Taru Chapter 20: Encounter under the moonlight.

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T.N: After considering for a while, I decided to keep what people call Taru as “Tenshi-chan”, not translated to “Angel”

Because this place is Japan and the players are all Japanese, not another world or someplace that people speak English.

And you might forget but Misora repeats her words at the end of her sentence. It might sound strange in English though.

By the way, I’M SORRY in advance for many pictures in this chapter. I’m so excited that I can’t hold it back (and I won’t delete these picture even if you ask)

PS: 6000 words. This chapter is way too long, Stardust Ponpon Sensei.

I will translate the last few chapters of Cathia in this month and start translating Mile in Feb.

Earlier on the same day


《Clan • Clan》
【Official Site Mercenaries Banquet Message Board】
(Genre life system)
Thread name
【Bishoujo Character】 NPC and mercenary (player), Part 2


1: I would like to announce the discovery of a new beautiful girl NPC character here…

2: What?

3: Who is it?

4: Look at this-


Screenshot uploading…

The screenshots of the blue-haired and blue-eyed witch loli walking around the city hand in hand with the silver-haired loli.
The silver-haired loli is a little confused. The two of them are somewhat like sisters.

Taru 1

5: Oh, the loli’s troubled face, cute…

6: Both the sisters are beautiful

7: Eh, are they both NPCs?

8: It’s Tenshi-chan!

9: Tenshi-chan?

10: The beautiful silver-haired loli is Tenshi-chan, a mercenary (player).
So, who is the witch loli on the left?

11: She has the blue name for NPC.

12: What’s her name?

13: Sage Misora (Kenja Misora)

14: What!?

15: Say what?

16: So, she really exists?

17: You’re lying!? Where is that place? Do you know where?

18: Wait wait, who is the silver-haired loli that is holding hands with the Sage Misora?

19: It’s Tenshi-chan.

20: Who is Tenshi-chan?

21: >20 Check the thread 【Bishoujo Character】 before.

22: I understand that she is cute, but who is the Sage Misora?

23: Do you not know the philosopher of Misora?

24: Do you know about the Beta Testers’ rumor?

25: Do you know about the Pioneer city Michel Angelo’s Divine soldier (Deus)?

26: The NPCs who intimidate and stop the players who PK each other in the city, right?

27: In Michel Angelo, there are 3 Duke NPCs that is serving the king.
But only one Duke, Teary appears in the public.
And that person seems to be the leader of Michel Angelo’s Deus

28: Something like a nobleman?

29: Well that’s how it is. For someone who works in the public, Teary is pretty old.

30: Supplementally, when we were talking to him, he mentioned the area called 《Fairy Forest》 in Michel Angelo.
It used to be a village where《humans coexist with the fairies》
And the lord of that place is an ancestor of the Duke Teary.

31: Eh. So, how is that related to the current story?

32: It’s the theory from what Duke Teary told us.
Isn’t there a field nearby which is named “Misora’s Forest”?
People think the Sage Misora stays there and manages that forest.

33: I have been to the Misora’s forest many times before, but I didn’t find that NPC.

34: That’s right. Until now, there’s no one ever met 《Sage Misora》

35: Everyone has also tried to explore the whole map.

36: What’s about the Lord of the divine soldiers, who governs the security of Michel Angelo?
Did he say something that might be a hint?

37: No.
That’s why it becomes only rumor and speculation.
It’s one of the seven wonders of Michel Angelo, which was spreading between players.

38: Really?

39: Wait, I heard that there was an NPC called the King in Michel Angelo?

40: After clearing a certain quest for the three houses, you may enter the castle and meet the King.

41: Did you mean the castle in the middle of Michel Angelo?

42: Oh, I can see it, I guess that’s true.

43: I don’t want to enter.

44: There seems to be a king over there.

45: Oh, really? I thought that it was just part of the landscape texture…

46: The three houses are built around the castle.

47: It’s a mystery about the conditions to get into that area or whether it will be implemented in an update.

48: There are also buildings that you can’t enter, in other cities, too.
Will they gradually be released from now?

49: I am worried about the King’s Castle, but right now I want to know about the Sage Misora

50: And Tenshi-chan as well.

51: Well, where are you?

52: I also want to see them at first sight!

53: Oh, the Sage Misora. If I wasn’t mistaken. I probably passed by her a moment ago

54: >53 where is that place?

55: Maybe it’s the eastern part of Michel Angelo. Well, I’ll chase her now.

56: Hey, you little…

57: Ah.

