Taru Chapter 18: The Alchemist who negate the Crimson Flame.

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T.N: I can’t stop playing Atelier game, and worst of all, there are 3 Atelier games at the same time.

Taru Chapter 18: The Alchemist who negate the Crimson Flame.



『Let me tell you,
All of us also have plenty of potion and know about it』(Knight-like Player)


His face can’t be seen through the helmet,
The full-plate-armor player tells us with a melancholy sound and slowly pulls his longsword out from the sheath


『So, do you think lower level players like you stand a chance against us with it?』(Spearman Player)


Spread both his legs wide-opened, the other player lowers his posture and readies his spear.
He deems to think that it’s useless no matter how much potions I use.


『Glen-kun should have focusing increased his level points for MP and magical power』(Yuuki)

『That’s why his HP should be fairly low. If we can stop his fire abilities (magic), we may be able to kill him rather fast』(Kouya)


Yuuki and Kouya ignore the enemy’s provoke and quietly murmur.


『What are you murmuring for?
You guys!』(Glen)


Glen frowns his eyebrow and commands his vanguards to attack.


『Alright! We will attack as well!』(Yuuki)



As Yuuki and Kouya heard the Vanguard players shouted so, they also tried to intercept them.


『Wait』(Taru) Taru Icon


I stopped those two people who are trying to charge ahead as well.


『Believe me. Just pretending to thrust』(Taru) Taru Icon


When they suddenly hear it, they are dumbfounded for a moment.
At the battlefield where the enemies are almost attacking, I keep staring at those two.

And those two believe it.
My friends nodded like the thoughts were transmitted.

After the short moment talk,
I look at the backs of those two, who move ahead again and I smirk.


『Do you want to play demon extermination?』(Yuuki)

『Oni is Out!』(Enemy Player)


Yuuki shouts so to provoke the enemy as the distance between them shrank.

The closer the enemies come in contact, the more I can feel tingly on my skin.

Is this how the PvP feels by players?
The tranquility of the surroundings, the blood-hungry pressure, and the enthusiasm for battle are on my whole body

And just a moment before the tide reaches climax and the vanguards collide at each other.
I moved behind those two and threw the《Kemuri Ball + 3》 to the enemy vanguards at the best timing.


『Wh, what !?』(Enemy Player)

『Smoke!?』(Enemy Player)


Swordsman-san and Spearsman-san, who have their field of vision blocked by a white smoke curtain and are upsetting.

Then, Yuuki and Kouya pretending to thrust like I ask as they raise their voice again.


『First of all, we will do away from you!』(Yuuki)

『Take advantage of the smoke and kill the demons!』(Kouya)


Other people can have a clear view with the smoke.
As Glen-san hears it, he shows impatient and cries out.


『Calm down, you guys!
Ready your potions!』(Glen)


Then Yuuki and Kouya do as I told, charge ahead, make a U-turn in front of the smoke and begin to retreat.


《The burning soul is a person’s shouldered destiny
Show me the instant spark in that transient flame》(Glen)


The Non-sleeping sorcerer begins to chant without hesitation.
His movement and voice was certainly fluency and elegance that people normally couldn’t do unless they practiced it many times.

Even though he has a prideful attitude from time to time, he may have tried as much as possible in magic.
His voice was full of confidence.


《Blooming Flame (Flare)》!』(Glen) (Blooming Flame is in JP, Flare is in EN/katakana)


Glen-san’s magic was activated at a speed that I have never seen from Shizuku-chan.
A bright red flame was shot from his cane, and white smoke was overrun by red as if blowing off.

Apparently, Glen-san used the flame to blow away the smoke, Yuuki, Kouya…
And of course even his allies.
It was a sweeping strategy to have his companion endured his own flame, so he instructed his allies prepare for potions.

That flame is widespread and slowly catching up to the retreated Yuuki and Kouya.
I judged that the Red Magic seems about to catch my close friends and I pulled out the item from the inventory.


『Ei!』(Taru) Taru Icon

Taru Rorona Ice Bomb.gif

And then I threw the 《Freezing Flame Crystal》 to the flame that coming out of the smoke.
The flame is instantly solidified its shape and spreading from the part where the crystal touched.
The intangible crimson is dominated by solid blue.
It was instantly transformed into ice.

I’m glad.
Somehow it works just fine…

I look at the crystal clear ice mass with a satisfied feeling and breathe a relief.


