Cathia Chapter 4-6: Siblings

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Cathia Chapter 4-6: Siblings


The training method proposed by Lior-san is 《to release the Aura to the limit and feel the Aura while it’s recovering》
It seems that you can improve your sensitivity to the aura in your body by drying it out.
However, there is a problem with this method.


『Even a child also knows that if you release all of your Aura, you will die』(Fina)


Fina-san protests to Lior-san.

Aura is one kind of life energy.
When the aura is running out, your physical condition will be severely disturbed, or even death. That’s why people tend to avoid doing so.


『What I am talking about is stopping one step before that』(Lior)

『It’s no different. There’s a possibility of dying!』(Fina)

『Yes, and what’s wrong with that?』(Lior)

『… …』(Fina)


Lior-san is quite calm.
It was as if he had anticipated Fina-san’s reaction.


『It’s up to Neil to decide. Although there are other moderate measures, however, their effect is small』(Lior)

『I will do it. No, please let me do it!』(Neil)


Neil responded immediately.
Seriously, he is going to do it?


『Neil! Why?』(Fina)

『 I have already experienced my helplessness in the last mission.
The empire has disturbing movements. The domestic situation is still unstable.
Perhaps, we might get more difficult assignment than this time.
At that time, if I’m fighting with my current ability … I will die many times over』(Neil)

『There’s no such things…』(Fina)

『Fina-nee, don’t you see it?
In the tunnel last time, If Cathia didn’t manage to help us, we were already dead.
More than that, the number of worms that I knocked down is even less than Fina-nee.
I don’t think I can do it better even with my new weapon』(Neil)

『… ….』(Fina)

『in addition……』(Neil)


Neil’s face is distorted.
He has a bitter and steep look that is different from his every day bright face.


『Besides, as a man, as a swordsman, there’s nothing more miserable than to have a girl (T.N: I love) keep protecting me…!』(Neil)


He raised his voice as if spit out what had been accumulating in his chest.

As a man, as a knight, he wishes to protect the people.
I didn’t notice his conflict and anguish.
My previous life is also a man and right I’m also a swordsman.

Well, I will hate myself if I have Fina-san protect me over and over as well.


『… I don’t understand! What’s with that reason?
Even if you aren’t cool, even if you are weak, it’s better than dying!』(Fina)



Fina-san turned around and ran away, maybe she could not bear it.
I wonder if I should chase after her…?


『May I ask you to take care of my sister, Cathia-san?
My sister seems to prefer Cathia-san.
Besides, even if I go now it will have the opposite effect…』(Neil)


Neil-san says to me. Somewhat, he seems to have a clearer face by exposing his inner heart.


『Yes, but what to say…』(Cathia)


I don’t understand Fina’s feelings properly.
I even failed to understand the feelings of a man (Neil), how can I understand the feelings of a woman…
When I was pondering, Lior-san crossed his arms and spoke.


『You do not have to say anything.
Just listen to Fina’s story, then answer honestly as you feel』(Lior)

『Is that okay?』(Cathia)

『Yes, that’s okay』(Lior)


Lior-san said so with a gentle voice.

The place where Fina-san can run to is limited.
When I returned to the room I was arranged, Fina-san sitting on the bed holding her knee.





I sit quietly next to her as it is.
There’s no rejection.
The silence covers the whole room and the time passes quietly.
I waited for Fina-san to talk.


『… It was a long time ago』(Fina)



Fina-san talks about something.
The old days


『After our mother died, my older sister… Ren-nee was doing her best instead of our mother.
I was crazy about the painting and I couldn’t care about Ren-nee』(Fina)


『Neil is weak in the past.
When he is small, he was bullied by the children of the same age in the park
Because they are children, they don’t care about the status.
Whether he is a nobleman or not.
Or it may be the cause of the bullying, I don’t know』(Fina)

『… ….』(Cathia)

『It seems that Ren-nee often rushed there, kicked the bullies and brought bring him back.
And to Neil who kept weeping at home, she said: “if you are a man, become strong enough to protect someone or get lost”』(Fina)

『She is a wonderful older sister』(Cathia)

『Yeah, she is kind of violent but she is very strong and cool…
I don’t know if Neil remembers those word.
But it seems that the root of the problem is still remaining…
No way. Is it because of such things?』(Fina)

『… ….』(Cathia)

『Hey, Cathia, what should I do?
As a matter of fact, as his sister like Ren-nee, is it better to support my brother who wants to be strong?』(Fina)

『I don’t understand』(Cathia)


『Ren-san is Ren-san and Fina-san is Fina-san
So… I think Fina-san would better tell Neil-san with your own words』(Cathia)

『…I see』(Fina)


Fina-san got off the bed and said so.
Was this good enough?


