Taru Chapter 19: A date with the Wiseman Misora

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T.N: I didn’t say about it before but Misora has the habit of repeating the last word in each of her sentences. I will try to make it sounds like how English speakers said but forgive me if it sounds weird.

For example:

I really hope I can know English better to translate smoother, I really hope so.


PS: 3 Atelier Games are really bad. I can’t stop playing…

Meruru and Totori have really bad graphic but I can’ stop playing it. Unlike FF15, super HD graphic but it can’t keep me for long.

Taru Chapter 19: A date with the Wiseman Misora


After my first PK in game, I logged out and slept.
And then I logged in to Clan-Clan the next morning.
It is the second day of summer vacation.


『And that how it was, George』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I see, you must have quite a fun adventure, right?』(George)


Right now, I’m talking about last night’s event to the Okama-san at 《Shikenzen skill ☆ George 》

By the way, George tells me that he doesn’t need the honorific in his name and insists me to call him without it.


『Well, I was a little disappointed that I lost…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『What… hey, what was it that you dropped?』(George)

《Emerald’s Tear》and 17 Eso』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I see, I think I will need a little talk with him, tell me his name』(George)


George is laughing, but his face is distorted and his voice is lower than before.
There is a line around his temple, it is quite scary.

It seems better to calm his anger.


『Well, it’s okay, I don’t need to get it back again』(Taru) Taru Icon


Yuuki and Kouya, Shizuku-chan, Yurachi also said that if I have something in trouble, please do not hesitate to depend on the 《Hundred Knights of the night》

And besides, after I was player-killed in that battle, the battle between《Hundred Knights of the night》 and 《Hundred Demons of the night》 became unpleasant… said from Kouya.

Kouya sometimes has leaked the laughter (T.N: I guess like LOL or ROFL in the message) as he told me about it in the friend message such as 《It is crowded in front of the bar, with mercenaries being in a turmoil for the loli. It’s awesome》

In any case, I really appreciated that I can become friend with Shizuku-chan and Yurachi. The number of friends who I can adventure together has increased.

And our first goal, getting back 《Giant Ring flame Sword》 for Yurachi, already succeeded.

In addition, Yuuki seems to have reported the previous quests a while ago.


Quest hunting for 5 Mofu-Usa has been completed.
You got 50 Eso
Quest collect Snake’s fang has been completed
You got 200 Eso


The log and Eso arrived, my money has become 412 Eso.

Apparently, Yuuki was concerned about being killed and he did not report the quest before that fight.
With the best smile I can afford, I tell George that he doesn’t need to worry.


『Oh my ♪ Tenshi-chan is so nice.
But please tell me if you dropped equipment or important items!
I will chase after him to the end of hell to get it back ☆』(George)

『No, no, now I’m afraid.
By the way, is the item “dropped” when killed “random”?』(Taru) Taru Icon (T.N: Random and Drop in EN)

『 The probability of dropping equipment in《war battle》is zero and 10% in normal PvP case』(George)

『I see.
But there’s also armor equipment as well, so isn’t the possibility of being robbed the main weapon even lower?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Well yeah, but on some occasion, you might also get it』(George)


Just like Yurachi…
And Yukio as well?


『And 30% on the material, 60% on items, so we definitely get more extra than equipment』(George)


I also saw 17 Eso got lost.


『How much will you lose on Eso?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It will be 1 to 10% of your money.
If you deposit your money, you can prevent it from being robbed of a large amount.
Clan-Clan has the bank with 30 thousand Eso minimum deposit』(George)


That is, I can not deposit it unless I save it in my bosom over 30,000 Eso.
If killed before deposit, there is a possibility that I may lose up to 2999 Eso.


『It is pretty severe…
Money… I wish I could save more』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Angel-chan, you will accumulate naturally because you can’t be attacked unless you start the fight yourself. You are Minor Player (15 years old or younger) after all★』(George)


I hope it will be so.
Haaaaaaaa~, I sign off and looks at the counter.