『What happened just now?』(Player?)


In a sense, the surroundings around this beautiful sight can be said to be awkward.


『Hey, what is it just now?』(Player?)


『What, what happened?』(Player?)

『Such a thing. Did they freeze Glen’s flame?
Who the hell can do with this?』(Yukio)


Yukio, the deputy head of the enemy, is looking at the ice with a startled face.

From the outsiders who were observing the battle, it seemed that the giant ice suddenly appeared at the moment when the smoke was scattered by the power of the flame.

And, of course, in the ice.
There were the enemies, swordman-san, and the spearman-san, who were in the flame before.
Because Glen-san’s triggered fire now have become ice, their bodies are seriously troublesome.
Their whole bodies aren’t immersed in ice, but the long-sword kun is frozen from the waist down and left arm, the spear-kun is frozen from the upper body and right ankle.


『What did you do?』(Glen)


Glen-san is staring at Shizuku-chan as he wonders whether Shizuku-chan is able to use such strong blue magic skill.

As I quickly observe the situation of the enemy Vanguards. Perhaps they are frozen in the ice rather fast because their HP is barely damaged at all.

But the effect is enough, they are in such a situation where they can’t move for a while.
However, there may be just a little time for the restraint.

We have to take Glen down before the ice melts.


『Well, Taru, did you do it?』(Kouya)


It seems that Kouya is also surprised.


『How, how?』(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan is also dumbfounded (pokan)


『There are things I want to hear, but for now, let’s take advantage of this opportunity』(Yuuki)


As expected of the leader, he gave the same opinion as my opinion. Yuuki urged the members not to miss this great opportunity.


『Maybe that ice will not hold for a long time. But while the vanguards can’t move, we have to defeat Glen-kun』(Yuuki)


And then, while the members of the 《Hundred Knights of the night》 uniformly nod and try to move…


『Wait a moment』(Taru) Taru Icon


Before everyone gets scattered, I take out a small bag tied with a strap and sprinkle the powder contained in it.
All the PT members had lit a spark, the red sparkling particles were sprayed.



《System logs》
The 《dust of fire》has been used
The red magic damage is cutting by 10% for one minute



『This is……』(Yuuki)


Yuuki keeps a close eye on me while confirming protection of the fire-dust.


『Beware of Fire』(Kouya) (T.N: the warning you usually see at fuel container)


Kouya laughs nicely and jumps towards the enemy.


『Oh, isn’t this a lucky charm?』(Yuuki)


Following Kouya, Yuuki also runs with his shield on the front.


『Shizu, I’m counting on you!』(Yuuki)


At the same time, Yuuki gives his short signal, the girl’s voice echoes.


《Water, be my fist and break down the threat》(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan starts chanting.


《Big Flame Ball, burn my enemies》(Glen)


Glen-san also began chanting.
And I can see the difference in capacity there. His cane began to shine on a bright red light.


『This is the power of the non-sleeping magician…』(Taru) Taru Icon


I mumbled myself unintentionally.
Because even he started after Shizuku-chan’s chanting ended but he was the one who first activated the magic.




The high-temperature ball was as big as a rock.

It was twice the 《Fireball》 that Shizuku-chan used in 《The Sinking Prairie》

Moreover, there are three Fireballs flying at Kouya and Yuuki at the same time.
I’m really scared if something with such power is flying at me.

When trembling in such a way, the voice of the girl echoed next to me.


《Water splash》(Shizuku)


From her cane,
Three fists created by water,
They crashed into the 3 fireballs from Glen and blew up.

Bofu~n (SFX)

The battle between magic and magic.

The water was evaporated and the fire was gone.

From compatible, the water should be advantageous toward the fire, but it was offset.
Doesn’t this mean Glen-san has really high magical power?


《Air Leap》(Kouya)


While I am admiring the magic fight, Kouya uses his ability and jumps toward Glen.

Kouya, who arrived by Glen-san’s side, released his fist with both hands.
However, the Non-sleeping magician received it well with his cane.

The wand, that he equipped with, is made from brass and sturdy.
If you get hit by it, it will be painful.


《For the people who wish for smoke, blood, and flame. Judgment Flame Hammer》(Glen)


As Glen-san used his cane to guard the attack from Kouya, he began to chant as soon as possible.
He also keeps going backward, takes advantage from the shock he received.

