow people started talking to them comfortably.
The two of them are trying to gather information as much as possible.

There is the smell of liquor, cigarette smoke, dim lighting, enthusiasm filled with human body temperature.
An elderly person, who seems like a retired mercenary, is wiping glasses at the counter.

It is a bar.


『Hey, who is that Pretty little girl?』(Merc 1)

『This isn’t a good place for girls… especially loli』(Merc 2)


Several mercenaries with a mug in one hand saw me and raised their voice.
And Yurachi protested suddenly.


『Calm down please, this girl is irrelevant to the 《lone wolf》 clan』(Yurachi)

『Oh well, if you say so』(Merc)

『A mercenary under fifteen years old is just a brat and scared to do anything』(Merc)

『You is way too cute (Kawaii Sugiru) to the point it hurts, young lady』(Merc)


Mercenaries who started gathering and chattering quickly after Yurachi’s words.


『… 《Lonewolf》?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I try to speak to the Mercenary about the mercenary clan’s name in the conversation earlier.


『Well, It’s a clan that is well-known for being malicious』(Merc)

『Hmm, and what does that have to do with mercenaries under 15 years old?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 Members of Clan 《Lonewolf》 are all under 15 years old players』(Merc)

『Hee~ amazing』(Taru) Taru Icon


Even they are all mercenaries under 15 years old,
It’s amazing that they can do well compared to adults.


『Taru, Shizuku, Yurachi.
It’s about time, let’s go out』(Kouya)


And then Kouya is calling out to us, maybe he has finished gathering information.

Finally, it’s time?

I will check my own strength so that anything can happen.

ハニーシロップ_画像 《Emerald’s Tear +2》 x 7.
【Heal 220 HP instantly】

聖水_画像  《Crystal Potion》× 2.
【When used, the crystals in the bottle will overflow from the bottle, diffuse and become light.
The light they emit brings healing power.
Recover HP 200 and MP 20 of the mercenary who touched the light】

時守りの花-1_画像  《Forest’s Medicine》× 2.
【When used, a drop of honey drips from the petal.
When ingesting it your MP will recover 40.
The usage limit is three times】

おいしそうな練り餌_画像  《Extreme Candy Ball》× 3.
【When used, Attack Power + 10 for one minute】

漆黒の星の石-1_画像  《Kemuri Ball+2》× 2
漆黒の星の石-1_画像  《Kemuri Ball+3》× 1
【When used, it will generate white smoke in the area.
The amount of smoke varies with + value.
Effective for temporary block the vision】


And this time, I also have a countermeasure against the non-sleeping magician, Glenn, two items of fire tolerance.

I made it from the materials from the forest that produces jewelry, and 《Red Eye Stone》


灼熱の溶鉱石_画像  《Fire Protection Dust》× 5.
【When used, grant fire protection to PT members.
Damage of Red attribute is cut by 10% for 1 minute】


Subsequently, an item created from 《Crimson stone》 which can be produced by 《upside conversion》 of 《Red Eye Stone》 × 10 pieces as a material.


水の結晶_画像  《Freezing Flame Crystal》× 3.
【Similar to a defensive spell that fairies generate to defend the forest from fire, freezing the flame into the crystal.
When using, it is possible to disable the flame by bringing the crystal into contact with the flame you want to freeze.
However, only flames with a total damage value of 500 or less】


I feel a little anxiety about the quantity.
But this is the limit I can prepare at the moment.


『Okay, let’s go』(Taru) Taru Icon


Yuuki, Kouya, Shizuku-chan, Yurachi and me, five people came out of 《Time is money》




Outside of the bar




When we went to the square in front of the bar, the people of《Hundred Demons of the night》had already arrived.

Roughly 15 people are there.
In the center of the group, there are two familiar magician-like characters.

One person is red hair, the other is ash colored hair.

Glen-san, the non-sleeping magician, the leader of《Hundred Demons of the night》 and Yukio the deputy master.

Glen graciously greets me as he sees I’m coming near.