58: Do you only have your mind on your game

59: Speaking of Tenshi-chan, isn’t she sometimes in Shikenzen Skill Shop ☆ George

60: Yes, she may be there!

61: Isn’t it dangerous going to the Iron Blood George’s shop?

62: But, Sage Misora might be there!
I want to meet and talk with her at least once.
Fair enough, no, rather it’s really great!
It’s also a chance to be a friend with Tenshi-chan!

63: You have a point…
It’s also a chance to talk with Sage Misora.

64: If it goes well…!
I will be able to become their friend!

65: Well, Silver Hair Beautiful Girl Tenshi-chan is mine!

66: Nevertheless, I will find her earlier than you and hide her!

67: Hello, Police Officer!
There’s a Lolicon, who is trying to kidnap and confine a beautiful little girl!

68: Yes Lolita! No touch!

69: I will not allow anyone to monopolize Tenshi-chan!

70: I am currently at the area in the SS, but I can’t find those two here.

73: Live-reporting. Nice

74: The Power of everyone together!

75: By the way, it seems like Tenshi-chan can use disguise skills and phantasm spells (He means Smoke Bomb and Freeze Fire)

76: Can she change appearance and clothes? (He means Henshin in Mahou Shoujo)

77: No, at that time, she fought with Alchemy Skill, the bipolar skill that is difficult to Raise LV.
I even heard that it’s the hardest to raise LV skill.

78: Surely…

79: Perhaps these two are the people you’re all looking for?


The position of the two Lolitas is opposite from the screenshot above,
The silver-haired beautiful girl is walking in front of the Sage Misora while holding hands together.


80: Yeah, this pair of beautiful little girls!

81: This place is… in the West part of Michel Angelo… back alley…

82: Were there anything else besides the item store?

83: I remember there were some unusual eating and drinking establishments.

84: Well, the girls might love to eat there!

85: Calm down people. So, she (Taru) can have a meal with the NPC or something?

86: Indeed… So, where are they headed?

87: Hey, hey!
I found the male player, who PT-ed together with Tenshi-chan yesterday!

88: A joint party with Tenshi-chan!?

89: No, he is the partner in the same PT. He is her friend

90: A friend of Tenshi-chan!?

91: What kind of player is he?

92: It’s the glasses (Ikemen) handsome guy

93: Okay, let’s get “serious” about this, guys.

94: No, we will be troubled if we do that.
Only kill him after hearing Tenshi-chan’s whereabouts.

95: ^This!

96: “Kill” www (Kill in EN)

taru fffclass

97: Things to do is the same as mafia’s torture     w

98: Are you some mafia?    www

99: No, we are a fan club!

100: Everyone, I’m counting on you.
I can’t meet her anymore.
I don’t have the right to face Hime-chan (princess)

101: This tone is Sir Fairy Tale!?

102: Sir Fairy Tale, you aren’t going with us?

103: I couldn’t fulfill my promise that I swore in front of her…

104: Details.

105: My will was burned, I tried to prove the almighty flame before the weakling enemy…
In the end, everything was in vain.
It was such a shameful display in front of Hime-chan

106: Ah, Tenshi-chan stood up against you.
It was just like fighting against a powerful enemy monster

107: Such a feeling

108: Really? I mean, seriously? No way

109: It was done (Old trembling Voice)

110: Don’t mind it…

111: Now is the time for the samurai to return the favor ~Degozaru.

112: Leave it to us to find our Tenshi-chan’s whereabouts!

113: After asking the “glasses Ikemen”, we will meet up with the Sage Misora.
We might get an excited talk and then become their friend!

114: “Friend Invitation” must proceed in a natural flow!
For the Legal Loli!

115: Oooooh!



Back to the present



『Well, where are you in Michelangelo now? 』(Kou)

『Uhm… Because I go to collect materials… I’m not in the city anymore…』(Taru) Taru Icon



Somehow, I think that my Japanese is strange, but I can’t help it.
In the first place, Misora wants to conceal both her existence and the crystal forest.

If I tell Kou about this place, the mercenaries, who were looking for us, will also come.
If Misora learns that I guided people to this place to meet her. What would she think?


『Where do you go to collect material?』(Kou)

『Eh… I don’t really understand the question』(Taru) Taru Icon


This commotion may be caused by Misora walking around the town, but in the worst, it may become a witch hunt.
If such a thing happens, I will not be able to collect materials in the crystal forest anymore.