And then, Glen-san activated his magic.


《Flame Strike (Eira Swing)》(Glen) (T.N: Flame Strike is JP, Eira Swing is EN/Katakana)


Immediately after that, a small fire was lit at the end of Glen’s wand and he swung it toward Kouya like a bat.
It’s a full swing like a baseball player’s batter.

Kouya tried a quick guard with one gauntlet, but the moment when the cane touched it.
A crimson flame was blown up.




At that moment, Kouya was blown off with a flame and rolling all over on the ground.



Kou: HP 103/230



Even at Kouya’s level… It’s more than half HP with one blow.
Then again, Glen doesn’t seem to be intact. His green HP bar is decreasing slightly.

Finally, Yuuki got close to Glen-san and tried to swing his sword.


《For the people who wish for smoke, blood, and flame. Judgment Flame Hammer》(Glen)


Glen managed to receive the sword with his cane somehow and began to chant again.


《Flame Strike》(Glen)


Glen-san is trying to hit his stick the same way as he blew off Kouya, Yuuki lowered his posture and tried to catch it with a shield.


『I knew you would do it, 《Giant’s shield》(Yuuki)


With that weight the shield reached the ground, Yuuki crouches to hold his shield.
The Giant Shield received Glen’s short distance explosion magic by weight and thickness. However…



Yu: HP 380/410





Glen-san laughs with his nose and then goes back a  few steps.


《Far, far away, Deliver the water which is the source of life》(Shizuku)


While I hear Shizuku-chan starts chanting, I rush to Kouya who is lying on the ground and quickly use 《Emerald Tear》 to restore his HP.


《Kill a warrior is a sign of fire.
Show anger with the heat, come and suffer from your sins》(Glen)


Once again, Glen-kun moves back while blocks the sword attack from Yuuki with his cane and starts chanting after Shizuku-chan has completed her chant.

As expected, he is a really strong magician.

I can’t help but be impressed with the high-level players as I observe.

Then again, I’m really low level with low status, I don’t have many strategies.


『No, I failed to answer!』(Shizuku)


Immediately after Shizuku shouted her magic failure.


《Flame Road》(Glen)


Then a flame of 1 meter in diameter appeared from Glen-san’s cane, it stretched over the spiral as it was and it was released in a straight line.
And then, the living fire attacks Yuuki.
The prison flame didn’t stop at Yuuki, it extended to Kouya next to me as well.




Kouya immediately pushed me away to avoid getting caught up.
Then Yuuki and Kouya are burned in the flame because they can’t move from where they are yet.





Yu: HP 263/410
Kou: HP 67/230


My hands are trembling as I watch my friends burn in the flame.
Somehow, I have to do it.


『Ha ha ha ha ha!』(Glen)


As he saw those two burns in flame, Glen laughs out loud.


『Everything is helpless in front of my flame』(Glen)


It goes without saying that he makes a great pose while saying that word.

However, it can be said that he is like a fool who drunk in power, anger which has lower judgment.

And then he looks at the enemies with a calm eye.
Glen lifts the cane over his head and starts chanting again.


《Black flames of hatred, Now break through the chain and devour my enemies!》(Glen)


He has an exalted gesture. It’s an irreverent behavior but his expression expressing chanting as joy.
It all smelled the climax, which is trying to show a finishing strike.
He has no doubt in his perfect victory.


『I will not let you do it…』(Taru) Taru Icon


What I can do now.
It is to use items at perfect timing as an alchemist.
That’s it.


『Yu, Kou! Believe me and pushing forward!』(Taru) Taru Icon


I shout at Yuuki and Kouya while Glen is casting.
The two responded to the high voice of the little girl and stood up while their bodies still covered in flame.


『There’s no choice but to go …』(Yuuki)

『Honestly… you are (so demanding) such slave driver…』(Kouya)

(T.N: I can’t choose between both)


They murmured and showed no hesitation as they ran toward Glen as instructed by me.
At the same time, Glen-san activated his magic.


《Three heads watchdog in hell (Hell Cerberus)》(Glen)


Three streaks of black flames came out from his cane.
The flame was shaped like a gigantic gigantic dog, each head moved with a separate will. And it was released like a snake to Yuuki, Kouya, and Shizuku-chan.
I will not let them suffer any further damage.



