Mile Chapter 253: Frontier City 3

Mile Vol 7-11
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Mile Chapter 253: Frontier City 3



About the sunset of that day after entering the forest.


We have moved a lot today with two average breaks, and several small breaks.
Lunch is time-consuming that’s why we ate in the morning before departing.

Since we are still pretty far to the border, there are rarely any monsters here.

We advanced without doing anything so far.

From the calculation, we will meet the monsters chased by the neighboring country tomorrow.
There are no monsters or animals that dare to attack this group of soldiers and hunters with such number.

Monsters or beasts, they aren’t stupid enough to do that.


And it’s time for camping today.

The real work will start from tomorrow.


『 There’s no need to hurry.
We’d better deal with monsters tomorrow.
For now, we should set up our camp while it’s still bright』(Captain)


It was as the captain said.

Even though we are already pretty deep in the forest, we won’t meet any chased monsters any time soon.

And the time isn’t good.
From the time of fighting, the topography of the surrounding and the condition of everyone are really important. It will get dark soon, and it’s hard to move or fight in the dark.


『Everyone! Stop!
We will camp here tonight!』(1st NCO)


The 1st squad NCO shouted back and forth and everyone gathered.

Shouting out loud like this normally isn’t recommended because the animals and monsters will notice us.
But it’s okay with this number of people.
Be it monster or beast, they aren’t stupid enough to head over to a group of more than 50 people.

Besides, if we start preparing for meals, the smell will spread to the surrounding.
And until now, there was no way to conceal the smell when cooking.


Even though he said we will camp, there’s no way to bring a tent or the like to enter the deep part of the forest with a group of only battle personnel.

Everyone just cut the grass, cleared the ground, put a cloak or the mantle on that place and laid down.
They only carried the basic requirement of dried food and hoped it will be enough for 4-5 days expedition.

All the soldiers secured the places and started to mow the grass respectively.
Some place of the surroundings are pretty clear, but it’s still a poor sleeping place.


And soon after they started preparing their sleeping place, the soldiers and the hunters stopped moving and speaking.

The silence is spreading.


『『『『『『…………』』』』』』(55 people – Red Oath)

『This… what is this?』(Captain)


Because his men and the hunters became quiet, the captain came to look at the situation.

He was surprised by what he saw and asked Maevis.


『Eh? Can’t you see? It’s just an average tent』(Maevis)

(T.N: It might sound weird but I want to use the joke here)


Because Maevis didn’t know what the captain was surprised at, she opened the entrance part and show the inside to him.

And inside the tent, there are 4 beds, a simple table, 4 chairs, a small chest with everyone’s change of clothes.
The beds aren’t some luxury lady canopy beds but at least they are still average cot beds.


『But it wasn’t there a moment ago…』(Captain)

『Ah, yes.
It’s troublesome to disassemble and assemble every time, so, we always keep it this way…』(Maevis)

『『『『『Impossible~eeee (Son’nabakana)!』』』』』(55 people – Red Oath)


Loud voices rose all at once from the surroundings.
It’s the voice raised by the soldiers and hunters.
And naturally, it also contained the voice of the Captain.


『You have storage magic?
But doesn’t the capacity of the storage change correlation to the weight and volume of the stored item?』(Captain)


There are only a few storage magic users.
However, storage magic depends on aptitude, you can’t simply use it even if you grow up or train hard for it.

So, if a magician was blessed with an aptitude for storage magic, he could use it regardless of his age.
It’s strange for a storage magic user to do a low-earning job such as being a hunter when countless aristocrats and merchants are seeking for them.

But that is the individual’s freedom.


『 If you didn’t waste your capacity by folding the tent, you can put more things in!』(Captain)


The surrounding soldiers were also disheartened in the cry of the captain.

If they know the girls have such large capacity storage magic, as long as the girls don’t waste that capacity, they can store a lot of necessary things…

Yes. Like blankets, meat, and vegetables, etc.

Water as well.
Even though there are magicians accompanied.
They must save the magical power to fight monsters.
They can’t afford to create so much water.
Other than the minimum amount for drinking and cooking.

As he thought so, the captain couldn’t help but feel downhearted.
They understood that【Red Oath】 wasn’t at fault.
Although they understood it well, they have missed the opportunity to improve their eating and drinking.


『Eh? But we have everything』(Mile)



When Mile replied so, the captain became dumbfounded with his mouth wide opened.


『No, as I said. We still have a lot of other things stored…』(Mile)


As Mile said that, she took out cooktops, oven, cookware, meat and vegetables etc from storage one after another.



Don (SFX)


And at the end, she brought out a big water tank.

Pauline called out to everyone, who was stunned after watching it.


『Water: 5 copper coins per cup
Bread: 5 coppers per piece.
Meat vegetable simmered soup: 5 small silver coins per cup!』(Pauline)


If the attitude of the soldiers was bad, Pauline would only sell it to the hunters.
Or raising the price with the soldiers.

But it’s different to their expectation, the soldiers are all good people.
So she only sells it at an average price.

5 copper coins are about 50 yen (about 50 cents), 5 small silver coins are about 500 yen (5 bucks)
Even at the cafeteria of the city, it will cost the same.


『……Are you serious……?』(Captain)


The captain said so in doubt.






And after dozens of minutes.


