Taru Chapter 21: The Angel and the Priestess

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Taru Chapter 21: The Angel and the Priestess



『Minazuki huh? Aren’t you somehow strange?』(Boy 1)


This word was the beginning of everything.


『Right, you are already level 8, aren’t you?
Normally, you should be able to use magic skills of blue, red and green』(Boy 2)

『But you can only use beginner magic』(Boy 3)


My Clan Members started raising their voice of doubt.
As always, I’m not good at battle with monsters.
I have been raising my level by repeat doing quests from the NPCs.
They also brought me to hunt together occasionally.
They are Minor Players (15 years old and below) just like me, I’m grateful to their help.




I was at a loss because I didn’t understand well what they said.


『Minadzuki already has a decent level now, you should start helping the Clan out as well.
The Leader also said that』(Boy 4)

『As I am now, it’s still hard to…』(Mizadzuki)


《Lone Wolf》 is a Clan of Minor Players, 15 years old or younger.

Why did the Clan name《Lone Wolf》?
It reminded you that if you PT with 《adults》 other than our members, you can become the target of other players.
In order for the members not to forget their safety is only secured if they are alone,
the Clan Leader has used this name.


『Why can you only use beginner magic?』(Boy 4)


Hearing everyone’s question, I decided to confess the matter I have been wondering for a long time.


『Actually, I am lacking the MP… I also think it was strange.
How does everyone increase your MP?』(Minadzuki)




『What!? … how to increase MP, you say?』(Boy 5)

『How did you spend level points until to now …?』(Boy 6)


Hearing my question, my Clan Members were surprised and had the faces like giving up.
Well, I’m preoccupied with wanting to use magic, I have spent my level points to Magical Attack as many as possible.
I want to be a wonderful magician.
But somehow, my MP didn’t increase easily.
My Mace Skill for close-range self-defense is now the highest level…

In my childhood, I really loved the story 《Witch’s adventure》
In that story, it was said that the more Magic Power the witch has, the more Powerful the witch is.
As you become more powerful, your Magical Power, in short MP will become stronger as well.
Also, our Clan Leader said that the most important stats for wizards is Magical Attack.


『No way, Minadzuki. Did you not increase any of your level points to MP?』(Boy 7)



I didn’t know what to say for a moment.



Didn’t you look at the Level Point Tab of Status Window?』(Boy 7)


As he pointed out, I realized that I have never checked the detail of the Level Point Tab so far.
Somehow, whenever I “Level up”, I have mostly raised my Magical Attack and some for HP.
After that, I raise my Attack to meet the equipment condition for my Mace
To wear 《healer clothing seties》, I also raised Speed and Defense…

I opened the Status Window and click on the Level Point Tab with my trembling hand.
And I checked it properly this time.
It was HP and then MP… It’s the second one.

I have always increased my Level Point to HP and scrolling down to increase Magical Attack, so I didn’t notice at all.


『Minadzuki … you can’t change your level point…』(Boy 8)

『You can rearrange your Skill Points with expensive premium items,
but… you must create a new character to fix your Level Point 』(Boy 9)


For months, I have kept doing quests to raise my level.
Most of the children here are Beta Testers, they didn’t afraid of fighting, they have steadily grown stronger.
Other than fighting, doing quests is the only way to raise the level.
I have been doing my best for months.


『Even if you want to keep that character and keep training,
For Clan-Clan, from level 8, it will take a great deal of time to level up…
Unless you grind in battle like crazy…』(Boy 10)

『Minadzuki, just what were you doing until now?』(Boy 11)

『I can’t believe it. Such a useless child』(Boy 12)

『We have wasted our time taking her along to help her Level Up until now』(Boy)

『Yeah, it was such a waste of time』(Boy)

『I can’t believe it』(Boy)

『She can’t use any strong magic for a Level 8. And we don’t want to carry such pieces of baggage until she reaches level』(Boy)

『If you want to join our PT, train yourself to Level 9. Do you get it, Minadzuki?』(Boy)

『Next Level Up, increase your Level Points to MP』(Boy)

『She is too outdated, isn’t she?』(Boy)

『If Minadzuki is alone, she may won’t be able to Level Up for life, don’t you think?』(Boy)


Thus, I withdrew from Clan 《Lone Wolf》

I know that I am bad.
It’s necessary to use the Level Points properly, I should check the Guide or asking people…
Everyone could do it just fine, why couldn’t I do it?
It’s regrettable that my tears seem to come out.
After all, even in real life, I’m also a bad child that no-one needed.

Even I also hated myself for being like this.
But I don’t want to give up.

And I rushed to the 《Misora’s Forest》 at night.








With drool flow out and sharp fangs peak out from its mouth the wolf glares at me with a brutal face.
In the world of Clan-Clan, both buildings and magic are all realistic.
Even the details of the monster are also amazing.

I am so scared right now.
But, I calmed my fear and pointed my mace at the Wolf.


《…The Origin of the Sun, Shine for me》(Minadzuki)


I cast the magic I used the most.
I can only shoot it three times with my MP.


System log
3 × 4 × 5 =?


The problem for invocation will be displayed in the log as you cast your chant.