『Honestly… Tenshi-chan is so C-U-T-E~♪』(George)


Somehow, George behaves like that.

I feel like there are a lot of strange things in this store for some reason, but it’s fine.
There are rather few customers, it’s quiet, however, space itself is comfortable and cozy, I like it.
The inside of the store is also fashionable.


Ka~ran, Ka~ran (Door Bell SFX)


And then, the sound of the bells for visitors, which had been attached to the door which should almost never ring in this store, echoes.


『Eh』(Taru) Taru Icon


I am surprised to see that as well.


『Oh my, oh my, welcome ♪ ♪』(George)


Walking passes the side of Okama-san and came into the 《Shikenzen skill ☆ George》, it’s a girl in dark blue robe with a big hat hiding half of her upper face.

The beautiful girl took off her hat and her sky blue short bob hair is showing.





George repeats an unclear word many times over and over again.
His eyes opened wide enough to observe the girl carefully.


Is… she… the… real… one?


It is certainly not strange that George is surprised, but please don’t keep open and close your big mouth while turning your neck nearly 90 degrees.
Seriously, this is awful.

Well, people can see the customer overhead.

Sage Misora
It is written in the color that indicates to the NPC.


『Well, yes, we finally met, Taru. It’s nice weather today, isn’t it?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


The wise man Misora gracefully bowed to me.




A Moment Later



『Wa… wait… hey! Taru-chan!
What on earth is this all about?』(George)

(T.N: How nice to use “What on earth”, I only translate Isekai and I must always change to “What in the world”)


George can’t conceal his dismay, he asks me for an explanation.

It seems that there are many rumors about her, yet nobody has ever met her. It’s pretty upsetting to see the wise Misora.
Moreover, it seems that the situation, the Wise Misora greeted me, gave the Okama-san further confusion.


『Uhm…(eto~)』(Taru) Taru Icon


I was in trouble as I watched Misora-san. It’s because I don’t know how far can I say.
The forest that produces jewels and Misora are being banned from talking.


『I want you to stop prying any further, Shop Owner.
Even if you ask her, Taru-chan will not tell you anything. I forbid her to tell anyone about me』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora-san said that and gave me a nice helping boat.


『No way, such a thing…』(George)

『Ah, uhm, why did you suddenly come to the pioneering city Michel Angelo?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Ignore the troubled George, I ask Misora why she is here.

Then the wise man Misora stretched her thin chest and tapped the floor with a cane on her right hand.


『 Actually I, the wise Misora has kept tabs on you with 《sky magic skill》
However, for a moment your reaction has disappeared.
And I was worried about it』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Sk… Sky magic skill!?』(George)


George is surprised with an unfamiliar skill name.
Because it seems that the story is stalled with the Okama-san here, I urge Misora ahead.


『The reaction disappeared …
What does that mean?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I felt that Taru’s soul disappeared for just a moment』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Is not that when you were killed?』(George)


George joined in the conversation and Misora glared at him.


『What’s this? It seems human beings are doing something unpleasant again, isn’t it?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora glared at George coldly with absolute zero eyes from top to bottom.
I panicked to such a thing, and I tried to explain in a hurry.


『Wait a little, Misora-san, this person is George, a friend that always take care of me, he didn’t do any terrible thing to me』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh my. I will not do anything to the cute Tenshi-chan♪ ♪ ♪』(George)


George puts both hands tightly on his waist and says so.


『… Is it really okay, I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


The wise man quietly looks at George and says so.


『Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


When I nodded, Misora breathed away with *Haa~* and greeted George.


『Shopkeeper, I apologize for the previous rudeness, I’m really sorry. Please continue to take care of Taru, please do it』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Of~ the~ course~ ☆』(George)


Okama-san winks his eyes painfully with the shocking pink mascara on Misora’s apology.


『…Fuu~, Hou~. Well then, I confirmed that Taru-chan is safe.
Let’s move on to the next matter, shall we?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Do you have a business with me?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yeah, it seems humans will open an event called 《Fairy Ball》 soon, isn’t it?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Fairy Ball?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I look back to George, but the Okama-san is shaking his head to the left and right.
It seems like this event wasn’t known even with Pro Player like George.


