Mile Chapter 268: Monsters 1

Mile Vol 8-6
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T.N: It seems like someone mistakes with Sei manga from what I translated in the last chapter.

Pauline and Mile only healed the dwarves’ injuries, NOT REGROW their missing limbs.

Mile Chapter 268: Monsters 1



『… … Thank you』(Dwarf Captain)


The Dwarf Captain of the secondary raid recruitment unit lowered his head towards 《Red Oath》

This dwarf was one of those, who were severely injured and had to stay put. But now, his broken left foot and the deep cut on his body are completely healed. All of them are able to return to their daily life and fight in the front.

It is impossible to imagine a dwarf to lower his head to other races, especially elves and humans.
《Red Oath》 doesn’t know about it, the girls are just waving their hands lightly, but the other 2 parties and the merchants were staring at them with surprise.


『Departure!』(Dwarf Captain)


With the signal from the captain, the raid squad began moving.
28 dwarves, 《Red Oath》 4 people.
There are a total of 32 elite units.

There seemed to be 30 people at the first raid.
6 of them had lost their way home forever, 3 of them lost their limbs, fingers and couldn’t be able to return to their daily life nor fight.

If Mile was serious enough, she might manage to fix any kind of disability or missing limbs.
But it was beyond the realm of 《Healing Magic》 recognized in this world.
Besides, Mile didn’t intend to use that kind of 《Healing Magic》 for outsiders.
Even if there are those who are grieving.
It was impossible to completely rescue all people.
And what would they think about the existence of such power from Mile?

This time, the raiding party is 32 people.

There are 7 new dwarves to replace 9 of them from last time, including 《Red Oath》
In those 9 people, 3 of them lost hands or fingers, and they also lost their future as craftsmen.


And as soon as everyone moved, Rena complained.


『Why are we in the middle?』(Rena)

『Well, of course, it’s natural that women, children, and weak people should be placed in the center …』(Dwarf Captain)

『Who is the 《weak people》?!
Besides, Mile should be leading with her searching ability!』(Rena)


The young Dwarf was troubled with Rena’s burst.
And then, the captain said.


『If something happens to the DELICIOUS LIQUOR Young Miss Seller, we will be killed by our people,
so, PLEASE quietly stay in that position!』(Dwarf Captain)


And other dwarves also desperately appealed.
They emphasized protecting the distilled liquor supplier.

Certainly, if something happens to Mile, it will be impossible for mass transport of Liquor like this time again.
And if the cause was the mistake of these dwarves. In that case, even if they succeed in dealing with the monsters and recapturing the mine, the villagers won’t let them off.

After seeing their desperate appealing, Rena stops saying anything else.


『It’s okay, Rena-san.
Even from this position, I can still detect the enemies with my search magic』(Mile)

『Besides, if we are in the center, we can easily rush to the front, back, left, or right. So, it’s not a bad position.』(Maevis)


As Mile and Maevis said, Rena was convinced.

After fighting as Red Oath for a long time, Rena became pretty good at hitting enemies with her cane so she forgot about it. (T.N: common sense ^_^)
Even for a small party, the magician is always the rearguard,
And in the case of a large party, the magician will be placed in the center in order to protect them from the surprise attack and close battle of enemies.

Besides, the dwarves don’t know the fighting ability of the 《Red Oath》 at all.
Even if they are told the girls are C-ranked hunters, but from their viewpoint, the girls are still underage children.
And with their common sense, human children are weak compared with the dwarven girls.

So, they only expect 《Red Oath》 with the role of healer magicians.
For the swordsman and offensive magician, Meavis and Rena will be protecting the two healer magicians
The battle was meant to be done only by the Dwarves.
Everyone judged so.

Except for 《Red Oath》, 《Evil Spirit Utopia》 and 《Flame’s Friendship》


『We are about to step in the monsters’ territory… be careful…』(Dwarf Captain)

『 The reaction of monsters is 300m ahead!』(Mile)


Before the captain finished speaking, Mile made a detection report.

300 meters is still a little far to enter battle.
People can see 300 meters away on a flat with no obstacles and good visibility.
But seeing 300 meters away in the mountains and in the forest is completely different.

300 meters in this place where the mountainous area and trees are growing is not a distance that an average people can see.
… However, it’s still too close to be careless.


『Do you know the number and type?』(Dwarf Captain)


It was a familiar reaction whenever Mile showed her ability,
However, without wasting time with useless words such as 《How can you do it》
The captain confirmed the information that he needed with as few words as possible.
Apparently, he seems to be a 《flexible man》

However, Mile’s reply wasn’t as usual.


『Uhm, about that…,
I know, but somehow the reaction is strange…
Is there any Unique monster around here?』(Mile)

『No, it’s common monsters that you can find everywhere.
Like Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Kobolds, Horn rabbits, vampire bats, Wild earthworm, mountain wolf and so on…』(Dwarf Captain)


Of course, Mile knew all of the monsters that the captain just named.
And Mile already added the characteristic of those monsters to the detection reaction of search magic, however…


『It’s so strange… Well, their number is eight headcounts (頭)』(Mile)


The purpose of this raid is killing all the monsters and taking back the mine.
The dwarves will not avoid or run away from monsters, so, they go straight into the monsters.
Since Mile has reported the distance and number, it’s not necessary to hold weapons from the start and there’s no need to watch out.
It’s good for dwarves to be less mentally fatigued.

