Taru Chapter 22: Despair

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Taru Chapter 22: Despair





I received my friend, Kouya’s message.


『Kouya, what happened?』(Taru) Taru Icon

I arrived at Michael Angelo and contacted Kouya right away.


『Those guys… those guys are bad news
What’s with that skill?』(Kouya)

『Kouya? Are you okay?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『When I thought that I had them far behind me, suddenly they waited for me in the back alley…
If they had such skills, they could easily pass through Devine Soldier Deus’s patrol route』(Kouya)

『Hey, Kouya』(Taru) Taru Icon

『I was surrounded by several people.
It was awful.
They asked questions over and over again,
No, it was an interrogation.
Their atmosphere was unusual.
Besides, they said《Hey, we can’t hear the location of Tenshi-chan if you kill this glasses-man (four-eyes)》…』(Kouya)

『Kouya… san?』(Taru) Taru Icon


Even though Kouya is just sending messages, based on his words, I can tell how scary it was.


『Just before I lost all of my HP, they kept using Recovery Potion on me over and over
To keep using such expensive things without care, just to harass me mentally…
Moreover, they even broke my Date glasses…
Ha! Taru. Is Taru safe?
My bad. It was all my fault.
I told those dangerous people where you were… Taru!?』(Kouya)


It’s quite unusual for Kouya to be upset with this.
I wonder if he was beaten up by some Veteran Players?

However, a group of Bad Veteran Players was looking for my whereabouts?
There was nothing like that came into mind…

Other than Mina, the Players that I have encountered… was a nice mercenary group, who worked to raise their level that saved us in pinch earlier.


『I am fine. Was there really a group of Bad Veteran Players that aimed at me?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Well, there’s no mistake.
No, I don’t know anymore.
However, this isn’t a problem that I can leave it alone.
I must discuss the future policy with the members of《Hundred Knights of the night》 as soon as possible』(Kouya)

『Indeed, they might be dangerous people…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Because they have been searching for Taru’s whereabouts, you shouldn’t be irrelevant.
Will you come with us? 』(Kouya)


Ah, I can see Kouya a little far away from where I am.
It might be better to talk with each other face to face directly.


『Tenshi-sama, where are you going?』(Mina)


Kouya sat on the bench in front of the clock tower of Michael Angelo.

When I tried came closer to him, Mina asked me.


Did you see the guy with broken glasses sitting over there?
Uhm, let’s say he is my “friend”』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Tenshi-sama’s… friend, right?』(Mina)


Why did Mina have a cautious look at Kouya…
She also began to grab her mace?

『Hey, he’s a nice guy. Stop trying PvP』(Taru) Taru Icon

『But, he is adult (over 15 years old) Player, right?』(Mina)

『U…uhm…』(Taru) Taru Icon


Kouya and I are both 16 years old.


『My father said《 The older male, who is nice to a younger girl, is a dangerous monster called Lorigon》』(Mina)


Did she mean Lolicon?
Or is it the name of a monster, like a dragon names Lori?


『Well, that might be the case …』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Tenshi-sama, rather than talking to him, there’s a better thing to do』(Mina)


Mina smiled saying so.
Things to do…?


『How about increasing your level point and skill point?』(Mina)


It’s true.

Well, the suspicion that Kouya is Lolicon is okay, I decided to solve it little by little later. I will increase my skill points first.


『No, I’m still good now.
Because I’m with my friend now.
Please contact me again after you decided your policy』(Taru) Taru Icon


I will ask Kouya about his measures against the mysterious group later.


『If you are not alone then you don’t have to worry too much.
However, this world of mercenaries is rough and dangerous.
It’s your own responsibility even if something happens』(Kouya)

『 Weren’t you the one who gave away my whereabouts?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Uu, that’s true. I really feel bad about that …』(Kouya)

『Oh, I don’t mind.
And I will also like you even if you’re a lolicon.
Let’s take care of each other』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Guha, hey. Who is a lolicon?』(Kouya)

『Nice to see you become lively again』(Taru) Taru Icon

Even if you don’t tell me, I swear to my broken glasses that I will survive.
I also wish Taru to become good at transformed Loli Nekama play』(Kouya)

『Who is the Loli Nekama? Hey』(Taru) Taru Icon

『See you』(Kouya)


After done talking with Kouya, I confirm that I have 29 skill point in total, thanks to my title 《Elder Loli》that they are quite abundant.

I will not hesitate, I will increase my alchemy skill now.


◎ Alchemy skill Level 20: Ability《Appraisal Eye》 was acquired

《Appraisal Eye》
【Consume 2 MP, you can see more detailed information on materials, items than ordinary explanation texts.
It can be a hint of alchemy】


I see. I was able to master a useful ability.

I will keep increasing my alchemy skill as it is.


Alchemy skill Level 25: Ability《Training Technique》 was acquired

《Training technique》
【Using Alchemy Kit 《Torture pedestal of restoration》or 《bento box》to
change or evolve the characteristics of the material.
Materials that are incompatible may change to compatible】


Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! (Taru) Taru Icon


Super God Ability which can change the nature of all things!
That’s alchemy!
I want to try this ability with all kinds of materials right now.

