Cathy Chapter 4-5: Training Method

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Cathy Chapter 4-5: Training Method


We were guided by Mizuho-san to the dormitory for the teacher near the dojo.
This room seems to be the room that they normally use as a guest room.

When I arrange my luggage, I feel a strong gaze from Mizuho-san…
When I turn my face around, she has the face like saying “I have something I want to ask!”


『… Mizuho-san, is there anything you want to ask?』(Cathy)


Since I can’t endure her gaze any longer, I decide to deal with it right away.


『Yeah, Cathia-san, how did you make the Grand Master teach people like that?
He usually absolutely doesn’t care about other people』(Mizuho)

We call each other by name because I have given my self-introduction when she guided me.
And then, Fina-san, who finished arranging her luggage, joins in our conversation.


『No, actually, that Ogre-san fell in love with Cathia-chan』(Fina)

『Eh? Grand Master is interested in a woman?』(Mizuho)

『Yes yes. He loves Cathia-chan’s lower body』(Fina)

『Hiee. Is it the adult world?』(Mizuho)

『Fina-san, You meanie』(Cathy)


I’m complaining to Fina-san about the way she talked to make misunderstanding on purpose.


『What Lior-san likes about me is my sword’s ability.
He seems to have called out to me after he noticed the strength in my lower body and how to walk (Stance).
As I didn’t want to fight with him, he said he would exchange any one thing he could do for it.
And then, I asked for Neil-san’s aura training』(Cathy)


However, when I thought about it again, he really has good observation eyes.
To think he can figure out the experienced martial artists among the crowds of the town.
It’s a trick that I can’t imitate unless my opponents release their aura.
Maybe I can do it if I gain many experiences in meeting with strong people?


『What’s that. Just when I think the Grand Master is finally interested in things other than battle』(Mizuho)


I wonder if he is single.


『But then again, you are strong enough to make the Grand Master bring out such conditions』(Mizuho)

『Yes, Cathia-san is really strong! Well, let’s go to the Dojo already!』(Neil)


Neil-san, who finished changing clothes, told us so.
He changed clothes to as light as possible so that he can easily train.

Naturally, he changed in another room, he came here because he already finished changing.
However, he is confounded (べらぼう).
It’s an expression that I didn’t see much, but it’s probably nothing because it’s just Neil-san.


『Besides, maybe you don’t know but she is the sword (saint’s disciple)…』(Neil)

『Neil-san, anything beyond that is…』(Cathia)

『Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry』(Neil)


I don’t mind telling them if anyone asks me directly about it.

But I want to avoid spreading the fact that I’m the sword saint’s disciple unnecessary.
I don’t want to use grandpa’s name for something like this.
It seems like bragging, people may get a bad impression.

Neil-san didn’t seem to think about it.
Well, even if we left it alone, the information department will spread it without permission.


『I do not understand well. But when Neil-san’s training is finished, Cathia-san will fight against Grand Master Osamu, isn’t it?』(Mizuho)

『It’s true』(Cathia)

『Well, may I tell everyone about it?
It’s so amazing to witness the match that the Grand Master wanted to fight to the point he agreed to teach people as the bargain chip』(Mizuho)

『I would like to finish quietly if possible though』(Cathia)


I don’t want to stand out.


『No, no, Cathia-chan. It will more convenient to have many people witness this fight』(Fina)


My suggestion was denied.
I know… I know that.
Or rather, Neil-san and Fina-san, you are talking as if I will win.
But if I lose, what will you do?


『Ufu … I guess I will tell everyone, I’m so looking forward to it.』(Mizuho)


Ah, she went away.

To look forward to watching the battle, is she some militant fighter?
After finishing arranging the luggage and returning to the dojo, there were some students who seemed to be the seniors.

I see. They are still having matches…
And, besides that, I can hear people talking about me when looking at me.


『 That person. She isn’t a man?』(Student 1) (T.N: he means he expected a muscle man to fight again a beastkin like Lior)

『Her hair is really bright red』(Student 2)

『But she doesn’t seem to be strong』(Student 3)

『Such a Beauty』(Student 4)

『Huge』(Student 4)


The thing he means by “Huge” is the height, right?

I can’t get used to this, to be noticed by a lot of people.
Or rather Mizuho is quick at spreading the rumors!
It seems that the students here are all listening to the story that I will fight Lior-san.
But how come I can’t see Mizuho-chan, the one that is supposed to spread rumors to people…?


『Oh, you came. Then, I will start right away』(Lior)

『Yes, I will do my best』(Neil)


Lior-san noticed us and declared the start of the training.
I and Fina-san are sitting in a corner in observer mode.


『Okay, show me your aura as much as you can』(Lior)

『Uso』(Neil) (『Uso』means like 『yes』in martial art but 『yes』 can’t show the spirit of the word. Just like in US army, you MUST reply to superior with “Sir, yes sir” not just “yes” or “yes sir”)


Neil-san shows his aura as he shouts his reply.
Yes, it’s amazing aura as usual.
The admiring voice also rose from the students who were watching.
However, Lior-san only showed his dissatisfy expression.


『Hoo, the strength of your aura isn’t bad.
But… do you realize its weakness?』(Lior)

『Yes, I’d like to ask for it. I am aware of my immature.』(Neil)

『Well then, I will not hold back.
First of all, what’s with that aura? Drifting?
Almost nothing left to stay in your body, it’s damn weak.
And also, the unevenness of the aura, there are many places where your defense is thinner.
If your opponent noticed it, they would target that weak point』(Lior)

(T.N: Lior uses rather a strong language like the US military here, which I avoid saying it)


Lior-san’s ranting about Neil-san’s weakness keeps going on.
Indeed Neil-san’s aura control is naive.

