Mile Chapter 256: Frontier City 6

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T.N: Allow me to use Dragon Ball Z’s meme.

For the naive readers who thought that the few latest chapters are TOO MUCH AVERAGE.


PS: I used “Fool” because it’s the meme, no offense given.

Mile Chapter 256: Frontier City 6



When everyone other than the guard duty soldier slept, there was movement in the tent of 【Red Oath】


『Well, I will be leaving』(Mile)

『Take care.
Well, I don’t need to worry about it anyway, because it’s you』(Rena)

『Haa haa, I will do my best!』(Mile)


Wrapped in an invisibility field and sound insulation field, Mile quietly left the camp.
This time, she reported in advance to her colleagues in 【Red Oath】
It was not a solo-action like she has done before.

Mile planned to invade the other country beyond the border.

No, even if you called it an invasion, it’s just the sole hunter Mile crossing the border, there’s no problem at all.
She wasn’t accompanied by a soldier, nor has she received an order from a soldier.

The current Mile is simply as a hunter that 【went hunting for material collection at her free time, not during working hours】

Yes, there was no problem.

Mile ran through the forest at an impossible speed to humans, after a while, she discovered an Ogre.


『Alright, invisible field, sound insulation field canceled!
Intimidation, maximum output!』(Mile)


Mile started spreading the threatening Aura to her average value which normally was suppressed.

In other words, her magical power, the mind, the aura, the 【dangerous scent】, anything that could be sensed by monsters and wild animals.

… In other words, the monsters and animals around here recognized that as 【 a malicious human who is about half as strong as the strongest Ancient dragon is rapidly approaching】
So, what will happen…?


Dodo doodo doodo doodo!! (stampede SFX)


Yes, a Stampede occurrence.

In front of Mile, the chased monsters from the other country, as well as the harmful monsters from this country (the one that can’t be eaten and has a high degree of danger) were running for their lives away from the Marein Kingdom, to the borderline.

And behind Mile, the monsters and animal that can be eaten or hunted by hunters were running for their lives toward the Marein Kingdom side.
And Mile also gently helped out【good prey】, who got caught up in the stampede to run away towards the Marein Kingdom.


After that, Mile arrived at the back of 【bad monsters】 again, breathlessly gave out 【Intimidation】


『Hey, hey, hey, this is different!』(Mile)


It doesn’t always work well as she thinks… (monsters run to many directions)
The person herself has no intention of doing so.


『They ran to one direction now.
Alright, Unununununu…』(Mile)


It was a little dangerous now.
I should take a breath…



Two days ago, the soldiers of the other country came to the border and chase the monsters to this country.
However, just like Mile’s group, they finished their work and they camped there to have a Grilled Orc Meat party.

They camped here because it was already dark to move.
And of course, there was another reason for them to camp here even though they have already done their work.

Just in case the Marein Kingdom could block and divert back the monsters earlier than expected, they must deal with those diverted back monsters as soon as possible to protect their crops and farmers.

So, the enemy soldiers were hesitant to leave so quickly.


Besides, if they hurriedly went back, it would seem like they were【running away】
All of them are true, but the biggest reason is 【to encamp for one extra night to enjoy eating grilled meat and have fun】

The enemy soldiers moved slower than 【human average movement speed】 and they only moved during the day time.

Meanwhile, the Stampede is but the monsters running in a panic with full power.
And Mile continued following after them to release more 【Intimidation】
… The Stampede and Mile caught up with the enemy soldiers in no time.




The next morning, when two platoons of the enemy were just clearing their camp,
The guard, who was placed behind to keep watch, raised a desperate cry.


『Emergency report! From behind, a group of monsters!
Ogres, Goblins, Kobolds, Orcs, Forest Wolves etc. are rapidly approaching in a big group!
Their number is over 50!』(E. Guard Soldier)

『What did you say?』(Enemy Commander)


To say 『over 50』in the forest is, in fact, at least 60 to 70.

It’s way too many. In the worst case scenario, it may be several times that number.

Anyway, there are many enemies that can’t be seen behind the trees.
Moreover, they were 【rapidly approaching】


(We may not be able to return…) (Enemy Commander)


In order to harass the other country, they must make sure their damage will be at the minimum.
For that reason, they went on this mission with two platoons plus mercenaries and hunters in a large-scale group with a total of over 100 strong people.

The Commander is in charge of commanding this unit.

The two platoons both have lieutenants serving as captains.
But half of the soldiers were stationed outside of the forest.

After all, it was too much for 180 people to move through the forest.
Besides, in consideration of the emergency situation like the main unit missed some monsters and they run away to their country, the soldiers camping out of the forest will deal with them.

Everything won’t go one-sided.
They have prepared for some damage on their side as well. But getting heavily damaged will not be acceptable.
They are willing to die in order to protect their country, their homeland but not something such as the『shameful and disgraceful acts』 like this.
Even if they die like this, their souls will never come to the paradise of brave warriors called Valhalla.
And the men also know that.


