Mile Chapter 269: Monsters 2

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Mile Chapter 269: Monsters 2



『Pauline-san, healing magic!
After that, please prepare your attack magic!
For the time being, giving priority to prevent deaths and then healing the injured people!
Rena-san, please continue casting attack magic, because the monsters are several strong monsters, use the single target magic rather than AOE magic! Be careful of friendly fire and don’t use magic with too much power. With such strong magic, you may kill the dwarves by mistake.
Maevis-san, use the true godspeed sword from the start, pay attention to the time limit!』(Mile)


Unlike usual, Mile gave battle instructions instead of Rena.
And it was quick decisions.
However, the instruction content was accurate, so, everyone reflexively followed it.

Pauline searched for the one, who seemed to be the most severely injured among the three people blown away and used the healing magic, that she has put on hold until now.
After that, she started high-speed chanting attack magic.

Because they are fighting monsters now, there’s no need to hide the type of magic she is about to cast in her head.

After releasing the attack magic that she had put on hold, Rena continued chanting the attack magic to shoot on the same individual monster. She used rather weak and single target magic so that even if she hit a dwarf they would only be injured. Pauline and Mile could use healing magic to fix them later.
However, it’s inevitable that weak magic can’t take down these Orcs.

If it was some average Orcs, Maevis could easily deal with them with normal attacks, but according to Mile’s judgment, she used the “True Godspeed Sword” from the start.
Maevis herself also decided that she shouldn’t use the “EX True Godspeed Sword”, her body could only keep it for a very short time. It would be suicide.
Although there is a time limit on the “True Godspeed Sword” as well, it’s much longer than the “EX True Godspeed Sword”

At the moment when Rena and Pauline released the first magic and started their second magic, Maevis and Mile jumped out side-by-side.
At the same time, they swung down their swords.

In the battle where allies are mixed in, the sword attack is quicker than a magic attack.
…Not to mention the power difference with the enemy.
Just like Maevis and Mile’s strength.

Two swordsmen danced around the battlefield.
Supported by rapid-fire magic from the rear.

Perhaps, without《Red Oath》, many dwarves would get severely injured or even dead, even though it was a 28 vs 8 fight.
However, due to the support from Maevis and Mile, the dwarves, who were in grave danger, managed to endure somehow.

Together with Rena and Pauline’s magic attack, they managed to annihilate the Orcs somehow without getting any major injury.


『…So, what does this mean…?』(Rena)


Rena was inquiring the captain as Mile and Pauline healed the minor injured people.


『What do you mean?』(Captain)

『 Don’t toy with me!
Why are the Orcs so strong? And why did you keep silent about it?』(Rena)


The captain vaguely replied to the angry Rena.


『No, I also think the monsters are strong, but…』(Captain)

『You also thought the monsters are strong but you decided not to warn us and let your friends carelessly charge ahead?!
Why didn’t you explain more properly?!
And in the first place, you won’t be able to win against such monsters!』(Rena)


The captain replied proudly to Rena.


『Whether winning or losing. It doesn’t matter to us, it’s our dwarves’ pride, but it’s still…』(Captain)

『So, last time you lost wasn’t due to carelessness but you ran away!!』(Rena)






『So, what should we do…』()

『What should I do……』()

『To avoid disputing later,
We asked the merchant to make an official contract,
And because the request fee has been paid in advance…』()

『There is nothing I can do!』()


Yes, It couldn’t be helped.
《Red Oath》asked the merchant, who is a professional in the contract, thinking of the contract schedule without any inconvenience, and received a request from the village chief with the advance paid money.

《Free request》, which is the request the client and the contractor directly negotiate, make a contract not involving the guild. It often causes dispute after.
As a safety measure for that, the girls made a proper contract with advance payment, but it turned out to have backfired. And now 《Red Oath》was bound to the contract.

If there are any lies in the contents, they can break the contract, the request fee will be forfeited as it is. There’s no problem in that case.

However, there were neither false nor deficiencies in the request from the dwarves.
The monsters are really average Orcs, Ogres.
The villagers attempted to raid them but they have failed because the monsters were too strong.
They ask for support for the second raid.
…There was nothing wrong with that.


『We have reported that 《The monsters were considerably stronger than usual》
And before signing the contract, the major may have properly told you about it.
What are you dissatisfied with?』(Captain)


From behind, the captain heard the girls’ conversation and complained.
Then Rena shouted again.


『 Would there be anyone who will report that 《they lost to the weak monsters》?
Everyone will report that the monsters are strong!
How could anyone judge if it was really true!』(Rena)


*Calm down (Maa maa)*

Maevis tried to calm Rena down, but Rena didn’t settle down yet.


『Well, people couldn’t help but think so.
Because monsters don’t practice martial arts, there’s no such thing like an Elite Orc Squad.
Sometimes a strong individual will appear, but it’s just a unique individual after all…』(Mile)


As Mile says, there was never such special cases like a group evolve together.
And the strength of those Orcs was too heterogeneous to do with just individual differences.


『 They are as strong as high Orcs, but they have the characteristic of average Orcs, right?』(Maevis)


It was as Maevis said.

When the 《Red Oath》 was still on the run, they had to go to various places here and there to earn money.
They also had a big hunting quest, 《High Orcs and Goblin King Hunt》, the so-called 《High Species》
Therefore, they knew the details about high Orcs.


『Besides, there are no flocks made up of only High-Orcs in the first place. It’s like a single squad organized by 8 Orcs in general.』(Rena)


Maevis nodded to Rena’s Tsukkomi.