Until now, it seems that he thought the effectiveness of the Aura decided by the strength of the Aura.
But even if what Lior-san said went against Neil-san’s belief, he still heard everything with a serious face.
Is that because he is serious about becoming strong?


『Oh, this is rare, Neil has a serious face …
Who is this?』(Fina)

『Fina-san? Please don’t cut in』(Cathia)



Lior-san continues.


『This is something you must do about it yourself. It’s no use unless you realize it yourself, do you get that?』(Lior)

『…Yes, those words, I will carve it in my heart』(Neil)


Oh, Neil-san looks so reliable.
He is unprecedentedly manly.


『Hey, Cathia, Fina, come here』(Lior)


Lior-san calls.
What is it?


『What is it, Orge-san? Are you needing me to attend Neil-san’s training?』(Fina)

『Oh, I want to know his normal state from the eyes of others.
Neil, go and sit over there』(Lior)



Neil-san goes and sits at where we were sitting before.
The other students, who were watching here, are also going back to their training after seeing we are just talking without any training or fighting.


『What would you like to ask?』(Cathia)

『It’s about his concentration ability. Didn’t Cathia already fight with Neil before?』(Lior)

『Just once. Only once』(Cathia)

『So, how was it that time?』(Lior)

『How, you ask… Well, in the early stage, he made quite a surprise move』(Cathia)


『However, it was easy to break down in the second half』(Cathia)

『Well, Fina-san, how about you?』(Lior)

From the old days, whenever he studied anything, he was whether concentrating too much or using too much force that wore him out right away.
I don’t think his stamina is the problem though』(Fina)

『In other words, he can only concentrate well in a short time …
Okay… Neil, come back!』(Lior)


It seems like Lior-san has an idea, he recalls Neil-san.


『You said that your ideal fighting method is to deal a killing blow using the Aura earlier?』(Lior)


That was the strategy that Neil-san thought of before.
Did those two talk about it that far?



『Then there is one thing I must point out.
Don’t you think at all about when you miss that attack or when it doesn’t work?
Make sure to leave after you release a blow, keep distance with your opponent.
Whatever state the other party is in』(Lior)


It is common sense if you think about it, it’s extremely dangerous with a one-way ticket every time.
You should only talk about Aura after improving your tactics first,
Lior-san is concerned about fighting, but he isn’t an idiot to leave him in the open. (T.N: Fighter is different with Berserker)
I’m really appreciated that he taught Neil-san.


『I will thoroughly knock some sense into you until you can control your aura.
I will set the condition, do you want to hear it?』(Lior)

『Yes, please!』(Neil)


The method was decided.


『Okay, this is my opinion. There are stages in aura training』(Lior)


The training stages of Aura by Lior-san are as follows.

First, draw out the Aura within your limit. (T.N: Don’t Limit Break or Overdrive here)
Second, cover the whole body uniformly with that Aura.
Third, suppress the wasteful Aura release.
4th, increase the density of the aura.
5th, change the allocation of aura according to movement.


『And, at this place,
Neil, do you know where you are lacking?』(Lior)

『Eh… the second one』(Neil)

『That’s it.
It’s the prior requirement for the third one as well, you must master it.
On the contrary, in your case, you will be able to pass without having to do the 4th and 5th』(Lior)

『How come?』(Neil)

『That huge Aura of yours is the biggest advantage to compensate for them.
Don’t you get it?』(Lior)


Neil-san gulps his saliva down his throat.
And at the same time, he looks a bit happy.
He was under a “useless ranting storm” just a little while ago…


『But no matter how good your Aura is, if you can use it, it makes no sense. So, we need a crucial training method』(Lior)


Lior-san’s aura theory was very easy to understand, and there were many convincing things.
Is it because he has been deeply thinking about how he could become stronger before?
If he doesn’t seem to be bored with everything besides fighting, he may become a really good master (teacher)


『Ueh!? Really…』(Fina)

『Are you serious? There’s such a way …』(Neil)


Oh, I have not heard the important part story while thinking.
What is it? Why are both of them upset?


『Fina-san, what did Lior-san say just now?』(Cathia)

『 Didn’t you hear, Cathia-chan? Well, it’s…』(Fina)



The training practice proposed by Lior-san was amazing (interesting)

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        • suggestion:
          just translate as usual after you think your translation is ok, compare it with others (asian hobbyist).

          because experience and mistakes are the best teacher to learn everything.



  1. suggestion:
    We were guided by Mizuho-san to the dormitory for the {teacher}->{teachers} near the dojo.

    He usually {absolutely}->{} doesn’t care about other people』(Mizuho)

    『Hiee. Is it {the adult world}->{in adult kind of way}?』(Mizuho)

    after he noticed the strength in my lower body and {how to}->{how I} walk (Stance).

    he said {}->{that} he would exchange {any one thing}->{anything} he could do for it.

    He changed {clothes to}->{his clothes} as light as possible so that he can easily train.

    But I want to avoid spreading the fact that I’m the sword saint’s disciple {unnecessary}->{unnecessarily}.

    『What is it, {Orge}->{Ogre}-san? Are you needing me to attend Neil-san’s training?』(Fina)

    『But no matter how good your Aura is, if you {can}->{can’t} use it, it makes no sense. So, we need a crucial training method』(Lior)


  2. I want to mention about the Military TL note… “Sir, yes sir” is an urban myth popularized by movies. If you actually say that in the military they will make fun of you. The proper way to say it is a short and concise “Yes sir!” when responding and not a lazy “Yes”.


  3. I want to mention about the “Sir, yes sir” TL Note. That is actually a myth popularized by Hollywood in their military movies. The actual way to respond is a short and concise “Yes sir!” instead of a lazy “Yes”. If you say “Sir, yes sir” in the Military they will actually make fun of you.

    Side note, the navy users “Aye aye sir” as their response.


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