Until recently, all of them were ambushed by the monsters, everyone was pretty careful of the surroundings. But if there were people who could use search magic, it would be easy.
Although Rena said that Mile had the ability to explore, the captain seems to have thought that it was like the scouting ability.
He has never expected it to be magic that could detect the monsters 300 meters away.
And the raiding party were heading for the eight monsters.


『Monsters Spotted! 8 Orcs up ahead!』(Dwarf Captain)


The captain shouted in a loud voice while sending a stop signal to the people behind by hand.
It seems that the orcs still don’t notice them yet, they still have the upper hand.
And they don’t need to worry that the Orcs can escape from with this number of people.
The captain instructs with a gesture and a low voice to arrange the dwarves in the battle formation.

Meanwhile, Mile was tilted her head.


(They are Orcs? But this reaction…) (Mile)

『What, I’m sorry! I will go ahead!』(Mile)


As Mile said, she pulled out the sword and went ahead of Rena’s trio in a hurry.

Even she tried to rush forward, 《Red Oath》 was placed in the second row instead of the front, there was quite a distance.

The protagonists of this battle were supposed to be the dwarves and 《Red Oath》 was only here to help.
They planned to help people in danger, apply healing magic to the injured people, Rena’s group wasn’t dissatisfied with this position, which is easier to do to help.

The monsters this time are just some Orcs in the first place.
Regardless of the Ogres, it is unlikely that strong Dwarves who have protected villages for hundreds of years will lose to some Orcs.
Also, the Dwarves don’t seem to let their guard down on the Orcs.
So, there should be no problem.

Rena’s group only looked at the fight with confidence, they also pre-chanted healing magic and attack magic in preparation for unforeseen circumstances…


Dogo~! (SFX)
Bashii~! (SFX)
Doshaa~! (SFX)


Along with the scream, three dwarves were blown away.
Almost at the same time as the start of the battle.


『What!? So weak!』(Rena)

『The Dwarves were knocked down!』(Pauline)


Rena and Pauline’s word dealt a critical mental blow to the Dwarves’ heart.
Meanwhile, Maevis cried.


『Idiot (Baka)
Why did you lower the morale of our allies?
Besides, the people in the village aren’t weak!?』(Maevis)


And Mile continued after that…


『They are too strong!
These monsters aren’t at the Orc’s Level (EN)!
The reaction from search magic was also different from ordinary Orcs.
And they are muscular, it’s different from ordinary Orc, which is heavy and has a lot of fat.
They can’t be killed unless you fight them like fighting with Ogres and above,
If you let your guard down, we might be killed!』(Mile)


Mile finally understood.
Why did the strong dwarves, who kept protecting the village and the miners from monsters for many years, were defeated?


『If their opponent wasn’t normal, why didn’t the dwarves realize when they fought the monsters last time?!』(Rena)


Rena shouted out in angry, but for Maevis and Mile, rather than angry, they had a scary idea on their mind.


((Orcs with this kind of strength… No way, there shouldn’t be such Ogre-strength Orcs…)) (Mile + Meavis)


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  1. Okay, if orcs this time are as strong as ogres, then how strong would ogres in same group be? Half of dragon?


  2. Thanks for the chapter 🙂
    I wonder if its something they ate, or if there is a unique monster buffing them…


  3. Thanks for the chapter
    More please…

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  4. Edits
    weapons from {early}→{the start} and

    for outsiders. -(Flag)-
    Narrative note: try to avoid pointing out forshadowing unless there is a good reason to.
    with {the minimum word}→{as few words as possible}

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  5. Some correction recommendations:
    “those, who were severely injured and must stay put” -> {those who were severely injured and had to stay put}
    “lost his hands or their fingers” -> {lost hands or fingers}
    “with the minimum word.” -> {with the minimum number of words.}
    “Rena said that mile” -> {Rena said that Mile}
    “were decided to be the dwarves” -> {were supposed to be the dwarves} not really wrong but it fits better

    Protecting the women and the young (but mostly the liquor supplier). Those Orcs seem to have found a large supply of protein powder, and some gym equipment. Or they got a strength upgrade somehow. Maybe they are half orc half ogre? Now I want to read the next chapters soon 😀
    Thanks for the translation! God bless you, take care!

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    • you mean that’s what motivates them ? like “Bring out the sturdy and grumpy dwarves !” if you know what I mean xD ?


  6. What are they, High Orcs? But if that kind of monster’s name exist, the previous raid team would said for a long time.
    Maybe artificial monster or monsters from another dimension?

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    • I’d say high orcs, those are usually not so different from orcs, unlike hobgoblins to goblins

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