Mile Chapter 267: Dwarf Village 8

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Mile Chapter 267: Dwarf Village 8



『 You all, didn’t you listen to what I just said?
We have lost most of our village’s strength.
We can’t even afford to have enough medicine to cure our injured people.
And we won’t ask for relief request from the cities of humans!』(Workshop Owner)


The Workshop Owner yelled at the girls and Mile replied with a blank face.


『Eh? Actually, you don’t have to ask the city to subjugate monster, do you?
Your villager will make a second raid, then recapture operation by yourself.
It’s just 《The escort hunters of the merchant corp, who happens to be present, are allowed to participate in that raid》
As for money, you only need to pay for those escort hunters.
Wasn’t that just doing normal business without involving the pride of the dwarves?』(Mile)

『Huh……』(Workshop Owner)



In that case, the honor of their village will be kept.
Although the honor in their hearts is slightly hurt, their condition wouldn’t allow them to refuse such a good deal.



『Is it really okay?
The monsters here are really strong!
Not even us, who have been living and fighting here for hundreds of years, can win again the Orcs and Ogres.
Why did it become like this? We have killed countless of Orcs and Ogres in the past…
It’s true that in this country, humans of 15 years old and above are considered as adults.
But hunters or not, you are still just minors, you won’t able to return alive.
Do not throw your life away poorly!』(Workshop Owner)


Maybe the Workshop Owner was showing concern about the young girls, he tried to refuse the proposal of 《Red Oath》




Rena was upset and raised her voice.


『 Don’t look down on the average C-ranked magician Hunter!』(Pauline)

『Likewise, don’t look down on the average C-ranked swordsman Hunter』(Maevis)

『『『『And do not look down on the average human beings!』』』』(Red Oath)


Ignoring the dumbfounded workshop owner, Mile asked the merchant.


『 Escort request is only during our traveling.
While we are staying in this village, we are free to do whatever we want during the meantime.
It’s outside the jurisdiction of the employer, so it’s not a breach of contract, right?』(Mile)

『… Yes, that’s right. However…』(Merchant)


『If you don’t come back. It will be a hindrance to the return escort mission. Isn’t it a breach of contract in that case?』(Merchant)


The merchant didn’t try to critic nor blame the girls.
What he said has the meaning 《Please come back safely without fail》

For merchants, the contract is absolute.
If they allowed a breach of contract, they wouldn’t be able to deal with the situation when the crisis happened. It’s literally an “Ikki Tousen” for them. (Strength matching 1000 men)

So, when the merchant said this, he meant that 《You are not allowed to die》


『…Always, I will return safely, in the name of the business God』(Pauline)


The merchant was dumbfounded with Pauline’s reply.
And three girls followed after.


『As a person aiming to become a knight, I bet my honor and pride on it』(Maevis)

『I bet the Honor of the C-ranked Hunter on it』(Rena)

『In the name of a Dagashi shop’s old lady!』(Mile)

『『『『Who’s that!?』』』』(Everyone – Mile)


『…But, it’s no use saying that to just me…
At least, you must persuade the village chief,
In addition, two-thirds of the workshop owners don’t agree with it…
If our village prepares for another raid and it ends of failure,
It will affect the survival of our village.
Most of the workshops have the same idea as me, they might agree if you persuade them.
But no matter how the villages may say…
The village chief can dismiss it if he doesn’t like it.
From the heavy pressure of taking care of the whole village, he always chooses the safest measure by all means.
But at the same time, when the village chief approves it,
Even if other workshops might complain, they have no choice but to obey the village chief.
But he is rather hard-headed, he won’t go down that easily.
Even so, the fastest way is visiting the village chief’s house and talk to him directly,
To be honest, I don’t think it will go well …』(Workshop Owner)

『『『『『…………』』』』』(Red Oath + Merchant)


Everyone can understand what the workshop owner says.
From now, the hardest part is persuading the Village Chief.
《Red Oath》 has a troubled face.

And there…


They say they don’t sell high-class distilled liquor!
What in the world were they coming here to trade for?!
Are they kidding me, GORAAAAAAAAA (scream)!』(Village Chief)

『『Haaa… Mayor…』』(Workshop Owner + Merchant)


Because he was talking with a merchant leader during the time when Mile was selling alcohol, he didn’t know about the distilled liquor sales.
He only heard it later from those who bought plenty of Liquor
The Village Chief asked a small amount for tasting.
He raised the cry of agony for the distilled liquor.

Apparently, he seemed to have tried to buy it from other merchants and heard about where the distilled liquor was coming from.


『Take it out, give me the Liquor right now!』(Village Chief)

(Joke: Condition met, you can continue the quest now)

At first sight, Mile seems to be an idiot.
No, she might be really an idiot.
She sold things without consideration, but she didn’t forget to take the safety method.

But even though she has the “backup” (EN), she is still pretending 《I wonder if there is such a thing?》

Pauline, on the other hand, knew the usual behavior of Mile, has listened to a lot of “Nihon Fukashi talk”
She knew it from a glance.
And when she quietly looked at Mile’s face…

Little by little

Mile’s face changed from smiling to sweat-dropping.
While Pauline’s smile became darker.





