Mira Chapter 57: Name

Mira Vol 4-3
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I will try to change Mira’s 1st person POV into Mira’s “thought dialog”
Example: This is really a fantasy >>> (This is really a fantasy) (Mira)

Text with Mira name mentioned will be changed into Author’s POV.

It’s weird to have I, me and Mira at the same time in the text.

Anyway, the text format might be changed from the raw (to easy read) but the content doesn’t change.

I will include Mira unique speak at the end of her dialog instead of Shakespearean


TL rants:

Mira took too long and so hard to translate. And with how busy I am in real life during this time, release 1 chapter is way too slow.

It will be rather hard to keep releasing Mira monthly (like I planned) because it will take me at least 4 days to release 1 chapter. Other series will be delayed a little to keep this up.

Mira Chapter 57: Name


Mira took the bath towel to wipe her body and then used it to wrap around the Pure Rabbit.
The Pure Rabbit stuck its face out of the gap and cried comfortably.
Then Mira gently put it on the shelf and opened her bag

There are rabbit pajamas and babydolls in there, Mira is searching for the underwear.


(Nu… It increased…?
…Ah, it’s the laundry I gave her to take care from the other day) (Mira)


Mira’s number of underwear change is getting low, so she is thankful for Mariana.
She took out one and put the bag back in her item box.
After wearing her panties, as Mira tried to dry her hair, she recalled the Spiritual Art taught by White (The agent lady names White)


(… Well, I will try to dry it for the time being) (Mira)


In addition, Mira also recalled the method of care for hair and tried it as well.




Every time she combed her hair with her technique-activated hand, her silver hair became glossy and twinkled.
She also tried to use it on the Pure Rabbit,
Its fur became glossy like the sky blue hair in a blink of an eye.

In a sense, this is a technique closely related to humans’ normal life.
After using it once, Mira mastered it easily with her specs.


(This is really a fantasy) (Mira)


She felt touched by a technique for daily life instead of fighting.

Then Mira wore the robe which was prepared beforehand and left the changing room with the Pure Rabbit.
In the living room, there is a gentle aroma of appetizing.
The cooking has been completed and now Mariana was laying dishes on the table.


『Mira-sama. It’s been a while. Please have a seat』(Mariana)


『Umu (very well), I understand.
And it seems that you have cleanly washed my clothes.
Thank you』(Mira)

『No, it’s my job』(Mariana)


Mira walked towards Mariana while expressing her gratitude and she took a glance at Mariana’s hair.
Even though it’s just a glance, Mira could realize that Mariana’s hair was sparkling like sapphire.

Mira felt disappointed and sat down on the sofa after confirming it.
Following that, the Pure Rabbit jumped to the sofa and stayed next to Mira.


『Was there something wrong?』(Mariana)


Mariana realized Mira’s strange behavior, she tilted her head and asked.
While doing so, her hands still skillfully put out the teacup on a table and pouring in black tea.


『Nothing special.
I just learned the technique of drying hair.
I just thought that if your hair was still wet, I would like to dry it.
But it seems like you already dried your hair already』(Mira)


Mira said so and started sipping her tea.
Suddenly Mariana took off her apron and headed for the changing room.


『Nu (Wait), what’s wrong?』(Mira)


Mira called out to Mariana with her sudden action and she replied.


『I will wash my hair again』(Mariana)


She opened the door of the changing room as she said that.


『No, wait wait』(Mira)


Mira hurriedly stopped Mariana, she picked up the apron and hanged it to Mariana.


『I’m sorry. Please have the meal before me』(Mariana)

『No, I didn’t mean it like that』(Mira)


Mariana put her apron back on and resumed the dinner preparation.
Mira had a wry smile as she heard Mariana’s murmuring.


『Mira-sama didn’t touch me at all unless there was a rare occasion like this.
I want to feel Mira more.
I want you to touch me a lot』(Mariana)


Somewhat lonely, she leaked her true intention without looking at Mira directly.
Mariana wanted to be touched by Mira.
In her heart, she remembered the warmth of Mira’s hand wiping away her tears.