『Misora-san』(Taru) Taru Icon

『What is this, I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Trying to hide my impatience, I ask her.


『Can you go now?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I avoid saying the word 《Crystal Forest》 and take out the《crystal brooch》 from my equipment inventory.


『Hooo hmm, I have already seen the state of the human city enough. I don’t mind』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Thank you very much, so, can I come along with you?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『My my. So, you want to go back with me, isn’t that right, I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Yes, please!』(Taru) Taru Icon


I lower my head to her.


『…Understood (Wakatta ~wa)
But, for Taru-chan to ask me to do so,
I guess there is something happening, isn’t there?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


I got Misora’s approval rather quick.

Then I paid the shopkeeper 180 Eso. And I used the 《crystal brooch》 with the *cha-cha* SFX.

The necklace glowed green. I was surrounded by that light and the scenery around me changed in a moment.

When I looked again, I arrived at the Crystal Forest.


『Fuu…』(Taru) Taru Icon


I heave a sigh of relief.
I am glad we didn’t get caught.
If I move here, I think I will be safe.


『Thank you Taru-chan. Thank you for paying my portion in the restaurant』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


As Misora is saying that, she holds the sleeve of her robe and bows to me.


『No, you don’t need to thank me for that.
If I can’t do that much, I can’t say I guided you properly.
Much less to say for a date with such a beautiful girl like Misora』(Taru) Taru Icon


I remember I read an article in some fashion magazine saying that: the man should be the one paying when they had a meal with his dating girl.


『Oh, my my… Is that a custom of the human’s date? I wonder』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Well, maybe?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Either way, I don’t want you to think that Misora, the fairy guardian, as someone who doesn’t feel grateful, or as a coarse person』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


The Young Wiseman Girl shakes her forefinger.

Taru Ilmeria.gif

However, I couldn’t think of it as an act of dignity.
Rather, I was somewhat relaxed by that movement, like watching a cute and small animal.


『So, with that being said. Taru-chan. I’d like you to accept this』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


What Misora took out was miniature of a carriage that was precisely made with silver and…

Is it a figure?
While admiring its realism, I read the description of the item received from Misora.


System log:
You have received the 《Silver carriage》from Sage Misora


《Silver carriage》
《The Silver Horse-drawn Carriage made by the fairies.
The soul of the white fairy still dwells within the carriage’s body.
The transparent fairy will scatter platinum scales while playing.
Has a beautiful appearance that makes the onlookers feel relieved》


『Misora, what’s this?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hooo hmm
You will understand it later. I’m looking forward to it』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Even though I don’t know what her giggle means, I gaze at the carriage figure for the time being.

There are 2 white horses pulled a luxurious horse-drawn carriage and a man, who wrapped himself in manservant clothes with a silly hat covering his black eyes, on the coach.
He was grasping the reins.
He was only exposed in the face part. And when I looked more carefully to know what kind of model he was, he wasn’t a human being because his face is only two red eyes floated in a black haze.


『Thank you』(Taru) Taru Icon


Let’s keep this in item storage for the time being.
Apparently, it seems like an important item so let’s try using it later.


『By the way, Taru chan』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Yes?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Are you okay to play with them a little, I wonder?』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


Misora-san’s line of sight was at my behind when she said that.
And as I changed my line of sight in that direction.

Taru Fairy 2

『『Ya wa wa, it’s Taru』』(Fairies) (T.N: You can try to hear it here)

『『The human came (kita) again』』(Fairies)

Taru Fairy 1.gif

『It’s not human! It’s Taru!』(Fairy)

『Taru Taru!』(Fairy) (T.N: You can try to hear it here)

『Misora’s friend (Otomodachi)?』(Fairy)

『Misora’s child (Kodomo)?』(Fairy)

『Taro is a good child, an energetic child, and a fairy child?』(Fairy)


The Fairies fluttering fly closer to us as they keep chattering


『We met yesterday, right (だね da ne)?』(Taru) Taru Icon


I tried to shake hand with the fairies, who were approaching, but they looked at Misora and stopped halfway.


『Misora, Misora』(Fairy)

『Can we go see a ball?』(Fairy)

『Is Taru okay with it?』(Fairy)

『Is it dangerous like we thought?』(Fairy)

『Is the human really scary after all?』(Fairy)


After saying that, the girls start looking at me. (T.N: There’s no male fairy)


『Taru accepted it, she agreed to guide you. It’s okay. You can go』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


As soon as Misora said so, the fairies’ tension raised.