However, I have to use the kit called 《Torture pedestal of restoration》or 《bento box》
My current money balance is only 232 Eso after having meals with Misora.

I need to check how much those alchemy kits cost.

For the time being, I still have 22 skill points but I stop increasing.
I was told that it would be better to have some battle skills as well. I’m somewhat worried about it. If I plan to learn some battle skills, I have to keep some skill points because Level is hard to raise later.

Well, next is Level points.


Taru Level 4

HP 60 (+10)
MP 40 (+5)
Attack 1 (+0)
Magic Attack 14 (+0)
Defense 2 (+0)
Magic Defense 8 (+0)
Speed 140 (+40)
Intelligence 155 (+45)

Atelier Lulua-new

Is it like this?
My attack and defense are still super low.

Alchemy requires intelligence.
And for the moment, I don’t have any weapon or armor that I need status to equip. I still use the one received from my sister.

Thinking so, I look at my Kodachi again.


《Kodachi: Impure Evening》
Attack Power + 22 (+13) Skill Correction G.

The attack power is also increasing.

It should have been +18 before, but now it’s 22.

I wonder why.
I wonder if Skill correction G is involved…


『umm…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Hey, Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


Mina is pulling on my sleeve.


『Yes?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Well, somehow I feel that a lot of players are staring at us…』(Mina)


Pointing out Mina, I stop looking at Kodachi and check.
Certainly, I can see that there are players looking at us while muttering something.


『Shall we move then?』(Taru) Taru Icon


After becoming a girl, I began to get used to having strange looks from people but I still don’t feel comfortable about it.
Especially this time, there’s a blonde Shinto Priestess next to me that may make us unnecessarily conspicuous.

We moved away from there with the awkwardness. And we arrived at the tool store managed by Michael Angelo’s NPC.

『Umu…』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Tenshi-sama, what do you want?』(Mina)


Seeing me groan in the price of items, Mina asked me.


『The alchemy kit… I want it』(Taru) Taru Icon

『How much is it?』(Mina)

『It’s pretty expensive… 4000 Eso and 1000 Eso』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Total of 5000 Eso, right?
I will buy it, please wait』(Mina)

『!』(Taru) Taru Icon


What are you talking about, this little girl?


『Mina, wait, don’t do that』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Could I ask the reason?』(Mina)


She seems to be seriously wondering.

It’s strange that a 10-year-old player has 5000 Eso,
Such a small girl and she is easily loosening her purse string for others.
This child is dangerous.
If she met a wrong guy, she will be tricked.


『Please use that money for yourself.
Don’t give money to others easily』(Taru) Taru Icon

『But it’s for Tenshi-sama…
I want to help Tenshi-sama…』(Mina)

『Your feelings alone are enough』(Taru) Taru Icon


I gently smile and tell her so.
Mina nodded with a wry expression on her face.


『It’s okay… I want to make money with alchemy!』(Taru) Taru Icon


After that, we went to 《Prize and Auction》 to check the price of each item.

The price of 《Potion + 2》has dropped slightly.
It has the same recovery amount as my 《Emerald’s Tear+2》

Should I lower than the price compared to yesterday?


『Unuu』(Taru) Taru Icon


When I’m checking the price of the materials, the materials of 《Emerald’s Tear》 are surprising cheap so I buy a lot.

《Slime’s Nucleus》 was sold at 30 Eso/50 pieces, so each of it is less than 1 Eso.

By the way, many items can’t be sold at item stores.
Therefore, 《Prize and Auction》 becomes the player bazaar, most of the players sell the drops here.

The game was just starting its service, Players are mostly initial Level, they all hunt monsters around the initial field. That must be why the drop material is super cheap.

Drop from Mofu Usa 《Red Eye Stone》 is quite cheap, too.
It’s 1Eso per piece.

I can use upper conversion to make《Crimson stone》
It’s the material that I often use, so I should buy it too.


『There are probably a lot of Player Level 3-5 Parties now…』(Taru) Taru Icon


When there are a lot of players near my Level, the supply amount of dropped materials is high accordingly.

I bought various materials until my gold reduced to 30 Eso.


『Good, time for my Alchemist』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Yes, Tenshi-sama』(Mina)


Somehow Mina also follows me.
She looks so happy so there’s no problem but how long will this girl follow me?




My Angel Sweet ♪』(George)


I came here.

The usual alchemy place, Skill shop ☆ George.


『Ah, he is my friend. George.』(Taru) Taru Icon


Immediately after entering the store, I introduce George to Mina.
Although Mina showed a frighted face for a while in the greeting of Nekama-san.
After clearing her throat with《Ahem》, she came out in front of me as if covering me from George.


『Are you a Lorigon too?』(Mina)




『Uu, Oh~ my~』(George)


Nekama-san instantly blinked his eyes on a sudden question and after a while, he quickly winked his eye to reply.