『Hoo~… well, I heard that the theater is hosted by little boy Theary』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Heard Misora’s words, George starts giving a voice of doubt.


『Theary, right? It’s the name I heard somewhere before… Uhm…
I remembered!
Theary, isn’t it?
This one who control the city Michel Angelo’s Blue Armor Divine Soldier (Deus), the Theary family!
The Lord Theary also gave hint to the existence of the wise Misora!
I remembered it now!』(George)


Blue armor Divine soldier (Deus)…
The prestigious NPC who works as the security maintenance corps to intervene in the conflict between players (PVP)?

There is such a thing.


『Hoo… are you talking about the same little boy Theary that I was talking about?
I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Somehow, Misora’s eyes become sharper suddenly.


『Oh… that… that one』(George)


George is getting ridiculous.


『Well, nice, that’s good. That’s why Taru』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


And then the wise Misora unexpectedly takes my right-hand with an unknown behavior.


『I want you to show me around the pioneering city Michel Angelo, I want you to do it』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora, the wise person smiling gently to me with her eyes as clear as the sky.


『Eh, why …?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『My, Maybe you can understand if I say it like this. Can you understand, I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


And then her face came closer to the point that our nose was almost touching.
It’s too close.

After a moment trying to hide the ups and downs of my inner heart in waiting for the words of the Wiseman.


『I’d like to date Taru』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg



(the most suitable picture, the date of Mira, silver hair Loli with Mariana, blue hair maid)




『Uhm, Misora has talked about the 《Fairy Ball》, so how is it related to us having a guide around the city?』(Taru) Taru Icon


From that point, I was dragged by Misora by the flow, and now, I’m showing her the road of Michel Angelo.


『Oh my, maybe you still don’t understand yet? Still not understand, I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Saying that Wise Misora is walking sideways to enjoy my reactions.
When the people from the surrounding looks at me, I’m very concerned it.


『Yes … I do not understand』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hmm… hoo…
Well, more than that, right now, you are going to have fun with me touring around this town. Let’s have fun』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


That’s it. Somehow, she keeps looking at the surroundings.
Looking at such a state of Misora, I remembered myself when I first visited the pioneering city, Michel Angelo. And I feel somewhat fun.

The gaze around me is somewhat unpleasant, but when I think that I can see her have fun, I don’t mind about it anymore.

Although she is NPC, she is really a beautiful girl with blue hair.
Her age only looked around 14-16 years old.

Although I was in VRMMO, I experienced walking around the city and having a date with such a beautiful girl.
There is no reason not to be pleased.
Besides, her left hand is connected to my right hand from a little while ago.

I’m very happy.

If I didn’t make a “mis-confession” to Akane-chan, it must have been more pleasant.
If the confession to Akane-chan went well, by any chance, I wonder if we can have a date like this in real time.

No, let’s stop it.
I feel that my happiness meter is going down.


『Taru-chan, what’s wrong?
What’s the matter?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora looks at me anxiously.
I have been rude.

Now I am on a date with Misora, but I think about another girl.


『No, it’s nothing』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hmm, hoo…
Well then, Taru.
I would like something delicious, I’d like some.』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Even if she said she wants to have some delicious things…
I also just started Clan-Clan yesterday, I went here and there in Michel Angelo yesterday but I wasn’t familiar with the city except for the main facilities.

And now, I need to show the first time visitor someplace to eat meals in VRMMO.
However, I’m a man here, I must escort the girl properly.


『Uhm, Misora, may you wait for a little bit?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hmm… hoo, it’s okay. Of course』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


I hurry up and check my friend list.
Currently, logged in members are only Kouya and Yurachi.
And I type a friend message to Kouya in this game right away.