『Misora, thank you!』(Fairy)

『Taru, thank you!』(Fairy)


They are really delighted.
Looking at those happy fairies, I also naturally smile.
Somehow, it has been decided that I would take the fairies to Michel Angelo without a word from me.
But as I’m watching the way the fairies are delighted, I don’t want to refuse anymore.

And then I join the loop of frenzy fairies, I start dancing with the fairies flying around me.


『Taru, Kawaii (is cute)』(Fairy)

『Taru, Daisuki (I love you)』(Fairy)

Taru Fairy.gif

Because they keep praising me, so, I try to praise them back.


『 Aren’t fairies also pretty?』(Taru) Taru Icon


After that, I talked with the fairies for a while and also gathered materials.


『po~n』(Friend Message SFX)


And again, a friend message arrives.
It’s from Kouya.


『Taru, I’m dying… Please help me』(Kou)

『Eh, what’s wrong!?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『They wanted to know where you are… They turned into mobs… guha~a
I can’t hold on much longer …』(Kou)

『Kouya!?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Guha~a. My… my glasses… my glasses』(Kou)

『Wait, Kouya!? Hey, are you okay?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Eyes… my eyes… my eyes』(Kou)

『Hey, Kouyaaaa!?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『 Please, tell me where you are, your whereabouts… Ku~ha』(Kou)


Of course, Kouya should not be able to confirm my whereabouts on the friend list.
Clan-Clan has a specification that doesn’t display the unvisited area.

And then I look at Misora.

There’s no way I can say that I’m in the Fairy Forest 《Crystallizer》.
However, if I use the I return to Michelangelo using 《crystal brooch》, it will be quite dangerous as well.


『Uhm, Misora-san.
Does this 《crystal brooch》 return me to the original place?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hoo, hmm, that’s true』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg

『Can I set the places to return other than the original place?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『yes, you can go back to the place that people called the 《Misora’s forest》
It’s possible to do it』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


That’s it.
Rather than returning to Michel Angelo, I will return to the 《Misora’s Forest》
Kouya will be able to see where I am and I can keep secret about the existence of 《Crystallizer》


『Taru, please hurry. These mobs are… guha~aa』(Kouya)


Kouya’s agony echoes.


『Misora, I will go back today』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Oh, my my. You want to return already.
I planned to introduce the Elf to Taru-chan』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg



Indeed, there was a story about the elves in the Jewel-production Forest.
It’s a very attractive story and I honestly want to meet them but…


『My friend seems to have some trouble… I need to go back』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hoo, hmm. Well, see you again. Until next time』(Misora)christophorus-nights-of-azure-2-bride-of-the-new-moon-6.45.jpg


I said my farewell to the fairies and Misora-san, and I used the 《Crystal brooch》


> Would you like to return to the original place?
Would you like to return to the 《Misora’s Forest》?


The two-choice log is displayed and I select the latter.


『Thank you for the waiting, Kouya. I am in the 《Misora’s Forest》 now』(Taru) Taru Icon


And I hurriedly send a Friend Message to Kouya.


『Oh, really.
With this, I will finally be released… I’m saved.
And I’m sorry Taru…
Tenshi-chan is in the 《Misora’s Forest》~~~~~~~aaa!』(Kouya)


I could hear Kouya’s scream at the end, and then our Friend Chat broke off.
And somehow, all of sudden, I can feel the chilling wind.




At the same time a wolf’s howling echoes throughout the forest.


『Hii~』(Taru) Taru Icon


I turn around to check the situation.
I finally realize the abnormal…
It’s “Night” right now.

Chilling Wind from the gaps of the trees and the wolf’s howling.


『When the twilight covers the 《Misora’s Forest》
The mercenaries (players) should also quietly return to the town.
It’s the end of the journey, without visiting any other places』


I remembered the word that Yuuki said before.

The monsters, that appear at night in the 《Misora’s Forest》, are ferocious.
So we should avoid going there.

There was a party of 2 Level 8 players that got annihilated before.

I’m the only one here and I’m only Level 3.
I get frightened by the worst situation I’m in now.
And just when I thought of getting out of the 《Misora’s Forest》


『Small Light (Fire)!』(A wild Blonde Main Heroine Loli Appeared) (Small Light in JP, Fire in EN)


A young voice can be heard.
Is another player here as well?

I carefully searched the source of the voice, passed through several trees and then I found a figure of a blonde loli faced with two wolves.

