Sei Manga Chapter 9-2

Sei Cover vol 2
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Sei Manga Chapter 9-2

Page 1

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Page 2

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Page 3


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Page 4

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Page 5

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Page 6


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Page 7

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Page 8

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Sei 2
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  1. suggestion:
    page 2:
    my knee {has}->{had} been bad {since i got hurt before}->{far before i got hurt}… (is this more correct?)

    page 3:
    was this also because of my {accursed 50% increase}->{50% blessing effect increase}

    page 6:
    you {are}->{have been} healed

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    • I disagree with all of this
      Knee part: he was discussing his knee is the present tense, which does make sense here
      Given the LN accursed is correct.
      third part, also is present tense, although minor correction here.
      you {are}->{are now} healed

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  2. so over power healer that even injury over decade also can be cured.

    yup, even after one ward’s power healing and still doesn’t need any mp recover (mp potion)

    go on Sei, don’t hold back heal everyone and promote/advertise your self that you are better than another girl ‘saintess’ that were brought together with you

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  3. I’m trying to guess what will happen later on… Maybe the other girl turns evil out of envy, knowing she isn’t the real saint? though that may be too serious for this story.

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  4. Basically almost perfect, may come back later to revise this.
    Page 4:
    This is the first time I +have+ seen
    page 4:
    Lets {leave it alone}→{ignore it} for now

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  5. Ooohh, what will she do? Although I already know(the perks of reading the LN and WN), the suspense is real!
    Thanks for the chapter! Sei can’t beat the envious gazes of the knights! It’s too powerful!


  6. Thank you so much for translating the manga. I stumbled upon it and I’m really glad I did. Since it’s being posted on your main site, I’ll visit more often!


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