『Kouya, is it okay to talk a little now?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『What happened, Taru.
To be honest, I am busy now. 』(Kouya)


I tried exploring the place of Kouya at the friend list and he seemed to be in the same pioneering city, Michel Angelo.
To be inside a city, not a dungeon but he is busy.
Is it PvP?


『There is something I want to ask a bit.
You do not have to answer when you are in PvP』(Taru) Taru Icon

『No, actually I can handle it』(Kouya)


What on earth are you doing?
Would you rather end up asking briefly?


『Well then, I have a question.
I want to eat delicious and cheap food at Michel Angelo?
Do you know a store that I can go for?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Ah, you. You made Yuuki eat some candy ball, didn’t you?』(Kouya)


Do you mean 《Extreme candy balls》?
Caterpillar taste (a ha ha).


『And about that topic,
Because this game has a taste engine, you can have a taste.
However, you can’t fulfill your hunger feeling, you know』(Kouya)

『Oh, yeah.
Even so, tell me.』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yeah, how about the cafe 《Terrace》?』(Kouya)

『《Terrace》?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Cafe Terrace, is it a cafe or a shop?


『It’s a store that handled lighting food products.
The appearance is a fancy cafe of the open terrace』(Kouya)


What are the illuminating ingredients?
Is it an open terrace?

It seems like a good atmosphere as a date, but we might be showering with the surrounding gaze, I want to somewhere quiet to enjoy meals slowly…


『Ummm』(Taru) Taru Icon

『If you don’t like it, then I’d recommend 《Intriguing Cloud Flower Tea room》(Kouya)


There is such a relaxing place.


『What kind of place is it?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yeah, it’s a shop that uses fluffy items as ingredients.』(Kouya)

『What is the interior of the shop?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Well, it’s ordinary seat 』(Kouya)

Okay, I decided there.
I ask Kouya about the location of the store and give him a thank.


『Thank you! Well then!』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh, wait, Taru』(Kouya)


It’s not good to keep Misora waiting, so I try to end it soon, but Kouya enthusiastically drops the bomb on me. (metaphor)


『Actually, according to the information, that I collected earlier, it seems that some players say that they spotted NPC Wise Misora』(Kouya)

『Eh……』(Taru) Taru Icon


Surely, she is next to me right now.


『Taru, you were concerned about Misora, the Wiseman, right?
Various Players, including me and Yurachi, are looking for the wise Misora now.
You can eat meals later, Taru. So, won’t you go with me to look for Wise Misora together?』(Kouya)

『No … … I … ….』(Taru) Taru Icon


I am holding hand in hand with the person herself.


『Hey, the NPC in the rumors, that no one has seen before, has finally revealed herself!
This is the situation, that it isn’t surprising if it might be a flag for a big event to occur anyhow!
Let’s search for her with us, Taru』(Kouya)


She certainly came to announce that there will be an event called 《Fairy Ball》

Don’t tell me, this will be an important event.


『Sage, Misora?』(Player?)


As I got lost how to response to Kouya, some players passed by, look at Misora’s overhead, looking at the NPC name and raise their voice.


『… Taru-chan, do you understand why I have peculiarly attracted people’s attention from a little while ago?
Do you understand?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora feels slightly disturbed.
If she knew that her information is spreading to the public, she might be angry.


『 Sorry, right now isn’t the time. See you later』(Taru) Taru Icon


I cut the friend message with Kouya and reply to Misora.


『Well, isn’t that because Misora is very cute?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hoo…hmm? I wonder if it’s really so? Is it true?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

Misora staring at me with a pupil that seems to have passed through my deception.


『… It’s true that what you are really cute』(Taru) Taru Icon


While diverting my eyes, I answer.


『Hmm. Well, it’s fine. Alright.
Now, I will enjoy having a date with Taru-chan,
Let’s have fun, shall we?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Well, I have asked my friend about a store so let’s go there』(Taru) Taru Icon


Anyway, I urge Misora to go ahead and move from the main street of Michel Angelo.