Taru Lucille.png

From her appearance, she seems to be the same age or a little older than me now.
She is about 10 to 11 years old loli.
She wears white clothes like a priest while holding a mace on the left hand.
Why is there such a child in the 《Misora’s Forest》 at night alone?

Should I save her or should I leave?
For the time being, I will hide in the shade of the tree and check the situation.




One of the wolves rose up and jumped at the girl.
The girl swung her Mace down according to the wolf’s movement.

Nice, she hit the wolf’s face and made it fall.
But the other wolf used that gap and attacked her.


『Kya』(Blonde Loli)


The girl’s HP bar rapidly decreased down to 20%.


『Stop… stop it』(Blonde Loli)


I jumped out of hiding right away.

I put the 《Extreme Candy Ball》 in my mouth and pull out the Kodachi from the sheath while frowning at the caterpillar taste of the Candy Ball.

Ah, geez, I don’t care anymore (caterpillar taste) but please make it in time.

Both of the wolves are crazy about attacking the blonde loli and they have not noticed my approach.


『Take this』(Taru) Taru Icon


I stabbed, pushed away one wolf by the momentum and somehow kicked the other wolf away from the Blonde Loli.




The wolves recover from their stagger state rather quick and they come to attack us again.


『Run away!』(Taru) Taru Icon


Because the little girl seemed to be surprised by my sudden appearance that she didn’t move, I grasped her hand and ran away without pause.
And then I throw the 《Kemuri Ball》 at the ground in order to distract the wolves.


『Eh, uhm…』(Blonde Loli)


I believe that this is the only option that we can survive, so I pull on her hand and send a PT invitation.
So that after we gain some distance from the wolves, I can use the potion on her immediately.
And I want this little girl’s information.

What can be done and what can not be done?

It was thanks to Kouya and Yuuki’s lectures in our last PT that I was able to respond smoothly to these situations.

After running for about 10 seconds, the blond little girl accepts my PT invitation.


Minadzuki Lv 8 HP 29/120


Wow, her level is unexpectedly high.




I can hear the wolf’s howling nearby.
Somehow, it’s also coming from the left and right.


『Did you… come to… help me?』(Minadzuki)


I nodded to her question and we ran through the woods under the moonlight.


『The wolves, they called for more』(Minadzuki)


Blonde-chan explained the situation of the enemy to me.
More of them?
This is troublesome.
Even though we try to run away like this, won’t that mean their number will increase instead?


『Can we escape from them (~wa)?』(Minadzuki) (T.N: Minadzuki speaks like a lady with ~wa at the end)

『I don’t know』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Then we’d better not stop running』(Minadzuki)


Apparently, Minadzuki-san’s speed seems to be slower than me.
As we already gain the distance from the wolves, I can afford to use 《Emerald Tear》 on her now.

When her HP recovered, she muttered in a small voice, looking at me with surprised eyes.


『You used… such an expensive thing… on me』(Minadzuki)



A wolf finally caught up with us, it jumped out of the bush attacked Minadzuki-san.
But she turned her body around to avoid once again and fascinatingly smashed her mace on the wolf.

Her reaction was really good.
The wolf doesn’t seem to recover from its stagger state yet.
I grasped Minadzuki-san’s again and tried to escape.


《…The Origin of the Sun, Shine for me》(Minadzuki)


Minadzuki-san starts casting even when she is on the run.
Is this the same technique as the Non-sleeping Magician Glenn, performing another action in parallel while casting?


《Small Light (Fire)》!』(Minadzuki)


She pointed her mace at the wolf and the fire was shooting at the wolf.


『Ky~uann』(Wolf’s yelping in pain)


The wolf is staggering for a moment and stops its legs.
In that gap, we try to earn some distance but the wolf recovers and chases us again.


『As expected, my magic is no good, is it?』(Minadzuki)


Yesterday, before the PVP, I have asked Shizuku-chan about the information on red magic skill to fight against Glenn.
As I remember, the magic, that the blonde little girl in front of me used, is the weakest magic ability of red magic that we can learn at level 1.

The weakest ability? I can understand if she is a Level 3 like me. And isn’t it reckless to challenge monsters that appear in the Misora’s Forest at night just like this?

However, she is the same Level 8 as Shizuku-chan.
She should be able to use more powerful magic.


『『『Gururo~u』』』(Wolves’ howling)


Suddenly three wolves appeared from the front as if they tried to ambush us.


『More of them? As expected, they called their pack』(Minadzuki)


Minadzuki-san said her prediction in a sorrowful voice.