『But, in my country, there is a saying that
《If all members in the ship are captains, they can even climb a mountain (船頭多くして、船、山に登る)》
Even the impossible is possible…』(Mile)

『Mile, you said that before, right?
And I don’t think it’s the case this time, it isn’t in any war-draft book…』(Maevis)


To Maevis, Mile’s《 a saying in her mother country》 couldn’t be trusted in any way.
It was as stark as the 《Nihon Fukashi talk》 that Mile told them every night.


『Well, we can leave that aside. The problem is, what do you want to do now?』(Rena)


It is as Rena says.


『Well, I understand that the Orcs are strong, I don’t know the reason…
We have knocked down 8 of them. If there are more of them, we will know soon.
With our strength now, there should be no problem.
Even if there are goblins, kobolds, horn rabbits and their strength is several times stronger, we can still deal with them just fine.
The problem is…』(Mile)

『Ogre, right…?』(Maevis)


Maevis took over Mile’s words.


『The difference between the power of an ordinary Orcs and the power of the Orcs we just killed, if we applied that proportion to the Ogre as it is …』(Maevis)

『Yes, it’s the birth of 《Hyper Ogre》
The Ogre’s road is opened, it’s the《Ogre Butler Senki (Aura Butler Senki)》!』(Mile)


This time, Mile took over Maevis’ words.
Everyone didn’t know what Mile was saying, but only the nuance was somewhat transmitted, so they just let it passed through.


『Well, I wonder what should we do…』(Maevis)

『It really can’t be helped…』(Mile)


And this time, the dwarves got up.


『Even if we retreat this time, our village will be finished if we don’t deal with those monsters anyway.
And with the village’s chief’s decision, there is no option to ask for help in the city of humans.
It’s our golden opportunity to get help from the two healer magicians that travel to our village by chance.
Our village’s budget can’t afford to hire someone from the city.
There won’t be any other chance again.
This is the first, the last and our only opportunity.
We still haven’t done it yet,
I would like you to “GO OUT” with us …』(Captain)

(T.N: the legendary mistake “go out” in anime)


《Red Oath》’s members are looking at each other.


『Uhm, I am still 13 years old… Registration of formal relationships is still a bit…』(Mile)



Mile received Rena’s chop in the head.


『It’s still okay. But there’s no Dragon around here, right?
A squad of Dragons, which has become several times stronger, won’t appear, right?』(Maevis)


The captain’s face became blue and purple as Maevis asked that question.

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    • I’m kinda with dwarves here, actually.
      Their pride is annoying, indeed, but why are red oath so surprised that “wow, suddenly, orcs are stronger than usual”?
      It’s not sudden at all. Autor repeated that so many times in previous chapters that i got sick with that. That “there is no way that dwarves would take so much casualties”, “there is no way that there are [normal orc group]” etc. Why entire red oath suddenly becomes a group of retarded gold fish, that don’t remember anything past 5 seconds?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think red oath is in no way retarded. They realize that “the orcs is definitely abnormal since the dwarfs cannot deal with them”. Of course that means the orcs are stronger. It’s just they are EVEN stronger than what red oath thought.


        • If that would be the case, i wouldn’t even said anything.
          But what grind my gears is their attitude like “they fooled us!”, which is absurd.
          Especially considering that it don’t resemble their usual reaction at all.


        • Well, as you can see, Red Oath must baby-sit 28 baggages in a hard fight without a warning beforehand.
          The Dwarfs also really DID FOOL them in a sense, it’s normal to behave like that.

          Just imaging someone asked the police to deal with some random thugs that carry weapons attacked him. He didn’t tell the police that those thugs have guns, he also careless charged ahead which made the police must protect him in a dangerous situation without a warning.
          It can be avoided if he told the police that the thugs have gun not some random weapons (the police will prepare for the situation or call back-up)
          In some case, it may be seen as “File A False Police Report”

          The girls’ reaction and attitude are more like:
          * Rena: got angry.
          * Mile: thinking about Puns and reasons.
          * Maevis: thinking about reasons.
          * Pauline: thinking about money?

          Liked by 4 people

      • It’s worth mentioning that we can not really see how much worse than average these Orcs are (though actually I recall them super easily stomping Orcs easily before with their average tactic) and while the group would still anticipate simply “stronger or more numerous than average”, this seems to have been way beyond considering how Maevis was told to use TGS.

        I’d say the blame still lies on the dwarves and it is always my opinion that false pride deserves no help or rather, it must not be helped. I’m not telling anyone to bow down to someone else but if anyone makes someone bend over for them with such an attitude then I only have one thing left to say:

        Natural Selection.

        Liked by 2 people

    • Yeah, it’s like the dwarves have a death wish and are getting Red Oath against their will onboard. And the girls are bound with the shady contract. Should Mile go all out? Thunderstorm isn’t out of question.


  1. to prevent {dead people}->{deaths} and
    due to careless+ness+ but +because+ you ran
    out to {be backfiring}→{have backfired}. 
    was any {false}->{lies} in the
    knew the details about -the- high Orc+s+

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Prediction: The mines are actually a ruin, and dragons are investigating the ruins along with some intelligent ogres and orcs similar to the beastkin and devil races earlier. The dwarves ‘mine’ by dismantling the ruins and taking all the metal as scrap.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Some corrections:
    “to prevent dead people and then healing the injured people” -> {to prevent death and then heal the injured people}
    “using the single target magic” -> {use the single target magic}
    “use too strong magic” -> {use magic with too much power}
    “you keet silent” -> {you keep silent}

    Sounds like things are getting even more complicated. Still, that is average, right?:D

    Thanks for the chapter! God bless you, take care, and stay healthy!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “After fighting as Red Oath for a long time, Rena became pretty good at hitting enemies with her cane so she forgot about it.”
    lol nice joke.

    didn´t Pauline healed a missing arm during the academy graduation test?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No it wasn’t missing just sprained/broken at the shoulder with some pulled and/or torn muscle.


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