Sei Manga Chapter 9-1

Sei Cover vol 2
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Sei Manga Chapter 9-1

Page 1

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Page 2

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Page 3

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Page 4

Sei Manga Chapter 9-1 Page 04.jpg


Page 5

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Page 6

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Page 7

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Sei 2
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  1. suggestion:
    page 5:
    everyone has the {facial expression}->{face}

    of expectation

    page 6:
    the knights, who stayed in this room are all {heavy}->{heavily} injured

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  2. Did the raw author properly edit this, the English title is off (all around what?)
    page 4
    Why are saying {it}->{that} like
    page 5
    saw I {regenerate}→{regenerated} his arm
    EN: if a verb occurs in the past end it with ed

    page 6
    after {discharging}→{being discharged}
    page 7
    {the}→{that} ship has already sailed
    LN: more of an idiom then a metaphor

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  3. Thank you,,whatever it is,you did your best,keep up the good work.

    When will be release the next chapter?


  4. Thank you for the new chapter… I have been enjoying this series so am glad to see an update finally. I wonder if the idiot prince will realise he has the wrong person, now that I am sure news of this “miracle” will spread. Thanks again for the hard work and looking forward to more chapters 🙂


  5. potion tanomi (manga) get drop by slowaf translator because it is not interesting story for them to translate anymore, read the comment

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      • If you start releasing yourself you can restrict other people from uploading your works there (by allowing only group members to release) and there is delay (you can add 24h release delay on Mangadex, so all people who want to read manga will be redirected to your blog page)

        As for proofreading. If you want some help with it your translation I could try asking my group members to PR it before release. We have some really high level proofreaders and some of them really love this manga 🙂 If you are interested poke me 🙂

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  6. Thank you for the manga Sei saint, but editing these chapters makes my eyes suffer. If you agree, I can clear the chapters, you will not see Japanese sentences and it will be pleasing to the eye. It would be a shame that such a beautiful and sweet manga was marred by such a poor edition. If you are interested in cooperation, please let me know. We will surely reach an agreement.


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