In contrast to my impatience, I never encountered the group looking for the Wiseman Misora.
When we passed each other, there were often mercenaries who stared at Misora, but somehow we managed to arrive at 《Intriguing Cloud Flower Tea room》


『Here it is』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hoo, hmm, 《Intriguing Cloud Flower Tea room》(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


The appearance is an ordinary wooden two-story store.
Looking at the menu stand in front of the door, it is only written that 《All of our shop products are cloudy》


『Hmmm… clouds are floating freely in the clear sky (pronoun as Misora).
Maybe Taru-chan thinks of my name Misora,
so, you choose this shop, I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Ah, no, I did not notice it.』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hoo, hmm, but I’m happy. Let’s get inside, come on!』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora issued a vigorous cry, and as we entered the store, the NPC waiter took us to our seat.
After the waiter goes away, a cheerful Uncle (Oji-san), who seems to be the chef greeted us.


『Ho ho ho, it’s still not the noontime yet. Welcome young misses』(Chef)

『Hmm, like-wise, shopkeeper』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Eh, Hello』(Taru) Taru Icon


As he saw me and Misora, the Uncle Chef was surprised for a moment and then he grinds/brushes his beard with his left hand.


『How amazing. To think we have such 2 beautiful young lady customers today.
My name is Nyuudou, I am the chef and shop owner of this place』(Nyuudou)

『You can cook?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh ya, I have confidence with my cooking skills』(Nyuudou)

『Awesome! Well, then do you collect materials as well?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh, Young Miss is sharp …
That’s right, all the dishes here are based on the materials I’ve collect』(Nyuudou)


He is the same as me, I got excited about the person who gathered the material steadily and worked hard for his production for the first time.
No, George is also a producer with decorative skills, but I have never seen George making something, so I have a fresh feeling.


『It’s really fun to do it』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Taru-chan, your drool is coming out, it’s coming out』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Oooh Ooh… I’m so glad that you think so.
Nothing beats that feeling.
So, what are our ladies ordering?』(Nyuudou)


He passed a menu and I look through.

【Spider’s pasta • 50 Eso】
【Mokumoku salad • 30 Eso】
【Addictive Moku Ramen • 70 Eso】
【Rain cloud pot • 90 Eso】
【Examination of Thunderclouds • 120 Eso】
【Cloudy and sunny juice • 10 Eso】

【Today’s recommended menu】
【White Cloud Curry Rice + Moku Slime Jelly • 80 Eso】

There were only cooking names that I do not know well.


『Today’s recommendation, please!』(Taru) Taru Icon


Normally, this should be good.
I raise my hands well and order so.


『Well then, may I ask you to the same as Taru, would you please do so?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora tells Nyuudou-san so and turns to me as she smiles.
Somehow, my heart seems to skip a little bit.


『Um um, well then, this a “service” to Young Ladies』(Nyuudou)


As he says so, Nyuudou brought two cups of juice with a straw and put on the table.


『《Cloudy and sunny juice》.
Please drink it』(Nyuudou)


Apparently, it seems to be a gray liquid at first glance.
However, I think of it as a precious service and try to drink it.
The stimulation peculiar to carbonic acid which made me feel like drinking a cola.

That’s it.
To be honest, it’s not tasty.
Misora also seemed to be the same, with a vague expression.


『Ou Ou, young ladies, if you drink it when it’s cloudy like that, your face will be cloudy as well!
Mix them properly and draw from the straw』(Nyuudou)


As I stir the cups as instructed, the dull gray juice is changing to clear blue.
Just like the sky will clear up from cloudy.


『Hmm, humans make something interesting, it’s interesting』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora seems to be surprised at this too.
And then we try drinking the clear blue juice again.
It tasted like refreshing carbonated grapefruit this time.


『Oh, tasty!』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Indeed, this is very delicious. Tasty』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Haha, look at the face of the ladies now, any men will feel sunny even if their mind is cloudy』(Nyuudou)


While saying such a thing, Nyuudou-san went away to the kitchen.


『Thank you, Nyuudou-san!』(Taru) Taru Icon


Then, while we are chatting…
Whether the fairies are doing fine,
What do they usually do?
The conversations keep going without anything special…
The food seems to have been completed.