However, there was no such thing.
In fact, Mira only told that she wanted to dry Mariana’s hair.
She knew the intention of her Lord, but Mariana still couldn’t help wanting it. It can be said that thirty years were too long that her feeling became yearning.

Mira is also noticed by that word.
They touched in the bath and the bed many times, but it was from Mariana.

And now Mira realized her conscious of touching a woman and she was surprised herself that she thought that she would dry Mariana’s hair.
But now that she realized it, Mira came closer to Mariana.

As Mira looked at that dedicated girl, her heart was shaken. She had the impulse of wanting to embrace and wanting to protect at the same time.



Mira Vol 1-6

Mariana noticed and looked at Mira.


『Ah no. About that…』(Mira)


Mira lost of words to say and was confused.
She acted with her feeling before thinking of what to say.
Although it is still unstable, Mira certainly felt something warm spreading out in her chest.


『Certainly… maybe I have been refraining』(Mira)


Mira reached out her hand and touched Mariana’s cheek.
And she slowly felt Mariana’s body temperature within her palm.
Mariana closed her eyes in a relaxing manner.


『This is the second time』(Mariana)


Mariana muttered so and then she smiled like blooming flower.


(My hand touched the cheek of a girl.
When I moved my fingertip, Mariana reacted a bit like tickling and our light of sight overlapped) (Mira)

(…I felt I have skipped over something) (Mira)


While staring at Mariana, Mira noticed that she had skipped several steps of common sense.

The first step should have been holding Mariana’s hands or stroking her head.
But Mira touched Mariana’s cheek right after wiping away her tears.
Gently touching a girl’s cheek, it’s extremely daring behavior.


『Well then. It’s about time for dinner!』(Mira)


Mira took her hand back in a hurry and returned to the sofa.


『Yes, right away』(Mariana)


With the warmth of Mira’s hand remained on her cheek, Mariana got cheered up and returned to prepare dinner.

There are fine cooked dishes lined up as if it came from a high-class restaurant.
The dishes were arranged by Mariana


『My. isn’t this gorgeous (~ja no)?』(Mira)

『Because there were a lot of good food ingredients』(Mariana)


While saying so, Mariana cut the exquisite grilled meat.
Just as she said, all the ingredients used in cooking are first grade items.


『This is brilliant (~ja no)』(Mira)


Even without any knowledge about cuisine, the dishes were so vivid that Mira could tell from a glance and she spoke her thought spontaneously.
A colorful salad with amber soup, thinly sliced bread and sliced steak…
And vegetable sticks for Pure Rabbit were lined up.


『Please, enjoy.』(Mariana)


After Mariana bowed elegantly and said so, Mira pierced the steak with the fork and put it in her mouth as soon as possible.
She didn’t understand the saying “the food melts in the mouth” so far but it must be something like this!


『Umu (Well well), isn’t this wonderful?』(Mira)


Mira suppressed her rejoiced inner heart to behave herself.
However, it was only her words.
Her pretty face clearly showed full of joy from smiling.


『Thank you』(Mariana)


Seeing Mira’s state, Mariana smiled happily and wiped Mira’s mouth with a napkin.
On the other hand, Mira asked back


『 Isn’t that fine (~ja)? I can do it myself』(Mira)


Mariana stubbornly shook her head and continued to serve.


『That’s right (So~ja)
Aren’t you going to eat, how about joining me (do~ ja)?』(Mira)

『I already had my fill』(Mariana)


Mira’s proposal was immediately refused.

As a result, Mira enjoyed the nice supper served by the wonderful Mariana.
Such work can be done because it’s Mariana. Mira had a satisfying time while doting the Pura Rabbit.

After getting full, Mira looked at the map while lying on the sofa in a living room with comfortable sounds of washing.