I have the answer quickly and speak the spell name aloud.
I’m good at Mathematics.


《Small Light》!(Minadzuki)


From my palm, “Meramera” flame comes out and hits the wolf. (T.N: Mera is Dragon Quest Fire magic)
The whole body of the wolf was burned with red magic as it was knocked backward.

But it’s still to soon to relax.
The other Wolf jumped at me.
I somehow was able to avoid and hit the wolf in the face with my mace.
As I thought, it’s so scary. I murmured it in my heart.
I was really weak-heart, wasn’t I?

When I noticed, there was Wolf’s wide-open mouth in front of me and I was pushed down.


『Kyaa, stop』(Minadzuki)


And then another wolf bites on me, I can’t move as I want anymore.
My HP also decreases gradually.
The wolves in front of me, its mouth, face, eyes, fangs, and nails. It used everything to hunt my life.
I was frightened and despaired by the expression of the crazy enemies.


After all, I’m useless.
After all, I can’t do anything.
I can’t defeat the monsters.
I can’t raise my Level either.
I can’t use strong magic.

I wanted to run away from the scary scene in front of me,
I tried to close my eyes, I gave up.

Suddenly, something kicked the wolves away and gripped my hands firmly.


『Run away!』(Unknown Silver Hair Loli)

(T.N: this is Mizadzuki’s POV so I won’t use Taru here)


Such a clear voice.
Glowing Silver Hair shines strongly as if any evil things would be bounced away.
A pretty girl who sprinkled strange particles resembling blue jewels,
A girl as lovely as an Angel was holding my hand.

Is she my savior?

Tenshi-sama used some kind of magic and in a moment the whole place was covered in white smoke.


『Eh, uhm…』(Minadzuki)


Tenshi-sama is holding my hands and pulling me away.

Then the PT invitation arrived. I was confused but I trusted her even though she was 5 Levels lower than me.

Even her avatar is the same age as me or 1-2 years lower.




I had full of miserable feelings while being frightened by a wolf’s howling from behind.

As if not to lose sight of Tenshi-sama’s sparkle, something came out from a picture book fairy tale, I desperately followed her while holding her hand.






We are already… far enough.
We… should be… safe here』(Tenshi)


Tenshi-sama put her hands on the waist and looked at the sky with a gesture like a boy.
We managed to escape from that place somehow.

By the time I caught my breath, Tenshi-sama asked me why I was alone back there.


『I want to prove that even with my magic, I can beat those monsters back there…』(Minadzuki)

『No, but isn’t that beginner magic?』(Tenshi)


Tenshi-sama knew about it and told me so.


『I know that!
But I have used my Level Points on HP and Magical Attack!
That’s why even just beginner magic is already strong!
But I only have 15MP and can use it 3 times…』(Minadzuki)


A mistake that can be pointed out by a child who is smaller than me, I realized how miserable I am.
Tenshi-sama has come to rescue me.
I couldn’t do anything. I’m sad.

Indeed, it was just like my former clan’s children members said,
It was such a waste.
I don’t know anything.

She must be also angry about such a thing.


『So, why were you fighting against such a high-level monster opponent with only beginner magic?』(Tenshi)


Unlike my expectation, Tenshi-sama’s voice was very calm.

Facing such kindness, somehow I become sadder and didn’t know know what to do.
I have tried to hold it back but somehow everything started to flow out.


『I… I somehow…』(Minadzuki)


Couldn’t win against the monsters, realized how miserable I am, letting others help me like this.

And in front of the person I meet for the first time, I cried.


『After all, I’m a bad child …』(Minadzuki)


Just like my father and mother say.
Just like everyone in Clan-Clan says.
I’m just extra luggage that no-one needed.

Even for someone as kind as Tenshi-sama, I’m sure she will also hate me.


『No, you and I are the same.』(Tenshi)


Tenshi-sama says that she is the same as me.
You don’t have to encourage with such a lie.


『Other people are calling it rubbish skill.
But it’s fun, so, I keep using Alchemy skill. Even though it’s sometimes frustrating』(Tenshi)



Tenshi-sama said that she used alchemy skills, she was unable to do anything for a long time and was called useless.

She took out the potion called 《Emerald’s Tear》and shook it as she smiled like a mischievous boy.


『That’s why…well…
Let’s work hard on it.
Don’t be sad and give up on what you like』(Tenshi)


I want to follow Tenshi-sama.
A while ago, she struggled to help me out as she held my hand.
The warmth of her hand has been transmitted.
It’s really warm.

I was still thinking about Tenshi-sama’s kind words as I held my breasts.


『Will you be friends with me?』(Minadzuki)


Finally, I can see Tenshi-sama’s face clearly from the front.

White skin like snow.

Glowing Silver hair spray grains of blue light.


『Eh, ah. If that’s what you want…』(Tenshi)


Tenshi-sama gently gave out her hand.




When I tried to hold Tenshi-sama’s hand, I noticed it.

Behind her, there are beautiful pink flowers. Cherry blossoms began to bloom.


『The flowers bloom with the light of the moon…?
So, it’s called 《Moonlight Tree Hill》(Tenshi)

Tenshi-sama said so.