『…I’m sorry』(Minadzuki)


And then, she apologizes to me with a face like crying.


『Minadzuki-san! Cast magic, again!』(Taru) Taru Icon


『Hurry!』(Taru) Taru Icon


In addition to the wolves coming from the front and behind, there are also wolves coming from the left and right.


『Cast your magic on the three in front of us!』(Taru) Taru Icon


As I said so, I throw the last 《Kemuri Ball》 at the wolves.


《…The Origin of the Sun, Shine for me》(Minadzuki)


And before the smoke spread, the wolves jumped at us.
I could feel the impact of being attacked by something, but I ignored it and moved forward.


《Fire ball》!(Minadzuki)


I continue running while she casts the initial magic.
Her little flame hit the wolves and make them staggering. Together with the smoke, I succeed in distracting the three wolves that blocked the front.


Taru HP 2/50
Minadzuki HP 84/110

HP 2 or dying.


『Hi~yuu』(Taru) Taru Icon


I instinctively sit down. (T.N: to search in the smoke)

Leave the wolves in the smoke screen, I return to Minadzuki-san follow the sign of her blond hair.


『Fuu~, that was too close for comfort』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I’m sorry』(Minadzuki)


I wonder if she worried about my lost HP.
For some reason, she lowered her head with two hands joined together.


『That’s good experience!』(Taru) Taru Icon


I smiled and tried to say something to cheer up Minadzuki-san, who had the dark expression, while we continued to run away.

It was so close.
Yes, this is an adventure.




Minadzuki-san is dumbfounded. It seems that my feeling can’t get across to her well.
However, I can hear the footsteps of the wolves chasing behind us, they will catch up with us soon so I can not afford to talk.




It seems one of the wolves already catches up.


『Magic…』(Taru) Taru Icon


I tried asking Minadzuki-san to cast magic again, but she shook her head sideways.


『I don’t have enough MP』(Minadzuki)


Not good
In this situation, we have no time for her to drink 《Forest’s Medicine》

I decided to use 《Crystal Potion》

With this, we can recover 200 HP and 20 MP.


『This… this is?』(Minadzuki)

『Use magic』(Taru) Taru Icon


There is no 《Kemuri Ball》 anymore.
If the wolves catch us this time, it will be the end.


《…The Origin of the Sun, Shine for me》(Minadzuki)


Also, her magic.
She is already level 8, can’t she handle more than one magic?
There may be other reasons for her to stick to the initial magic like this.

And when the first wolf finally catches up with us.
Minadzuki-san turned around and cast her magic.


《Small Light (Fire)》!(Minadzuki)


In a brief moment, the flame burns the wolf behind.


『Kyu~aa』(Wolf’s yelping in pain)


We managed to retreat.
However, two wolves from the left and right were trying to jump to us.
I caught Minadzuki-san and crouched.

The two of us fell down with momentum. And when we stood up again, we were surrounded by ten or more Wolves.




This is bad.
To be honest, I only have my Kodachi left. There’s no other mean to escape

And when I was thinking so…


『Thank you for fighting together, it was fun』(Minadzuki)


Somehow, I don’t want to see her like this.
I decided to will tell Minasuki-san properly the words that I couldn’t tell her before. (T.N: tried to cheer her up, but the feeling can’t across)


『No, that’s not…』(Taru) Taru Icon


For some reason, Minadzuki-san is about to cry again.


『Hey, stop it right there』(Degozaru Ninja) (T.N: there’s no degozaru in this sentence though)


Suddenly a somewhat familiar voice echoes.


『My brothers! She is here ~Degozaru!』(Degozaru Ninja) (T.N: The raw is already Brother, not just Comrade anymore)


I turn towards that voice.


『It’s Tenshi-dono ~degozaru!』(Degozaru Ninja)


It’s a mercenary with a sense of Dejavu, accompanied by a number of mercenaries.
They started onslaught to the wolves, that were surrounded us.


『We will protect Tenshi-chan』(Taru’s FC)


Is it somewhat like that?
And the funny group of mercenaries, who came out all of sudden, start kicking the group of wolves as if to protect us.


『Uwoooo!』(Wolf’s cry)

『More? Come here, come here, these wolves are good for some practice fight!』(Taru’s FC)


The wolves also called more from its pack. And it became a fierce battlefield.

Suddenly appeared here, who are these mercenaries?
Did they come to hunt the monsters in the Misora Forest at night?

I don’t understand but somehow we are saved.
I bow my head and say thanks to the kind (Wild) mercenaries, who I don’t even know their faces.

