Mile Chapter 258: Frontier City 8

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Mile Chapter 258: Frontier City 8



Finally, the neighboring Army or rather half of them has reached the outer edge of the forest.
And they met up with the remaining half of the Army that was stationed here.

Yes. It turned out to be dangerous because that figure appeared.


『…Report』(E. Commander)


With a tired face, the commander asked the remaining two platoons about the situation so far.


『Yes sir.
The monsters began to emerge from the forest one day and a half ago.
Although it’s sporadic, their number has gradually increased.
Sometimes they also came out of the forest.
Although we were able to deal with them, our soldiers’ fatigue was intense.
And even though there was no fatal injury, the number of injured people has gradually increased.
We have requested for help by giving urgent requests to the Hunter Guild and the Army.
There was no damage to the farmers.
The requests for aid to the military and the Hunter Guild is my decision.
I will take full responsibility for wasting the expenses for moving the Army and Hunters.
I humbly asked you to give it some consideration』(E. Captain)


As the commander heard the report from the captain.


『Idiot, that is my role.
Well, anyway… Good work.
Stop by the nearest city soon and hire some healer magicians.
They will be hired until their magical power is running out.
I will forgive you for wasting the expenses.
Anyway, I must return to the Capital soon… if I don’t want our country to be destroyed …』(E. Commander)

『Huh…』(E. Captain)


Their hardships have yet to end.





『 Everyone, good work this time.
There are no dead or seriously injured…
Or rather there are not even minor injuries as a result.
Having completed the duty perfectly, it’s very pleasing.
Especially, the activities of the Hunters, it was a wonderful thing that deserves respect.
I’ve really appreciated it.
I hope that the next time we go on an expedition…
we can have this special formation as well.
Dismissed!』(A. Captain)

『『『『『Oooooh!』』』』』(39 Soldiers)


Everyone was able to come back safely.

A louder cheer was raised from the soldiers compared to their last expedition in the past.

The hunters normally will not involve in it.
Unlike soldiers, who have no choice but to go to dangerous places for their mission despite their own will.
Hunters are working by their own free will.

So, of course, they normally come back safely.
Knowing the limit of their skills, they normally choose a job that can be done safely.
However, they don’t look so good this time.
Well, they are still pretty happy that they come back safely though.


Actually, I would like to give you a bonus, but I don’t have that authority …
Even if we want to pay it with our pocket money,
our soldiers had already spent it by drinking and eating during this work.
If it’s normal, for 40 people, 3 to 4 gold coins are affordable.
Those guys didn’t know how to refrain…
Anyway, I’m sorry!
I will report the success of the hunters this time.
Hopefully, I will be able to raise the request fee slightly from next time.
So please forgive me!』(A. Captain)


The captain one-sidely worships the hunters so,
【Red Oath】 can’t help but have a bitter smile.
And, on the other hand, Mile is wondering.


『…Next time, is it…?』(Mile)


Following after Mile.


『I do not think so.』(Rena)

『It won’t happen』(Maevis)

『There’s no chance for it, right? …』(Pauline)


Rena, Maevis, and Pauline understood it well.


Well, with that short-time individual action, the soldiers and hunters couldn’t imagine what Mile could do.
They only thought that Mile had only gone to scout, after that she must have run with full speed to catch up with them that soon, they couldn’t think that Mile had done it thoroughly.

Of course, they couldn’t imagine that Mile caused a stampede, confronted enemy soldiers, gave warnings.

Besides, all that extra work are not necessary to complete the request.
Both soldiers and hunters have no intention or expectation of someone doing that extra work at all.

Well, regardless of such things, it doesn’t change that 【Red Oath】 did more than enough work for transporting, providing beverages and food, fighting, and healing of injuries.
Although the other two parties are inferior to the 【Red Oath】, they are still much better than the previously hired hunters, and they have worked much more than soldiers.

All of the hunters in this time were a【hit】, which makes the soldiers feel blessed.
The captain was well aware of it.
However, if these members don’t participate, the soldiers won’t get the same great results next time.



『As for the hunters, I think you should have an after-work light meal and a drink.
You can go to the guild after filling your stomach a little.
Until then, I will report the result of the request to the guild.
Even during the move and the camp, I guess you haven’t talked much to other parties.
During the expedition, you were divided into the front, the back, and the center,
And after the meal, 【Red Oath】  have gone into their tent to rest soon.
Lastly, wouldn’t it be nice to deepen your friendship between hunters?』(A. Captain)


We decided to thankfully accept the goodwill of the captain, and all of us headed to the designated building.
Everyone also thought that they didn’t exchange words that much in the last few days working together.





『I’m sorry …』(Wolff)


As soon as we arrived at the seat of the dining room, suddenly the leader of 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 Wolff lowered his head to us.


『To be honest, I was looking down on everyone in the 【Red Oath】
I even said that we 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s friendship】would work three times harder than the soldiers, and you only needed to work twice as hard.
Ah, how embarrassing…』(Wolff)


Wolff covered his face with both hands as he said that.
And, 【Red Oath】has a wry smile again.


『Anyway, I’m sorry about that and thank you.
Regardless of the proper meals, we were saved because of your healing magic.
As for the soldiers, we were able to raise the name of hunters greatly.
The soldiers of this time, their attitude towards Hunters was much better than before.
One of the major reasons is this request was successful.
Even so, the existence of the 【Red Oath】 would have been a great effect.
Certainly, that captain commander was pretty friendly to Hunters.
But usually, we have much worse relationships…』(Wolff)


Vegas, the leader of 【Flame’s Friendship】, and other party members are also nodding.