『Yes, kept you waiting (Omachi)!』(Nyuudou)


Nyuudou-san shouted like a ramen shopkeeper as he brought us the dishes.


『Yes, I was waiting (Omachi)!』(Taru) Taru Icon


And he put the dishes on our table.


『Heii, waiting, waiting?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora also tried to say it after me.


『O, M’ladies are really enthusiastic (Genki)』(Nyuudou)


Nyuudou-san is laughing as he says that.

Well well, today’s main dish, 《White Cloud Curry Rice》
The plate contains rice. That’s normal.
However, ordinary curry should be in brown, but 《White Cloud Curry Rice》 was white.
White roux on white rice.

Moreover, that roux, it looks like some bubble-things.
It seemed fluffy.

That bubble has a smell that I had smelled somewhere.
Yes, a mint system that I can taste exhilarating.
I can smell it from 《Mokumoku grass》 which is also the food of Mofu-Usa.


『… Nyuudou-san, are you using 《Mokumoku grass》?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Young lady, are you also talking Production skill?』(Nyuudou)

『Yes! I am an alchemist!』(Taru) Taru Icon

『You chose such a bipolar skill…, you have guts』(Nyuudou)
『No no!』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I will teach such a lady something special』(Nyuudou)
『!』(Taru) Taru Icon


I feel like a little bit dis-comfortable but at least he doesn’t look down on me, I will listen to him now.


『Do not you know the Mofu-usa?』(Nyuudou)

『Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Then, you know it drops 《Red Eye Stone》, right?
However, there’s other rare drop material names  《Mofu Cotton》(Nyuudou) 羊毛_画像




『Is that true?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, although it doesn’t have much use. However, 《Moku Moku Grass》 and 《Mofu Cotton》 are the main ingredients of 《White Cloud Curry Rice》(Nyuudou)



Is that true?


『Itadakimasu (bon appetit)!』(Taru) Taru Icon 


I use the spoon to scoop rice and an appropriate amount of White Cloud Curry.
And slowly carried it into the mouth.

The texture is…
The cooked rice has a good crispy feel, and furthermore, the fluffy feel of the curry hits the tongue.


『Ho hoe wa!』(Taru) Taru Icon 



I wonder if I can say the fluffy feeling is the main.

No, however, that feeling melts in every chewing until it disappears,
It looks like a roe (salmon roe) which is somewhat similar but not really the same.
Moreover, the taste is sweet curry itself!

What a wonder and taste intertwined each other.


『Tasty!』(Taru) Taru Icon 


Moreover, things like tree nuts and vegetables that I don’t fully understand are entertaining the texture opposite to the soft nature with the curry and add a good spice to the chewy.

Apparently, when I looked at Misora, she was as happy as I was carrying the spoon one after another to my mouth.


『Okay, I decided, my decision』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Suddenly she seems to have decided something.


『Ho~fu, Wa~fu, Ho~i?』(Taru) Taru Icon (T.N: Taru is eating, her words aren’t clear)


The White Cloud Curry is delicious.


『Taru is a strange child』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Yes?』(Taru) Taru Icon


What on earth this really is?
I guess it’s not Miko fruit. Or is it Chico fruit?


『I have been watching Taru-chan along and the humans with my 《sky magic skill》
You don’t seem to be greedy or have any desire for power』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


However, the rare drop of Mofu Usa, 《Mofu Cotton》…
I certainly want it. I might be able to create something new.


『It reassures knowing that there is also a child just like Taru-chan among human beings.
Some fairies met Taru-chan, and there are children who are interested in the city of humans.
I think it will be alright to let Taru-chan take care of them, I believe so』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Eh?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Hey, did she say something weird just now?
I did not listen.


『Please, can you please take the fairies to the example ball for me, can’t you?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Is the example ball called 《Fairy Ball》 organized by the Lord?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Misora nodded and explained.


