Mitsuha Manga Chapter 32.1: Shrine Princess, to the battlefield part 2

Mitsuha vol 2 cover
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Mitsuha Manga Chapter 31-1: Shrine Princess, to the battlefield part 1

Page 01

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Page 02

Mitsuha Manga Chapter 32-1 Page 02.jpg

Page 03

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Page 04

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Page 05

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Page 06

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Page 07

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Page 08

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Page 09

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Page 10

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Page 11

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Page 12

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Page 13

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Page 14

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Page 15

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Mitsuha Vol 3
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    • The light novel has just been dropped it would be nice if you could take over this project. Thanks for your hard work


  1. Edits
    Page 3:
    I don’t intend to play along with their {time earning}→{delaying tactic}. But I will {show some manner}→{be polite and allow them} to exchange a few words

    page 13
    have become {distrust}→{distrustful}

    page 6:
    You have {one sidedly}→{unilaterally} and {sneaked}->{snuck}
    But -the- bandits

    page 12:
    {Literally blood crystals}→{valuable assets literally forged in blood}


  2. Massacre… Well even though I already know what’s going to happen seeing it on a manga makes me feel like I don’t know it at all.

    Thank you for the update ~


  3. Our protag is surprisingly dark.
    Second pass

    page 1:
    imperial troops -has- stood

    page 3:
    earn time or +a+ messenger

    page 6
    With the traitors {guide}→{guidance}


    page 6
    you have neither honor {or}→{nor} pride
    LN: neither x or y is usably written with nor


  4. This is just what i love from manga 😀
    It’s kinda hard to visualize it from just the novel, and you totally get her expression now wheb you combine the manga and the novel

    Thx for the translation


  5. Well , there is something I wonder , that is :WHY , in every anime manga and light/web novel I read , are the empires always the bad guy ? Is an imperial state BAD in itself ? Does they have certain troubling laws which are not in other types of states ? If someone could answer me , I really want to know x(


    • Empire implies very powerful, and power = bad in fiction as our protags need to overcome some obstacle.

      Either that or star wars.


    • Well, as far as I know Empire is a very large/ strong/ powerful country/kingdom.
      And the japanese word of Empire is just Big/Strong Kingdom.
      And because they are the strongest, they almost always think that they can put their law on the whole world.
      They want to make all the small countries into their colonies.

      Real history
      Asian like us are under the China Empire for thousand years.
      Great Britain Empire wants “the sun never set on the British Empire”


      • Ok ok , so it’s part of cliche of the strong is prideful and part of “they don’t have fond memories of empires” , ok now I get it xD . Thanks you very much ^^ .


    • You will not hear or read about it, but it’s because of worldwide leftist propaganda that democracy is the ultimate ruling way and empire or autocracy and dictatorships are “evil”. We are not explained “why”, just that “they are, period”. But You are good. Most people don’t notice this at all.

      But in reality a good and competent dictator may (and often is) much better than a bad democracy.

      If one reads a good book (eg Dune) or learns history deeply (in detail, not what they teach us in classrooms, unless you do history major) you will notice it rarery worked at all (greek democracy was for small polis city-state and only super wealthy “citizens” could vote, not general populus rabble; middle-ages had democratic countries, which failed and died; also free-elections of a king-elector were common even much later time (in europe) and devastated it’s countries’ internally for decades; democratic countries after usa invasions at the middleeast – these were much better off before said system; etc).
      USA founding fathers also protected their country from the clutches of democracy while writing their (forgot the name of the document) bill of rights, or was it declaration of independence (“we the people”). Most usa citizens don’t even know that u.s.a is a federation of “states”. It’s General Sufferage (elections, but by electors, behind closed doors) is not enough to be called a dem.
      Bringing democracy becomes a meme nowadays whenever a country finds oil then “USA brings democracy to them”, but not to really needing countries like e.g. North Korea.

      Back to Mitsuha, she would do nicely as a queen, but would be a lousy presidentress.

      Sorry for a long post, no potato.

      Liked by 1 person

      • “The ultimate ruling way” “America will bring you democracy” xD yeah so it’s somewhat of a trend too. Thanks for answering too ^^ . It was interesting (and hilarious too xD).


    • Actually, It’s done.
      I already did my best.

      However, as you can I can’t clean, redraw and typeset page 2 nicely.
      So, I don’t dare to call it a good version. (so that I can argue the rude readers)
      There were readers who mocked me about everything.


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