『How gracious, the beautiful flower responds to my invitation, this non-sleeping magician Glen is extremely excited』(Glen)


The flower is me, isn’t it, I wonder…


『Ha, haa』(Glen)


『Glen, we brought Yukio’s former main weapon《Foster of ice and snow Cane》as promised, are you bringing Yurachi’s《Giant Ring flame Sword》?』(Yuuki)

『 To cut my words in the middle of a greeting, Yu is incomprehensible.
It can not be helped, Yukio, please show them』(Glen)


Glen-san orders Yukio-san, the boy with ash-colored hair stays next to him.
And then a moment later, he brought a large thick sword covering a diameter of 1.2 meters and a width of 20 centimeters.
The scarlet sword is dull and heavy, and the part of the handle was decorated with gold.


『No doubt, it is my《Giant Ring flame Sword》』(Yurachi)


Yurachi is confirming it from the distant.


『Are you satisfactory now?
Well, next time she will show me my stick』(Yukio)


Yukio stuck the big sword to the ground and pointing at me.

I took out 《Foster of ice and snow Cane》 from the equipment storage and show the white weapon that was of Yukio.


『There is no doubt that it is my《Foster of ice and snow Cane》(Yukio)

『Okay, then, we have confirmed both sides.
So from now, Yukio and the pretty angel will exchange.
I forbid anyone other than Taru-san and Yukio to get closer.
is not there any objection to the fact that they trade equipment on this spot?』(Glen)


Yuuki answers Glen’s declaration.


『That’s okay』(Yuuki)

『Well, Yukio. Please go over』(Glen)


Yukio is urged by Glen.


『Taru-chan, please』(Yurachi)


From our side, Yurachi urged me.

Yukio and I are step by step coming closer to each other.
Meanwhile, both parties remained quiet.
Somehow, their eyes are concentrated on us and I feel restless.

And then.
When the distance to Yukio broke down one meter…


[Yukio Lv 11 has applied for a transaction]
[Do you accept?]

The system log flows.


I don’t hesitate to tap Accept.


[Yukio offers a trade system《Giant Ring flame Sword》]
[Choose the weapon to trade]

[《Foster of ice and snow Cane》was set]
[Yukio is checking. Are you sure that this exchange content is correct?]


Again, confirm the name of the weapon Yukio is offering to exchange.


《Giant Ring flame Sword》


No doubt.

[Trade has been established]
[You got《Giant Ring flame Sword》]


『Fuu…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Ahaha, I never thought that I would be killed by you.
Glen-san says that there are poisons on beautiful flowers, but I guess it’s not wrong』(Yukio)


Yukio, who finished the trade, waves his hands and turns back to the 《Hundred Demons of the night》

I also return to Yuuki and Kouya’s party.


『Well, the transaction is over with this, Glenn』(Yuuki)

『Well then, we are leaving, we are different from a magician who keeps logging in like you』(Kouya)


The moment Yuuki and Kouya said the goodbye and turned away,
Four members of the《Hundred Demons of the night》moved to block us.


『Well well,
As expected of the Ese Knight who holds the hypocritical sword,
You can make an unquestioned remark』(Glen)


Glen use his hand to brush his hair while Yuuki and Kouya stare at him.


『Is this it?
The Tongue, which shows how low minded of you are, just like a lowly demon』(Kouya)


Kouya fixes his glasses and makes fun of Glen.


『Ha, that attitude to look down on others, as expected of the knight of the wind』(Glen)

『Which one?』(Kouya)


Unnoticed, in a position that surrounds us, the members of the《Hundred Demons of the night》revealed more.
It seems they were hiding somewhere.

Together with the number of people who were there from the beginning, there are more than 20 people that surrounding us.


『Well, that’s fine.
For the foolish knights flock together.
No matter how stupid you are, do you really think that it will end just like that?』(Glen)

『 Demons are just demons in the end,
Barbarous from the beginning.
If you want to have a fight, can’t you just say it quickly?』(Yuuki)


Yuuki provokes with sarcasm.


『That’s why, you, (the low way, ki-sama), are the fool beyond saving』(Glen)


Glen laughs at Yuuki.


『Glen-kun, what do you want to say?』(Yuuki)

『 Isn’t it boring with just PvP?
Because it is obvious that we will win』(Glen)


As Glen says that confidently, Kouya raises his glasses and responds right away.