『That’s why, we will go hunting down the monsters tomorrow』(Mile)

『『『『OI OI OI OI OI OI OI (HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY)!!』』』』(Merchants)


As expected, everyone was surprised. However,《Evil Spirit Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》 weren’t surprised that much.

Well, combine with the 《Red Oath》, they have 15 top Rank C Hunters in total.
10 or 20 of Orcs and Ogres aren’t a big threat.
In addition, they have strong dwarves accompany, they shouldn’t face any great danger.

When they thought about it, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Even the Merchants also understood.
Mile, the monstrous capacity Storage Magic User,
Maevis, the swordsman who can use 《instant firewood split sword》
Rena, the master of magic control, who can cook with magic at the camping site.
And from the other 2 parties, they also heard about the girls’ power after the attack of the Ogres.


『 Can’t be helped! (Shoganai)…
I understand. I will go out with you.
When will we depart?』(Wolff)


Wolff, the leader of 《Evil Spirit Utopia》 said so with a face that has given up, and Vegas the leader of 《Flame’s Friendship》 nodded.




But Mile was surprised when she heard that.


『No, only us, the 《Red Oath》 will join this raid with the people of this village.
In the meantime, you all will be staying in the village in case of emergency.
The dwarves will go all-out this time.
Because all of the villagers, who can fight Ogres, will participate in this raid, if the monsters attack the village, in that case, it will really become a literal 《village destruction》』(Mile)

『『『『『Huh……』』』』』(ESU + FF)


However, after they think about it, the hunters don’t think there will be a large number of Orcs and Ogres.
Then again,《Red Oath》 could easily hunt them down.
Besides, many of dwarves will accompany them, there will be no problem.

And the members of the two parties are convinced that it would be better to remain here in order to protect the village in the unlikely event.
In any case, 《protecting the village》 also includes 《protecting the merchant unit》
So this is also a task of their request.


『Ah, because you will act as the《village guards》, you might get a fee from the village』(Pauline)


Hearing that, the hunters came to ask Mile and Pauline for the details properly.


The village mayor actually didn’t want to change his policy, but because he wanted to drink.

He knew the fact that they are lacking the manpower because many of them are still injured.
However, he was worried more that he would make an irreparable mistake if he refused help from humans and the second raid ended up in failure.


『When you asked us for this raid request,
We will heal everyone who is currently injured.
There are two of us who are healer magicians.
If we sleep overnight, our magical power will recover.
We must maximize our strength for tomorrow’s battle,
This is part of battle preparation, so there’s no extra charge required.
Of course, it will be the same if you get injured in the battle tomorrow』(Mile)


The village mayor knew for the first time, the existence of a healer magician.
And there are two of them here.

Further, as long as they are still alive, no matter how severe their injury is, it can be completely healed with healing magic. And because they are fighting monsters, there aren’t injuries such as limbs are completely cut off like the fight with swords from humanoids. So, healing magic can heal most of the injury.

But of course, when their limbs, fingers are completely crushed or blown away, their head is crushed, the bones and the internal organs are messed up, they can’t be healed.

Anyway, it is foolish to miss the opportunity to be healed by the healer magician and maximize their strength.
It was natural that the Village Chief judged so.

What’s about paying money and only asking for healing?
In that case, can they return after they fail to get healed?
Meanwhile, paying the money for the raid request, they will get healed for free, get support in battle?
Would anyone choose to pay the money and only get healing service?

Besides, they need to kill the monsters anyway, if they want their village to survive.

Yes, considering everything, the village mayor had no other choice.


And some of Mile’s distilled liquor, which Mile had left in her storage just in case, was sufficient to make the village chief nod like crazy.


Mile warned to Rena’s trio when they were alone.


『Everyone, don’t let your guard down.
In the first place, the dwarves should be strong enough to deal with monsters, yet they lost in the last raid and suffered great damage.
There should be a reason for that.
It should be anything like《their luck was bad》
In that case, they shouldn’t be able to survive for hundreds of years.
That’s why we must prepare for the worst possible situation as much as possible.
In fact, the number of monsters might be many times the size of what we thought.
Do you get it』(Mile)


Rena’s Trio silently nodded with Mile’s warning.

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      • lemme guess. the monster is stronger than expected that mile have to interfere. then they had to reorganize their tactics in dealing the monsters. each member of RO-mile skills would be challenged because the monster are stronger than average. after that the big boss came and mile just oneshot the boss.

        le me imagination run wild XD


        • wait. is it the dwarfs? from the look of this chapter, RO did try to save the dwarfs’ pride as much as possible. or at least they try to play within that area to complete their objective. so they will let the dwarfs finish the monster so that the dwarfs can at least save face.


  3. Some more corrections(I’m sure I missed some):
    “aiming at a knight” -> {aiming to become a knight}
    “I bet honor and pride” -> {I bet my honor and pride}
    “No, only us we,” -> {No, only us,}
    “The village mayor actually didn’t change” -> {The village mayor actually didn’t want to change}
    “to let the village chief nodded like crazy.” -> {to make the village chief nod like crazy.}
    “was lost in the last raid” -> {yet they lost in the last raid}

    Time to get hunting! Lolis vs ogres and orcs, four versus who knows how many. But we all know how it will end up.
    Thanks for the chapter! God bless everyone, take care, and have a nice day!

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