Mitsuha Manga Chapter 30.2: The Princess Shrine Maiden’s Campaign (Part 2)

Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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Mitsuha Manga Chapter 30.2: The Princess Shrine Maiden’s Campaign (Part 2)

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Page 6

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Page 8

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Mitsuha Vol 3
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  1. hmm.. soo far no major issues on translation after reading the whole thing

    & thanks for the update this was very good! *thumbs up!*

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  2. suggestion:
    page 2:
    our enemies are 20000 strong, we are only 58 {people}->{peoples}

    page 3:
    it’s a {defend}->{defensive} mission
    to protect the citizen of the capital

    page 6:
    whoever decline this {duty}->{mission} can leave in the meantime.

    page 8:
    it seems like everyone already {knows}->{know} the destination isn’t {the}->{on} earth.

    however, it seems everyone {respects}->{respect} the client’s {private}->{privacy} and {doesn’t}->{don’t} ask anything about it…

    continue for page 12 optional information

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  3. Back from editing the old mile chapters
    As a note I think I edit for clarity of language over more flowery language, so feel free to argue over my LN
    words of gratitude from the {citizen}->{citizens}
    EN: plural, there are my citizens with gratitude
    who {}→{one sidedly} broke the treaty {one-side}->{}
    page 3
    protect the {citizen}→{citizens}

    Page 2:
    the mission {this time}→{as such}
    suffers is the {citizen}→{civilian}
    LN: citizens is everyone, civilians are the non-combatents
    can {insist on their righteousnesses}→{claim to be in the right}
    page 4
    we are absolutely {}→{on the side of}
    page 6
    I will {leave this place for}→{be back in}
    whoever {}→{wishes to} decline this mission can l{eave in the meantime}→{back out now}
    page 8
    they are really {pro}→{professional}

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  4. Then read the Light Novel!
    (of course there are people that don’t like to read novels… But if you start out with a REALLYY good one, you might get addicted to them. cough koff ME ahem, cough)


    • I USED TO dis-like read novel (Born to late 2017), my imagination is quite low for the wall of text.

      Until I read OSO manga and heard people chatting about the Novel “this and that”
      And I came to krytykal to read it.
      I GOT HOOKED and read 9 volumes non-stop back there.
      And then after that I learned of NovelUpdate page.
      I tried to read a lot of other novels there.
      Until Feb 2018, I ran out of Novels to read, and daily/monthly update is way too long.

      And it was when I tried to translate the novel myself even I DIDN’T KNOW any English outside the “chatting on the internet” in which people forgive mistakes/typos.

      Thank to a lot of people help me fix my mistakes, I get somewhat better at English.
      Looking back at my translation, I’m ashamed of A LOT OF silly mistakes back there.
      (I still make mistakes even now though :P)

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      • Editing your old work is odd, you make a lot of low level mistakes, tense errors, incorrect predicates etc. but the high level sentence structure tends to be very good. I don’t know if that is MTL or what but it is odd, normally when I am editing my own stuff I frequently have to rewrite the entire sentence to make it work, with your stuff that doesn’t seem to happen.

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        • Although due to the differences in how I edit it may I don’t mess around with your stuff as much to get a proper feel of how to fix the more clunky sentences, especially since I am going for a “fix as much as possible as fast as possible” approach as opposed to polishing a chapter down to a mirror shine like I do with my own work.

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      • Just curious , if you are not english or american , why do you do english translation and not translation in your language ? You don’t have to respond if you don’t want to
        ( I myself am a Russian who lives in Belgium but read english scans and novel because the french translations are WAY WAY TOO LATE ^^)

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        • Well, it’s true that translating to my language (Vietnamese) is really easy.
          But I PREFER TO TRANSLATE INTO English.
          There is a wider ranger of English Readers than Vietnamese Readers.

          There are a lot of Kanji that I can’t read or understand.
          But Vietnamese can understand it if I read those “Kanji” like “Hanji/Chinese” as “Vietnamese”

          For example:
          “先” means “First” , “Before” , etc.
          “生” means like “People”
          “先生” is “Sensei” in Japanese, I must change it to Master or Teacher, etc.
          But in Vietnamese, I just need to pronoun it (With google translate) as (Xiān shēng CN-ese/ Tiên Sinh VN-ese) and everyone will understand.
          I don’t even need to change structure too.

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      • Don’t worry , you will get better very quickly . I myself was EXTREMELY bad at english at some point at school . But then when I learnt what I enough to read a little , I spent most of my time reading english manga , and now I even read novels . So for you who is even writing , it really won’t take long ^^ . And anyway , you still do a really great work and we can’t thank you enough for that ^^’

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      • Really! well, it was the same with me.
        I used to read ONLY manga until I was playing around my brother’s kindle. I searched “manga” but a couple of light novels popped up.
        After I finished reading the manga samples (I didn’t buy because it wasn’t my kindle), I went ahead and downloaded the LN samples only because I was bored.
        I opened the sample.
        I started reading it from the cover to find the pictures you usually see in LNs.
        Then the first page came up!
        I read it and was instantly hooked!
        Luckily it was a well made book. Otherwise I would have backed out of it instantly. Since I couldn’t buy any books, I went online and searched if the internet had any. The first result was Of course it had to be a pirated site. I finished the most recent chapters, so I looked up more on the same site. I read a couple of series.
        Then I came across a novel where the uploader forgot to take away the original TL’s self promotion. Being the curious person I was, I searched it up on Google-Sensei.
        The TL also happened to say something about Novel Updates but I forgot what it was.
        And that’s the story of how I got into Light/Web novels, and Novel Updates.(Also the Non-Pirated sites!)

        When I read LN/WNs or manga and there is mention of an adaptation, I go and read(or watch!) the adaptation. Although I’m sure may people do that.

        What I first read on the Kindle was Arifureta and In another world with my smartphone (sadly. It is basically just fanservice).

        I don’t know what you think, but your English is pretty good! (At least better than my mom’s and she has lived here since a LONG time. At least 25 years!)
        Most importantly, THANKS FOR TRANSLATING!! You are awesome!


        • Now one of my biggest pet peeves is when I see anything pirated on the internet. ESPECIALLY when the original uploader specifically said to not do that.


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