『Thanks, Cathia-chan, can you come back to Neil with me?』(Fina)

『Yes. Of course』(Cathia)


She seems a little cheerful now.
I guess it’s fine now.


『Cathia, can I say something strange?』(Fina)


『About how you quietly listen to my story…
Somehow, it feels like my dad or a reliable older man watching over me』(Fina)

『No… there’s no way it’s true 』(Cathia)


I didn’t mean to bring out my masculinity!?
I only heard her story as Lior-san says!


What am I talking about?
Yes, it’s strange, Cathia-chan is so feminine』(Fina)

『Why do you pat my butt!?』(Cathia)

『Ehehehe, you have nice buttocks』(Fina)


If anything, I think that Fina-san’s word is a bit odd!

When we return to the dojo, Lior-san and Neil-san are waiting.
I can’t see other students. I wonder if today’s schedule has ended already.
And Lior-san talks to us.


『Just like Magic, Aura is also susceptible to the mental condition.
You must set your heart to it』(Lior)

『 Don’t try to say stubborn or auspicious things, Ossan (Old man)!
Neil, I will tell you only one thing!』(Fina)


The way Fina-san calls Lior-san is ranked down…
Although Lior-san seems not to care at all.


『Yes, Fina-nee』(Neil)

『To be honest, I can not understand your pride of a man and a swordsman, but…』(Fina)


Fina-san stops and breathes in as she chooses the words.
Choose the word that will convey her feeling the most.


『But I would like you to take care of your life as much as possible.
That’s all I wanted to say. That’s it』(Fina)


It’s the words with a thoughtful feeling.
At last, we heard that.
It’s not twisted, there’s no hard feeling either.
But she must put a lot of thought in there.
The sister’s sincerity to think about her family, the younger brother.

Did Fina-san’s word reach Neil-san properly?


『I may be impatient myself just like how Fina-nee sees it.
However, it’s different from trying to be strong with the cost of my life, I’m trying to survive to become stronger…』(Neil)


『I’m already alright, Fina-nee. Thank you.』(Neil)


Neil-san’s eyes are different from before, I can see the color of determination.
Of course, it seems that Fina-san is also aware.

『… but, you still want to do it?』(Fina)

『Yes, please do not worry, Fina-nee.
I will definitely survive』(Neil)

『…I will not forgive you if you lie』(Fina)


The bond between these two siblings may be much stronger than I think.
I wonder if I feel a little envy that I’m the only child.


『Well, it’s time, Neil.
…It turned out to be somewhat irritated.
When you are ready, start emitting your Aura.
I will judge the limit, so just continue to release your Aura until I give the signal』(Lior)


Lior-san urges to start the training.
By the way, I have something I want to ask.


『What’s about the other students?』(Cathia)

『They are having dinner now.
Or they may return to the dormitory already.
You do not need to worry because I’m already telling them not to enter here』(Lior)


I see. It’s rather convenient.
In order for Neil-san to concentrate on Aura, it’s better to have less noise.


『Suu~ (breath in)
Fuu~ (Breath out)
well then!』(Neil)


After Neil breathes in and out, he starts releasing his Aura.
The Aura was released outside more than usual.
This is…


『It’s like a waterfall』(Cathia)


I spontaneously said it out loud.
Indeed, the amount of discharge looks like a torrent of Aura.
It is incredible.


『This is the amount that enough kills an ordinary human』(Lior)


The remark of Lior-san causes some sorts of discomfort.

In about five minutes, I can see the nervous face that shows Neil-san’s limit.
The emitted Aura starts to decrease.



『Not yet』(Lior)


『It’s no use if he stops now』(Lior)


Neil started breathing heavily
The Blood is running low on his face, it’s pace.
Fina-san is watching quietly.


『Still not yet』(Cathia)

『Not yet, a bit more…!!』(Lior)


The Aura, which was like a waterfall, becomes weaker and weaker.
Gradually, it became more and more invisible…


『That’s it! Neil, stop releasing your Aura right now!』(Lior)


At the moment Lior-san cried so, Neil-san stopped releasing the aura and collapsed on his knee.


cathy shana
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    “『Besides, as a man, as a swordsman, there’s nothing more miserable than to have a girl (T.N: I love) keep protecting me…!』(Neil)” – Man Neil is pathetic


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