This is the world, where players killing each other for their own interest.
The couples, who I first met, said so.
This is rather surprising, isn’t it?

Seeing the gallant back of those stranger mercenaries, my heart gets jumping around.
Although I want to participate in the fight, I only have one Potion left. And even if a Level 3 player like me joins the fight, I will only become a hindrance.

And the blonde little girl can only use basic magic even if she is Level 8. We can’t help with anything.


『We were saved! Thank you very much!』(Taru) Taru Icon

Taru Lulua 3.jpg

I try to smile and say my thanks to the mercenaries, who are fighting a fierce battle with the wolves.
I’m sure they are obsessed with the battle and they are not interested in trivial things like this.

But contrary to my expectation, all the mercenaries look at me. Maybe it’s just my imagination but it looks like they are acting strangely (distract) and got hurt by the wolves

Anyway, I pulled Minadzuki-san away and left that place.






We are already… far enough.
We… should be… safe here』(Taru) Taru Icon


As I said that I let go of Minadzuki-san’s hand.
The place changed. We have moved to a place called 《Moonlight Tree Hill》

Yesterday, I was curious about this area, which I saw on the way from 《Misora’s Forest》 to 《The Beginner Prairie》


『Haa~ haa~ haa~…』(Minadzuki)


She is also short of breath as she sits the grass.

《Moonlight Tree Hill》

There are several hills in this place and one big tree was growing on the top of the tallest hill.

However, flowers are never blooming in that big tree and I have a frustrating feeling.
As I’m looking up at the sky, it’s quite different from Misora’s forest’s sky and clouds


『Somehow, I was saved』(Minadzuki)


I don’t know why Minadzuki-san says that without raising her face, even though she already catches her breathing. Well, I will try to talk with her like that if that’s how she wants.


『Why… did you help me?』(Minadzuki)


And then she asked me in a small voice without looking at me.
There was no particular reason.
If you see a little girl is in danger, won’t anyone normally help out?


『Well, somehow or another?
More importantly, why was Minadzuki-san alone in the Misora’s forest at night?
It’s dangerous』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I thought I could defeat them…』(Minadzuki)


She murmured with a bit of disappointment in her voice.


『But the monsters over there will become stronger at night and it will be tough to fight with beginner’s magic』(Taru) Taru Icon

『As expected. It’s impossible, isn’t it?』(Minadzuki)

『Do you get it?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I understood, but it can not be helped…』(Minadzuki)


Knowing that she will lose, but she is still going to fight.
The little experience gained by killing monsters will be wasted after she was killed by the monsters.
I wonder if there is any reason for her to do such a suicidal act.


『What do you mean?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I want to prove that I can beat that monster with my magic ….』(Minadzuki)

『No, but… using elementary magic is a little…』(Taru) Taru Icon


When I said, she unexpectedly grasped the grass and her tone became worse.


『I understand that!
At first, I didn’t know about that. I had used all my Level Points to HP and magical power.
That’s why even with just beginner’s magic, my power is rather strong!
But with only 15 MP, I can only use magic three times…(A Megumin-like Loli)』(Minadzuki)


She was somewhat trembling when she said the second half.

I see.
It’s a common sense《Beginner magic is useless against those monsters》
Even I, an Alchemist, can understand it.

She must be upset.
Minadzuki-san’s strange behavior might be because she wanted to prove her play style even though it’s different from the trend. Just like me, who chose to be an alchemist.


『So, why were you fighting against such high-level monster opponents with only beginner magic?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Don’t tell me, she wanted to experiment if a full magic power build can solo those wolves.
It’s somewhat admiring.


『…I, somehow…』(Minadzuki)


While I was admiring, she began to cry.


『Uwa』(Taru) Taru Icon

『After all, I’m a bad child …』(Minadzuki)


What shall I do?
The Elementary school girl cried.
The Elementary school girl keeps weeping at where she is now.

Did she regret, that she couldn’t defeat those wolves with her magic, and cried?
Is that so? Well, when I was in elementary school, I cried a lot, too.

As a Senior here, I must do something.
I don’t want to throw some random nice words here. If I fail, she won’t get cheered up.

I should say something that will encourage or inspire her.


『Challenge is a good thing』(Taru) Taru Icon



Minadzuki-san is surprised, somehow she stops weeping and looking at me.


