Cathia Chapter 4-9: Sword and Fist

Cathy Youmu Dual sword
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T.N: I just realized, Cathia chapter took long than Mile and Arge

1 post-battle chapter left for Cathia’s turn.

Cathia Chapter 4-9: Sword and Fist



“Okay, my equipment is done” (Lior)


I could hear Lior-san saying so.
When I turned to that direction, the figure that I saw…


“Full Plate Armor?” (Cathia)


It’s the Full Plate Armor.
However, it’s not a common rounded one. It has a sharp and stylish appearance.
It somewhat looks like a powered suit, something a superhero would wear.


“Oooh, cool …” (Cathia)


I unintentionally said my impression because that design is pretty much to my liking.
Only Lior-san’s hair is exposed, the armor has very good decoration.


“You are the first woman who understands this!” (Lior)


Oh, somehow Lior-san seems to be very happy.
It is transmitted even though his face can’t be seen.


“Looks are important.
And this armor is greatly supporting for my attack style.
Unlike the clumsy rounded ordinary armor” (Lior)

“Certainly” (Cathia)


I think the sharp part of the armor can cut like a knife…
With Lior-san weight, power and speed, this armor is a dangerous weapon.


“I would like to ask an ordinary people…
Fina, what do you think about the thing we just talked?” (Lior)

“Eh, I don’t understand it at all” (Fina)


Fina-san was surprised and had a troubled face as she answered.
The air in the dojo is similar, too.
Some people have faces showing consent, but only a minority.


“Hu ha ha ha, this is it…
Cathia, I love you more and more” (Lior)

“Hahaha…” (Cathia)


I knew he didn’t mean it that way but I was still in trouble with the way he talked.
As for me, I’m just using my usual equipment.
Although it’s light in comparison with Lior-san, my equipment is the best.


“Anytime, please.” (Cathia)

“You are fine with that equipment?
…Well, okay.
Hey, I need someone to be the referee” (Lior)

“READY” (Ref)


The referee teacher shouted so as he raised one hand between the two of us.
The inside of the Dojo gets quiet.
The tension gradually increased, and then.


“FIGHT!” (Ref)


The hand of the referee was swung down.
At the same time as a signal, Lior-san jumped at me (Like League of Legend Rengar Ulti).


“!” (Cathia)


I don’t have enough time to think because it happens in an instant.

I gave up taking out my Black Sword and used my Main Gauche.
I tried to parry Lior-san’s Iron Fist with guts.


“You have prevented it! NICE!” (Lior)


I was able to parry the fist somehow.


ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!(Lior) (T.N: This can’t be explained properly with words, check the video by yourself)


Fist rain falls.
I don’t have time to breathe.
It’s not a movement you can use while wearing a Full Plate Armor.
I desperately blocked, while Lior-san happily continued his attack.


“What’s wrong, what’s wrong (Doushita, Doushita)?” (Lior)


Not good, it’s not good as it is!
I have to draw back somehow.
I haven’t taken out my Black Sword yet.

I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t have time to pull it out.


“Are you still not going to fight seriously?
Or is it really your all?” (Lior)


Lior-san’s fist momentum slows down slightly.
This man is hungry for the fight with the strong man.
And when he feels that his opponent is weaker than expected… probably?


“Ku~” (Cathia)


I was gradually pushed back with the momentum of the fists.
With only the dagger, it’s really impossible.


“… It’s a shame, Cathia” (Lior)


I can’t see his face, but Lior-san is discouraged.
In order to finish the fight, he released a strong blow.


I stepped on a step outside of Lior-san’s reach,
And my right hand, which hasn’t moved away from the handle of my black sword up until now, swung the sword (still in sheath) at the side Lior-san’s fist with all my might.


NANI!?(Lior) (T.N: Nani means “what”, but I want to keep the refer/joke in this case)


I couldn’t break Lior-san’s stance, but I got a gap.
I aimed at the right side of Lior-san with my Main Gauche in my left hand.


“Nuo~o~!” (Lior)


I thought I could hit him
But he drew back his fist in an instant to block it.
Too bad, I couldn’t break his balance.
My Counter was blocked, but at least I got what I planned.
The objective isn’t to settle thing right now.

Lior-san lowered his fists and stood at where he was.
Meanwhile, I jumped back and pulled the Black Sword out of its sheath.

Lior-san just stood there without chasing.


“Hmm… I recalled it now.
Back in those days, Tim repeatedly beat me down.
And his superior skill was a counter” (Lior)

“Although I was still not even close compare to Grandfather…
Well, that’s about it” (Cathia)

“It’s a nasty master, however
You can really stand without betraying my expectations.
And it only starts to become interesting!” (Lior)


…Fuu~ (exhale)


Well, there are no reasons to stay on defense now as I already took out two swords.
This time I will settle this from here.
I ignited my Black Sword in flame and thrust it at Lior-san.


