Mile Chapter 271: Monsters 4

Mile Vol 8-8
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Mile Chapter 271: Monsters 4



((((((concern……)))))) (Dwarfs)


Even though the Dwarfs were really concerned about it, they couldn’t just go and ask Meavis about it.

It’s a taboo to ask about Hunter’s past and abilities.
The Dwarves also know about that.
For that reason, they can’t afford to “dig too deep” about it. (puns?)

And right now, they also carried an important duty in a life-threatening joint operation.
Even though they knew it, still…


((((((I’m so concerned!!)))))) (Dwarfs)


After witnessing the Maevis’s Fantastic Sword, there’s no way the “Idiot Blacksmith” Dwarfs can stay calm.

The swords they are using are the swords made in their village.
They are proud of their robust and well-trained body and their swords.
However, even if they swung it with all their might at the Ogres, they couldn’t hurt the Ogres at all.

Was it because of the performance of the sword?
Or was it because they didn’t have enough power to make full use of their sword’s performance?
However, this girl and the other little girl have easily slashed the Ogres.
It’s impossible to think those girls have better muscle than theirs from the look of the girls’ body.


…Sword? (Dwarfs)
………Is it the sword? (Dwarfs)
……………… Is it the sword~ddddddddddddd?! (Dwarfs)


And their gazes stabbed on Maevis as if it has the destructive power of phase ray…

They didn’t bother that much about Mile who had also slashed the Ogres.


『Young Lady, what kind of race are you?』(Captain)

『Eh, what is this about?』(Mile)

『No, young lady. I mean are you half of a human and a dwarf?
That muscle strength, low height, flat chest, corresponded body shape,
They are all obviously of a dwarf…』(Captain)

『How rude!!』(Mile)


Because there is an exchange like that, Mile has been quite on edge.
The Dwarves intended to praise Mile’s body, they didn’t understand why Mile was angry.
Apparently, Dwarven’s aesthetic sense for women seemed a bit different from humans.

And Mile thought.


(That’s right!
If there are no more dwarfs in this world, the dwarven’s DNA will disappear from my body type data, my breasts and stature will…) (Mile)

『There’s no such thing!』(Nanomachine)


Of course, Mile didn’t seriously thought about it but the nanomachine was afraid of that thought and replied in a hurry.


(I’m not serious about that!) (Mile)


Mile said that to the nanomachines telepathically, but the nanomachines didn’t know if it’s the truth or not.

Anyway, from the look, Maevis is purely human and her sword suddenly emitted golden light.
With that sword, Maevis has cut the body of the Ogre as if cutting butter with a heated knife.
That was a condition sufficient for dwarves to ignore Mile and focus only on Maevis’ sword.


『Ununu, not yet. I can not die in such a place …』(Dwarf)

『Until we heard the composition and preparation of that sword …』(Dwarf)

『If we return alive!
Once we return alive, with the contract of employment, we will ask about it as part of a simple talk…』(Dwarf)


That’s what the Dwarfs said, but even if they are the employer, they can’t just go and ask about information unrelated to the content of the request.


『What are you doing, move quickly!
Our mission has not ended yet!』(Rena)


Because the dwarves didn’t walk at all, Rena became angry and shouted.
Yes, with what they heard from the dwarves beforehand, there must be a lot of Orcs and Ogres left near the mine.
Even though they didn’t know the exact number, but there should be more.

Apparently, it seems that the 1st raid unit didn’t acquire this information.
They seem to have withdrawn due to major damage.

That valuable information was later brought back by investigators, who were literally death squads that investigated the Ogre’s territory for the sneaky mining team.


『According to the report of the survey team, the Ogres seems to settle near the entrance of the tunnel.
The Orcs aren’t near that area, they are mostly a little far away, near the forest.
Other monsters are even less. But well they are no big deal』(Captain)

(According to the explanation, for some reason the natural enemies,
I mean, the Orcs, which should be the prey of the Ogres,
It seems that they live in a place not so far from the territory of the Ogres.) (Mile)


It’s so strange, Mile can’t help but think so.

Although other monsters like goblins, kobolds, horn rabbits etc. may be several times stronger, this shouldn’t be an issue.
Even if the original powers of those monsters were multiplied a few times, they didn’t even reach the power of a single ordinary Orc, so it wasn’t a big threat.
Also, from what the Dwarves said, only the Orcs and Ogres were unusually strong.


(How, why…) (Mile)


There are many reasons for such things.
The result and the cause.
Mile was thinking about it.