(In order to reach Ukishima, it will take a lot of time to move.
It’s rather far, I can’t reach it within the daytime.
In some cases, I might need to camp outside) (Mira)


While comparing the distance to the “Ancient Forest of Prayer” and the required time, assume the time it takes to reach the “Forest of the four seasons”, which is the base of the Isuzu association.

And as a result, Mira considered the number of breaks and camping,
if we conclude that it will take three days, we will face down on the sofa with a refreshing look.


(My body won’t be able to last for three days) (Mira)


That’s what Mira thought after went back from the “Ancient Forest of Prayer”
Although the time of travel is rather fast, it’s a heavy burden to finish within a day with Pegasus.
So, with a few days traveling like that or at least three days in a row, Mira had no confidence that she could endure it.


(Yoshi (Okay). I’d better postpone this for now (~ja na)
I will go when the wagon is completed) (Mira)


Mira had confidence that she could spend all day long in the wagon when traveling.
Mira envisioned a comfortable air journey and lifted the Pure Rabbit with both hands.


『 Did you also think it will be better (~ja rou)?』(Mira)


Mira was rejoicing when talking to the Blue Rabbit and then she buried her face in the Blue Rabbit.
At that moment, after finished tidying Mariana peeped at Mira’s face from the other side of Pure Rabbit.
Mira was completely oblivious and relaxed her facial expression.


『By the way, Mira-sama』(Mariana)

『Wa…what (nani~ ja)!?』(Mira)


Surprised with Mariana, Mira put the Pure Rabbit back on her knee and stroke its back gracefully.


(How could I explain this?
I showed the embarrassed figure of doting on the way to cute pet that didn’t suit my age) (Mira)


However, Mariana did not seem to care about that.


『What is the name of that child?』(Mariana)


Yes, what she asked Mira was something different.
And now, Mira noticed it.


(By the way, I didn’t know its name) (Mira)

『Speaking of which, it’s true…
You, do you have a name?』(Mira)


The Pure Rabbit shook its head as if it understood Mira’s words.


『Oh, did you see it, Mariana?
So, you couldn’t answer or you didn’t have a name yet (~jo)?』(Mira)


Mira turned towards Mariana with excitement when holding the Pure Rabbit which had the reaction as if it could understand words.
The Pure Rabbit then shakes its head again as if saying it doesn’t have a name.


『How smart (~ja no)』(Mira)

『Yes, it is very clever.』(Mariana)


As Mira said that, she stroked the Pure Rabbit on her knees and was in a good mood.
Mariana smiled very gently and warm as she saw how happy Mira was.
It seems like Mira has already forgotten to keep her appearance.

When Mira stared at the Blue Rabbit on her knees.
The Pure Rabbit glanced looked straight back at her.
Then it licks Mira’s hand that was stoked it just before.


(Ah geez, so cute!) (Mira)


Even though Mira tried to remain calm on the outside, as Mira looked at the cute Pure Rabbit, her facial expression became loose again.


『How about Pyon Sae Mon (dō ja)?』(Mira)


When Mira said so, Mariana looked at Mira with cold eyes that she never did before.
The Pure Rabbit realized that Mira tried to give it a name and it turned to Mira.


『I was just kidding (~ja)
Maybe that… (are ~ja yo)
wasn’t a good joke (dake ~ja)』(Mira)


Because Mira talked about “onmyō-jutsu” artist with Blue, her brain was eroded by the image of Kagura.
It seems like Mira got influence from the weird sense of naming from Kagura that she unconsciously said that. After realizing it, Mira started thinking about another name.


『What kind of name is good…
“Pyon no Shin”
No… It’s a joke (~da yo)
U~mu (uhm)…
“Pyon Rabbit”…』(Mira)


Mira was groaning while the Blue Rabbit looked at Mira with shining eyes.
Then Mariana noticed something and called out to her.


『By the way Mira-sama, is that child a boy or a girl?』(Mariana)


At first, Mariana thought that the Blue Rabbit is a male from the name Pyon Saemon that Mira first suggested,
But then she felt that the overall line was round and the ears were longer than the male of Pure Rabbit.