What’s this!?” (Lior)


He stopped it by crossing both hands together.
The noise in the hall got bigger.


“What kind of sorcery is this…?” (Lior)

“Is it okay to fight as you are?” (Cathia)

“Ah?” (Lior)


My flame sword is a combination of magic and aura.
Although magic can be prevented with aura, in fact, [it’s offsetting]
What will happen if you continue to take it on?


“…Your Aura is going to be scraped…!” (Cathia)


That means Lior-san’s Aura will be consumed accordingly.
My Flame will burn Lior-san’s Aura without mercy.
As his Aura decreased, his fists would slow down considerably.

Can he hold on?


“Nuu Oh Oh Oh!” (Lior)

“!” (Cathia)


However, the sword was repelled by Lior-san as he raised his Aura again.
Well, I guess I was naive.


“How much will you surprise me?
Long-term warfare is disadvantageous.
And I can’t see your flame sword’s tip.
The time has come for a real fight.
It’s burning! (T.N: fun facts: it reads as Moe Kita)” (Lior)


Lior-san looks really happy.
But I also don’t feel like losing.
I had no idea what to do about losing anymore.
I have had this feeling ever since I trained with grandfather.

I wanted to go all out.


“That face is nice.
I can’t bear it anymore.
I feel so throbbing!
Come on, resume!” (Lior)


Metallic sounds collide with each other in the Dojo.
My two flame swords and Lior-san’s fists, elbow, shoulder, knee, foot, and head.
This person seems to use his whole body as a weapon.

His main attack is still the fists, but other attacks are also interlaced at exquisite timing.
I can’t find any gap.

Each movement is sophisticated, our optimized aura is moving like a creature.
The fighting way of me and Lior-san was very similar.
Aggressive battle style.

However, I am compensating with the sword’s reach for the number of hits of his fists.
Every time I’m about to be overwhelmed, I must desperately restrain him with my Black Sword.


“Ha ha ha ha ha!
This is fun. It’s really fun!
Cathia, how about you?” (Lior)


The rushing exchange of blows that makes me think that it will last forever.
In the meantime, Lior-san asks me a question.
Well, it may be true.


“Well, yes, Just a little” (Cathia)


Exhilaration as when playing sports at its best.
Both body and mind are burning hot.


“Is that so? But, it seems that the fun time is almost over.” (Lior)

“… It seems so” (Cathia)


Both of us have no more tricks up our sleeves.
Lior’s Aura movement began to slow down and I could no longer keep the flame.
It’s time to settle.

I returned the Main Gauche to the sheath and kept the black sword ready.
It’s fine-tune cutting. I will decide everything on the next blow!
The tiny little flame disappeared at the tip of my sword.


“… …!” (Lior)


Shortly afterward, Lior-san started moving first.

He remains aggressive as ever.
Beyond my mind, there is one thing to do.
My Grandfather was saying.
The counter is all about timing.

It is neither speed nor muscle power, it’s most necessary to prepare for finding the limit.

Lior-san thrust his fist.
Sharp, fast, and powerful blow.
It’s impossible to receive it head-on.

Even if his aura is dulled, his fighting spirit doesn’t fade at all, it’s burning more and more.
– Scary.
From my side, it’s a great pressure as if a gigantic fist close to 2 meters was approaching me.
My body attempts to take a defensive posture reflexively.
However, my arm doesn’t move.
– Not yet!

It has been tried.
Resolve your limits.
Endure, endure.
The time to withdraw is just a thin thread, I must endure.
Sharpen the remaining aura.
I get the illusion that the fist approaches close and the beast opens its large mouth trying to swallow me whole.

My field of vision is filled with metal-covered fists.
I stopped thinking at that moment




When I noticed, I saw Lior-san, whose armor was crushed in the breast part, was blown away.
*Parapara* the Metal started crumbling and falling to the ground.


“-!” (Lior)


Lior-san was beaten down on the floor.


“Well, that’s it (Sokomade)!” (Ref)


The ref teacher shouted out.

Apparently, I seemed to push Lior-san back.
I won?

The inside of the dojo is still quiet.
There is no blood on the tip of the sword.

Of course, I couldn’t afford to go easy in that case, but my thrust seems not to reach Lior-san’s body, fortunately.
I slowly put the black sword back into the sheath.

The moment my sword sounded *click* when putting back on the sheath, a great cheer echoed in the dojo.

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  2. suggestion:
    I unintentionally said my impression because that design is pretty {}->{much to} my liking.

    “You are the first woman {}->{to/who} understand this!” (Lior)

    “Looks are important.
    And this armor is {a great supporting for}->{greatly supporting} my attack style.


  3. Did not expect this, the fight is quite well narrated. Finally those two got to fight, after several chapters of “warming up”.
    Thanks for the translation! God bless you, take care!

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