Illuminated by the moonlight, the appearance of the silver hair beautiful girl looking up at the night sky as the cherry blossoms were scattering.

As I thought, she is really Tenshi-sama.






Watching the sight of 《Moonlight Tree Hill》 for a while.

I gave out my hand to Minadzuki-san, who sat down beside me.


『Tenshi-sama, please call me Mina』(Minadzuki)


But she didn’t take my hand,
While holding her skirt above her knee with both hands, she asked me so.


『No, what’s with that Tenshi-sama?
And if you want me to call you Mina, you can call me Taro』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Tenshi-sama is fine』(Minadzuki)


Minadzuki-san is looking at me and becomes stubborn.


『Is that so?』(Taru) Taru Icon


A blonde little girl in a gown suit calling me Tenshi-sama.
Did she think of me like someone who served the goddess or something?


『Well then, Minadzuki-san, I will add you as my friend』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It’s Mina (desu)…』(Minadzuki)


Minadzuki-san seems to be upset.


『Mina-san』(Taru) Taru Icon

『It’s Mina (desu)…』(Minadzuki)


She seems to be fixed on this…


『Mina… Friend invitation….』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, Tenshi-sama!』(Minadzuki)


It’s somewhat embarrassing to call her with just 《Mina》

However, at the moment I called her so, her face got brighter and she smiled cheerfully.
Because I only saw Minazuki’s sad face so far, it was a big gap.


『Well then, please take care of me, Tenshi-sama』(Minadzuki)

『Ah, uhm… Best regard, Mina』(Taru) Taru Icon


Just like that, we became friends.
Although she is a little strange child, her level is higher than me and she has been trying her best.


Suddenly, a pale petal sticks on my cheek.
It seems to be the bloomed flower of the big tree of the 《Moonlight Tree Hill》

I pin on it and take it.


《Gospel of moonlight》 was acquired

And the log appears.

This is…

It’s probably a material that can be collected only when weather and place conditions are met.

Then there’s one thing I should do in that case.
Collect more!


And when I observe it, I realized.

Falling flowers will disappear when they come in contact with grasslands.

So, I must grab it when it’s falling and still above the ground.
I tried to catch the petal with my hands.

At the moment when I already took 5 pieces of 《Gospel of moonlight》 and trying to pick the 6th piece.


Number of collection limit reached
No further harvesting is possible


The log appears again.


There’s an upper limit number that each player can get at once,
Is it set for this material…?

In this case…

I turned my eyes towards Minadzuki-san and met her eyes

Whether she was watching me or watching the landscape of the moonlight hill, she had a smile with a fixed focus.

Still, she noticed my eyes and tilted her head.


『Minadzuki-san! Please pick this petal』(Taru) Taru Icon

『… Who is that?』(Minadzuki)


Uncomfortably, Minadzuki-san is pouting.
Look like she doesn’t want me to call with her full name.


『Mina, I want you to pick up these petal』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, Tenshi-sama』(Minadzuki)


She nodded happily.

She started catching the falling petal of cherry blossoms under the moonlight, she also jumped with *Pyonpyon*


After collecting up to our limit, we went through 《The Beginner Prairie》 and went back to the pioneering city, Michel Angelo.


We engaged some slimes on the way and get some 《Slime’s Nucleus》, I need it to replenish my 《Emerald’s Tear》 

In the middle of it, I heard the Level-up sound.


Your Level has raised to 4
You got 100 level points
You got 15 skill points


『Ooo』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Congratulations Tenshi-sama』(Minadzuki)


It seems that I nearly reached level 4 after all the PVP battle.
Otherwise, there’s no way I can raise a level with just slimes.


『Tenshi-sama, this is the celebration reward for your level up』(Minadzuki)


As she said that.


Minadzuki has a trade request for 《Gospel of moonlight》 × 5
Accept or Refuse


Minadzuki-san passed the materials she collected a while ago to me.

I got excited a little while ago with the unexpected rare material and asked her to collect it.
But even if Minadzuki-san picked it up, my share would not increase.

She seems to understand that I wanted the 《Gospel of moonlight》


What’s with this Loli.
She is too nice.

I was a bit embarrassed that my feeling was seen by a girl around 11 years old.


『Well, is it okay?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, it’s also a thank you gift for helping me』(Minadzuki)


This loli is cute.

It was nice to be treated well by my new friend, Minadzuki-san.


『Thank you, Mina』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, Tenshi-sama』(Minadzuki)


I got a total of 10 《Gospel of Moonlight》

I returned home, the pioneering city, Michel Angelo with a happy face.


How should I spend the Level Points, Skill Points? I’m excited just by thinking about it.


『Fu fu fu』(Taru) Taru Icon


I am looking forward to the new Alchemy’s material as well.
Also, I need to confirm the carriage figure from Misora-san.

There are plenty of things I want to do.

While I’m happy like that, I get a grudge-like friend’s message.




Kouya, who was involved in the matter of the Sage Misora,
Somehow, I had forgotten about him.

His broken glasses were left on the ground near the《Celestial Clock Tower》

Taru Minadzuki
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