『…I wonder (~Ja ~rou)?』(Mira)


Mira didn’t know about it, she tilted her head while looking at the Pure Rabbit.
Next to Mira, Mariana also tilted her head.


『Well, let’s take a look (~Ja ~rou)』(Mira)


As Mira said so, she laid the Pure Rabbit on its back on her knees and she opened its legs.
However, it can’t be distinguished because it is covered with bushy hairs.

Mariana crouched there and helped out.


『Mira-sama, it would be better if you treated that child a little kinder』(Mariana)


Mariana said so and turned the Pure Rabbit who seemed to be surprised with Mira’s action back.
And then she judged its gender with her gentle hands


『It seems like she is a girl』(Mariana)


After Pure Rabbit was released, she stood on Mira’s knees with 2 back legs and both of her front legs were pressed on Mira’s stomach while looking at Mira.


『Is that so…then Pyon-ko
…No, it was a joke (~ja ~yo)』(Mira)


The Pure Rabbit turned her face away little.
Mariana also looked at Mira with cold eyes. Mira withdrew instantly.


『What kind of name is good?
Pyo… Umu (uhm)
Blue Rabbit
Footsteps of luck,
Blue Thunder,
Blue persistence,
Alive Alive』(Mira)


While thinking about the name, Mira remembers the alias of Pure Rabbit, which was called among players, and mutters.
Pure Rabbit was trembling while looking up at Mira and crying.
With such an adorable appearance, Mira lost her concentrate right away and started stroking the Pure Rabbit’s head, ears, back, and legs.


『Uhm… Mira-sama …』(Mariana)


With Mariana’s whisper next to her ear, Mira returned her mind.


『No, I’m still thinking about it. It’s necessary to figure out the good name (~no ~ja)』(Mira)


In a panic, Mira slowly raised her face and made excuses.
Somehow, Mariana’s face, which was reflected in Mira’s eyes, was very… it seemed like she tried to hold something back.

Mira was wary of that gaze, she cautiously stroked her chest.


『…There’s no need to hold back,
Do you also want to touch it?』(Mira)



As Mira said, Mariana nodded and squatted instantly without waiting. Then she gently touched the fur of the Pure Rabbit and she smiled happily.


『By the way, have you decided her name?』(Mariana)


Because Mariana was squatting down, her light of sight was aligned with the Pure Rabbit and became upper tune eyes.

After enduring for a few seconds, Mira diverted her line of sight and answered


『…Not yet (~ja)』(Mira)

『If you have trouble about naming, you don’t need to decide it right now.
The name given by an important person, that is a great treasure.
If Mira seriously thought and named it,
This child will surely rejoice with any name』(Mariana)


As Mariana said so, she brushed the Pure Rabbit with her fingers like combing hair.
Her expression was very gentle just like the mother caring for her child.
The Pure Rabbit seemed to be pleasant and closed her eyes. As if to agree with Mariana, she let out a happy cry.


『Fumu (uhmm)…The responsibility is serious (~ja na)』(Mira)


The name is a treasure.
Although Mira never thought like that, Mariana’s appearance and the happy cry of the Pure Rabbit somehow gave her the pressure.
Mira once again strengthened her mind and faced the Pure Rabbit.


『Oh, this is』(Mariana)


Mariana murmured with a low voice and grasped the blue fur entangled in her hand.
The fur is very bright, flourished.


『Fumu (Hmm) even when I stroked her, it also came out naturally.
Why don’t you keep it (~do ~ya)?
It’s a Lucky charm』(Mira)

『May I receive it?』(Mariana)

『Of course (~ja ~yo)!』(Mira)

『Thank you very much, I will cherish it』(Mariana)

(Well, there must be no need to hold back on something like that) (Mira)


Mira was thinking about the name for the Blue Rabbit while watching how happy Mariana was with the Pure Rabbit fur in her handkerchief.
And then Mariana raised her face as she noticed something again.