『As I said, I think that Minadzuki-san’s fight is like a challenge and it’s a good thing』(Taru) Taru Icon

『……what do you mean?』(Minadzuki)


There are two wolves, but she was focusing only on one wolf.
Therefore, she was also easily pushed down.
Even though her level was high, her movement seemed unfamiliar to fighting.


『 Let me guess. You aren’t the type that usually stands in the front to deal monsters, right?』(Taru) Taru Icon



Just as I thought.
I wonder if she is a beta tester or something because she managed to reach such a high level?
Anyway, I need to praise her to cheer her up.


『Still, you believe in your magic and fight alone back there』(Taru) Taru Icon



I also believe in my alchemy, I’m walking this path even though many players look down on it.


『You were fighting to prove that your magic can shoot down the monsters, weren’t you?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Well… something like that』(Minadzuki)

『I also like that. I feel the same way』(Taru) Taru Icon


I hit my hands on my waist and look up at the dense cloudy sky.
That would be fine.
The cloudy sky will clear up someday.


『You feel the same way? But you and I are completely different』(Minadzuki)


Minadzuki-san sadly repulsed.


『No, you and I are the same』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I only increased magical power with my Level Points』(Minadzuki)

『I have also been doing the same, I only increased my intelligence』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I don’t have enough MP… I can’t handle strong magic. I’m useless…』(Minadzuki)

『That’s the same for me. Everyone is saying that Alchemy is useless』(Taru) Taru Icon


It’s a bit unexpected in these answers. Finally, Minadzuki-san lines are synching with me.
This little girl… she is somewhat familiar.
A strange feeling that I know her from long ago…


『Did you take Alchemy skill?』(Minadzuki)

『Yes Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


While I’m trying to rack my brain about Minadzuki-san, I confirm her question about the Alchemy skill dignifiedly with a smile.
I don’t feel ashamed to take Alchemy Skill.
I’m proud that I chose Alchemy Skill.


『Other people are calling it rubbish skill.
But it’s fun, so, I keep using Alchemy skill. Even though it’s sometimes frustrating』(Taru) Taru Icon


I take out the last 《Emerald’s Tear》and shake the sparkling green potion bottle.


『You like magic, don’t you?』(Minadzuki)

Taru Lulua 5.jpg

Minadzuki-san put her hands cautiously on her own chest.


『That’s why…well…
Let’s work hard on it.
Don’t be sad and give up on what you like』(Taru) Taru Icon

Taru Lulua 4.jpg

Is this good enough? I wonder if she gets it.

I don’t want this little girl to lose her interest and quit this game.
I would like her to continue to focus on learning magic and enjoy this game.


『I want to be together…』(Minadzuki)


Minadzuki-san mutters something…


『Eh, what?』(Taru) Taru Icon


When I asked back, she came closer to me with her red cheeks and said it again.


『With you…』(Minadzuki)

『Hmm?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I want to follow…』(Minadzuki)

『Eeh?』(Taru) Taru Icon


What is it that you want to follow?


『Ah… um, ehh』(Minadzuki)

『What do you mean by “follow”?』(Taru) Taru Icon


She was upset. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and opened it like decide on something.


『Well, I am different now』(Minadzuki)

『Ah, yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


She started talking again.


『Will you be my friend?』(Minadzuki)

『Eh, ah. If that’s what you want…』(Taru) Taru Icon


As I said that, I reached out my hand to her. She also gave her hand out but she took her hand back to her chest.




She seems to be surprised by something behind me.
As I thought so, I looked back follow Minadzuki-san’s line of sight.

It’s a big tree.
The tree of 《Moonlight Tree Hill》
It was beginning to bloom one after another, with pale shining pink flowers.


『What is that?』(Taru) Taru Icon


They had withered until a while ago.
But as we see it, all of the flowers start blooming and emit the pink light.
It’s a glowing cherry tree.

Moon cherry blossoms in the night wind.


『Moonlight Tree Hill… Moonlight』(Minadzuki)


Minadzuki-san whispers her admiration in a small voice.

I looked at the night sky. The moon appeared from between the clouds.
I wondered if the big trees of 《Moonlight Tree Hill》 reacted to the moonlight.


『The flowers bloom with the light of the moon…? So it’s called 《Moonlight Tree Hill》(Taru) Taru Icon


Cherry blossoms on the wind breeze, beautiful petals dance and scatter.
Under the Moonlight, we are looking at that superb view for a while.

Taru Yuyuko Youmu.jpg
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    But it’s fun, so, I keep using Alchemy skill. Even {}->{though} it’s {somewhat}->{sometime} frustrating』(Taru)

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