『Prepare to intercept!
Battle formation, quickly!』(Enemy Commander)


There is no choice to flee from the swarm of monsters in the forest.

We can’t escape, we will be attacked from behind, we can’t resist, and we will be totally annihilated.
No matter how ignorant I may be, we have no choice but to stand our ground here.
Even the monsters are stronger than us. Even this isn’t a good place to defend, it can’t be helped.

A battle against a group of monsters in the forest, which is disadvantageous to the human side.

There are restrictions on the movement and the handling of weapons, suddenly being attacked from behind the trees.
Moreover, due to a surprise attack from behind, they can’t prepare their combat formation in time.


(I’m sorry, Iris, Tiara…) (Enemy Commander)


And when the commander took out his sword and tried to meet the flock of demons head-on.


Mile Vol 8-12

I am the (【MEGA = eyes】+【MI = see】) GODDESS!』(Eyes see being)
(T.N: in Japanese, Goddess = Megami, Eye = Mega, See = Mi
Mile’s line means 『I can see with my eyes』in words but pronouns the same as 『I’m the goddess』)


Something strange appeared on the tree…

If the Japanese saw it, they will say 【A middle schooler wearing a school swimsuit, covered by a thin optical silk dress, further attached Wings and a Halo formed out of ice crystals】

Yes, that’s my usual.
I just devised costumes a bit.

By the way, because wings and rings have been used more and more recently, I made 【shortcut】for them

In other words, even if I don’t give detailed instructions to the nanomachines,

【Goddess Phenomenon!】
If they are instructed, they will make Wings and a Halo automatically.


And that 【something strange】being, that the enemy soldiers saw, was thinking like this.


(I am not lying!
There’s nothing abnormal with my eyes and I can see things properly, so I only said 【I can see with my eyes】
And that is the truth…) (Eyes see being)


It is comparable to 【I came from the fire department】

(The joke is like this: You can visit (or even get arrested by) the FBI’s headquarter and then you visit a Lolicon’s house saying 『We came from the FBI’s headquarter』, and it’s true that you really came (rather just leave) from the FBI’s headquarter)


The being 【Eyes see】 (Goddess) came down from the tree, created the Lattice-force barrier around the enemy platoon and extra people.
And then quietly breathe.

The group of monsters was divided into two parts, left and right, running around and away from soldiers.

Normally, it may be impossible to stop the Stampede suddenly.

However, Mile cast Lattice-force Barrier to make sure the monsters “shall not pass” and also released the 【things that should never be involved】 with full power.


『…We were saved… or …?』(E. Commander)


The commander muttered so, yet it was still early to think so.


『The mortal over there, how dare you deliberately try to destroy the forest?
Depending on the answer, I will not let you get away…』(Eyes see being)

(((((Gyaaaaaaa !!))))))) (E.Soldiers)


All the soldiers raised their screams in their minds and looked at their commander.

This suspicious “being” cannot be an average (normal) “being” (T.N: I want to use the average joke and the “being X” joke in Youjo Senki here)

Because this “being” could even stop the monster Stampede just now to help us and called herself  as【goddess】

But if she is really a true goddess or a really strong devil, we can’t fight against the goddess or a powerful devil and win.

The commander racked his brain and used all his courage to answer.


『We…we…we…we…, we are just driving away the dangerous monsters to the back of the forest for our farmers’ safety.
Even if they might be the living being the goddess watches over, they are still dangerous monsters to us.
In order to protect ourselves, and to get something to feed our family, we need to hunt some of them.
We have never thought about destroying the forest…』(E.Captain)


As expected of someone holding the position of commander.
It was a splendid answer even he was really scared.


『Hoo~ was that so…?
So, you didn’t do anything like 【pushing monsters against the neighboring country for harassment】, right?』(Eyes see being)

『A…a… absolutely not!』(Commander)


The commander broke in sweat as he answered.


That’s good.
Oya?』(Eyes see being)


There is a soldier with his left arm injured.

Apparently, it seems to have broken when he was running from monsters before.
Although I need to scare the soldiers and inflict some fear, it’s not necessarily to injure people.

I went to the soldier and touch his broken arm while his face was pale with fear.


This needs to be dealt with.
Then…』(Eyes see being)


Then the soldier’s broken arm shined… the next moment.


『…There’s no pain…』(E.Soldier)


The soldier unintentionally spoke out loudly.


『You have already been completely healed』(Eyes see being)



The soldier fearfully moved his arms and then began swinging.


『What. It has been healed…』(E.Soldier)


No chant, instantly effect.
Bones, tendons, nerves and blood vessels completely healed.

Such a thing is impossible even with the chief magician of the royal palace, even the chief priest of the great temple.




There is no cheer, just silence spreads around…

T.N: Look at how Mile grows up now.

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    both have -the- lieutenant+s+ serving
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