『Oh, there are some on Mira-sama’s clothes as well』(Mariana)


As Mariana said so, she pointed at Mira’s robe, there were several blue lines there.


(She has been sitting on my knees for a while, that must be why) (Mira)

『Cleaning might be a problem…』(Mira)


Mariana would clean this room when Mira was absent and even when she stayed.
That was also the job of the aide.
Miriana gently picked a few of the blue fur on Mira’s clothes.


『Either way, it seems to be filled with luck, isn’t it?』(Mariana)


Mariana said so and smiled.
Mira nodded with Mariana and said


『It surely is…』(Mira)


As Mira caressed the Blue Rabbit’s head, she reminded of a certain name.
Pure Rabbit is the child of the Lady of Luck.


『Okay, your name is Fortuna (~ja)! Nickname is Luna (~ja na)!』(Mira)


Mira remembered the name of the Goddess of Luck in the corner of her mind.
While declaring so, she secretly checked at Mariana’s reaction.


『Fortuna. It’s the name of a goddess transmitted to the fairy race. It’s a nice name for this child』(Mariana)


Praised by Mariana, Mira lifted the Pure Rabbit high with both her hands in a good mood.


『Indeed (Sōjarou)!』(Mira)


Even the Pure Rabbit herself understands, her reaction is clearly different from the name Pyon Saemon before, she was really happy.
She gave a cry of joy in Mira’s hand for the first treasure she received.


(I’m so tired) (Mira)


Because Mira was relieved, she had a sigh of relief and rest her body comfortably on the sofa.
Then, Mariana gently touched her shoulder.


『Mira-sama, you should sleep in the bed. You will catch a cold if you sleep here』(Mariana)

『un…oh, I see. That’s right (Sōja na)』(Mira)


Somehow, Mira already slightly dozed off. As Mariana called out to her, she put Luna down from her knees.
Then she went back to her room with Mariana’s help.
Meanwhile, Luna followed after Mira.

And then Mira embraced Luna and as she entered the bedroom, she saw…


『…we will sleep like this for today?』(Mira)

『If Mira-sama doesn’t want it, I will clean it up…』(Mariana)


Mariana gently said so to Mira.


『No, umu (well)… it’s okay.』(Mira)

『Thank you』(Mariana)


There were two pillows and one cushion on the bed and it looked like what Mariana had on the other day. It seems like she prepared it together.

Actually, Mira didn’t dislike it.
More like she felt happy about it.
It’s just that she wasn’t used to sleeping on the same bed with a girl.


『Well, tomorrow I will go to the castle from the morning. Let’s go to bed early.』(Mira)



As Mira said so, she laid Luna on the cushion and fixed the pillows.
From the bird’s eye view, Mariana is on the left and Mira on the right.
Mariana slipped herself on the bed quietly without noticing the meaning of that action.


『Ah … Mira-sama …』(Mariana)

『Hora (hey)
Not that (~sono ~jana)
It has been a while since your last updated, right (~ja ~rou)?
That’s why (~dakara ~ja)…』(Mira)


Mira’s cheeks became red and she avoided Mariana’s eyes.
Since the light was already turned off, Mira’s face can’t be seen clearly with only the moonlight that passed through the window.
Under the blanket, Mira stretched her right hand and holding the left hand of Mariana.
Mariana has changed the position of the pillow so that her left hand can hold on Mira’s right hand as the renewal of protection.


『That’s right. Then…』(Mariana)


Even if she can barely see it, Mariana can clearly feel the temperature of Mira’s hand.
Mariana doesn’t know about the relationship between men and women.
The meaning of Mira-sama occasionally looked away.
However, even though she doesn’t understand it.
Marianna has dedicated her body and heart to Mira.
And that feeling has nothing to do with men or women.

It might be nice to be treated like a woman.
However, what Mariana wanted isn’t it.

The light slightly emitted out from the blanket gap.
The hand she held on was warm, Mariana gently closed her eyes.
While wishing that the warmth, she feels right now, will never fade away.

Mira Vol 3-3
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