(Evolved? Just like Pikachu becomes a Raichu?
No, in that case, the Orc should become Orc Warrior or High Orc.
After that, Orc King or something…
The Ogre should also become Ogre warrior, High Ogre, Ogre king and so on.
However, from what I saw earlier, they are average Orcs or Ogres…) (Mile)


Even if it evolves, it’s only a few strong individuals appearing among many individuals and even fewer of them can evolve further.
The whole group will not evolve at the same time.
If such a thing happens, it means the whole race is fixed, not the singular individual in the Orcs, but the new superior race.

If that’s the case…
Even if the superior species of horn rabbits, 《High Rabbit race》 appears, it is not a big problem.
However, if a new race such as the 《High Ogre race》 appears and spreads throughout the continent with its mighty fighting power and tough body…


(They might cause the destruction of humanity…) (Mile)


Mile has a scary idea.






After traveling for a while, the raid unit stopped slightly before the tunnel.


『Can the galleries withstand magical attacks?』(Mile)


Mile suddenly asked that question.

The captain has overlooked it, but as he thought about it, it’s natural because the battle will happen near the entrance of the tunnel.


『Oh, even though it is a tunnel, it’s not so deep nor an open pit.
I mean, it’s not easy to collapse.
Even if it collapses, there’s no big deal to dig it again.
Besides, digging rock is much easier to get rid of the collapsed earth and sand, we can drill a new tunnel from another place…
Therefore, you don’t have to worry even if the tunnel collapses and filled』(Captain)


Certainly, it’s true.

Even with the gold mine on the Earth, the tunnel doesn’t extend over several tens of kilometers underground.
There’s no reason to apply such labor for mining iron ore nor they have the technology that makes it possible in this world.

Also, since the Ogres are only using galleries as a roost to avoid the rain, they are located very close to the entrance.
Even if they go to the back, there is no water, no prey, no light, etc. that’s why they won’t go to such a place.

And the battle in narrow tunnels will make it difficult for the raid unit to swing swords, which require sufficient space.
So, everyone didn’t step inside but planned to fight outside the galleries.


『There are no trees in the vicinity of the entrance, right?
I can now use my drastic fire magic…』(Rena)

『And lastly, I will pour hot magic into the tunnel to cleanse the remaining enemies!』(Pauline)

『Mile. Can I practice the EX True God Speed sword when there are only a few enemies left?』(Maevis)

『I think it’s fine. But please try the storm blade first.
It’s okay to try out how effective it will be for that Ogres in case you want to.
In the meantime, remember to keep checking your dizzy state and remaining time, okay…?』(Mile)


And even though they don’t know the number of Ogres yet, the dwarfs have the faces as if they’ve given up on “Tsukkomi” to the 《Red Oath》 who talked as if the victory has already been decided…

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    Dwarf: *peeks at Maevis’s sword whenever possible and stumbles into each other while walking*


  2. i am pretty sure she could have nano make alteration on her body to make her grow more over time if she wanted…


    • She does have a high degree of authority over the nano machines, but not maximum. Also, her body’s specs were decided by the god (or whatever super being did reincarnate her), so Mile might not hava the authority to overrule that.

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      • I don’t think that’s it. I’ll counter with 2 alternatives:
        a. She has not thought of it yet.
        b. Remember when nanos were guessing the names for the rest of her secret techniques and each name came out more and more ecchi… Well, she might not want them to make changes to her, because they might do something kinky like fully weaponized missile tits with extra long range drenching attack patterns with milk or napalm.
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  5. nanomachine {got feared of that}→{was afraid of that} thought
    LN: Bad mile no genocide
    nanomachines {in brain conversation}→{telepathically}, but
    know the {detail}->{exact} number, but
    territory for sneaky +the+ mining team.
    {And}->{Although} other monsters like goblins, kobolds, horn rabbits etc. may be several times stronger, {but there are no particular problems}→{this shouldn’t be an issue}
    monsters were multiplied -by- a few +times+

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  6. Some corrections (others might have mentioned them, and there may be more, but I’m too tired):
    “I’m so concern!!” -> {I’m so concerned!!}
    “nanomachine got feared of that thought” -> {nanomachines feared that thought}
    “who are literally death squads who investigated” -> {who were literally death squads that investigated}

    Well, not sure if Mile can ever get a better figure, but I wish so. What will happen to those super monsters, it’s quite easy to guess, but what will the dwarves do when they learn (if they do learn) about the sword? That’s something I can’t wait 😀

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