Before the tent of 【Red Oath】 where the furnace was set up, the area was crowded.

From the time of cooking, there were already many visitors.

Rena cast water magic to fill the big pot and gently put in the fireball to boil it in an instant.

Maevis cut deadwood to firewood in an instant with her sword.

And again, Rena ignited it with fire magic.

After that, Mile put in the fresh ingredients and seasoning taken out of the storage.
Because Mile used a lot of spices and so on, there’s no choice but to sell it with 5 small silver coins.
We can’t sell it cheaper than the city.


『『『『『…………』』』』』(55 people – Red Oath)


And then Pauline suddenly noticed, the soldiers and hunters, everyone was staring at her.

Because Mile, Rena, and Maevis have shown their skill in different fields.
Pauline should have some special skill as well.

Although Pauline thought so, there wasn’t any role for her to join in the cooking anymore.
However, not contributing anything to the party’s earnings isn’t good.
After considering *Mumumu* for a while, what Pauline came up with is…


『Healing magic service.
One time 5 small silver coins!
Wounds and cut got by grass, wood while moving,
Foot pain, injury from training, etc.
I will heal everything!』(Pauline)


It’s stupid.

There are Healing magic services in the city.
But the price is even higher than the hospital treatment because it is run by the retired ex-hunter healer magician.
Due to the limited amount of magical power, so it is natural that the healer can’t heal many people every day.

And for outdoors, the remaining magical power is a lifeline for magicians.
There was no magician who would want to waste their magical power in a normal situation. Except for fatal injuries, they must be healed as soon as possible to save the hunter’s life.

The healer is quite rare.
And of course, in the regional army troops, they can’t afford to have a healer in each platoon.
The soldiers could only leave their wounds to naturally heal even after returning to the city.


『『『『『…Seriously!?』』』』』(55 people – Red Oath)


The Soldiers rushed to Pauline.
Hunters were behind the queue line but they were also looking forward at it.

In addition to her original talent, Pauline has learned about human anatomy and the efficient ways of using magic with very little magical power consumption from Mile.

Besides, after this Pauline will eat and sleep, so it’s no problem with using some magical power.

51 people of this group aside,【Red Oath】, especially Mile, is also here. There’s no way anything bad can happen.
This forest isn’t a secret unexplored area like the ruins.


The soldiers and hunters go on an expedition.

In other words, they only enter the deep part of the forest and return, there’s no chance to spend money.
Many people didn’t bring their drawstring bag this time.

But there are people, who are not willing to leave money in the chest of the dormitories.

Many soldiers began to borrow money from the senior officials or the soldiers who brought money.

There was no one stupid enough to miss the opportunity to get a decent meal or get healed for a little money here.


While Pauline is healing the soldiers, Mile finished cooking the meat-vegetable soup.

And the soldiers and hunters were able to get【a decent meal, which normally is impossible without transportation personnel or carriage】

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  1. Some corrections:
    “There are no monsters or animal dare to attack” {or animals that dare to attack}
    “Read work will start” {The real}, unless it’s really ‘read work’
    “And when the hunters started preparing for their sleeping place.

    The soldiers and the two Hunter parties stopped moving.
    And the silence is spreading.” – {And soon after the they started preparing their sleeping place, the soldiers and the hunters stopped moving and speaking. The silence was spreading.
    “the captain was dumbfounded” – {became dumbfounded}
    “it was crowded with many soldiers” – {the area was crowded} (not necessary, but it’s honest work 🙂 }
    Might be more, but I’m rather tired, and can’t focus well.

    Average services, average prices, from average hunters. Well, average by some standards, just not normal standards. Reading about all those men staring at Pauline, I’m sure they were also enjoying the view, of the hills.

    Thanks for the second chapter! May God bless you (average blessings), take care and good luck!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thanks for the average(joking) double release for today and average triple release for yesterday xD
    Don’t worry guys , it’s the average camping within red oath
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m honestly amazed at your translation speed as usual Loli-san, thanks for the Average chapters!


  4. When you actually think of it, Red Oath is a party of four ‘monsters’.

    You heard a cracking sound. It is Common Sense-chan’s existence shattering closer to the infinity.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Edits:
    border, there {is}->{are} rarely any monster+s+ here
    will meet the monster+s+ chased by
    or animal+s+ +that+ dare to
    hunters with {this number}→{such numbers}
    {Read}->{Real} work will start
    in the forest-, however,- we

    do +a+ low-earning -base- job-s- such as +being a+ hunter-s-

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  6. suggestion:
    As he thought so, the captain couldn’t help {but be agony}->{to feel downhearted}.

    After considering *Mumumu* for a while, what {Paulin}->{Pauline} came up with is…

    The soldiers could only leave their wounds to {natural}->{Naturally} healing even after returning to the city.

    The Soldiers rushed to Pauline.
    Hunters were behind {schedule}->{the queue line} but they also looked {at}->{forward to} it.


  7. “if the Tyrus Kingdom Class C hunter is so capable, we can’t tell how extraordinary the upper class will be”.

    -Red Oath make more expectation of Tyrus Kingdom’s hunters everywhere.
    -common sense-san will be crying everywhere.
    -the hunters of Tyrus kingdom will have a hardtime outside their country.
    -that it will make them better to stay in their country.


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