『I came here today to inspect that, as I did.
In order to observe what kind of life human beings live in, what they look like, how safe they are, and so I ask Taru-chan for a guide around Michel Angelo』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『But, there isn’t such an event announced yet…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Among them, the ball held by the Theary young boy and the King of this country.』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


King? Do we have a king in Michel Angelo?
I finished the curry while worrying about one thing.


『It… it was very tasty, wasn’t it?』(Taru) Taru Icon


For the moment, I will take the reply to take the fairy to the event on hold and say the impression.


『It was really delicious, so tasty.
Thank you for letting me eat such nice things, Taru-chan』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Then, Nyuudou who was watching our situation comes near.


『How is it, M’ladies?』(Nyuudou)

『It was very delicious, I was impressed.』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『It was delicious』(Taru) Taru Icon


The chef laughs and smiles cheerfully.


『Oh, I’m happy, surely, then allow me to bring the dessert 《Moku Slime Jelly》(Ryuudou)


And the next dessert was brought.

The appearance of 《Moku Slime Jelly》 was a round blue jelly ball less than three centimeters with 6 grains in a small dish.

Hey, this blue jelly.
It’s very similar to the rare drop of slime, 《Slime Jelly》


『Taru-chan, about the story we talked about earlier, will you accept it?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


When I gently picked up the 《Slime Jelly》 from my item storage, it was pretty much the same.
Speaking of the difference, the color is delicately creamy.
《Slime Jelly》 as the raw material is more transparent.

I wonder what he added… I am very concerned.
However, I can’t just ask other people about the recipe, which is the hardship of the cook.
It’s an unspoken rule.


『The fairies are fundamentally attracted to fun things』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


What is the difference between ingredients and cooking?
In this way, I have to eat it myself and try to elucidate.

One grain, carry the spoon and scoop the jelly into my mouth.
When I chewed on the jelly, the cold, plush texture, a fluffy feeling was added.

What is this?
It’s a Mofu Pudding


『And besides, when I saw Taru-chan, my distrust for human beings has changed a bit. Yes, I changed.
So I want the fairies to have fun for a bit at the ball hosted by humans,
It’s not a bad idea to show them the outside world. It’s not bad, is it?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


What’s this?

Such as a marshmallow in jelly, such flavor.
Cool jelly is refreshing citrus taste, while marshmallow is slightly sweet.

However, the sweetness of jelly and marshmallow is fused, realizing a relaxed sweetness.
…I am so happy.



『Ah, yess』(Taru) Taru Icon


And then I swallowed it down.


『Well then, that’s fine, right?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Ye… yesss』(Taru) Taru Icon


Anything is fine now.
I have no regret, such a sense of happiness.


『Taru-chan is drooling, it’s coming out, isn’t it?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora smiled *giggle* and took out the handkerchief from somewhere to wipe my drool off without giving me time for a preventive measure.


『Oh, that. I’m sorry』(Taru) Taru Icon

『No, you don’t have to apologize Taru-chan.
Or rather, I should thank Taru for taking care of the fairies,

It’s a thank you instead of an apology』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Eh?』(Taru) Taru Icon


From what I was talking about a little while ago, have I acknowledged that?
Misora-san is a brute force type…?
In the first place, I don’t even know about the event at all, and I wonder if I really accepted…

And as I was wondering so…

Ping* and a Friend message arrived.

Glasses Ikemen Kouya.


『What’s wrong?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hey, Taru!
The information that Misora was holding hands with a silver hair beautiful girl has spread to the sighting information of the Wise Misora.
Was it Taru like I think?』(Kouya)

『Oh, well?』(Taru) Taru Icon


That’s it. Yeah. It’s me.


『And also, somehow the players, who flooded in the previous PvP, are rushing to me』(Kouya)

『Is… is that so…』(Taru) Taru Icon


Somehow, that seems to be tough.
This one is too hard, though.
Well, let’s do our best ourselves then…


『So, where are you in Michel Angelo now?』(Kouya)


Fuii… (*Cute inner scream)

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