A13V_x64_Release_en 2018-12-23 19-54-38-64-new.gif

As the black flame continues to come out from the cane over Glen-san’s head.
I threw the 《Freezing Flame Crystal》 on the cane.

My aim is correct, the crystal touched a black flame.
At that moment…

The tip of the cane, which is the base of the flame, freezes at once.
And then the ice erodes to the black flame in the meantime.

The great flame magic instantly became an ice sculpture, it was a masterpiece.
However, it wasn’t clear blue.
While generating snappy and thick sounds, it turned into a blunt shining crystal like obsidian.

I do not know if the property of the black flames is the cause, but the flames of fierce dog’ three heads froze completely, stopped in the air like an art.

The surroundings would have impressed in awe and beauty with everything you see.


『In front of my alchemy all flames are useless (500 damage or less)』(Taru) Taru Icon


I purposely used Glen’s lines in a Doya (smug) face.


『It was frozen again …』(Player?)

『What is that?』(Player?)


The visitors seem to be surprised uniformly.
Glen-san can’t process his thought this time, as if to say that the phenomenon in front of his eyes is unbelievable, he looks at me while he can’t speak clearly.


『You… were you…』(Glen)

《Come, Water. Restrain his freedom》(Shizuku)


Shizuku-chan chanted quickly as to make use of such a gap.
Yuuki and Kouya also seemed to believe in me, using their weapon to attack Glen.


『The knights who dare to stand before me, 《Penetration, cross-stitch fire》(Glen)


Glen-san starts chanting his magic against the two who approached him.




However, the magic of Shizuku is activated sooner, and a small swamp suddenly occurs at the foot of Glen.

Glen, who had his feet in the brown and sticky puddle, lost his balance and was a few moments lag.


《Twin cherry blossoms》(Kouya)


The 2 fist attacks from Kouya hit Glen in the face and the abdomen.
His facial expression distorted but he could still shoot his magic.


《Fire arrow》(Glen)


From Glane’s cane, two burning arrows strike flew toward Kouya and Yuuki.
However, it did not hit either of them, his aim was off because his feet were tangled in the swamp.


《Cross sword》(Yuuki)


Immediately after that, Yuuki attack Glen with a crosscut.
Then Glen’s HP bar ran out and he disappeared.


『Oni extermination, success』(Yuuki)


While shaking his sword, Yuuki declared victory with a refreshing smile while looking at Glen’s disappearing.


『We did it!』(Kouya)

『We did it! Taru-chan!』(Shizuku)


Kouya and Shizuku-chan are running toward me.
I also try to show the guts pose to answer to three people.


『Taru? Is she called Taru?』(Player?)

『To stand against of the grand-master of the 《Hundred Demons of the night》 and disable his infamous magic…』(Player?)

『(Oni) Demon… killing …』(Player?)

『 A child just like Momotaro, right?』(Player?)

『What is it? Then three people of 《Hundred Knights of the night》 are a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant?』(Player?)

『 That kid is a girl ~daze?』(Player?) (T.N: It’s just as what he said. あの子は女の子だぜ? Ano-ko wa onnanoko daze?)

『Well, is that so?』(Player?)


The surrounding is paying attention to me.


『Taru, somehow people starts talking about you』(Kouya)


As Kouya approached,
I caressed my cheek with my forefinger.
I guess he is teasing again.

Oh well, for now, I will enjoy myself from the joy of victory and I will try to tolerate that much attention.


『But this time it’s definitely thanks to Taru』(Yuuki)

『Taru-chan’s alchemy is really amazing …』(Shizuku)


Yuki and Shizuku-chan also show their admiration, I put my hands on my waist with an *ahem* and tried to show a great pose.


『What’s that, Taru? Do you want to look more like a child?』(Yuuki)

『The early story is updating his black history』(Kouya)

『 Isn’t it cute』(Shizuku)


Ha ha ha… and as we have a relax moment after we defeated Glen-san…
It was when thing went bad.


『Hey, did you forget about us?』(Knight Player)

《Spear of the Dead》(Spearman Player)


Suddenly we were called out, we tried to turn around but…
And then, I notice that the spear is penetrating deeply into the chest of Kouya.




Kouya collapses.

Glenn’s PT member, the spearman is posing as if after throwing a ball,
Did he hit Kouya with a distant ability by throwing his spear?

Two of the enemies, who couldn’t move with ice, have returned.
Kouya’s HP is all lost and he disappeared.