『However, both of your parties were concerned about us.
So, you inevitably took the trouble to receive this request, didn’t you?』(Rena)

『Eh? Why do you… (know)
Was it Lethesy… (who told you)?』(Wolff)


Wolff carelessly answered to Rena.
Apparently, that receptionist is called Lethesy.


『Well, as we were able to earn money and returned unscathed, it’s okay!』(Pauline)


Pauline also joined in, but got yelled by 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s friendship】


『『『『『You  don’t have the right to say that. You have reduced our earnings!』』』』』(ESU + FF)


That is earnings as the whole party, 【Red Oath】
It’s not the personal earnings of Pauline.
But Pauline’s evil smile was too conspicuous, so it seemed like both the hunters and soldiers were thinking so.

However, since this time request is 【one gold coin per person】

【Evil Spirit Utopia】 has earned 5 gold coins and 【Flame’s friendship】  has earned 6 gold coins.
It was a great bargain for only four days.

Considering that they were supposed to act as a shield for the soldiers, and the probability of dying or getting severely injured is high, veteran hunters like them knew well that this kind of earnings is out of common sense.
But nevertheless, they seem not like the idea of spending money during work.

【Red Oath】 is 4 people, they have earned 4 gold coins.
In Japanese yen, it is about 400,000 yen sense of money.
In this world, one month is 36 days.

400 thousand yen in 4 days, which is 1/9 of a month.
TOgether with the food sold to soldiers and hunters, they have been making further earnings.
However, until now, there were many times they have gotten much higher rewards.

Like when dealing with the “fake bandit” soldiers, Wyvern capturing, etc.
However, those rewards weren’t 【Average newbie hunter’s earnings】
As an average C-ranked hunter party, this is still quite high earning as 【work that can be done intact】

…Well, that is if they are average (normal) (T.N: I want to use Average joke for this case)


Three parties had various sorts of talks, exchanged information, etc.

After having food and drink served, they have deepened their friendship.

After that, they thanked the soldiers and all went together to the Hunter Guild.






Pachi~Pachi~Pachi (hand clap SFX)


All of the three parties were applause as they entered the guild.


『Wha … what?』(One person in the 3 parties)


The three parties didn’t understand the situation and were surprised.

Then the receptionist, Lethesy came explained to them.


『You guys are really amazing.
It seems to be a big success!
Early, the captain of the Lord Army came straight to report.
He was praising you for everything.
He also directly thanked the guild master.


The Lethesy took a glance at 【Red Oath】 and confirmed that all of them were completely unscathed.


『 You have been very helpful to everyone who came from afar, we are proud of the hunters of our branch!』(Lethesy)


Then everyone in the guild applauded again, from the guild staff and the hunters who were present.
However, the complexion of 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s friendship】, who received it, wasn’t good.

Or rather, it’s obviously a bitter look.

… It is understandable.


This time they joined in order to help the young newbie girls, who they thought as weak. They disregarded their abilities and said to the girls 【Let me help you】
On the contrary, they were the one who got helped instead.

But they can’t explain it to everyone.
In order to do that, they needed to talk about the girls’ special skill, fighting skill, ability, etc.
It is one of the biggest taboo for a Hunter to disclose information of other hunters, that he knew from a joint mission etc.

It’s natural that the hunters’ abilities are pretty much their life and safety.
In other words, they can neither talk about girls’ abilities nor strength.

So, even if they said the truth that they were helped by 【Red Oath】
No-one will believe them.
At best, everyone will take it as a joke or a hoax.
And they can’t tell the details of 【the girls’ skill】

Besides, at the time they had meals earlier, the girls asked them
【We do not mean to conceal the storage magic, but please don’t tell anyone of the storage capacity, our skills or battle style.
In this request, we only worked hard together with you as a 3rd party.
Yes, please report to the guild so】


(((((Aaaaa, so uncomfortable ~ ~ !!))))) (Evil Spirit Utopia and Flame’s friendship)


Members of 【Evil Spirit Utopia】 and 【Flame’s friendship】 were suffering while the other hunter fellows blessed by patting their shoulders or slapping on their backs, etc.
And unlike the other three, Maevis can understand that feeling well, she looked at them with a pitiful face…

Mile Vol 8-15
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    someone doing {those}->{that} extra work-s- at all.
    the same {best}->{great} result+s+ next time.
     after-work light meal and +a+ drink.
    name of -the- hunter+s+ greatly.
    have reduced our earning+s+
    was +a+ great -as a- bargain for only four
    probability of dying or +getting+ severely injured
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  2. Common Sense-chan has been injured gravely for these hunters and the soldiers… Holes were burned through their pockets as well… I see nothing but average scheming…


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    {In the mobile formation}->{during expedition}, you were divided into the front, the back, and the center,

    『Eh? Why {are}->{do} you…(know)
    Was it Lethesy…(who told you)?』(Wolff)

    …Well,{}->{that is} if they are average (normal) (T.N: I want to use Average joke for this case)

    {We}->{they} didn’t understand the situation and were surprised.

    Then the receptionist, Lethesy came explained to {us}->{them}.

    『{We}->{you} have been very helpful to everyone who came from afar, we are proud of the hunters of our branch!』(Lethesy)

    Or rather, it’s obviously {a spicy}->{bitter} look.

    It is one of the largest {contraindications}->{taboo/non ethical} for a Hunter to disclose

    In this request, we only worked hard together with you {at}->{as} a 3rd party. Yes, please report to the guild so

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