『Well, what you wanted to say is that you, the strong will always win against us, the weak no matter what, right?』(Kouya)


When Kouya said that, Glen looked at me triumphantly.


『That idiot older brother (Baka Aniki). Because he is in front of Taru, he probably wants to show up』(Yurachi)


And when Yurachi said, Glen glared at her.


『Yura, do not say extra things』(Glen)

『I don’t want to be ordered by this idiot older brother』(Yurachi)


I can feel the wind blows with how Yurachi treats her older brother.


『Anyway, to show which one is a better mercenary group, let’s do 4 vs 4 PvP』(Glen)

『4 vs 4 …』(Yuuki)

『Bring it on』(Kouya)


Yuuki and Kouya look at each other and nod.


『However, the pretty flower must be included』(Glen)


That said, Glen nominates to me.


『Wha…』(Taru) Taru Icon


I was surprised by it.


『 We won’t let Yukio, who is our deputy’s head with a level difference, participate as a handicap.
In addition to that, there are four people challenging this fight.
This is subject to three people participating in battle.
How about it?
Or are you just some pathetic knights who can’t even protect one pretty flower?』(Glen)

『Is involving the irrelevant mercenary in a clan fight, is that your way to show up?』(Yuuki)

Is that a word a senior player, who robbed the precious potion of an unrelated mercenary, can say?』(Glen)


And the non-sleeping magician laughs Kuhaha….


『What do you mean?』(Yuuki)


Yuuki asked back in a low voice.


『According to the information brought by our members,
You took away the valuable potions from this innocent girl,
And you even used her as a bait to fight off the assault of our members brilliantly』(Glen)

『That’s wrong, she used the potions and items with her own will』(Kouya)

『We also explain the preciousness of potions firmly』(Yuuki)


Kouya denied it and Yuuki also added another explanation.


『Be protected by the children who we should protect.
Of course, isn’t this awful for the knight of the wind and the Ese knight?』(Glen)

『!』(Don’t know who)

『If you say it isn’t so, then show it to me.
Let her join in the battle with her will,
to see whether she takes the initiative to help you and use her items,
I want to see with my own eyes!』(Glen)


Glen spreads his hands and cries out to the sky.
To such a stubborn magician, Kouya heaves a sigh and looks back to me.


『… Taru, are you okay with this?』(Kouya)

『If you are fine with me, I’ll fight together』(Taru) Taru Icon


When Yuuki hears my words, he declares it to Glen.


『Okay, we will start in three minutes, I’d like to confirm the PT configuration firmly』(Yuuki)

『Okay, we will wait for three minutes』(Glen)


As he said so, Glenn made a reminder to the surrounding members and instructed them to leave a distance from us.

Yuuki, Kouya, Shizuku-chan, Yuragi and I make a circle with us face to face.


『Well, it has become a strange flow』(Yuuki)


Yuuki drops the volume of his voice and talks.


『However, this time we should thank for Glen’s consideration』(Kouya)


Kouya says something that I don’t understand well.
However, other members of the 《Hundred Knights of the night》 also nod with it.

What does it mean?
Although it should be only item transactions, why should we be thankful for having a fight against our will?


『Why?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Shizuku-chan replies to my pure question with a smile.
Maybe this is the feeling of 《getting into a group?》
Get on to other members?


『We are people of two different sides in the Clan 《war》, Taru-chan』(Shizuku)

『If such mercenary teams face each other, they will kill each other
This is Clan-Cran, It’s the common sense of players living in the《Moon Tear》』(Yurachi) (Unclear what Moon Tear is but it’s in Katakana and in [  ])

『Bet on your sword, magic, wealth and pride』(Yuuki))

『What do you think will happen after the weapons trading just now is over?』(Kouya)


Naturally unlimited PvP?
A group full of bullies begin by making use of the difference in the number of people without asking questions.


『With the members of the black and white faction, even though they have the members advantage,
He is still bothering to take the trouble to challenge in an equal number fight』(Yuuki)

『They prevented the indiscriminate PvP after trading』(Kouya)

『Well, I guess it’s true that isn’t something he normally does』(Yurachi)


Yurachi blurred as if she was amazed.