『Not good, everyone, becareful』(Yuuki)


Yuuki shouts so while setting his shield.

The spear, that was thrown at Kouya, returns to hands of Spearman as if sucked by magic.
The Spearman took it and heading towards us together with the knight.


『Come, come on! Everyone, let’s fight!』(Knight player?)


As Yuuki’s command, I try to calm down and observe the enemies.

The spearman’s movement speed isn’t fast.
I rushed to use the 《Emerald Tear》 on Yuuki, to make his HP full again.


『Yu, eat this』(Taru) Taru Icon


And I put the 《Extreme Candy Ball》 in the mouth of Yuuki.
As he eats it, he will receive the benefit of attack status improvement of +10 for one minute.


『Hey, didn’t his HP recover in an instant?』(Player?)

『Have a beautiful little girl feeding you in the mouth, rewards …』(Player?)


I heard a strange voice, but now I am concentrating on the battle.

Without Kouya, it’s necessary to maintain the fight with me and Yuuki until Shizuku-chan activates her magic.

For a close fight, I need to increase Yuuki’s attack power.


『Hey, what is this? Bad … What flavor?』(Yuuki)

『Caterpillar taste』(Taru) Taru Icon



Deal with it.
Because I also endure the caterpillar taste before.

In order to recover the MP, I let Shizuku drink honey drops from 《Forest’s Medicine》


『 Don’t worry, it’s sweet』(Taru) Taru Icon


I laugh a little as I tell her.

Anyway, the preparation is complete. It’s personal warfare! I was excited, but the knight suddenly invoked his ability.


《Rampage》(Knight Player)


Even though his movement seemed to be heavy by the full-plate armor so far.
One step is considering big, he gradually closes his distance before Yuuki.

As he swings his long sword from his back, he can only attack from the top to the bottom.
Yuuki managed to receive it with his shield somehow but the impact was considerably heavy.
The left arm with the shield was trembling.

The spearman jumped out from the shadow of the knight, aimed at the Yuuki blind spot.


《 The Piercing thrust of the drunk》(Spearman)


The Spearman stabs his spear into the Yuuki with an unspeakable speed.
It was a tricky move, it’s not an exaggeration to say that it has the appearance of a drunk dance.
Those two must have splendid cooperation.




Yu HP 310/410.


In addition, Yuuki was also knockback.


《Water, be my fist and break down the threat》(Shizuku)


As the enemies approached so fast, Shizuku-chan thought the situation was bad and tried to chant magic as soon as possible.

With Shizuku-chan starts chanting, I pull out the Odachi to guard her.
I have to earn time for Shizuku casting magic time as much as possible.


『Too bad, young lady.
As the grand master was taken down, I will not forgive you』(Knight Player)


The knight swings his sword on Yuuki.
Yuuki was able to block it with the sword held in his hand. However, I could not block it with a small Kodachi and was blown away.

I realized the enormous reach of the long-sword, the range of attack.


『A… u…』(Taru) Taru Icon


And at the same time, my HP became 0, I was killed.
The natural ending of level difference and status difference.
1 Deathblow (1 Hit K.O)


《Emerald Tear》 dropped
17 Eso lost

Such a log flows.


『That girl, she was killed!』(Player?)

『Hey, how could you attack such a cute girl, what’s da F!』(Player?)

『You Bast**d!』(Player?)

『I will also join in!』(Player?)

『Ten… Tenshi-dono!? You… you will pay for it, I will join in too ~degozaru!』(Degozaru Samurai)

『What’s the hell, you bast**d!
This one (Warera ga) will also confront the 《Hundred Demons of the night》!』(An Old-type speaking Player)

『Do you know? This is a world of violent tranquil mercenaries!』(Player?)

『Here I come, I will make you all regret it today 《Hundred Demons of the night》!』(Player?)

『Talk with fists rather than talking with words』(Player?)


It seems that the surrounding players, who have nothing to do with our clan war, are giving a blunt comment one after another.

Finally, when I heard the bustle of the mercenaries, the visibility became blurry black.
I can not see anything, I can’t hear anything and I can’t feel anything.
Is this a feeling of being killed?

As so convinced, the log suddenly floats in the dark.


《System logs》
You have been killed:
It takes 10 minutes to resume and log in the game
Thank you for your hard work. Please log out


In this way, I experienced the first PK (player kill) of Clan-Clan.

Taru 10
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