『I only have eyes on B~o~y.
Moreover, my taste is only strong and dignified man♪』(George)


Nekama-san gave an irritable return to the elementary school girl.
It’s not good for education…
First of all, can Mina understand homosexuality at her age?

Such bombshell was dropped, Mina became silent.

After watching George for the while, she replied.


『You only like Boy?』(Mina)


The Elementary school girl throws a super death straight ball back to the sarcasm.
The technique that can only be used by a pure person.


『Of course』(George)


George proudly replies.


『…although you are male?』(Mina)

『Well, Of course♪
Even if you are a girl, don’t you like other girls as well?
For e~x~a~m~p~l~e☆』(George)


As he said that, George looked at me.

Mina also looked at me as a response.
When our eyes met, she somehow blushed and in a hurry turned her face back to George.


『I… I understand that you are a frie~… friend of Tenshi-sama…』(Mina)


Mina said so and came hiding behind me.


『N~fufu. I guess I will get along well with you』(George)


It seems that the pure innocent Mina has reached an agreement with the aggressive George.


『By the way Tenshi-chan, what do you come here for?』(George)


When George called me《Tenshi-chan》, Mina reacted from behind me, but without touching it, I continued talking to George.


『George, may I do alchemy here?』(Taru) Taru Icon

『As I said before.
Tenshi-chan is always welcome.
Besides, it seems that another Tenshi-chan came with you today ♪
George is so happy (heavy breathing)(George)

『No way, I’m Tenshi-sama’s…』(Mina)


George enjoyed looking at Mina’s reactions, was George picking on her again?


『Friend, right?』(George)

『Yes, we became friends a while ago』(Taru) Taru Icon

『Good. You finally get a friend of the same age』(George)

『Haahaa』(Taru) Taru Icon


Our actual age is different though.




And after that, I made items with Alchemy and putting them on 《Prize and Auction》

《Emerald Tear + 2》

Because the price of 《Potion + 2》 was down, I planned to lower the price but eventually, I put it at the same price as last time.
One piece 560 Eso, minus 5% tax rate of Michael Angelo, I will get 532 Eso.
Let sell six of them.

Next is the 《Crystal Potion》

Even though I searched on 《Prize and Auction》, I didn’t find anything similar, so I must set the price myself.
It’s an item that can recover many Players’ HP and MP at the same time, let’s try the price 1600 Eso for now.

After that, my greed didn’t stop.

Next is two of 《Forest’s Medicine》

Yuuki said that there isn’t any MP recovery item in Clan-Clan yet. So I set this item with the price of 800 Eso which is considerably high.

One of 《Fire Protection Dust》

There’s also no similar item so far. It’s pretty useful so I will put it at 1200 Eso.

And lastly, one of 《Freezeing Flame Crystal》

Again, there’s no one selling it.
This item can disable Flame 500 damage or less, I will set it as the highest price 2000 Eso.

If I can sell everything, I will get 9000 Eso.


I can’t stop my black smile.

Incidentally, my Alchemy skill rose 1 level according to proficiency to Level 26.
It has been a long time since I Level up without using skill points.

I finished doing everything and returning to George’s shop again.

Okay, let’s get the main dish of the day ready until my goods are sold.


『Well then!』(Taru) Taru Icon


I took out the 《Gospel of moonlight》 which was taken together with Mina at the《Moonlight Tree Hill》

The petal glows pale pink light remind the viewer of the warmth and relief.

Mina noticed the material and raise her voice of surprised.


『Ah, it’s the material we got before』(Mina)

『Yes』(Taru) Taru Icon


I am planning to use this for Alchemy now.

First, read the explanation.


《Gospel of moonlight》
【Petals with the power of the moon.
Use to raise Magic Defence by 3 for 1 minute】

Only, it was written so.
Or rather, it’s already a consumable item.


『Oh my my♪
It’s a Neta item for a couple flirting』(George)


George also took out the 《Gospel of moonlight》as he said that.

Was it famous, or was it a high-profile item?
Was it a Neta item…?
Perhaps it might be a material that isn’t a big deal.

No, it’s the essence of alchemy to evolve things that are supposed to be only Neta items to such unknowns items exceeding imagination.


『You use this I~t~e~m like~ this~』(George)


George breathed in the petal on his palm, the pink petal glows strongly and floats.
Like a thrown kiss.

It lands on my cheek.


『Uoooooooooooooooooo!』(Taru) Taru Icon


I didn’t think about avoiding, just despairing at myself who easily let the petal landing on. I felt like sinking in the bottom of the earth.


『How do you feel about using it like this?』(George)


Status Magic Defense + 3 for 1 minute.

George blushed and winked at me, who is rolling on the floor from suffering.


『It’s so e~m~b~a~r~r~a~s~s~e~d♪』(George)

『…I don’t think that you are embarrassed』(Mina)


Mina gave out a Tsukkomi to George with the eyes of a dead fish.

Taru 4
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