Sei Manga Chapter 8 – Extra

Sei Cover vol 2
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Sei Manga Chapter 8 – Extra

Page 1

This is a draft which hasn’t edited, PR-ed, QC-ed yet.

Manga Reader Sites are recommended to wait until the kind readers on my site help me fix it

Sei Extra 3 Page 1.jpg

Page 2

Sei Extra 3 Page 2.jpg

Page 3

Sei Extra 3 Page 3.jpg


Page 4

Sei Extra 3 Page 4.jpg

Page 5

Sei Extra 3 Page 5.jpg

Page 6

Sei Extra 3 Page 6.jpg


Sei 2
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  1. Edits:
    Page 1
    this is +a+….
    EN: missing article, given it is not a proper noun
    -had- enchanted it the other day
    page 3:
    raising the {stage}→{strength} of the {magic enchant}→{enchantment}
    about five thousand-s-
    EN: thousands are never used with precise numbers

    page 6:
    Only the {magic chief}→{head magician}

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