『I guess Glenn is always somewhat weird like that, but I don’t think he will do such a thing, won’t he?』(Kouya)


Kouya looks at me with a grin.

Naturally other members of 《Hundred Knights of the night》also look at me


『What…?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Ah, that stupid brother (Baka Aniki), I think he wants to show a nice thing to Taru-chan』(Yurachi)


Bitter smile*


『I think they will not attack against Taru-chan while in battle』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan also smiles a wry smile.


『 Wasn’t there such a thing before? Well, it was just like Shizu said?』(Kouya)

『Well, just as we explained.
Hey, Glen-kun…』(Yuuki)


Kouya and Yuki both have a dark smile.


Well, I don’t need to worry if they (the enemy players) look down on me.

And if they really don’t attack me, it’s rather convenient for me.
From the low level of mine, I might be K.O even with a single blow, it would be troublesome.


『Even though Taru-chan recovers us with the item
That idiot elder brother has confidence and power to give enough damage to the extent that its recovery amount can’t catch up.
So, I guess he just wants to show up』(Yurachi)


After hearing Yurachi’s complaints, Yuuki starts talking with a serious face…


『Three of other enemies should be…』(Yuuki)

『Perhaps, the only type of long-range attack type is Glen.
Other members should be the wall (meat-shield/tanker) role and the close combat type』(Kouya)

『We also need a tanker and close combat to take charge, so it’s me and Kou』(Yuuki)

『We also need Shizuku, who is strong with blue magic to oppose Glen’s red magic.
And Taru, the alchemist, is required to join in』(Kouya)


Kouya puts his eyeglasses makes it shine elegantly as he says that.


『Well… Taru, an alchemist… is it okay?』(Yurachi)


Yurachi-san is somewhat worried as she looks at me.

I was able to get along with Yurachi-san.

And I want to spread the amazing image on alchemy.


『Wait, anyway. I’m telling you it will be okay, the three of us are with her』(Yuuki)


Yuuki tells that to Yurachi-san with a fresh smile and he smashes his sword against his shield.


『Yes, we have only one thing to do』(Kouya)


Kouya smiled wildly and smashed both his gauntlets together.


『Yeah, that’s right.』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan also hits the ground lightly with her cane.


『Taking Glen-san down』(Taru) Taru Icon

Taru Roselia-new.gif

(T.N: in case you want to know her information, http://kiseki.wikia.com/wiki/Roselia)

I proclaimed the punch-line at the end.

Naturally, the corner of my mouth lifts.

How does this wicked smile of the silver hair beautiful girl (bishoujo) appear in the human eye?


『Well, I…!』(Yurachi)


And then, Yuuki pats his hand on Yurachi-san’s shoulder.


『Taru has only gone through a PT of four, Shizu, me and Kou. You don’t know her skill yet to co-op with her』(Yuuki)

『If you join in, you might hold us back, Yurachi-san』(Kouya)


Kouya laughs with a *Ku Ku Ku* sound.


『Uwaaaa, Shizu and Taru-chan. Yu and Kou are being mean to me』(Yurachi)


Yurachi-san comes crying to Shizuku-chan…


『I will try harder for Yura-chan’s part as well』(Shizuku)


I also give my thumb up.


『Yurachi-san, leave this to me』(Taru) Taru Icon


We are rather loud, we can’t call it a secret strategy meeting.




『Glen-kun! You are ready for this?』(Yuuki)


Yuuki sends off the declaration of war to the enemy with a high voice.


And our opponents…

Just as Kouya expected, the long-range attack type is only Glen.

Standing beside him is three people:
first, a light mercenary who held a spear in both hands.
second, a mercenary with a long sword on his back and looks solid.
third, a mercenary with a full plate armor.

Glen scratches his red hair and hits his cane on the ground.


『Because of my burning flame is for a funeral
There is no one who can avoid it』(Glen)


And the leader of《Hundred Demons of the night》, Glen, points his cane to the leader of the 《Hundred Knights of the night》, Yuuki.


『Prepare yourself.
I will burn your hypocritical skin.』(Glen)


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    You took away the valuable {portions}->{potions} from this innocent girl,

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